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J F. BURNETT. Secy. 







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Our Editors 



Editor Herald of Gospel Liberty 

Dayton, Ohio 



Editor Christian Annual 

Dayton, Ohio 


.1. O. ATKINSON, D. D. 

Editor Christian Sun 

Elon College, N. C. 



Editor Sunday-school Literature 

Dayton, Ohio 



Bditor Teachers and Officers Journal | 

Erie, Pa. 



Editor Christian Missionary 

Dayton, Ohio 


O. ^V. PO^VERS, D. D. 

Editor Christian Missionary 

Dayton, Ohio 


J. N. DALES, A. M. 

Editor Christian A^anguard 

Toronto, Ont. 



Agent' Christian Publishing Association | 

Dayton, Ohio 

(10) REV. R. J. ELLIS 

Editor Christian News I-etter 

Flora, 111. 



The fii"st Annual published by the Christians was edited and compiled by 
B. M. Stoddard in 1897. The title was The Christians Annual. Of this 
publication the Herald of Gospel Liberty had this to say : 

"The Christians Annual, for the year 1897 is the successful begin- 
ning of a work tliat ought long since to have been done. The book 
contains a mass of information that makes it valuable to all interested 
in our own people, and it is indispensable to all workers." 

The publication bears the imprint of The Christian Publishing Association 
with B. M. Stoddard as Agent for the years 1897, 1898, and 1899. For the year 
1900 it bears the imprint of The Christian Publishing Association without naming 
any one as editor. The year 1901 was without issue, the Agent getting out an 
enlarged edition of the Herald which contained all the Information, statistics, 
and references usually found in the Annual. This year the Rev. W. D. Samuel 
was Agent for the Association. For the years 1902, 1903, and 1904, the imprint 
is that of The Christian Publishing Association, with J. N. Hess, Agent. 

For the years 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, and 1911, the publication 
bears the name of Rev. Henry Crampton as editor. That the publication has 
been well edited and developed to a high degree of literary character is well 
attested, and if the same high standard shall be maintained the present man- 
agement shall be worthy of congratulations. For many years prior to the 
issuing of The Christian Annual, the Christian Almanac and Year Book was 
published, and in many ways served the purpose for which it existed. It is 
honorably crowned in giving place to its worthy successor. In presenting this 
number I wish to acknowledge the prompt and efficient service of the Conference 
Secretaries, and take pleasure in saying that only a few were tardy in furnishing 
the reports of their conferences. It would be too much to expect that a work 
produced under such limitations of time and service should be entirely free 
from errors, both of omission and commission, but notwithstanding all its 
defects, it yet contains an amount of information concerning the Christians 
and their definite activities, which will prove a great advantage to all its readers. 
Very special care has been taken to have the names of ministers and their 
post-office addresses correct, which fact is also true of the names of churches 
and church clerks, in some instances writing to persons for the spelling of a 
single name. 

But with all its errors and defects, its value and its virtue. It is given to 
the brotherhood with the hope that it may be a blessing to all its readers. 


The American Christian Convention 


Rev. Wilson D. Samuel, D. D., presi- 
dent, Warren, Indiana. 

Rev. L. W. Phillips, vice-president, 
Franklin, N. H. 

Rev. J. F. Burnett, D. D.. secretary, 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Secretary for Finance— Rev. John 
Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. 

Secretary for Publishing — Hon. O. W. 
Whitelock, Huntington, Indiana. 

Secretary for Education — Rev. W. G. 
Sargent, B. A., Providence, R. I. 

Secretary for Sunday-schools — Rev. W. 
C. Wicker, M. A., Litt. D., Elon Col- 
lege, North Carolina. 

Secretary for Home Missions — Rev. O. 
W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Secretary for Foreign Missions — Rev. 
M. T. Morrill, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Secretary for Christian Endeavor — Rev. 
E. A. Watkins, M. A.. LeGrand, Iowa. 


Rev. J. G. Bishop, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Rev. W. H. Denison, D. D., Huntington, 

Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Rev. M. T. Morrill, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Rev. M. D. Wolfe. Haverhill, Mass. 
Rev. F. G. Coffin, D. D., Albany, N. Y. 
Mrs. Athella M. Howsare. B. A., Eaton, 

Rev. W. P. Fletcher, B. A., Keswick, 

Mr. M. S. Campbell, Collison, 111. 


Rev. W. C. Wicker, M. A., Litt. D., Elon 
College, N. C. 

Rev. S. Q. Helfenstein, D. D., Dayton, 

Rev. McD. Howsare, Eaton. Ohio. 

W. A. Harper, M. A., Elon College, 
N. C. 

Mrs. ET. Li. Goodwin, Roslindale, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Rev. W. O. Hornbaker, Urbana, 111. 

Hermon Eldredge, Erie, Pa. 


Rev. W. G. Sargent, B. A.. Providence, 

Rhode Island. 
Rev. P. H. Fleming, D. D.. Greenville, 

Rev. F. G. Coffin, D. D.. Albany, N. Y. 
Rev. John MacCalman. D. D.. Lakemont, 

N. Y. 
Rev. Hugh A. Smith, Ph. B., D. D., 

Dayton, Ohio. 


Rev. John Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. 
Rev. Z. A. Poste, Levsrisbura-, Pa. 
Rev. John H. Barney, Clearville, Pa. 
Rev. W. H. Hainer, Irvington, N. J. 
Rev. J. L. Foster, Elon College, N. C. 


Rev. F. B. Gaige, Hartwick, N. T. 
John B. Pease, Gasport, N. Y. 
Robert Call, Morganville, N. Y. 
Hon. E. L. Goodwin, Boston. Mass. 
Rev. J. W. Wilson. Jamestown, N. Y. 


Rev. E. A. Watkins, M. A., LeGrand, 


Rev. Emily K. Bisliop, president, Day- 
ton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Clellie M. Loback, vice-president, 
Darlington, Indiana. 

Mrs. Athella M. Howsare, recording 
secretary, Eaton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Alice M. Burnett, corresponding 
secretary, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Abbie B. Denison, treasurer, Hunt- 
ington, Indiana. 


Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, honorary presi- 
dent, Attleboro. Mass. 

Mrs. Alice V. Morrill, president, Day- 
ton, Oliio. 

Mrs. Mina Conibear, vice-president, 
Covington, Ohio. 

Mrs. Lulu Craig Helfenstein. corre- 
sponding secretary, Dayton. Ohio. 

Mrs. Rebecca W. Coxen, recording sec- 
retary. New Bedford, Mass. 

Miss Mary A. Rowell, treasurer, Frank- 
lin, New Hampshire. 


Mrs. Olive M. Clemin, Superintendent 

Cradle Roll, Troy, Ohio. 
Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Superintendent 

Literature and Mite Box, Dayton, O. 
Mrs. Ella S. Worley, Superintendent 

Young People, Covington, Ohio. 


Rev. O. B. Whitaker, D. D., Weaubleau, 

Rev. W. D. Samuel, D. D., Warren, Ind. 

Rev. George W. Morrow, D. D., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Rev. F. E'. Gaige, Hartwick, N. Y. 

Hon. C. C. Stoner, Orange, Cal. 

Rev. W. H. Sando, Columbus, Ohio. 

Rev. A. C. Youmans, Albany, N. Y. 

Rev. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, Indiana. 

Rev. A. H. Bennett, Louisville, 111. 

Rev. D. B. Atkinson, Ph. D., B. D., 
Jireh, Wyoming. 



Rev. J. J. Summerbell, D. D., Dayton, 

Rev. J. B. Weston. D. D.. I^L. D., De- 
fiance, Ohio. 

Rev. Martyn Summerbell, D. D., LL. D., 
Lakemont, N. Y. 

Rev. J. P. Barrett, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. W. D. Samuel, D. D., Warren, Ind. 

Rev. W. W. Staley, D. D., Suffolk, Va. 


Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D. 
Rev. J. F. Burnett, D. D. 
Rev. M. T. Morrill, D. D. 
Rev. G. R. Hammond. Ph. D. 
Rev. J. O. Atkinson, D. D. 
Rev. A. W. Lightbourne, D. D. 


Rev. W. W. Staley, D. D., Suffolk, Va. 
Rev. A. W. Lig-htbourne, D. D., Dover, 

Rev. Martyn Summerbell, D. D. LL. D., 

Lakeinont, N. Y. 
Rev. J. F. Burnett, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Prof. J. N. Dales, M. A.. Toronto, Out. 
Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Rev. D. B. Atkinson, M. A., B. D., Jireh, 



P. T. Rathbun, Springfield, Ohio. 

F. R. Woodward, Hill, New Hampshire. 

J. F. Barnes, Huntington, Indiana. 

J. E. West, Suffolk, Virginia. 

A. S. Lynn, Orient, Iowa. 


Rev. Clarence A. McDaniel, Versailles, 

Rev. Pressley E. Zartmann. Dayton, O. 
Rev. Walter Klingler, Harrod, Ohio. 
Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, O. 


Rev. E. A. Watkins, M. A., LeGrand, la. 
Rev. W. J. Young, Piqua, Ohio. 
Mrs. C. M. Hagans, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 
Rev. H. G. Rowe, Danville. Illinois. 
Rev. F. H. Peters, New Bedford, Mass. 


Rev. W. J. Young, Piqua, Ohio. 

Rev. P. S. Sailer, Lynn, Mass. 

Rev. Carlyle Summerbell, D. D., Fall 
River, Mass. 

Rev. C. H. Rowland, Franklin, Vir- 

Rev. F. G. Strickland, Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. O. W. Powers, Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. G. A. Conibear, Covington, Ohio. 

Rev. G. R. Hammond, Merom, Indiana. 

Rev. Elisha Rhodes, Montrose, Iowa. 


Rev. M. T. Morrill, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 
Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 


Rev. C. H. Scholefield, Albion, N. Y. 
Rev. G. W. Morrow, D. D., Detroit. Mich. 
Rev. A. H. Morrill, D. D., Franklin, 

New Hampshire. 
Rev. Albert Godley, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Rev. Edwin Morrell, D. D., Defiance, O. 
Rev. Minnie Fenwick, Luther, Wyo. 
Rev. Mrs. R. A. Sheldon, Sparta, Ohio. 
Rev. A. L. Brand, Prattsburg, N. Y., 

R. D. 
Rev. W. T. Herndon, M. D., Epsom, 

North Carolina. 


Rev. M. W. Butler, Newport News, Va. 
Rev. W. D. Harward, Madrid, Iowa. 
Rev. Pressley E. Zartmann, Dayton, O. 
Rev. D. M. Helfenstein, D. D., Des 

Moines, Iowa. 
Rev. Edwin C. Hall, Oshawa, Ontario. 
Rev. A. H. Bennett, Louisville, Illinois. 
Rev. J. S. Halfaker, Lima, Ohio. 
Rev. John MacCalman, Lakemont, New 



Rev. F. G. Coflin, D. D., Albany, N. Y. 

Rev. Albert Dunlap, D. D., Columbus, 

Rev. John Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. 

Rev. L. W. Hercules, Center, Indiana. 

Rev. Robert Harris, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Rev. H. J. Duckworth, D. D., Mt. Ster- 
ling, Ohio. 

The Convention Offerings 


For the Convention — Second Sunday in December. Remit to J. F. Burnett, 

Dayton, Ohio. 
For Christian Enileavor — Any time in January. Remit to J. F. Burnett, Dayton, 

For Foreign Missions — Second Sunday in March. Remit to J. G. Bishop, Dayton, 

For Sunday-schools — Any time in May. Remit to J. F. Burnett, Dayton, Ohio. 
For Home Missions — Second Sunday in June. Remit to J. G. Bishop, Dayton, 

For Education — Second Sunday in September. Remit to J. F. Burnett, Dayton, 
Offerings for tlie Aged Ministers' Home, Franklinton. or for any other 
purpose except as designated should bo .sent to J. F. Burnett, Dayton, Ohio. 



Underrate or Overrate. Which? 

By Rev. W. 1). Samuel, D. D., President Anierican Christian Convention 

For a inunber of years I have beeu watching both sides of the above-named 
tiuestion and I have finally reached the conclusion that more harm comes from 
underrating than overrating. Of course one needs to avoid extremes on either 
side of this question. The unhappy extremes to which the attitude of self- 
dein-eciation may lead when it takes possession of the mind is very frequently 

illustrated in human life. We have known per- 
sons whose capabilities were sufficient to have 
made them a power for good, but who failed 
because they underrated themselves, and all 
effort failed to break the spell of their stupid- 
ity ; and, as a result, they finished their course 
with little higher ideals than the ox at the 
manger. A man never rises above his thoughts. 
A man who thinks himself less than he is has 
few friends and fewer opportunities. The 
moment a man begins to underrate himself, he 
begins to lose ground. The less one thinks of 
himself, the less of his real power to do things 
will be put to use. A man may drift from little 
to less until he is incapacitated to accomplish 
anything of real value. I admit that there 
is a possibility of one overrating himself. 
I need not argue this point for we take it 
for granted. What I want to do in this 
article is to call attention to the danger of the other side of the question. By 
thinking that he is more than he is, a man will naturally demand more of him- 
self, and the more a man demands of himself the more will he accomplish. 
Some one has said, "The reason why most men accomplish so little is because 
they do not attempt more." A great truth this. Victory is half won by thinking 
we can ; failure is almost assured by thinliing we cannot. Our real worth and 
real manhood grow out of our thoughts. Paul understood it when he said, 
"Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are lovely," etc., "think on these 
things." Let a man think he can accomplish but little and but little will he 
accomplish. Under the direction of God every man should strive for the 
highest things. 

AV. D. Samuel 


Denominational underrating is dangerous. By thinking little thoughts a 
man will become a little man, and thus his ability to do things grows less. 
Having no high ideal as a denomination will cause us to grow smaller and 
smaller until after awhile our ability to do things will become extinct. Attempt- 
ing little things year after year will finally paralyze effort. "The reason why 
most men do not accomplish more is because they do not attempt more." This 


rule may be applied to a church or a denomiuation. Undertake little thiugs and 
we will always remain little. Attempt big things and even if to some extent 
we fail, we are the stronger for having tried. Cease struggling for big things 
and we will finally cease trying to do little things. We may as a church drift 
from little to less until we are incapacitated to do anything of real value to the 
world. "A man who thinks himself less than he is, has few friends and fewer 
opportunities." A church that thinks itself less than it is has few friends and 
fewer opportunities. I have attended great meetings of religious bodies and was 
amazed to see how some denominations pushed themselves to the front until 
recognition came. They were not content to be forgotten. You say, that's 
audacity. Maybe it is, but I had rather see the spirit of push to the front 
than the don't-care spirit that stays in the rear. A man drives up behind you 
with his auto. He blows his horn, which means one of three thiugs : get out of the 
way, drive faster, or be run down. He is determined not to stay behind all 
the time. With other religious bodies we are in this fight for greater things. 
We must either go faster or be run down. For one I am tired of having dust 
thrown in my eyes. Our cause is as worthy as the best, and if every member 
of the church would do his or her best we could at least keep up with the pro- 
cession. At the American Christian Convention at Troy last October, Dr. Joseph 
Clark, in his remarkable addx-ess on the Sunday-school question, said : "The 
Christian denomination should occupy first place." From every heart in that 
Convention came the echo, "That's the truth." But when he said we were not 
in the front ranks, some of my enthusiasm waned. Why this state of afi'airs? 
Simply this. We have underrated our ability to do great things and thus 
neglected to push our church to the front lines. Why haven't we more men as 
officers in the great Sunday-school movement? For the very reason that we are 
content with little things and thus fail to push our church to front ranks. It 
is not because our men are less capable than others. Our ranks have men who 
are as able as the ablest in the great Sunday-school movement. But while 
other denominations rally to those conventions we rally at home, and then wonder 
why we are not better known and better recognized. I repeat it lest ye forget : 
"It is because we underrate our ability to do great things." And people are 
taking us at our word. We never can expect to occupy the place that belongs 
to us until we break the spell of our stupidity and do things. We have been 
content with pebbles 'm the shore while below the surface there are valuable 
diamonds. But it is easier to pick pebbles. We must sacrifice for diamonds. 
Yes, it is easier to be Ignorant. Scholarship costs. But I had rather be crucified 
at 33 having finished a good work, than live to 80 and die a blockhead. 
I had rather fail trjing than to die a sluggard. I am .iust proud enough of 
my church that I want her to die game if she ever dies. But a church that does 
big things in a big world, solving big problems, never dies. It is the church 
that never breaks her old shell that dies. We should attempt great things for 
God. When I say "we," I mean as a church. We should fall in line with the 
great throbbing heart of religious progress. We must or die. Shall we be 
content to remain out of our place as a church? I mean in the front ranks? 
For one I answer. No. The old-fashioned way of reaping wheat was good 
enough in its day, but the new way is better. The reaphook was in the front 
rank in its day, but it is away behind the procession now. We should live up 
to our privileges. 

Fishing with the hook and line was pretty good years ago, but is too slow 


now. A few days ago in company with others I stood at Ocean View, near 
Norfolk, Va. I saw some men fishing the old way. Once in a while they would 
pull In a fish. But I saw other men to whom that was too slow. Their ambition 
for larger things made them discontented. I watched those men. Finally I saw 
that they knew their business. They looked out in the ocean and saw a "school" 
of fish coming. At once they seized their great net and pushed out and soon 
had the "school" surrounded. Then came the critical moment, every man to the 
net. At the command of the captain every man pulled every ounce he could pull 
and finally they landed them. Judges said three thousand. These men were 
rewarded with large things because they attempted large things. But the result 
could not have been attained had they not pulled together. They desired big 
things, pulled for large things, and received large things. A church may see an 
opportunity for large things, desire large things, inaugurate plans for large 
things, and fail to attain the desire because the membership will not pull together. 
A few disgruntled preachers with a few church memliers can block the wheels 
of church progress. A few knockers in a local church will prevent success. One 
booster is worth a thousand knockers. The only way to land success is all 
pulling together. A few people at the foot of the ladder cheered the fireman 
through scorching flame until he rescued the perishing woman from the burning 
building. There is more encouragement in cheer than cant. 


At the last session of the Americati Christian Convention, October, 1910, the 
goal was raised higher. God gave to that great Convention a great vision, a 
vision that made every man present ashamed of any previous effort. The 
Convention was quick to discover the meaning of the vision. To those present 
it meant larger things for the Kingdom. They said the spell of former stupidity 
is broken and we must launch out. Wise men with discerning spirit set about 
making plans suited to carrying out the vision. The plans reported back to the 
Convention seemed good and were adopted. Delegates returned home enthused 
for better work. Some worked and are still working, but alas ! to others the 
vision died away and God has withdrawn Himself. Our most sanguine hopes 
have not been realized all because the vision was lost to many. One year of the 
quadrennium is gone, vision gone, opportunity gone. Will the Father give us 
another vision? We trust Him, and almost hesitate to ask, for He may say: "1 
gave thee a great vision hour and you failed me.". Oh, brother pastor, were you 
one who helped retard the plans for larger things? Are you satisfied for your 
church to remain in the rear ranks? I hope not. Did you know, my brother, 
that we are facing a crisis? That along many lines of church activities it is 
now or never? We dare not longer linger. The time to act is now. Will we 
attempt big things, pull for big things, and be a big people, or shall we be 
content with little things and be a little people? You who have failed to do your 
best to reach the quadrennium goal, can you afford it? Are you willing that our cause 
suffer for your negligence of duty? "Thinking little things makes little men." 
Doing little things selfishly makes us insignificant. Doing little things denomina- 
tionally makes us insignificant. But you answer : "Are we not to do little 
things?" Yes, indeed! But it is a shame to be satisfied with doing little things 
when we can do large things. God will not bless us in doing small things if we 
have capacity for great things. Oh, the .dust left by the procession that went 
by grates on my conscience. In many of the great problems now agitating the 
heart of the religious world, we are eating the dust, God help us. If we can not 

■Winchester, Va., Cluiroli, A\'. T. \\:il(er.s, I'listor 

Oluey, Illiuois, Cliureli, G. II. Haiiiiiioii<1, Pastor 



lead the procession let us keep in the ranks at least. Brother, have you heoii 
plodding along behind so long that your eyes are so full of dust that you no 
longer see the great throng that goes marching on with glad hosannas? God 
give us a new vision. "Where there is no vision the people perish." Do not 
underrate your denomination, hold her banner aloft. Let our ci-y be, "On to 


Rev. Oliver W. Powers, D. D., Secretary for Home Missions. 
Rev. Milo T. Morrill, D. D., Secretary for Foreign Missions 


I?ev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. M. T. Morrill, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. .7. G. Bishop, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. W. IL Denifeon, D. D., Huntington, Indiana. 

Rev. M. D. Wolfe, Haverhill, Massachusetts. 

Rev. F. G. Coffin, D. D., Albany, N. Y. 

Mrs. Athella M. Howsare, B. A., Eaton, Ohio. 

Rev. W. P. Fletcher, B. A., Keswick, Ontario. 

:\Ir. M. S. Campbell, Collison, Illinois. 


By Rev. O. \\ . Powers, D. D., Secretary 

The field force of the Home Mission Department for the past year has 
consisted of thirty-one pastors and assistants operating in twenty-nine fields. 
The policy of the Board has been slowly, but steadily directed toward concen- 
tration of effort in the hope of bringing about more 
rapid and permanent results. This policy is beginning 
to bear fruit, and while not so large a number of new 
organizations can be reported and possibly not so great 
an ingathering in numbers as under a more diffusive 
policy, still the net results are more satisfactory. The 
reports of the workers during the year include 2,398 
sermons preached, 5,157 services held, 10,422 calls 
made, 545 conversions and G24 members received. The 
churches in co-operation with the Board report an aggre- 
gate membership of 2,644, a Sunday-school enrollment 
of 3,692, 21 Christian Endeavor Societies with 640 mem- 
bers, 20 "Aid Societies" with 899 members, and 6 
Missionary Societies with 83 members. These churches have raised for missions 
during the year $814.39, for Education and the American Christian Convention 
$168.80. They have paid for salaries $9,906.53, and have raised for all other 
puriK)ses, including new buildings and property, $17,102.82. The property held 

Oliver AV. PoT\er» 

a, « 

O a) 

S "^ 



by these churches ainouuts to $205,000.00, with an indebtedness of about 
$65,000.00. Church buildings have been completed at the following points: 
Olney, 111.; Winchester, Va. ; Walnut Hills, Dayton, Ohio. These are all fine 
buildings in important centers and are the necessary equipment for churches 
that will prove to be of immense importance in strengthening our work in their 
respective sections. 

The general aim of the Home Mission Department has beep stated in sub- 
stance as follows : 

To establish churches in centers of population, especially where these are 
also denominational centers for our people ; 

To organize churches and conferences in new communities, especially where 
our own people have made their homes and are in need of religious privileges; 

To care for the 
weak and disabled 
churches ; 

To promote Chris- 
tian work among 
immigrants and oth- 
er needy classes ; 

To increase the ef- 
fectiveness of confer- 
ences and churches 
by visitation, corre 
spondence, circula- 
tion of literature, 
and development of 
plans for better or- 
ganization, financial 
system, and church 
methods ; 

To promote Mis- 
sion Study and the 
dissemination of missionary intelligence, and to create a sentiment favorable to 
all benevolent and missionary work. 

In these efforts the Home Mission Department is expected to co-operate 
with the Department of Foreign Missions and the Woman's Boards, and with 
other departments of the American Christian Convention as opportunity offers. 
In the line of educational work a beginning of such co-operation has been made 
with the Christian Endeavor Department and with the newly organized Com- 
mission on Social Service. 

A forward movement in frontier mission work has been begun by sending 
a missionary to western Washington, where we have had a small group of 
churches for many years. The work had languished for want of workers. 
Since the arrival of our missionary in May a new parsonage has been built at 
Montesano, Washington, a new church with 'forty members organized in a 
populous valley, and other churches have been encouraged by visitation of the 
missionary. The opportunity for greatly extending our work is exceedingly 
favorable, provided that we are able to send one or two more workers to the 
field in the near future. 

Plans are also under way for a second forward movement in connection 
with the Wyoming educational colony of the Christians and the Mission Board 

Parsouage at :>Ioiite.sauo, AVash. 


hopes to utilize the liaud of workers ah'eady on the ground in developing the 
religious interests of that great state. 

Direct work for immigrants has been maintained at Boston, Mass., among 
the Chinese and Syrians of that city. Efforts are being made to induce other 
churches to grapple with the problems at their doors, in rendering helpful 
service to these new people. 

The financial resources of the Home Mission Department increase hut 
slowly, the total receipts for the last year being a little over $9,500.00. 
However, this is the largest amount ever received in one year for home mis- 
sionary work, except when Porto Rico was counted as a home mission field, and 
we are encouraged to believe that the present quadrenniuum will show a marked 
advance in home mission- support and achievement. 

Appropriations were made at the last session of the Mission Board for 
work at the following points : Winchester, Va. ; Columbus, Ga. ; South Norfolk, 
Va. ; Portsmouth, Va. ; Third Church, Norfolk, Va. ; Chapel Hill, N. C. ; Lamberts 
Point. Norfolk, Va. ; IJaleigh, N. C. ; Lynn. Mass. ; Manchester, N. H. ; Bangor, 
Me. ; Eastport, Me. ; Toronto, Out. ; Coshocton, O. ; Columbus, O. ; Walnut Hills, 
Dayton, O. ; Romeo, Mich. ; Indianapolis, Ind. ; Lebanon, Ind. ; Olney, 111. ; Louis- 
ville, 111. ; Winterset, Iowa ; Lake City, Iowa ; Wyoming Conference ; Washington 
Conference ; New York Eastern Conference, and Boston, Mass. 


By Rev. M. J'. Morrill, D. D., Secretary 

During the year ending September 30, 1911, we received for Foreign Missions 
$19,530.98, which is the largest sum ever received in one year for our foreign 
work. This large amount is due of course to the extra effort made during the 
Convention at Troy, in October, 1910, and continued effort to complete a fund 
of $10,000.00 to put our foreign work out of debt. The 
sum of $7,801.54 was realized in response to this appeal 
of the American Christian Convention, leaving 
$2,138.46 necessary to complete the fund. The Mis- 
sion Board, in its annual session just closed, decided 
to ask the brotherhood for tliis remaining needful 
sum, after which emphasis will be put on the general 
enlargement voted by the Convention, viz., that the 
brotherhood aim to provide at least $25,000.00 for our 
foreign work this year. 

Increased receipts have made our work much 

easier, and enabled us to overcome part of the deficit. 

The Foreign Mission Secretary stated before the 

.... .„ ,. ... Quadrennial Convention that not less than $24,000.00 

Milo T. Morrill 

would be needed to make up the deficit and 
start us off even October 1, 1911. It will be seen, therefore, that 

we could not cancel the whole of our debt. In view of the situation the 
Mission Board, when recently in session, made some readjustments of the foreign 
work to allow decreasing the cost without severely injuring the present standing 



of our missioiis. Tliis roadjustmeut oonteinplates wiping out tlic whole deficit 
liy the end of the present quadrenniuni. 

In Japan the work has made progress in spite of hick of adeiiuate support 
and a newly awakened feeling against Christianity in that country. The total 
number of liaptisms for the year just closed was 91, while it was (i2 for the year 
previous. The total membership now stands at 880, while one year ago it was 
781. Since a large proportion of members are students, the resident membership 
changes, and this year is 31G, while last year it was 830. There are only 151 
enquirers now reported, against 17G last year. The total amount of money 
raised this year is $073.72, a decrease of about $8G.OO. However, the Sunday- 
schools show an increase in enrollment of pupils, at present being 2,408, and one 
year ago 2,240. 

Good reports have been received from Ishinomaki station and from the new 
preaching point opened in the city of Tokyo, where rapid progress is being 
made. This preaching point is in charge of Rev. Dr. K. Kawauaka, who has 

proved himself a very efficient 
worker in the Theological 
School a ud in evangelistic 

The Tokyo Theological School 
has a peiTiianent faculty of 
three, with two prominent edu- 
cators from other schools hired 
to teach special subjects. 
There are five regularly enroll- 
ed students. Expressions of 
satisfaction have been received 
from the Japanese brethren on 
account of the broadened cur- 
riculum and better training 
afforded. The Girls' School at 
Utsunomiya has 31 pupils and 
and 7 instructors. One class 
was graduated last June. Perhaps the greatest force of this school has been 
felt in evangelistic work, since the girls have practically maintained 8 Sunday- 
schools in Utsunomiya. 

We should be devoutly thankful for whatever progress has been made by 
the Japan Mission, when we consider that the small appropriation has greatly 
hampered their movements. Dr. Woodworth started last September by way of 
the Holy Land for his field in Japan. Rev. and Mrs. E. C. Fry are entitled to 
furlough early this year, and may be expected home. 

For maintenance of the mission during the year ending September 30, 1912, 
the appropriation will remain as the year before, viz., $10,000.00. After careful 
consideration the Mission Board decided to discontinue the Girls' School. It 
has become thoroughly evident that properly maintaining the school, to say noth- 
ing of erecting buildings and equiping them, is far beyond our present ability; 
and to avoid greater calamity it was decided that the school should stop January 
1 if possible. Many people have become interested in this enterprise and have 
contributed toward it, and doubtless they will be disappointed by this action 
There are other objects of support w^hich will be suggested in correspondence 
with all parties concerned. 

Arus Chapel, Porto Rioo 


From the Porto Rieau field one missionary family has been absent during the 
year past, leaving that mission with utterly inadequate force. Rev. D. P. 
Barrett reports his work in good condition at Ponce, with a church membership 
at present of 82, 15 baptisms during the year, a Sunday-school enrollment of 205, 
and total contributions amounting to $144.G4. At Arus, one of the out-stations, 
a cozy little chapel has been erected, chiefly with contributions from the Woman's 
Board of the Erie Christian Conference. A pi'osperous church has been gathered 
in that town with 2G members and a Sunday-school enrollment of 41. Money con- 
tributions have been $65.04 for the year. 

At Santa Isabel there has been steady progress. The mission premises pur- 
chased a little more than a year ago have beeii the means of saving that point 
in our mission. Early last summer three rooms in the mission premises were 
fitted up for a dispensary at a considerable cost, $4G.50 of which was contributed 
by people of the town. This contribution indicates plainly the changing attitude 
of the people. Miss Mishler writes a glowing report for her field. Church mem- 
bers, 11 ; Sunday-school pupils, 41 ; money contributed, $30.61. The organ given 
by the New York Eastern Conference cost only $55.00, and has been of great 
service already to the work. Two hundred persons have received medical treat- 
ment, and the dispensary is now self-supporting. A medical missionary gives 
his services in treating patients. 

Brother Rafael Hernandez has had charge at Salinas, where Rev. and Mrs. 
W. C. McCloud have been residing and teaching school. The Board had planned 
to put the McClouds in charge of Salfnas field ; hut plans have changed, and they 
have been released that they may continue in educational work. There have 
been five baptisms at Salinas, but the present membership of church and Sunday- 
school has not been reported. Total money contributed, $130.47. 

Considering the missionary force and money placed at their disposal, the 
work in Porto Rico has done remarkably well. Two commissioned missionaries 
will be stationed thei-e the coming year ; the appropriation for the work will 
he $3,300.00 ; and an attempt will be made to actually construct the Ponce 
church, beginning at once. 

In the Mission Rooms at Dayton a little has been done toward providing a 
better working equipment. Including construction of two bookcases and addition 
of a $65.00 Royal Standard Typewriter. Fifteen leaflets and circulars, with a 
total issue of 111,200 copies, have been printed and circulated during the year. 
This is the largest amount of leaflet literature ever put out by us during one year. 
Our "Monthly Prayer Calendar" has been well received, and "Facts About our 
Missions" is being revised, and will be issued again this fall. 

The Christian Missionary has been continued, with a slight increase in list 
of subscribers. Its receipts, including advertising and two or three other items, 
were $6.30.75. This is a decrease in receipts, due chiefly to the publisher's in- 
ability to make collections at the proper time, but partly to the effect of an 
extended effort to secure paid up advance subscriptions heretofore. The cost 
of publication, with some equipment, was $1,198.00, of which $896.20 was for 
printing, and $106.20 for illustrations. Half of this expense, or $599.00, is 
charged to foreign missions. We believe that the magazine is invaluable in our 
missionary work, although it is far from reaching our ideal. 

During the year our Foreign Mission administration cost $1,798.29, which 
nf course includes salary of Secretary, half salary of Treasurer, and all other 
items incident to running the foreign mission end of our work. 



In addition to issuiug the large amoiiut of leaflet literature, and greatly 
increased routine work, the Secretary has been in the field much of the time 
visiting churches and conferences. 

The Woman's Boards 


President — Rev. Emily K. Bishop, 1231 West Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 
Vice-President — Mrs. Clellie M. Loback, Darlington, Indiana. 
Recording Secretary — Mrs. Athella M. Howsare, Eaton, Ohio. 

Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Alice 
M. Burnett, 310 S. Broadway, 
Dayton, O. 
Treasurer — Mrs. Abbie B. Denison, 
327 West High St., Huntington, 

Superintendents of Departments 

Superintendent Cradle Roll — Mrs. Olive 

M. Clemm, Troy, Ohio. 
Superintendent Literature and Mite 

Box — Rev. Emily K. Bishop. 

Dayton, Ohio. 
Superintendent Young Peoi)le — Mrs. 

Ella S. Worley, Covington. Ohio. 

The Board for Home Missions 
The Woman's Board for Home Mis- 
sions was organized during a quad- 
rennial session of the American Chris- 
tian Convention held at Marion, Ind- 
iana, October, 1890, and was by vote 
of the Convention made auxiliary to it. 
The formal organization occurred on October 11, and the following named 
persons elected to office : 

Rev. Mary A. Strickland, Argos, Indiana, president. 
Mrs. O. H. Keller, Marion, Indiana, vice-president. 
Miss C. Ella Keifer, Yellow Springs, Ohio, secretary. 
Mrs. J. P. Watson, Dayton, Ohio, corresponding secretary. 
Mrs. Carrie E. Long, Yellow Springs, Ohio, treasurer. 
At the first annual meeting of the Board the president resigned, and Rev. 
Emily K. Bishop was chosen to fill the vacancy, and has succeeded herself at 
each quadrennial election from that time until now. During the session held 
at Haverhill, Massachusetts, four years later, the following persons were 
made the Permanent Board : 

Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, Ohio. 
Mrs. O. H. Keller, Marion, Indiana. 

I^niily K. Bishop 


Miss C. Ella Keifer, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Mrs. Ada O. Warbinton, Troy, Ohio. 

Mrs. M. E. Lehow, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Mrs. R. M. Northcutt, Troy, Ohio. 

Miss Athella McKinney, Forgy, Ohio. 

Mrs. M. O. Adams, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Mrs. D. M. McCullough, Troy, Ohio. 

Mrs. B. F. Clayton, Franlilin, Ohio. 

Mrs. Alice Shuman, Covington, Ohio. 

Mrs. M. A. Finfrock, Greenville, Ohio. 

Mrs. S. S. Newhouse, Piqua, Ohio. 

Mrs. J. L. Foster, Raleigh, N. C. 

Rev. Kate E. Miller, Urbana, Illinois. 

Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. T. S. "Weeks, Swansea Center, Mass. 

Miss Grace Goodwin, Roselindale, Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. J. N. Dales, Kingston, Canada. 

xMrs. Kate B. Maple, Milford, N. J. 

Miss Orpha Adkison, Winterset, Iowa. 

Rev. Jennie C. Page, Merom, Indiana. 

Mrs. Jerry Gerard, Mnncie, Indiana. 

Mrs. G. A. Conibear, Westerly, R. I. 

Mrs. D. M. Helfenstein, LeGrand, Iowa. 

The following named persons constitute the present Permanent Board : 

Mrs. Ella S. Watson, Jireh, Wyo. 

Mrs. Abbie B. Denison, Huntington, Ind. 

Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Athella M. Howsare, Eaton, Ohio. 

Miss Orpha S. Adkison, Seattle, Wash. 

Mrs. Ada O. Warbinton, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Mrs. Alice M. Burnett, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Minerva Finfrock, Versailles, Ohio. 

Mrs. Lulu Craig Helfenstein, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Emily S. Barrett, Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. Jennie C. Page, Merom, Ind. 

Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs.. Helena Dales, Toronto, Ont. 

Mrs. Ella Worley, Covington, Ohio. 

Mrs. Oriella K. Hess, Dayton, Ohio. 

Rev. Hannah W. Stanley, Williamsburg, Ind., R. D. 

Mrs. Mary McCullough, Troy, Ohio. 

Mrs. Emma S. Powers, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Rebecca Coxen, New Bedford, Mass. 

Miss Ma idle Newton, Maple Rapids, Mich. 

Mrs. Alice V. Morrill, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Alice Hawbecker, LeGrand, Iowa. 

Mrs. Mollie Culver, Eaton, 111. 

Mrs. Clara W. Pease, Gasport, N. T, 



Alice V. >iorriIl 


Honorary President — Rev. Elleu G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass. 
President — Mrs. Alice V. Morrill, 233 Couover St., Dayton, Ohio. 
Vice-President — Mrs. Mina Conibear, Covington, Ohio. 

Corresponding Secretary — Mrs. Lulu Crai? 
Helfenstein, C. P. A. Bldg., Dayton, O. 
Recording Secretary — Mrs. Rebecca W. 
Coxen, 107- Chancery St., New Bed- 
ford, Massachusetts. 
Treasurer — Miss Mary A. Rowell, 12.5 S. 
Main St., Franklin, New Hampshire. 

Superintendents of Departments 

Superintendent Cradle Roll — Mrs. Olive 
M. Clemm, Troy, Ohio. 

Superintendent Literature and Mite Box 
— Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, O. 

Superintendent Young People — Mi-s. Ella 
S. Worley. Covington, Ohio. 

The Board for Foreign Missions 

• At the quadrennial session of the 
American Christian Convention held at 
New Bedford, Mass., in October, 18SG, Rev. J. P. Watson, D. D., Secrteary for 
the Department of Missions, presented the report of the Department, recommend- 
ing the organization of a Woman's Board for Foreign Missions. The report was 
adopted, and several of the women delegates retired, and after earnest prayer 
for guidance formed plans for organization. It was decided tliat the Board 
should consist of twenty-five women representing the denomination in all parts 
of the United States and Canada. A committee was appointed to select that 
number and the following names were presented : 

Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass. 

Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Achsah E. Weston, Stanfordville, N. Y. 

Mrs. Florence E. Howard, Rockland, R. I. 

Rev. H. Lizzie Haley, Lowell, Mass. 

Miss Clara E. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. 

Mrs. Annie E. Lewis, New Bedford, Mass. 

Miss Annie E. Batchelor, New Bedford, Mass. 

Mrs. E. A. Couse, Crescent Valley, N. J. 

Mrs. Jennie Garland, Clearville, Pa. 

Mrs. J. II. Barney, Clearville, Pa. 

Mrs. Kate Judy, Troy, Ohio. 

Rev. Rebecca Kei'shner, Ansonia, Ohio. 

Rev. Jeannie Jones, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Mrs. Emma Rasmussen, Stafford, Kansas. 

Miss Maude Shenk. 

Mrs. O. K, Hess, Argos, Ind. 


Rev. Mattie Jackson, Albany, N. Y. 
Mrs. Nancy Slack, Westerly, R. I. 
Mrs. Sarah D. Shockley, New Bedford, Mass. 
Miss M. p]mma Godley, Milford, N. J. 
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Barry, Boston, Mass. 
Rev. Sarah E. Garwood, Pittsford, Mich. 
Mrs. Martha J. Wilcox, New Bedford, Mass. 
Mrs. Edith D. Gate, Manchester, N. H. 


The Convention having accepted an invitation to sail to Gay Head, the 
women met in the saloon of the upper deck of the steamer Martha's Vineyard, 
and organized the Women's Board for Foreign Missions, electing the following 
oflBcers : 

Mrs. Achsah E. Weston, president. 
Rev. Emily K. Bishop, vice-president. 
Miss Annie E. Batchelor, recording secretary. 
Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, corresponding secretary. 
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Barry, treasurer. 

In 1887 the Board was incorporated under the laws of Massachusetts. 

The following named persons constitute the present Permanent Board: 

Mrs. Emma Weston Smith, Mlllbrook, N. Y. R. D. 29. 

Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass. 

Miss Annie E. Batchelor, New Bedford, Mass. 

Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, Ohio, 

Dr. Laura V. Mackie, Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. Emma A. Fairbanks, Green, R. I. 

Mrs. Sarah Tillinghast, Providence, R. I. 

Mrs. Rebecca Coxen, New Bedford, Mass. 

Mrs. Mary II. B. Couse, Halsey, N. J. 

Miss Clara E. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. 

Mrs. Margaret L. Reynolds, Westport, Mass. 

Mrs. John Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. 

Miss Emma Graley, Milford, N. J. 

Mrs. Mary J. Hoyt, Laconia, N. H. 

Mrs. Emma J. Baker, Landers, Wyo. 

Miss Orpha Adkison, Seattle, Wash. 

Mrs. Oriella K. Hess, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Maude S. Wolf, Kokomo, Indiana. 

Mrs. Emma Rasmussen, Stafford, Kansas. 

Mrs. Jackson, 48 E. Upsal St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mrs. Nancy Slack, Westerly, R. I. 

Mrs. Hattie M. Beebe, Washington, D. C. 

Miss Sarah E. Hatten, Merom, Indiana. 

Mrs. Emma S. Powers, Dayton, Ohio. 

Miss Mary A. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. 

Mrs. Ada Bentley, Springboro, Pa. 


Conference Woman's Boards 


Mrs. Cora McDonald, Lake City, Iowa, president. 

Mrs. A. B. Vines, Peru, Iowa, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. W. A. Smith, 13 Laurel St., Des Moines, Iowa, treasurer. 


Rev. Hanuali W. Stanley, Williamsburg, Indiana, president. 

Mrs. H. L. Lott, Greenville, Ohio, vice-president. 

Mrs. Dora R. Nelson, Muncie, Indiana, recording secretary. 

Rev. Fraukie I. Keys, Winchester, Indiana, corresponding secretary. 

Rev. Anna Coats, Harrisville, Indiana, treasurer. 

Mrs. Laura Routh, Losantville, Indiana, R. D. 25, Box 11, sur«rintendeut of 
Cradle Roll. 


Mrs. W. H. Denison, Huntington, Indiana, president. 
Mrs. Marion Gephart, Warren, Indiana, vice-president. 
Mi-s. O. W. Whitelock, Huntington, Indiana, secretary. 
Mrs. W. O. Yarian, Wakarusa, Indiana, treasurer. 


Mrs. Louise Eby, Dewittville, New York, president. 

Mrs. J. L. Beard, Waterford, Pennsylvania, R. D., vice-president. 

Millie J. Chapman, M. D., Springboro, Pennsylvania, secretary. 

Miss Edna Robisou, East Springfield, Pennsylvania, treasurer. 

Miss Carrie Robison, North Springfield, Pennsylvania, corresponding secretary. 

Miss Myrtle Nason, 715 West Eighth St., Erie, Pennsylvania, secretary of Mite 

Boxes and Literature. 
Mrs. D. P. Hurlburt, Springboro, Pennsylvania, R. D., superintendent of Cradle 



Mrs. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, Indiana, president. 

Miss Ina Bowers, Darlington, Indiana, secretary. 

Mrs. C. B. McConuell, Sidney, Indiana, treasurer. 

Presidents of local Conference Boards are Vice-Presidents of the State Board. 


Mrs. Margaret Piper, LeGrand, Iowa, president. 
Mrs. Lillian Saunders, Montezuma, Iowa, vice-president. 
Mrs. A. Brackney, Clemous, Iowa, corresponding secretary. 
Mrs. Delia Eastman, Barnes City, Iowa, secretary. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Trine, LeGrand, Iowa, treasurer. 



Mrs. Alice Hawbecker, LeGrand, Iowa, president. 

Mrs. E. Rliodes, Earl, Colo., vice-president. 

Mrs. Robert Boyce, Letts, Iowa, secretary. 

Mrs. Ida Menaugh, Linden, Iowa, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Belle Helfeusteiu, Des Moines, Iowa, treasurer. 


Mrs. Gertrude F. Green, Hill, N. II., president. 

Mrs. E. R. Phillips, Woodstock, Vt., secretai'y and treasurer. 


Mrs. J. N. Hess, Dayton, Ohio, president. 

Mrs. H. A. Smith, Dayton, Ohio, vice-president. 

Miss Hattie Woodruff, Piqua, Ohio, secretary. 

Mrs. L. D. Bailey, Eaton, Ohio, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Oscar Kirlin, Greenville, Ohio, treasurer. 

Mrs. B. F. Vaughan, Centervllle, Ohio, superintendent of Cradle Roll. 

Miss Alice Wilson, Troy, Ohio, R. D., Mite Box and Literature Superintendent. 


Rev. R. Anna Sheldon, Sparta, Ohio, president. 

Mrs. H. L. Reed, Coshocton, Ohio, vice-president. 

Miss Minnie Lohr, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, recording secretary. 

Miss Maud Long, Centerburg, Ohio, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Rachel Harrod, Beloit, Ohio, treasurer. 

Mrs. L. D. Hammond, Coshocton, Ohio, Cradle Roll Superintendent. 

Mrs. A. J. Workman, Danville, Ohio, Mite Box Superintendent. 


Mrs. J. W. Hoffman, Baleville, New Jersey, president. 
Mrs. C. W. Morgan, Lewisburg, Pa., vice-president. 
Mrs. R. M. Mahouud, Hopewell, N. J., secretary. 
Miss Clara Kennedy, Milford, N. J., treasurer. 


Mrs. James S. Frost, Lakemont, New York, president. 

Mrs. Frank L. Martin, West Henrietta, New York, secretary and treasurer. 


R»,v. Belle II. Hook, Iluntersland, N. Y., president. 

Mrs. D. E. Powell, South Westerlo, N. Y., vice-president. 

Rev. Ada Alderman, Barkerville, N. Y., recording secretary. 

Mrs. G. J. Gove, Sprakers, N. Y., R. D., cor. secretary and treasurer. 

Mrs. Edward Francis, Sprakers, N. Y., R. D., superintendent of Mite Box and 

Mrs. E. J. Bodiuan, Ravena, X. Y., superintendent of Young People and Cradle 




Mrs. J. B. Pease, Gasport, New York, president. 

Mrs. H. C. Phelps, North Greece, New Yoi'k, vice-president. 

Miss Flora Challice, Stafford, New York, secretary and treasurer. 


Mrs. N. E. Flora, president. 

Mrs. Vina B. Wilgus, Minot, N. D., vice-president. 

Mi-s. Violet Edwards, recording secretary. 

Mrs. Alice Pendroy, Denbigh, N. D., corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Anna Rusk, treasurer. 


Mrs. Eva Gott, Kokomo, Indiana, president. 

Mrs. Susan Hollingsworth, Kokomo, Indiana, vice-president. 

Mrs. Daphne Gilbert, Darlington, Indiana, secretary. 

Mrs. Emma Stouebreaker, Kappa, Indiana, R. D., treasurer. 

Miss Millie Kahl, Young America, Indiana, Literature and Mite Box secretary. 

Mrs. Milton Myers, Peru, Indiana, R. D., Cradle Roll Superintendent. 


Mrs. Sarah J. Seitz, Columbus Grove, Ohio, president. 

Mrs. Margaret Garner, Bluffton, Indiana, vice-president. 

Mrs. Mary Mell, 135 E. Vine St., Lima, Ohio, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Maggie Fruchey, Columbus Grove, Ohio, treasurer. 

Mrs. Martha Goble, St. James Flat, W. Spring St., Lima, Ohio, recording sec'y. 


Mrs. Nellie Jones, South Vienna, Ohio, president. 

Miss Mary Wilson, South Vienna, Ohio, recording secretary. 

Mrs. Mary Kimball, Columbus, Ohio, corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. Julia Adams, Milford Center, Ohio, superintendent of Literature and Mite 

Mrs. Mary Hagans, Mt. Sterling, Ohio, superintendent of Cradle Roll. 


Mrs. Minnie D. Bunce, Gallipolis, Ohio, president. 

Mrs. Corlie Ewiug, Hilton, Ohio, vice-president. 

Mrs. Lucy J. Russell, Cool vi lie, Ohio, R. D. 2, secretary and treasurer. 

Mrs. Margaret E. Massie, Patriot, Ohio, treasurer. 

Mrs. J. J. Latta, Glouster, Ohio, superintendent Cradle Roll. 


Mrs. Emma S. Powers, Dayton, Ohio, president. 

Rev. R. Anna Sheldon, Sparta, Ohio, vice-president. 

Mrs. Mary Hagans, Mt. Sterling, Ohio, recording secretary. 

Mrs. Drusilla Vaughan, Ceuterville, Ohio, corresponding secretary and treasurer. 

Mrs. Harriett McDorman, Harrod, Ohio, superintendent Cradle Roll. 


Mrs. J. N. Dales, Drayton, Ontario, president. 

Mrs. C. H. Hainer, Toronto, Ontario, vice-president. 

Mrs. C. E. Fockley, Toronto, Ontario, recording and corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. H. H. Chldley, Toronto, Ontario, treasurer. 


Mrs. Fannie E. Coopex*, Weaubleau, Mo., president. 

Mrs. Delia Johndrow, Gerster, Mo., secretary. 

Miss Edna Chancellor, Weaubleau, Mo., treasurer. 

Miss Lola Replogle, Gerster, Mo., Cradle Roll Superintendent. 


Mrs. Ada line Perkins, Hancock, Mo., president. 

Mrs. John Barnhart, Meta, Mo., secretary and treasurer. 


Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, Mass., president. 
Mrs. W. G. Sargent, 66 Sorrento St., Providence, R. I., vice-president. 
Mrs. E. A. Chase. 405 Potters Ave., Providence, R. I., recording secretary. 
Mrs. R. W. Coxen, 107 Chancery St., New Bedford, Mass., cor. sec'y. 
Miss Carrie Potter, Smith Mills, Mass., treasurer. 


Mrs. M. J. Honsberger, Newton, N. H., president. 

Mrs. M. D. Wolfe, Haverhill, Mass., vice-president. 

Mrs. T. H. Gardener, Portsmouth, N. H., secretary. 

Mrs. Dora Knight, 771 Belmont St., Manchester, N. H., treasurer. 


Mrs. Ella Defur, Stewartsville, Indiana, president. 
Mrs. Mary D. Epperson, Haubstadt, Indiana, secretary. 
Mrs. Julia Wilkinson, Cynthiana, Indiana, treasurer. 


Mrs. A. A. Love, New Richmond, Ohio, R. D. 3, president. 

Mrs. Anna Edwards, Mt. Holly, Ohio, secretary. 

Mrs. Ellen Weber, Mt. Orab, Ohio, treasurer and corresponding secretary. 

Mrs. C. C. Lawwill, Aberdeen, Ohio, Mite Box secretary. 


Rev. Maggie Wallace, Rockport, Mo., president. 

Mrs. J. P. Hamilton, Gravity, Iowa, recording secretary and treasurer. 

Mrs. W. R. Richardson, Gravity, Iowa, corresponding secretary. 



Mrs. Mollie Culver, Eaton, Illinois, president. 

Rev. Jennie Page, Merom, Indiana, vice-president. 

Mrs. Francis Kibler, Hidalgo, Illinois, secretary and treasurer. 

Mrs. Lena Newlin, Hutsonville, Illinois, corresponding secretary and Cradle 

Roll Superintendent. 
Mrs. Laura E. Young, Robinson, 111., R. D. 7, Literature and Mite Box supt. 


Mrs. J. H. Cheeseman, Greenwood, New York, president. 

Mrs. J. F. Smith, 217 Vestal Ave., Binghamton, New York, vice-president. 

Mrs. Lois Blodgett, Ireland Mills, New York, secretary. 

Mrs. Emily Corson, New Albany, Pa., R. D. 46, treasurer. 


Mrs. E. Rhodes, Earl, Colo., president. 

Miss Fannie Hawkins, Letts, Iowa, vice-president. 

Mrs. Emma Boyce, Letts, Iowa, treasurer. 

Mrs. Edw. Atterburg, Keokuk, Iowa, R. D. 2, secretary. 

Miss Olive Williamson, Montrose, Iowa, R. D. 4, Mite Box secretary. 


Mrs. Carrie Beaver, Advance, Indiana, president. 
Mrs. Eurie Remster, Stone Bluff, Indiana, vice-president. 
Mrs. Carrie S. Bailey, Merom, Indiana, recording secretary. 
Miss Marie Belk, Brazil, Indiana, corresponding secretary. 
Mrs. Retha Henderson, Lebanon, Indiana, treasurer. 


Mrs. Hattie Abbie, St. Joseph, Michigan, R. D. 3, president. 

Mrs. Sarah Collins, New Carlisle, Indiana, vice-president. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson, Benton Harbor. Mich., R. D. 6, recording secretary. 

Rev. A. S. K. Burton, Fennville, Mich., Box 214, corresponding and field 

Mrs. Esther Robinson, New Carlisle, Indiana, treasurer and assistant Cradle 

Roll Superintendent. 
Mrs. Rosa Shearer, St. Joseph, Michigan, R. D. 3., superintendent Young People's 

Mrs. Ida L. Jones, Rolling Prairie, Ind., R. D. 2., superintendent Mite Box and 

Cradle Roll. 


Mrs. Mary J. Hancock, Old Orchard, Me., president. 
Rev. Mrs. Winifred CofSn, Kittery, Me., vice-president. 
Mrs. Leonora M. Boothby, Saco, Me., secretary. 
Mrs. Lizzie Moulton, York, Me., treasurer. 




Rev. William G. Sargent, B. A., Secretary 


Hev. W. G. SiU-Kent, B. A., I'l-ovidence. Rhode Island. 

Hev. P. II. Flcmin-i:. l>- I>., Greenville, Ohio. 

Rev. F. (}. (V)ffln, I). I)., Albany, N. Y. 

Rev. John Miicfalman, I). I).. Lakemont, N. Y. 

Rev. Hugh A. Siiiith, IMi. B., Dayton, Ohio. 


A review of the work of the department for the past year affords evidences 
of attainment, but leaves much to be desired. 

The demand for a higher education grows year Ijy year. The gradualness 
of Increasing desire in this direction is what one might expect would obtain, 

when conditions are properly co-ordinated. 
Kenieinbering that only from one to two 
])er cent, of the young men and women of tli(> 
land enjoy the advant'iges afforded by the high- 
er schools of learning, a total enrollment of 
over two thousand, over preceding years, in edu- 
cational institutions of this sort, indicates de- 
cided advancement. Between six and ses'eu 
hundred more degrees were granted by the edu- 
cational institutions of degree conferring power, 
according to last reports, than during tlie pre- 
ceding year. 

Two main forces are oporative in i)roducing 
these results : 

1. The ever enlarging vision of life which 
rests back, more and more, upon cultural ad- 
vantages, a tendency which must increase year 
by year; and 

vv. G. Sarsent 2. The ever enlarging demand for trained 

men and women in every sphere of endeavor. Business interests, whicia a few 
years since, if not inimical to college-bred men, at least looked upon them as 
questionable, are tuniing, with increasing desire, to those who have enioyed such 
advantages. There can be no mistaking these certain evidences of national 
sentiment and endeavor. The result is shown in larger interest, on the part of 
parents for their children, and young people alike, in college training. 


To those who comprehend the situation herein lies one of the most potential 
factors in the progress of the kingdom. God is light and power, and wherever 
these manifest themselves God is seeking to make Himself known to men. His 
resources are infinite, and the history of the centuries has this lesson to teach 
us, that Christian progress and education go hand in hand. The church, where it 
has succeeded in its mission, has ever been the friend of education. Many, to-day, 
contend, and not without some show of reason, that this is the only feasible 
way of approaching the missionary problem with hope of large success: while, 
by all, education is acknowledged to be a most effective handmaid of missionary 
evangelistic effort. What then must lie the attitude of the church to the larger 
program of educational endeavor? 



It cannot be said that the Protestant Church has been as faithful to its 
high responsibility in this work as it might or should have been. True, it has 
accomplished much — more, indeed, than it probably' realizes. Of the fii'St 119 
colleges established in this country 104 were Christian, while of the 415 colleges 
in the United States in 1890, 31G belonged to Christian denominations. It is 
said there is not a college over fifty years old in the Mississippi Valley that 
does not owe its origin to the church. But the church has not maintained its 
hold upon these colleges. With better organized and more efficient state 
government state institutions have, in the natural order of events, arisen, and 
with practically unlimited financial aid have forged to the front, until, to-day, 
they minister to the educational needs of the mass of the student body. These 
institutions are avowedly centers of mental culture, not of spiritual growth. 
There seems to be good authority for the statement that religion is not a vital 
factor of their training. Indeed, it is a question if it can be with 
a religiously free country. Hence the demand for the Christian college, 
where character building and the inculcation of the principles of Christianity 
will not be secondary or a neglected quantity, but primary. Knowledge, without 
Christianity, is a dangerous weapon, but when wielded by the Christian becomes 
the most powerful weapon in the establishment of the Kingdom of God. It is 
this in part that makes imperative the effort of the Christian Church to found 
and maintain Christian colleges. 


The demand for trained men in every department of modern life has made 
itself felt in the ministry. Time was when fervid evangelistic zeal was, by 
many, thought the all sufficient necessity to the successful accomplishment of 
the work of the ministry. The multiplied activities, incident upon the enlarged 
view of the mission of the church, makes such a position no longer tenable. 
It may be postulated that the church that insists upon adequate training for 
its candidates for the ministry is the church that will succeed in its mission, 
other things being equal. A recent census, taken by one of the larger denomina- 
tions of the United States, of 1,075 of its ministers, in the west, showed that 
thirty-seven of them were without collegiate or theological training, while the 
state universities furnished only six and one-half per cent, of the others. The 
rest of them received their training in schools and colleges under denomina- 
tional control. Doubtless this condition is duplicated in most, if not all of 
the churches, denominationally considered. It but throws into a clearer light, if 
possible, the educational obligation resting upon the church. It is safe to say 
that ninety per cent, of the ministry of the Christian Church, who have had 
training, have received it in colleges founded and supported by our church. 
Upon the quality of its leadership depends the future life of the church. It is 
suggestive to note in this respect that the attendance at the theological schools 
of the country increased from 1909-1910, the latest reports obtainable, at the 
time of writing, something over 200, and that the increase of those preparing 
themselves for the ministry and other definite Christian work In our own 
church from 1910-1911 is seven. 


Four of our colleges have changed their executive heads during the year, 
the retirement of each of these brethren being a distinct loss to our educational 


interests. President E. L. Moffitt, who had successfully served Elou College 
for a term of years, retired to enter business, as did Rev. O. B. Whitaker, former 
president of Union Christian College. Rev. Ercy C. Kerr resigned as president 
of Palmer College after having served the college some years, and has taken 
pastoral charge. President William Flammer resigned at Jireh, desiring to 
devote his time to field work in the interest of the college. Prof. William A. 
Harper, M. A., a man young in years, ripe in scholarship, boundless in en- 
thusiasm, and loyal to the church, has assumed the presidency of Elon, and 
we may confidently look for a successful administration under his control. 
Dr. D. A. Long comes to Union with his rich educational experience 
garnered in the South. While Rev. E. A. Watkins, M. A., another one of our 
most promising young men, accepts the presidency of Palmer. Rev. Ehiniel 
B. Atkinson, M. A., a former member of the Educational Board, and closely 
identified with the founding of Jireh College, was elected to succeed retiring 
President Flammer. If the resignation of the four presidents constituted a 
distinct loss, the filling of these positions with such capable men gives large 
promise for the institutions over which they have been chosen heads. 

Changes on the teaching staff have been effected in several of the colleges; 
in one. Palmer College, the entire personnel having been recast. 


Nearly all, if not all of our colleges, report increased attendance, in some 
cases a very considerable advance. Some, as Weaubleau, report a decided 
improvement in the quality of the student body. 

In the matter of equipment considerable progress is reported. Palmer 
Ir\stitute-Starkey Seminary has refitted its plant quite extensively. Kansas 
has improved some of its class rooms. Palmer has, beside its gymnasium, built 
last year, spent $3,000 in improvements. Defiance has completed the president's 
home and the boys' dormitory, Sisson Hall, thus providing a splendid home for 
young men. Union has added to the efiiciency of its lighting plant, and made 
other improvements. Jireh has expended approximately $3,000 in completing 
its building, adding to its library, and fitting up rooms for students. Elon has 
erected a new dormitory, and improved its heating and lighting plants. 

Reports indicate that but three have increased their endowment, Defiance 
adding $8,000, Jireh $15,000, while the Ontario Conference has set apart $4,500, 
the proceeds of a legacy, for use at such times as it will be deemed advisable to 
erect buildings for a school there. Kansas has liquidated a debt of $1,000 on 
its property; and Elon is making great effort to remove the debt of $47,700, 
Incurred by recent improvements. The joint action of the state conferences of 
Illinois and Indiana looks to the appointment of an agent, or agents, who will 
canvass these fields for funds to be spent in the interest of Union Christian 


The contribution of the churches for Education, while larger probably, than 
any previous year, has been in no wise commensurate with the need of the work, 
and the ability of the church to give. The amount received from and includ- 
ing November 24, 1910, at which time the account was transferred to the 
present secretary, to October 1, 1911, was $2,672.60. This includes the amount 


on hand, as transferred from the previous secretary's account, representing 
practically the offering after the issuance of the call of 1910. To this must be 
added the amount raised for individual colleges by Special Day offerings, and 
personal gifts, which do not pass through the department, and which may 
aggregate $3,000. It must be understood that the secretary is not here giving 
actual figures, which he has been unable to obtain, but is basing the estimate 
upon previous printed and verbal reports. The actual amount of free-will 
offering, exclusive of endowment and special funds, given by the denomination 
as a whole, would consequently be, on an estimate, between $5,000 and $6,000. 
This does not adequately represent the church. The amount of the Annual 
Offering, alone, should exceed $5,000, and to this end the department is bending 
its endeavor. 


One of the real difficulties facing the department, shared, doubtless, by 
other departments of our work, is a lack of concerted action on the part of the 
Board and the conferences. The majority of the conferences have no official 
or officials representing the department, and the department is obliged to 
depend upon appeal to the individual church without conference aid. An 
attempt to secui'e the co-operation of conference bodies in the appointment of 
educational secretaries, boards, or committees, with whom the department 
might confer, has met with meager success, the majority of the conferences 
appealed to having refused even the courtesy of a reply. The work will be 
continued next year with hope of a more generous response. 


Four features are being emphasized in the work of the department : 

1. A more thorough organization of the educational work of the denomi- 
nation, with a secretary, or board, in every conference who will be in close 
touch with the Convention Board. 

2. A campaign of publicity, disseminating more widely among our people 
knowledge of the work being done, needs and opening opportunities of our 

3. Lending assistance to the conferences, as far as possible, in raising the 
educatioital standards required for ordination to the ministry. 

4. Effort to secure from every church in the denomination an annual offering 
for education and to aid in every possible way in increasing the endowment of 
our schools and colleges. 

At the Convention held in Norfolk the Educational Secretary was re- 
quested to prepare a "Uniform Course of Study" to be used as a norm by the 
conferences wishing to set an educational standard for candidates for the 
ministry. The course as outlined was originally published in a pamphlet "The 
American Christian Convention Educational Institutions and Interests."- The 
course was formally adopted at the Convention in 1907, and conferences were 
recommended in fixing their standards for licentiate ordination, to accept, as 
nearly as local conditions would permit, the course suggested. Frequent in- 
quiries on the part of both conference officials and individuals with respect 
to the course make it advisable that it should be appended here for reference. 


Convention Course of Study 


For license — tiijo years. 

I. First Lialf year — 

1. Life of Christ — Gilbert, Stalker, Edersheim (condensed). Sharinan, or 
Farrar ; and "Harmony of the Gospels," Stevens and Burton, or Robinson and 

2. "Ancient History," Meyer, Barnes, or Wolfson. 

3. Rhetoric — Gennng's "Outlines," "Expository Writing," Buck and Wood- 
bridge, or "Composition and Rhetoric," Lockwood and Emerson. 

4. "How to Study," Amos R. Wells ; or "Talks to Students on the Art of 
Study," Cramer. 

II. Second half year — 

1. "Life of Paul," Gilliert, Stalker, or Farrar; and "Biblical Geography," 
Ilurllmt, Henderson, or Barrow. 

2. "Modeni History," Meyer, Schwill, or Barnes. 
'.\. "Advanced Rhetoric," Genung or Hill. 

4. "Leavening the Naticm," Clark ; or "Into all the World," Wells. 

III. Third half year— - 

1. "Studies in the Teachings of .lesus," Bosworth ; or "The Teachings of 
the Books," Willett and Campbell. 

2. Old Testament History, Kent, Smith, or Wade. 
?,. Physical Geography, Tarr or Davis. 

4. "Sunday-school Success," A. R. Wells ; or "Modern Methods of Sunday- 
school Work," Mead. 

IV. Fourth half year — 

1. "Studies in the Acts and Epistles," Bosworth; or "The Teachings of the 
Books," Willett and Campbell. 

2. New Testament History, Smith or Mathews. 

3. "Rights of American Citizenship," Willoughby ; or "The Government 
Class-book," Young. 

4. "The Manliness of Christ," Hughs ; or, "The Character of Jesus," 

For Ordination — tuo years. 

I. First half year — 

1. "Preparation and Delivery of Sermons," Broadus; or "The Making of 
the Sermon," Pattison. 

2. "Church Ilistoi-y to the Reformation," Fisher or Green. 

3. "English and American Literature," Swinton or Welsh. 

4. "Yale Lectures on the Sunday-school," Trumbull ; or "Before an Audi- 
ence," and "The Key to the Missionary Problem." 

II. Second half year — 

L Church History from the Reformation, Fisher or Green. 

2. Geology, Le Conte or Tarr. 

3. "Phychology and Phychic Culture," Halleck ; or "Outlines of Psychol- 
ogy," James. 

4. "Masterpieces of British and American Literature," Scuddor. 

III. Third half year— 

1. Ethics, Muirhead, MacKenzie, or Fairchild. 

2. Astronomy, Lockyer or Young. 

3. "The Bible: Its Meaning and Supremacy," Farrar; or "Biblical Criti- 
cism and the Average Man," Johnson. 

4. "Individual Work for Individuals," Trumbull; or "Teacher-Training with 
the Master-Teacher," Beardsle. 

IV. Fourth half year — 

1. "An Outline of Christian Theology," Clarke; or "Reconstruction in 
Theology," King. 

2. "Practical Sociology," Wright ; or "Elements of Sociology," Ely. 


3. "The Literary Study of the Bible," Moulton. 

4. "Foreign Missions of the Protestant Church," Baldwin; or "Foreign 
Missions After a Century," Dennis. 

Supplementanj Reading for the Preparatory Course. 

1. Current literature: Denominational periodicals, Sunday-school Times, 
and a weekly and a monthly each year from the following: The Independent, The 
Outlook. Public Opinion. Record of Christian Work, Missionary Review of the 
World. The World's Work, and The Review of Reviews. 

2. Books: "Influence of Christ in Modern Life," Hillis; "Parahles of Our 
Lord," Dods; "Millard's Life and Writings," "The Life and Writings of N. 
Summer! ell :" "Light in Dark Places," Holmes ; "Effective Workers ;" "How to 
be a Pastor," Cuyler ; "The Working Church," Thwing; "An Introduction to the 
New Testament," Dods; and "Europe in the Middle Ages," Thatcher and 
Schwill. (One required each year.) 

Post Ordination Course — tico years. 

I. First half year — 

1. Theology _of the New Testament, Stevens or Gould. 

2. Ecc'nomits. Laughlin or Bullock. 

:^. "Study of Christian Missions," Clarke ; or "Missionary Principles and 
Practices," Speer. 

4. "Evangelistic Lectures," Finnej , or "Christian Nurture," Bushnell. 

II. Second half year — 

1. "The Ancient World and Christianity." Pressense. 

2. "Evidences of Christianity." Fisher; and "Theism," Bowne. 

8. "Who Wrote the Bible?" Gladden; "What is the Bible?" Ladd ; or 
"History of the English Bible," Condit. 

4. "The New Acts of the Apostles;" or "The Modern Mission Century," 

III. Third half year— 

^. Logic. Creighton or N. K. Davis. 

2. "The Spiritual Life," Coe ; or "Nature and the Supernatural," Bushnell. 

0. "Social Aspects of Christianity," Ely; or "Social Salvation," Gladden. 

4. "The Homiletic Value of the Old Testament," Geo. A. Smith ; or Exposi- 
tory Sermons (four series in one volume), F. W. Robertson. 

IV. Fourth half year — 

1. Lectures on preaching. Brooks, Phelps, Beecher, Hall, A^an Dyke, Wat- 
son, or Brastow. 

2. "Ultimate Conceptions of Faith," Gordon; "The Philosophy of Religion," 
Fairhairn; or "What is Christianity?" Ilarnack. 

3. "The Monuments and the Old Testament," Price; or "The Theology of 
the Old Testament," Bennett. 

4. Sermons — Bushnell, Brooks, Beecher, or Spurgeon. 

Miscellaneous and Reference Book^s. 

The American Standard Bible; Dictionary of the Bible, J. R. Davis, or 
Hastings. Commentaries : The Expositor's Bible ; Cambridge Bible for Schools 
and Colleges; Parker's People's Bilile; Introduction and Paraphrase. "The 
Messages of the Bible," Sanders and Kent ; or "Modern Reader's Bible," 
Moulton. Complete Concordance, Young or Strong. 

English: International or Standard Dictionary; Roget's Thesaurus; Crabb's 
English Synonyms. 

"The Continuity of Christian Thought," Allen; "Studies in the Life of 
Christ," Fairbairn ; "The Training of the Twelve," Bruce; "Bible Doctrine," 
Kinkade; "Positive Theology," McKinney ; "Old Faiths in New Light," Smyth; 
"The New Epoch for Faith," Gordon; "Ways of Working," Shauffler ; "Dawn 
on the Hills of Tang," "The Wrongs of Indian Womanhood," Taylor; "How to 
Study the Bible," Torrey; select volumes from "The International Theological 
Library," "Studies in Old Testament Characters." White. 




Christian Biillcal Institute — Defiance, Ohio. Rev. P. W. McReyiiolds, D. D., 

Defiance College — Defiance, Ohio. Rev. P. W. McReynolds, D. D., president. 

El07i College — Elon College, North Carolina. Prof. W. A. Harper, M. A., 

Franklinton College — Franklinton, North Carolina. Rev. H. E. Long, 


Pre'iideiit Christian Biblical Institute 

and Defiance Colleg:e 


Dean of Christf.-m Biblical Institute 

and Defiance Collcg:e 

Jireli College — Jireh, Wyoming. Rev. D. B. Atkinson, M. A., B. D., president. 

Kansas Christian College — Lincoln, Kansas. C. G. Nelson, M. A., president. 

Palmer College — LeGrand, Iowa. Rev. E. A. Watkins, M. A., president. 

Palmer Institute-Starkey Seminary — Lakeraont, N. Y. Rev. Martyn Sum- 
merbell, D. D., president. 

Toronto English and Bible Institute — Toronto, Canada. Prof. J. N. Dales, 
M. A., principal. 

Union Christian College — Merom, Indiana. Rev. D. A. liOng, D. D., president. 

Weauhleau Christian College — Weaubleau, Missouri. Rev. Fred Cooper, 
M. A., president. 


President Palmer Institute-Starkey 

REV. D. A. LONG, D. D. 
Pi'csideut l7nion CIiriMtiau College 

REV. D. B. ATKINSON, M. A., B. D. 
President Jireh College 

President Franklinton CoIleg« 

PHOr. \V. A. HARPER, \I. A, 
President Elon College 

C. G. NEl^SON, M. A 
Presifleiit Kansas Christian College 

President Palmer College 

President AVeanblean Christian College 




W. C. WitkeV: A. >!., Litt. I)., Secretary 


Rev. W. C. Wicker, Litt. D., Eloii College, N. C. 

Kev. S. Q. Ilelfensteiu, D. D., Dayton. Ohio. 

Rev. McD. Howsare, Eaton, Ohio. 

W. A. Harper, M. A., Elon College, N. C. 

.Mrs. E. L. Goodwin, Roslindale. Boston, Mass. 

Rev. W. O. Hornbaker, Urbana, 111. 

Ilernion Eldredge, Erie, Pa. 

The Sunda.v-school is the t-hnrch in its teaching function. It is a work that 
should engage the entire church, and call to its service the best talent of the 
denomination. We should not only seek to make the local schools effective, but 
there should be a greater concert of action l)y the entire church for better 

organization, more agitation, broader education 
among our people for the promotion of this 
important branch of church work. We should 
have more information about the methods oi: 
work that are bringing things to pass in our 
most progressive schools for the improvement of 
the less progressive. The several branches of 
modern methods that have produced great re- 
sults for good in other churches should be ap- 
liropriated by our schools, and we should keep 
• ibreast with the progress of the age in which 
we live. 

I. Adult Bible Class Organization. This 
movement has done wonderful things for at- 
tendance, interest, and service among the adults 
of the churches where the system has been 
adopted. Large numbers that hitherto exer- 
cised little interest in Sunday-school work, have 
become enthusiastic workers and efficient lead 
ers through this method. By wise planning, 
cax'eful organization, and intelligent co-operation through the adult class move- 
ment much greater things can lie done not only for our Sunday-schools, but also 
for the enlargement and development of every department of church work. 

II. Teacher-Training. One of the greatest needs of the Sunday-school 
work in all churches is better equipped teachers. In the Southern Christian 
Convention, Preparing-the-Teacher, Vols. I and II., corre.sponding to The 
Standard Course adopted by the International Sunday-school Department, has 
been pi'epared, and has been highly commended, not only by our own people, 
but by competent critics of other churches. All our schools would do well to 



«-W?*?^X ^ 



-#^' f|5S: 



,, fte' 


maintain a teacher-training class all the time preparing new recruits for our 
teaching force, and giving better preparation to those we already have in the 
service. Where classes cannot be conducted, present teachers should con- 
stantly study this course until they have prepared themselves for the highest 
possible efficiency. 

III. Home Department. The Home Department is a feature of Sunday- 
school work that provides for those who cannot attend the session at the school, 
to study the lessons, and make regular contributions for the support of the 
school. It is a valuable method for systematic Bible study, and for the develop- 
ment of interest in the minds of those who cannot attend. Every school in the 
denomination would do well to investigate this method of Bible-study extension, 
and organize such a department wherever it can be done. The organization is 
simple and can be utilized in almost every school to good purpose. 

IV. Crudle Roll Department. This department works well with the home 
department and provides for carrying the Sunday-school to children before they 
are of age to attend and to understand the work of the school. Many a child 
through this department may not only grow up in love with Bible study, but may 
be instrumental in leading parents to appreciate the opportunities afforded for 
their spiritual culture and education. 

V. Statistics. It is important that all schools assist in collecting statistics 
in regard to our Sunday-school work. As Secretary of the Sunday-school Depart- 
ment of the American Christian Convention, I must earnestly request all 
schools in the Convention to respond to all calls for information, and, without 
call, to send all information, such as minutes of conventions, names and ad- 
dresses of officers each year to my address so that I may be able to do more 
for the department than has been done hitherto. 

VI. Finances. Some schools have responded nobly to the calls made for 
the financial support of this department. The other schools should aid in this 
work and help to give larger support so that more work may be done for the 
adoption of the most up-to-date methods in all our schools. The Secretary of the 
department gives his time without hope of fee or financial reward, but most 
earnestly desires to see better schools, larger results, more Bible study, a 
larger percentage of our people engaged in Sunday-school work, and greater 
good done through this department of the church that undertakes to perform 
the teaching function. 

Herewith is printed a partial list of the Sunday-schools of the denomina- 
tion, with the names and addresses of superintendents and secretaries. It 
would be greatly appreciated if the proper officers of the schools not herein 
reported would send such information to the Secretary of this department as 
early as possible. 


Organized January 1, 1911. by D. C. Wax-ner. Number attending first 
Sunday, seven. Picture was taken when class was ten weeks old. Present 
enrollment, sixty-six. Oldest member, eighty-two years old. Youngest member, 
sixteen. Teacher is a policeman of the highest standing, commanding the 
re.spect, admiration, and confidence of his l)rother oflicers and Cliief. lie is a 
strong, persistent, determined worker, allowing no obstacle to block his progress, 



and considering every linock a boost. Seeking only the glory of God and 
His Kingdom on earth, and the welfare of "The other fellow." 

The following faces are in the picture : J. H. Merrill, president ; J. O. 
Brown, vice-president ; M. J. Fullerton, secretary ; J. C. Ludlum, treasurer ; 

D. C. Warner, teacher (in center with badge) ; M. A. Jenkins, Arthur Miller, 

E. W. Morehouse, D. Kimball, Ralph Burke, W. S. Balser, W. H. Moots, C. 
G. Peniberton, Claude Brewer, F. P. Braun, B. W. Gearheart, J. W. Herrington, 
J. W. Chapman, K. W. Wiudland, R. W. Lombard, Fred Meyers, H. C. Klink, 
Earl Mackey. 

The Sunday-Schools 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antloch — B. Brown, Roanoke, Ala.; Lu- 
ther Boyd, Stroud, Ala. 

Beulah — W. H. Cook, Wadley, Ala.; R. 
S. Carter, Wadley, Ala. 

Corinth — J. C. Harris, Wadley, Ala.; T. 
H. Gray, Wadley, Ala. 

Chri.>«tiana — G. E. Newton, Dadeville, 
Ala.; J. T. Burnett, Dadeville, Ala. 

Dingier — J. C. Knig-ht, Lineville. Ala.; 
John Taylor, Lineville, Ala. 

Forest Home — T. J. Smith, Roanoke, 
Ala., R. D. 2; T. C. Smith, Roanoke, 
Ala., R. D. 2. 

Mt. 7,ion — B. E. Stevens, Roanoke, Ala., 
R. D. 5; Ella Burk, Roanoke, Ala., 
R. D. 5. 

McGuires Chapel — G. W. Walker, Wad- 
ley, Ala., R. D. 5; Esther Vickers, 
Daviston, Ala., R. D. 5. 

New Hope — L. W. Stevens, Roanoke, 
Ala , R. D. 1; Jessie L. Liles, Roanoke, 
Ala., R. D. 1. 

Noon Day — J. J. Fields, 'Wedowee, Ala., 
R D. 2; S. W. Carpenter, Wedowee, 
Ala., R. D. 2. 

New Harmony — E. B. Lashley. Line- 
ville, Ala.; Bishie Orr, Lineville, Ala.. 
R. D. 3. 

PIea.sant Grove — G. L. Lambert. Buffa- 
lo, Ala.; Lera Pool, Buffalo, Ala., R. 
D. 2. 

RockNtand — H. O. Wallace, Roanoke, 
Ala., R. D. 4; A. B. Workman, Roa- 
noke, Ala. R. T>. 4. 

Sand Hill — E. S. McKinley. Gilmer, Tex- 
as; John Loyd, Gilmer. Texas. 

Wadley — J. J. Carter, Wadley. Ala.; C. 
A. Weldon, Wadley, Ala. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Atwood — O. L. Storey, Atwood, 111.; 

Carl HassipT. Atwood, 111. 
Arthur — W. H. Whitlock, Arthur. 111.; 

Miss Olive Rice. Arthur, 111. 
Rethel — Wm. T. Haggard. De Land, 111.; 

Roxana Garrett. Mansfield, 111. 
Cedar Grove — J. M. DeMoss. Collison, 

111.; Ada Runyan, Danville, 111., R. 

D. 2. 
Christian Chapel — Mrs. Geo. Tevebaugh, 

Oakwood, 111.; C. W. Tevebaugh, Oak- 

w^ood. 111. 
Coddinjirton — Joseph Moore. Homer, 111.; 

R. F. Cotton, Homer, 111. 

Danville — O. J. Chapman. 1226 "Walnut 
St., Danville. 111.; J. C. L Webber, 
417 E. Van Buren St., Danville, 111. 

Forrest Hill — Charles Tallman, Coving- 
ton. Ind. ; Harriet Siddens, Covington, 

Garrett — P. F. Harder, Atwood, 111.; 
Mrs. Bettie Haines, Garrett, 111. 

Hope — F. D. Donaldson, Potomac, 111., 
R. D. 3; May Barnes, Pithian. 111. 

I/ake Fork — Albert Livengood, Atw^ood, 
111.; Gertrude Long, Atwood. 111. 

i>Iilmine — Jonah Dobson. Mllmine, 111.; 
Clarence Lefever, Bement, 111., R. D. 2. 

Morey Cliapel — R. N. Lawlyes, Grape 
Creek. 111.; ("Not given.) 

Mt. Zion — Ernest Smith, Urbana. 111.. 
R. D. 7; Cecil Wallow, Urbana, 111. 

Muncie — J. S. Purnell, Muncie, 111.; Hel- 
en Warner, Muncie, 111. 

Pierson — Michael Erhardt. Pierson. 111.; 
Alva Meece, Pierson, Ills. 

Pleasant View — Mrs. W. H. Allison, 
Bismarck, 111.; Elsie Starr, Bismarck, 

Pleasant Grove — J. M. Peters. St. Jos- 
eph, 111.; Lizzie McElwee. St. Joseph, 

PoaR-e — W. H. Osbourne, Ogden, 111.; 
(Not given.) 

Prairie Hope — O. G. Hawk. St. Joseph, 
III.; Merl Phenicie, St. Joseph, 111. 

Prospect — Mrs. John Cornett, St. Jos- 
eph, 111.; Chester Harper, Ogden, 111. 

Royal — Chas. P. Harrison. Royal. 111.; 
Mrs. Rosa West. Royal, 111. 

Salt Creek — Ed. Pennington, Lane, 111.; 
Frank Long, Lane, 111. 

Tilton — Mrs. Susie Butler, CTilton 
Branch) Danville, 111.; Lizzie Writh- 
ers, (Tilton Branch) Danville, 111. 

Tuscola — J. S. Cambridge, Tuscola, 111.; 
Clara B. Moulden. Tuscola, 111. 

IT. C. Chapel — Geo. Erhardt, Arthur. 111.; 
Earnest Ascherman, Arthur, 111., R. 
D. 4. 

ITrbana — B. F. Swartz, Urbana, 111.; W. 
S. Rice. Urbana, 111. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Itarnes City — Mrs. R. B. Havens. Barnes 

City, Iowa; Miss Margaret Harper. 

Barnes City. Iowa. 
Fair\iew — James Horrigan. Brooklyn, 

Iowa; Miss Grace Graham, Brooklyn, 

Forest Home — Mrs. John Cox. New 



Sharon, la.; Miss Lillian Turrell, 

Montezuma, Iowa. 
FersM-son — Mrs. J. F. Goudy, Ferguson, 

Iowa; Miss Mable Spease, Oilman, la. 
LeGriiud — ; Miss Inetta Richards, 

LeGrand, Iowa. 

School, Superiutendent, Seoretarj-. 

Green Bush — F. Diedrich, ; Minnie 

Sieber, Glenbeulah, Wis., R. D. 
Mttle River — C. E. Learkee, ; Hazel 

Learkee, Weyauweg-a, Wis., R. D. 
Mnple Creek — Helen Hill, ; Daisy 

Hutchinson, New London, Wis., R. D. 
Muskiin — Sam Cottrell, ; Wm. 

Shaw, New London, Wis., R. D. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Des Moines, First — Bessie Allison, Des 

Moines, Iowa; Gertrude Norman, Des 

Moines, Iowa. 
Des Moines, Maple St. — John H. Wilson, 

Des Moines, Iowa; Tena Porter, Des 

Moines, Iowa. 
East Peru — S. W. Helfenstein, Peru, 

Iowa; Birdie Emerson, Peru. Iowa. 
Lake City — J. O. Smith, Lake City, la.; 

Myrtle Burch, Lake City, Iowa. 
Mt. Zion — J. F. Clawsen, Grand River, 

Iowa; Tressie Emiley, Grand River, 

Oak Hill Chapel — Mrs. Walter Gripp, 

Thayer, Iowa; Roy Kent, Thayer, 

Oak Run — N. P. French, Truro, Iowa, 

R. R. 2; Ada Phillipps, Truro, Iowa, 

R. D. 2. 
Otter Creek — David Louck, Lacona, la.; 

Iva Wallace, Lacona, Iowa. 
Pleasant Ridse (Adair Co.) — H. P. 

Proctor, Greenfield, Iowa; Laura 

Proctor. Greenfield, Iowa. 
Pleasant Ridge (Union Co.) — Geo. Day, 

Afton, Iowa; Roy M. Long-, Afton, la. 
Pleasant Valley — John Miller, Thayer, 

Iowa; Ollie Claver, Thayer, Iowa. 
Truro — Wesley Fulton, Truro, Iowa; 

Hazel Jones, Truro, Iowa. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Albany — Jas. A. Fuller, Albany, Ind. ; 
Miss Adda E. St. Clair, Albany, Ind. 

Anderson — George Skinner, 2431 Dela- 
ware St., Anderson, Ind.; Eva Smith, 
2119 Madison Ave., Anderson, Ind. 

Antioch — Denver C. Medsker, Losant- 
ville, Ind.; Vearl Johnson, Losant- 
ville, Ind. 

Beainsville — M. L. Shafer, Greenville, 
O., R. D. 10; Roscoe Plessinger, Ver- 
sailles, O., R. D. 2. 

Beaver Chapel — Mrs. D. W. Brookhart, 
Celina, O., R. D. 5; Rhoda Stettler, 
Celina, O.. R. D. 5. 

Bo.ston — P. L. Beard, Boston, Ind.; Rife 
Pyle, Boston. Ind. 

Bristol — Mrs. John Fuqua, Middletown, 
Ind.; May Gustin, Middletown, Ind. 

Brock — H. N. Oliver, Versailles, Ohio; 
Miss Ethel Lundry, Versailles, Ohio. 

Buenavista — Arthur W. Moore, Modoc, 
Ind., R. D. 2S; Miss Esther Greene, 
Winchester, Ind., R. D. 6. 

Chester Center — J. A. Thomas, Key- 
stone, Ind.; Clarence West, Keystone, 
Chesterfield — Mrs. E'va Skinner, Dale- 
ville, Ind.; Miss Freda Keener, Ches- 
terfield, Ind. 
Christian Chapel — Union Springer, 
Muncie, Ind., Ind., R. D. S; Helen 
Ross, Muncie, Ind.. R. D. 8. 
Christian Union — Ezra Logan, Portland, 
Ind., R. D. ; Beryl Miller, Bryant, Ind., 
R. D. 
Clear Creek — John Culy, Winchester, 
Ind., R. D. 2; Louise Gunther, Win- 
chester, Ind., R. D. 2. 
Coleto-»vn — A. P. Shade; Greenville, O., 
R. D. 8; Ray Passon, Greenville, O., 
R. D. 4. 
Dawn — I. F. Lanich, Dawn, Ohio; Jos- 
eph C. Leis, Dawn, Ohio. 
Eden — Taylor G. Gibson, Eaton, Ind., 
r*. D. 1; Bertha Gumpp, Muncie, 
Ind., R. D. 2. 
Fairview — Miss Mary C. Cole, Union 
City, Ind., R. D. 39; Mrs. Myrtle A. 
Cole, Greenville, O., R. D. S. 
F'all Creek — Miss Treva Collins, Mid- 
dletown, Ind.; Keith Chrisman, Mid- 
dletown, Ind. 
Farmland — Allison Burnworth, Farm- 
land, Ind.; Harry Hill, Farmland, 
Fort Recovery — F. O. Bettikofer, Fort 
Recovery, O., R. D. 4; Wm. Johnson, 
Fort Recovery, Ohio. 
Good Hope — Allie N. Fraze, Ridgeville, 
Ind., R. D. 14; Lola I. Grow, Ridge- 
ville, Ind., R. D. 14. 
Granville — Isaac Wilds, Albany, Ind.; 

Miss Orpha Niccum, Shideler, Ind. 
HaR-erstown — Wm. Stahr, Hagerstown, 
Ind.; Mary Kidwell, Hagerstown, Ind. 
Hannas Creek — Jas. E. Shendler, Lib- 
erty, Ind.; Hazel Witt, Liberty. Ind. 
Hollansburg — Elmer Newton, Hollans- 
burg, O., R. D. 1; Fay Meek, Hollans- 
burg, Ohio. 
Jefferson — J. A. Bragg, Upland, Ind., 
R. D. 25; Miss Bertha Himelich, Up- 
land, Ind., R. D. 25. 
Jireh — Orlo Holaday, Gaston, Ind., R. 
D. 1; Clara House, Muncie, Ind., R. 
D. 1. 
Millville — Robert Land, Millville, Ind.; 

Opal TVilson. Millville, Ind. 
Mississinewa — Edward Pace, Farmland, 
Ind., R. D. 17; Opal M. Green, Farm- 
land, Ind., R. D. 17. 
Montpelier — J. A. Jarrett, Montpelier, 
Ind., R. D. 11; Miss Fern Jarrett, 
Montpelier, Ind. 
Mooreland — M. W. Huffman, Mooreland, 
Ind.; Miss Ethel Clem, Mooreland, 
Ind., R. D. 
Mt. Zion — Zoll Golliher, Losantville, 
Ind., Miss Florence Routh, Losant- 
ville, Ind. 
Muncie, First — Walter Pittenger, Mun- 
cie, Ind.; C. W. Garrard, 627 N. Jef- 
ferson St., Muncie, Ind. 
New Uiljerty — Ora Johnson. Lynn, Ind.; 

Miss Edith Thorn. Lynn, Ind. 
New Pittsburs — B. F. Mayo, Ridgeville; 
Ind., R. D. 15; H. W. Mongold, Ridge- 
ville, Ind., R. D. 15. 
Noble — Ross Ferner, Portland, Ind., R. 
D. 6; Miss Lillian Roach, Portland, 
Ind., R. D. 6. 
North Star — Job Goslee, North Star, O. ; 

Anna Schlimmer, Rossburg, O. 
North White River — Early Denton, 



Winchester, Tnd., R. D. 4; M. J. 
Shaver, "Winchester, Ind., R. D. 4. 

Olive Brnneh — Benjamin Flood, Farm- 
land, Ind.; Ruby Smithson, Rldge- 
ville, Ind. 

Pleasant Grove — Jos. A. Wood, Farm- 
land, Ind., R. D.; A. B. Thornburg, 
Parker, Ind., R. D. 23. 

Pleanant Hill — Minnie Lindley, Union 
City, Ind., R. D. 35; Josie Grice, Union 
City, Ind., R. D. 35. 

Pleasant Valley Sanderson. Hart- 
ford City, Ind., R. D. 7; Miss Maude 
Baker, Hartford City, Ind., R. D. 7. 

Portland — , ; Mrs. Myrtle L. 

Miller, 127 E. Adams St., Portland, 

Prairie Grove — Martin Acord, Gaston, 
Ind.; Vina SclencheB. 

Salamonia — S. B. Miller, Portland, Ind., 
R. D. 4; Norah Ashley, Portland, 
Ind., R. D. 4. 

Sar«1inia — Dennis Shirk, Bryant, Ind.; 
Marie JAgget, Bryant, Ind. 

Shiloli — Chanie Thornburg-, Farmland, 
Ind., R. D. 17; Miss Lorilla Thorn- 
burg-, Farmland, Ind., R. D. 17. 

Silver Creek — D. A. Little, Liberty, 
Ind., R. D. 6; Miss Elsie West, Lib- 
erty, Ind.. R. D. 5. 

Straugiin — W. H. Ganker, Straug^hn, 
Ind.; Roy Hazelrigg, Straughn, Ind. 

Siig-ar Creelv — Elza Reynard, Winches- 
ter, Ind., R. D. 6; Louie Davisson, 
Winchester, Ind., R. D. 5. 

Teesarden — M. L. Banta, Ansonia, O. ; 
Mildred Huddle, Ansonia, Ohio. 

Union Chapel, Jay Co. — Otis Chenoweth, 
Montpelier, Ind., R. D. 11; Orville Ad- 
dington. Balbec, Ind., R. D. 1. 

Union Chapel, Randolph Co. — T. V. 
Brooks, Parker, Ind., R. D. 22; 
Beatrice Pattee, Parker, Ind., R. 
D. 23. — J. P. Wright, Celina, O., R. D. 
2; Effie Strabley, Celina, O., R. D. 2. 

Wabash Valley — John Friend, New 
Weston, Ohio; Miss Ima Burns, New 
Weston, Ohio. 

Walnut Grove — R. A. Burns. Versailles, 
O., R. D. 4; Miss Lucy Fritz, York- 
shire, O.. R. D. 1. 

White Chapel — Granville S. Whitehair, 
Parker, Ind.; Naomi Booher, Parker 

White River — B. F. Baldwin, Parker, 
Ind., R. D. 23; G. Layers, Farmland, 
Ind., R. D. 19. 

Winchester — C. B. Edwards, Winches- 
ter, Ind.; Vera Lewis, Winchester, 

VTindsor — C. A. Fletcher, Parker, Ind.; 
Fred Gates, Selma, Ind. 

W^oodington — S. A. Guthrie, Greenville, 
O., R. D. 2; Merle McGee, Wooding- 
ton, Oliio. 

School, .Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Althea Hornaday, N. Man- 
chester, Ind.; Alma Reiff, N. Man- 
chester, Tnd. 

Bellville — O. E. Oxley, Warren, Ind.. R. 
D. 3; Ruby Hart, Warren, Ind. 

Buenavista — John Shofter, Vera Cruz, 
Ind.; Grovor Shanks, Geneva, Ind., 
R. D. 3. 

Broadway — Samuel H. Galloway, Crom- 
well, Ind.; Mary McParren, Crom- 
well, Ind. 

Bluffton — 

Collanier — Nettie Goff, Collamer, Ind.; 
Harry Miller, North Manchester, Ind. 

Clear Creek — Bertis Morrow, Hunting- 
ton, Ind.; Noble Wall, Huntington, 
Ind., R. D. 9. 

Uunfee — N. F. Watson, Columbia City, 
Ind., R. D. 7; Miss Eva Targer, Ft. 
Wayne, Ind., R. D. 6. 

Eel River — Calvin M. Koontz, South 
Whitley, Ind.; Lena Stahl, Sidney, 

Elkhart — Ira B. Berkeypile, B'lkhart, 
Ind.; Carl V. Stripe, Elkhart, Ind. 

Goshen — Mrs. W. E. Kingman, 1185 S. 
Wilson Ave., Goshen, Ind.; Goldie 
Alwine, 805 Douglas, St., Goshen, Ind. 

Huntington — J. F. Barnes, Huntington, 
Ind.; W. D. Brown, Huntington, Ind. 

Leesburg- — Walter Irvine, I-eesburg, 
Ind.; May Piatt, Lessburg, Ind. 

IJberty Union — Forrest Pribble, Liber- 
ty Center, Ind.; Mary Sliger, Liberty 
Center, Ind. 

Majeniea — Jerome Minniear, W^arren, 
Ind., R. D. 3; Harry Minniear, War- 
ren, Ind., R. D. 3. 

Ulerriani — Oscar W. Lindsev, Albion, 
Ind., R. D. 3; Gertrude Addis, Albion, 
Ind., R. D. 3. 

Millersbnrg — James A. Judy, Millers- 
burg, Ind.; Alvin E. Rogers, Millers- 
burg, Ind. 

Murray — J. J. Markley, Bluffton, Ind.; 
Hazel Eversole, Bluffton, Ind. 

North Manchester — Mrs. Weaver, North 
Manchester, Ind.; Miss Mary Stickler, 
North Manchester, Ind. 

North Webster — John H. Miller, Pierce- 
ton, R. D. 1; Edna Shoemaker, 
Pierceton, Ind., R. D. 1. 

Paw Paw-^Louie Dawes, Wabash, Ind., 
R. D. 4; George Miller, Wabash, Ind., 
R. D. 4. 

Pleasant Grove — William Johnson, Lib- 
erty Mills, Ind.; Bryce Judy, North 
Manchester, Ind. 

Pleafiiant Hill — Charles Pollock, Albion, 
Ind., R. D. 6; Lora Marquiss, Albion, 

Plum Tree — Alvadore Ruse, Warren, 
Ind.; Rachael Shafer, Warren, Ind. 

Salamonia — Mrs. George Parrott, An- 
drews, Ind.; Lola E. Griffith. An- 
drews, Ind. 

Servia — Augustus Murphy. North Man- 
chester, Ind.; Bertha Young, North 
Manchester, Ind. 

Sidney — Loyal Dome, Sidney, Ind.; Wil- 
bur Bechtold. Sidnev, Ind. 

Six Mile — A. J. Smith, Bluffton, Ind.; 
Fav Chalfant. Bluffton. Tnd., R. D. 6. 

Sparta — Willard Doll. Kimmell, Ind.; 
Edna Saltzgaber, Kimmell, Ind. 

Spring Hill — Clayton "^''elmer, Ligonier, 
Ind.; Celia Price, Millersburg, Ind. 

Stringtown — J. H. Buckles, Cromwell, 
Ind.; Prentiss Wiley, Kimmell, Ind. 

Swayzee — Edward Forrest. Swayzee, 
Ind.; Mrs. Eva Woolley, Swayzee, Ind. 

Thorn Creek — Aaron Appelton, Colum- 
bia City. Ind.; Margarette Waugh, 
Columbia City, Ind. 

Union- — Roy Bayman. South Whitley, 
Ind.; Florence Leedy, Pierceton, Ind. — W. O. Yarian, Wakarusa, 
Ind.; Doris Myers, Wakarusa, Ind. 

Warren — C. M. Harrold, Warren. Ind.; 
Fr.ances Blatchley, Warren, Ind. 

Waterford — B. N. Rutzer, Goshen, Tnd., 
R. D. 9; Miss Nina Imbody, Goshen, 
Tnd., R. D. 9. 



School, Superintendont, Secretary. 

Bear I^ake — Phoebe Phillips, Bear Lake, 
Pa.; Scott Perkins, Bear Lake, Pa. 

Beaver Center — T. A. Belknap, Con- 
neautville. Pa.. R. D.; Sarah M. 
Hogue, Spring-boro, Pa. 

Conneaut — F. W. Pitcher, Conneaut, O. ; 
Fred Horton, Conneaut, Ohio. 

DeVVittville — Geo. F. Leet, Pt. Chautau- 
qua, N. Y.; Berding Griffith, DeWitt- 
ville, N. Y. 

Draketo^rn — Chas. Fox, Edinboro, Pa.; 
Marie Sherwood, E'dinboro, Pa. 

East Sprinsfield — Clyde V. Ward, East 
Spring-held, Pa.; Emma Auerbach, E. 
Springfield, Pa. 

Erie — Walter Glover, 653 W. 11th St., 
Erie, Pa.; Earl Vigrass, Brie. Pa. 

Fairview — G. C. Zindel, Girard, Pa.; 
• Silverthorn, Girard, Pa. 

Francis — 

Hammonds Corners — Joseph Hammond, 
Conneaut, Ohio, R. D. 3 ; Edith Terry, 
Pierpont, Ohio, R. D. 2. 

Springboro — Fred Coughlin. Spring- 
boro, Pa.; Fred Bender, Springboro, 

AA'a.«ihinjjton — Eliza Ryan, Cambridge 
Springs. Pa., R. D. 23; Ethel Shearer, 
Cambridge Springs, Pa., R. D. 23. 

"Waterford — V. C. Barnes, Waterford, 
Pa.; Ruth Merriman, Waterford, Pa. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Amelia — J. E. Austin, Clayton, N. C. ; 

W. A. Smith, Clayton, N. C. 
Antioch — Eugene H. Rainey, Gasburg, 

Va. ; Ralph S. Rainey, Gasburg, N. C. 
Auburn — T^'^illiam 'V^'^atts, Auburn, N. C. ; 

Leslie T\'atts. Auburn, N. C. 
Bethel — Connie Davis, New Hill, N. C. : 

L. C. Mann, New Hill, N. C. 
Bethlehem — Robert Lynch. Littleton. 

N. C; Robert Lynch, Littleton, N. C. 
Beiilah — J. B. Edwards. Youngsville, 

N. C; C. L. Mitchell, Youngsville, 

N. C. 
Catawba Springs — John Murry, Raleigh, 

N. C; J. B. Murry, Apex, N. C. R. D. 2. 
Chapel Hill — Isaac Prichard, Chapel 

Hill, N. C; Everett Nevil, Chapel 

Hill, N. C. 
Christian Chapel — B. N. 

rv Oaks, N. C; J. J. 

Hill, N. C. 
Christian Lig-ht — W. O. Brown. Kiplin, 

N. C; L. O. Brown. Kiplin, N. C. 
Damascii.s — S. E. Poythress, Chapel 

Hill, N. C; Annie Long, Chapel Hill, 

N. C. 
Ebenezer — R. P. Braswell. Raleigh, N. 

C; T\'. M. Smith, Cary, N. C. 
Fullers — J. F. Coghill, Henderson, N. 

C; Mrs. S. F. Coghill, Henderson, 

N. C. 
Hayes Chapel — Willis Moring, Garner, 

N. C. ; Mrs. A. P. Barbee, Garner. N. C. 
Henderson — O. W. Mayo, Henderson, 

N. C. ; Reggie Renn, Henderson, N. C. 
Liberty — E. M. Newman, Manson, N. C, 

R. D. 3; "W. G. Winn, Henderson, N. C. 
Marthas Chapel — J. C. Morgan, Apex, 

N. C, R. D. 4; T. G. Morgan, Apex, 

N. C, R. D. 4. 
Morrisville — J. H. Moring, Morrisville, 

N. C ; Charlie Jonson, Morrisville, 

N. C, 

Dickens, Mer- 
Womble, New 

.Moore Union — W. C. Dickens, Sanford, 
N. C, R. D. 2; J. C. Avent. Sanford, 
N. C. 

Mt. Auburn — S. P. Read, Palmer 
Springs, Va. ; J. B. Ellington, Man- 
son, N. C. 

Mt. Carmel — E. N. Bvins, Franklinton, 
N. C. ; Lottie Morton, Franklinton, 
N. C. 

Mt. Gilcad — W. C. Wilder, Louisburg, 
N. C. ; Lucus P. Perdue, Louisburg, 
N. C. 

Mt. Hermon — W^. H. Woodard, Garner, 
N. C; D. D. Johnson, Garner, N. C. 

New Elam — W. A. Drake, New Hill, N. 
C; S. V. Holt, New Hill, N. C. 

New Hill — D. D. Laslee, New Hill, N. C; 
S. A. Heme, New Hill, N. C. 

New Hope — J. B. King, Youngsville, N. 
C; R. R. Perry, Youngsville, N. C. 

Oak Level — R. N. Mitchell, Youngsville, 
N. C. ; J. W. Weathers, Youngsville, 
N. C. 

O'Kellys Chapel — J. F. Parish, Durham, 
N. C; J. R. S. Atkins, Durham, N. C. 

Piney Plain!<i — H. G. Franklin, Method, 
N. C; Miss Edna Smith, Raleigh, N. C. 

Pleasant Hill — Willie Dixon, Benson, N. 
C. ; J. W. Neighbors, Benson, N. C. 

Pleasant Union — John Green, Lilling- 
ton, N. C. ; T. J. Harrington. Lilling- 
ton, N. C. 

Plymouth — G. P. Partins, McCullers, N. 
C; E. A. Johnson, McCullers. N. C. 

Popes Chapel — A. M. House, Franklin- 
ton, N. C. ; Miss Loie Williams, Frank- 
linton, N. C. 

Raleigh — Chas. H. Stephenson, Raleigh, 
N. C.; W. B. Tucker, Raleigh, N. C. 

Sanford — T. J. Bland, Sanford, N. C; 
J. U. Gunter, Sanford, N. C. 

Shallow- Well — J. P. Avent, Jonesboro, 
N. C; B. W. Brannon, Jonesboro, N. C. 

Six Forks — C. J. Lassiter, Raleighi N. 
C; G. L. B. Penny, Raleigh, N. C. 

Turners Chapel — A. W. Wicker, Colon, 
N. C. ; June Wicker, Colon, N. C. 

Wake Chapel — C. F. Spence, Holly 
Springs, N. C; Mrs. M. L. Atkinson, 
Cardenas, N. C. 

AVentworth — David Stephenson, McCul- 
lers, N. C. ; Leon H. Stephenson, Mc- 
Cullers, N. C. 

Youngsville — S. E. Winston, Youngs- 
ville, N. C. ; T. L. Moss, Yoiingsville, 
N. C. 

School, Superintendent. 

Antioch — R. H. Barrett, Zuni, Va. 

Barrett.s — J. Q. Hancock. 

Berca (Nansemond) — F. Warner, Driv- 
er, A'a. 

Berea (Norfolk) — L. H. Stewart, Berk- 
ley, Va. 

Berkley — J. O. Wiggs, Berkley, Va. 

Bethany — 

Bethlehem — H. T. Taylor, Suffolk, Va. 

Burtons Grove — E. W. Carroll, Wake- 
field, Va. 

Cypress Chapel — W. H. Brinkley, Cy- 
press Chapel, Va. 

Centerville — G. W. Bain, Disputanta.Va. 

Damascus — J. B. Corbitt, Sunbury, N. C. 

Dendron — E. T. Atkinson, Dendron, Va. 

Emporia — 

Eures — 

Franklin — E. L. Beale, Franklin, Va. 

Hobsou — 'W. E. Mason, Hobson, Va. 

Holland — R. H. Riedel, Holland, Va. 

Holy Neck — R. C. Norfleet, Holland, Va. 




Isle of AViffht C. H. — L. H. Whitley. 

Windsor, Va. 
Ivor — R. P. Bell, Ivor, Va. 
Johnsons Grove — R. L. Johnson, 

ley, Va. 
Lamberts Point — G. L. Day. 10th Ward, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Mt. Carniel — J. E. T. Joyner, Carrsville. 

Mt. Zion — C. P. Hicks, Eclipse. Va. 
New Lebanon— O. V. Cockes. Elberon, 

Norfolk (M. C. Temple) — J. J. Pitt, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Oakland — N. B. Peck, Chuckatuck, Va. 
Oak Grove — L. S. Parker, Sunbury, N.C. 
Portsmouth — J. C. E'llis, Portsmouth, 

Provldenee — 

Rosemont — J. R. Morrison, Berkley, Va. 
Spring Hill — J. T. "White, Waverly. Va. 
Sarem — 

Suffolk — C. A. Shoop, Suffolk, Va. 
South Norfolk — R. W. Spruill, South 

Norfolk, Va. 
Third Church (Norfolk) — Dr. J. W. 

Manning-, Norfolk, Va. 
Union (Southampton) — W. J. Umphlet, 

Franklin, Va. 
Union (Surry) — 

W^averly — J. F. West, Waverly, Va. 
AVakefield — J. H. Harris, Wakefield, Va. 
Windsor — L. Bailev, Windsor, Va. 
Liberty Spring — I. T. Byrd, Holland, 

Va., R. D. 
Newport News — J. J. Baker, Newport 

News, .Va. 


School, Superintendent. 

Bethel — Ethel Wacker, lola. 111. 
Carters Temple — John Clark, Thomp- 

sonville, 111. 
Christian Teniple^ — Phil. Campbell, Ri- 

nard. 111. 
Hord — J. E. Eytchison, Mason. 111. 
I^ouisville — Pearlie Odell, Louisville, 

Pleasant Hill — Adam Barnliart, Albion, 

Pleasant Union — R. C. Thompson, Mc- 

Leansboro. 111. 
Poplar — M. H. Brush, Eldorado. 111. 
Richland — James Moody, Fairfield, 111. 
Sims — Mrs. E. C. Ewing, Sims, 111. 
Texas City — Geo. Camp, Texas City, 111. 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Alexandria — Mattie McKinley, Alexan- 
dria, Ind. ; Mamie Botkin, Alexandria, 

Dunilee— Walter Fesler, Prankton. Ind., 
R. D. 34; Fern Ebert, Alexandria, Ind. 

Linwood — Sarah A. Campbell, Linwood, 
Ind.; Sarah Penisten, Linwood. Ind. 

Sandbank — Eva Haskett, Tipton. Ind.. 
R. D. 5; Hallie Achenbach, Tipton, 
Ind., R. D. 4. 

Suerar Creek — L. A. Kins. Kirklin, Ind.; 
Hazel Louks, Kirklin, Ind. 

New hope (AVells Co.) — Wm. Carnes, 
Poneto, Ind.. R. D. 1.; Miss Cecil 
Shadle, Poneto, Ind., R. D. 1. 

Landesvllle — James Hewitt. Van Buren, 
Ind., R. D. 30; Flossie Tulley, Landis, 

Kings Chapel — S. H. Jackson. Muncle, 
Ind.; Miss Mattie Stephenson, Mun- 
cie, Ind. 

Center — J. A. Meranda. Center. Ind.; 
Marie Martin, Center, Ind. 

Pikes Peak — J. H. Miller. Yorktown, 
Ind.; Izelia McWilliams, Daleville. 

South Liberty — Jacob F. Minnick, Key- 
stone. Ind., R. D. 1; Charley Holsins- 
er. Keystone, Ind., R. D. 1. 

Mt. ZIon — James Shaffer, Bennetts 
Switch, Ind.; Louise Crockett. Ben- 
netts Switch. Ind. 

North Marlon — H. B. Mysons, Marion, 
Ind., R. D. 2; Lewis Arthurhuts, Mar- 
ion, Ind. 

Marion, 32d St. — Emanuel Wyres, Sta- 
tion 1, Marion, Ind.; Gertie Huber, 
3006 S. Branson St., Marion, Ind. 

Muncle, 1.5th St. — Lavina Ross, 1502 W. 
13th St., Muneie, Ind.; Mabel Epard. 
Muncie. Ind. 

Bethel (Clinton Co.) — John Lydy. Frank- 
fort. Ind.; Dora Lydy, Frankfort, Ind. 

Farrvllle — O. C. Holloway. Van Buren. 
Ind., R. D. 27; Massie Burgoon, Van 
Buren, Ind., R. D. 27. 

Iron^ood — Emery Simmonds, Anderson. 
Ind., R. D. 5; Lola Simmonds, Ander- 
son, Ind., R. D. 5. 

Newhope (Tipton Co.) — Frank Essig", 
Atlanta, Ind.; Merrill Orr, Tipton, 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

St. John — G. A. Muse, Muses Mills, Ky.; 

W. A. Pitts, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Point Pleasant — H. S. Shoemate. ; 

N. L. Davis, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Crain Creek — E. J. Roberts, ; Anna 

Daulton, Ni Si. Ky. 
Sardls — Dawson Dillon. Munson, Ky. 
Ross Chapel — Geo. E. Roe, Olive Hill, 


Thackers Chapel — James Tliompson, 
Strictlet, Ky. 

Clarksburg — William Webster, Clarks- 
burg-, Ky. 

Silome — George Carter, Carter, Ky. ; 
Iness Carter, Carter, Ky. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Jeff. Fannin, Roads, Ky. ; 

Mary J. Maddix. Roads, Ky. 
Briary — Ed. Veacli, Quincy, Ky. 

Wm. McKow^n, Quincy. Ky. 
Chestnut Grove — Rev. William 

Vancebu,rg, Ky.; Wm. Hook, 

burg, Ky. 
Globe — O. E. Jordon. Globe. Ky.; 

Jordon, Globe, Ky. 
Pine Valley — Thomas Lewis, Vanceburg. 

Ky.; Buck Davis. Vanceburg, Ky. 
Red Brush — Tliomas Stone, Records. 

Ky. ; Cornelius Clark, Records, Ky. 
Rock Springs — H. O. Davis, Carter. Ky. ; 

Mary P. Zornes, Carter, Ky. 
Rugless — J. H. Bryant; Rugless, Ky.; 

Walker Lew^is, Rugless. Ky. 
AValnut Grove — J. D. Parsons, Brus- 

heart, Ky.; F. M. Smith, Brusheart, 




School, Superintendent, Secretary. 
Albion — G. B. Pray, Albion, Me.; John 
Copeland. Albion, Me. 



E^ast Dixinont — Mrs. Alice Croxford, 

Monroe, Me., R. D. 2; Miss Abbie Ten- 

ney, Dixmont, Me., R. D. 1. 
Corlnna — Rollie E. Ireland, Corinna, 

Me.; Alberta Shepherd, Corinna, Me. 
Mars Hill — Mrs. L. Richardson, Mars 

Hill, Me.; Qretchen Libby. Mars Hill, 

Newport — Mrs. F. M. Roberts, Newport, 

Me.; David Bruce, Newport, Me. 
Lubec — I. W. Case, Lubec, Me.; C. E. 

Morong-, Lubec, Me. 

School, Superiiiteuclent, Seoretarj'. 

Ansonia — Dr. C. I. Stephen, Ansonia, O.; 
Zelpha Fisher, Ansonia, Ohio. 

Bethany — S. K. Stephenson, Lebanon, 
Ohio; Ina Perrine, Lebanon, Ohio. 

Bethlehem — Inactive. 

CaiiiphelLstown — W. W. Campbell, 

Cainpbellstown, O. ; Derril Swisher, 
Campbellstown, Ohio. 

Careysville — 

C'haiiihersburi? — Harry S. Huey, Day- 
ton, Ohio, R. D. 5; Ruth Vaniman, 
Dayton, Ohio, R. D. 1. 

Charity Chapel — Earl L^. Hageman, 
Fletcher, Ohio; Fay Prince, Conover, 

Christiaushur^ — Jos. E. Miller, Chris- 
tiansburg-, Ohio; Zeda Marshal, 
Christiansburg-, Ohio. 

Circle Hill — C. C. Shultz, Bradford, O., 
R. D.; Opal Shafer, Bradford, O., R. D. 

Coucortl — A. H. Toney, Boston, Ind.; 
Jennie Price, Eaton, Ohio. 

Cove Spriug'M — Ross McNeal, Troy, O., 
R. D. 2; Sibyl Trostle, Troy, O., R.D.2. 

Covlnjston — George "Worley, Covington, 
Ohio; J. "W. Falknor, Covington, Ohio. 

Dayton, — S. O. Albaug-h, Dayton, 
Ohio; Ada Eickmeyer, 1112 W. 2d. St., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Dayton (Crown Point) — Benj. B. 
Spreng, Dayton. Ohio. R. D. 4; Ber- 
tha Thompson, Davton, Ohio, R. D. 4. 

Dayton (AValmit Hills) — Thos. Good, 
Dayton, Ohio; Emma Reuter, 1819 S. 
Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Eaton — Glenn Spacht, Eaton, Ohio; 
Glenn R. Longnecker, Eaton. Ohio. 

E^non — W. F. Engle, Snyderville, Ohio; 
Ohmer Ingle, Snyderville, Ohio. 

Fellowship — Mrs. Rosa Keever, Mason, 

■ Ohio, R. D. 1; Virgil Sliurts, Lebanon. 

Franklin — Rev. H. J. Rhodes, Franklin. 
Ohio; Lydia Croll. Franklin, Ohio. 

Genntown — M. C. Drake, Lebanon, O. ; 
Katheryn Drake, Lebanon, Ohio. 

Glady Creek — Inactive. 

Greenville — J. A. Cottrell, Greenville, 
Ohio; Lucile Craig, Greenville, Ohio. 

Greenville Creek — D. A. Beard, Brad- 
ford, Ohio. R. D. ; Herbert Popp, Brad- 
ford, Ohio. R. D. 

Honey Creek — Geo. G. Ammon, New^ 
Carlisle, Ohio, R. D. 3; Clara Riche- 
son. New Carlisle, Ohio, R. D. 2. 

Houston — Charles Thompson, Piqua, O., 
R. D. 4; Will TVick, Houston, Ohio. 

Jamestown — Warren Collett, James- 
town, Ohio, R. D. ; Margaret Maxon, 
Jamestown, Ohio. 

L.aurn — W. F. Yount. Laura. Ohio; Kyle 
Hunt, Arcanum, Ohio. R. D. 

Lost Creek — Esther E. Jenkens. Cass- 
town. Ohio. R. D. 2; Ethel B. Sollers, 
Fletcher. Ohio. 

Lower Stillwater — C. W. Jackson, Tad- 
mor, Ohio, R. D. 1; Roy Metherd, 

Dayton, Ohio. R. D. 13. 

Ludlow Falls — Judson R. Jones. Lud- 
low Falls, Ohio; Glenn Pearson, Lud- 
low Falls, Ohio. 

MeKees Creek — Dolph M. Yoder, West 
Liberty, Ohio; Robert F. Cooper, 
Bellefontaine, Ohio, R. D. 3. 

New Palestine — C. A. Jackson, Sidney, 
Ohio, R. D. 10; Ruby J. Dormire. Sid- 
ney, Ohio, R. D. 5. 

New Carlisle — W. O. Strome, New Car- 
lisle, Ohio; Bertha Strome, New Car- 
lisle, Ohio. 

North Clayton — 

Oran — H. H. Short, Sidney, Ohio. R. D. 
6; H. H. Jelley, Sidney, Ohio, R. D. 6. 

PhillipshurK' — C. J. Hoke, Pliillipsburg', 
Ohio; Anna Meyer, Phillipsburg. O. 

Piqua — H. E. Sims, 709 Broadway, 
Piqua, Ohio; James Finfrock, 127 
Young St., Piqna, Ohio. 

Plattsburs — Nathan Farmer, Platts- 
burg, Ohio; Leona McMahan, Platts- 
burg, Ohio. 

Pleasant Hill — Jolm G. Myers, Pleasant 
Hill, Ohio; Ethel Iddings, Pleasant 
Hill, Ohio. 

Shiloh Springs — C. S. St. John, Dayton, 
Ohio, R. D. 13; Albert Motts, 1112 N. 
Main St., Dayton. Ohio. 

Sprins: Creek — E. O. Cahill. Sidney, O., 
R. D. 1; Foster Wilson, Sidney, Ohio, 
R. D. 1. 

Sprinsffield — Mrs. Erwinnie Rhoads, 1501 
Harrison St., Springfield, Ohio; Glen- 
na Zirkle, 1317 W. Broadway, Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Siisrar Creek — W. H. Guthrie. Spring 
Valley, Ohio, R. D. 1; Howard Mc- 
Clure, Spring Valley, Ohio, R. D. 1. 

.«uKar Grove — W. C. Stavton, West Mjl- 
ton. Ohio. R. D. 2; Callie M. Axman, 
Tadmor, Ohio, R. D. 1. 

Twin Creek — E. B. Creager, West Man- 
chester, Ohio; Arno Howell, West 
Manchester, Ohio. 

Trotwood — William Devers, Trotwood, 
Ohio; Bertha Weeks. Trotwood, Ohio. 

Troy — H. E. Clemm, Troy, Ohio; Nellie 
Marr. Troy. Ohio. 

Versailles — M. A Finfrock, Versailles, 
Ohio; Laurene Begin. Versailles. Ohio. 

A^'est Grove — George E. Kennison, Lau- 
r.a. Ohio, R. D. 1 ; Pearl Hyer, Arcan- 
um, Ohio, R. D. 2. 

AVest IJherty — Wm. Scarborough, West 
Ijiberty, Ohio; Sarah Jordan, West 
lyiberty, Ohio. 

AVest Manohe.ster — D. A. Petry, West 
Manchester, Ohio; Edna Hayes, West 
Manchester, Ohio. 

West Milton — L. C. Evans. West Milton, 
Ohio; Lillie Albaugh, West Milton, O. Union — D. H. Knife. Tippecanoe 
City. Ohio. R. D.- 2; Omer Scheaffer, 
"^^est Milton, Ohio. R. D. 2. 

Willow Dell — M. L. Hixson, Willow 
Dell, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Franklin. N. H. — Miss C. E. Rowell, 

Franklin. N. H. ; Miss Mary L. 

French, Franklin, N. H. 
Georges Mill.s. N. H. — R. H. Gould, 

Georges Mills, N. H. ; W. JV. Chase, 

Georges Mills, N. H. 
Grafton, N. H.- — Miss Ada B. Tinkham, 

Grafton, N. H., R. D. ; L. E. Tuttle, 

Grafton, N. PL 



Hill, N. H. — F. R. "Woodward, Hill, N. 

H.; Eliza J. Morrill, Hill, N. H. 
I^aoonia, IV. H. — O. E. Brig-hani, Laconia, 

N. H. ; Miss Mildred G. Stone, Laconia, 

N. H. 
North Slirewslinry, Vt. — Mrs. Ellen Al- 

drich. North Clarendon, Vt.; Mrs. J. 

P. Whitney, North Clarendon, Vt. 
Walpole, N. H. — Mrs. L. Welling-ton, 

Walpole, N. H., R. D. ; Leland Graves, 

Walpole, N. H., R. D. 
Woodstock. Vt. — J. E. Rockwell, Tafts- 

ville, Vt.; Miss Mary E. Young, 

Woodstock, Vt. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Britton — Frank Hoagland, Britton, 

Mich.; Mrs. Rose Underwood, Britton, 

Eureka — Mrs. J. W. Ing-ersoll, Eureka, 

Mich.; Austin Ing-ersoll, Eureka, Midi. 
Evergreen, Kalkaska — David Collar, 

Kalkaska, Mich; Estlier Anderson, 

Kalkaska, Mich. 
Lexington — Rev. Frank Moorhouse, 

Lexington, Mich.; Miss M. Beam, Lex- 
ington, Mich. 
Maple Rapids — Adelhert Payne, Per- 

rington, Mich.; J. E. Anderson, Maple 

Rapids. Mich. 
Romeo — Rev. S. W. Potter, Romeo, 

Mich; Mrs. John J. Soule, Romeo, 

Worth — McDelferd Wilks, Amadore, 

Mich.; Miss M. Castor, Lexington, 


School, Secretary. 

Centerburg — Maud Owings, Centerburg, 

Church Hill — Daisy Morris, Lisbon, O., 

R. D. 2. 
Coshocton — Anna McDowell, Coshocton, 

Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Danville^ — Ralph Church, Danville, O. 
East Middleton — Pearl Houlette, Col- 
umbiana, Ohio. 
East Union — Mary Conrad, Tunnel Hill, 

Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Fairview — R. E. Higgins, Mt. Vernon, 

Ohio, R. D. 4. 
Highland — Ola Hoopes, Salem, Ohio, R. 

D. 2: 
Mt. Pleasant — Lawrence Ashcraft, Pra- 

zeysburg. Ohio. 
Sylvania — Ethel Hancock, Granville, O., 

R. D. 2. 
T^tica — Stanley Smoots, Utica, Ohio. 
Virginia — Etta Wright, Coshocton, O., 

R. D. 1. 
Westville — B. B. Lewis, Beloit, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Baleville — L. May Emmons, Halsey, N. 

J.; Margaret Williams, Baleville, N.J. 
Carversville — Mrs. Geo. A. Roemer, Car- 

versville, Pa.; Miss Elizabeth Stover, 

Carversville, Pa. 
ChapniantoTtn — Miles Keesler, Avoy. 

Pa.; Samuel Wiley, Avoy, Pa. 
Fairview. — George S. Bishop, Bridge- 

boro, N. J.; Leona W. Woodington, 

Bridgeboro, N. J. 

Finesville — Report either lost or not 

Gulf Mills — Geo. Nagle, 60S Ford St., 
West Conshohocken, Pa.; Miss Wino- 
na Davis, Conshohocken, Pa., R. D. 1. 

Hilton — 

Hope — 

Hopewell — Jos.' A. Snook, Hopewell, N. 
J., R. D. ; Wm. A. Lake, Hopewell, N. 
J., R. D. 

Irvington (First Christian) — F. R. 
Beach, Box 41, Maplewood, N. J.;- 
W. Decker, 85 Orange St., Irvington, 
N. J. 

Jolinsonhurg — 

I^ewisburg — Harry S. Bourne, Lew^is- 
burg, Pa.; A. E'. Slifer, Lewisburg. Pa. 

L.ocktown — Rev. E. C. Hall, Fleming- 
ton, N. J., R. D. 2; Fayetta H. Reep, 
Flemington. N. J., R. D. 2. 

Madisonville — J. W. Hornbaker, Madi- 
sonville, Pa.; Alice Meade, Madison- 
ville, Pa. 

Milford — William R. Sailer. Milford, N. 
J.; H. G. Stull, Milford, N. J. 

Monroe — 

Sweet Valley — "W. B. Edwards, Sweet 
Valley, Pa.; D. D. Oliver. Sweet Val- 
ley, Pa. 

Vienna — 

Zion — E. J. Bullock, Manayunk, Pa.; 
Oscar Bullock, Manayunk, Pa. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Fox Prairie — Chas. Curtis, Olney, 111.; 

Minnie Brown, Olney, 111. 
Glenwood — Adam Yunker, Noble, 111.; 

Ruth Sager, Noble, 111. 
Willow Prairie — Lewis Gaily, Yale, 111.; 

Flossie Frederick, Annapolis, 111. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Emerson — Rev. F. A. Cornell, Port By- 
ron, N. Y.; Miss Alice D. Marvin, Port 
Byron, N. Y. 

Lakemont — James S. Frost, Lakemont, 
N. Y.-; Miss Alice Ingoldsby, Lake- 
mont. N. Y. 

Lakeville — ^Walter E. Ward, Geneseo, 
N. Y.; Earl Eddy, Lakeville, N. Y. 

Marion — Miss Minnie Dusenbury, Ma- 
rion, N. Y. ; Miss Edna Pettit, Marion, 
N. Y. 

Memphis — Fred Bird, Memphis, N. Y.; 
Frank LTzzle, Memphis, N. Y. 

Newark — George Shirley, Newark, N. 
Y.; Miss Bertha Frey, Newark, N. Y. 

Newfield — Darwin Rumsey. Newfleld, N. 
Y.; Miss Hazel Grover, Newfleld, N. Y. 

North Rush — Miss Emma Bauchle, West 
Henrietta, N. Y.; R. Warner Martin, 
West Henrietta, N. Y. 

Plainville — W. W. Loomis, Plainville, 
N. Y.; Miss Ellen M. Gates, Plainville, 
N. Y. 

Searshurg — George A. Hatt, Trumans- 
burg, N. Y. ; Miss Saida L. Burr, Tru- 
mansburg, N. Y. 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Albany — Thos. G. Robinson, Supt., 3 94 
Madison Ave., Albany, N. Y. ; Roland 
Ford, Ass't Supt.. ISl Lancaster St., 
Albany, N. Y. ; Miss D. Ford, Sec'y, 
181 Lancaster St., Albany, N. Y. 



Alfove — Milan Smith, New Baltimore 
Station, N. Y., R. D.; Harvey Cole, 
Coeymans Hollow, N. Y., R. D. 

llarkersville — Rev. Ada Alderman, Pas- 
tor. No not know the name of su- 
perintendent or secretary. 

Bates— Mrs. Eva M. Bates, Bates, N. Y. 

Charleston Four Corners — Jonas Y. 
Wands, Esperence, N. Y., R. D.; Mrs. 
Eugene Vunk, Esperence, N. Y., R. D. 

Cranberry Creek — No officers reported. 

Danburj-, Conn. — A. B. Brundage, ; 

C. I... Comstock, . 

Delhi — . -; Elmer Frisbee. 

East Cobleskill — Geo. D. Turner, ; 

C. Salisbury. 

Freehold — Wm. Seabridge, ; 

Blanche W. Barker. 

Galway — No report. 

Gilboa — No report. 

Hartwiok — Mrs. L. Wells, ; Ernest 

B. Aug'er. 

Huntersland — Jerome Decker, ; 

Hazel INI. Laraway. 

Ketfheni — E. A. Johnson, New Berlin, 
N. Y.; Ethel Patrick, New Berlin, N.Y. 

1. aureus — Mrs. Benj. Balcom, ; Miss 

Blanche Cook. 

Maryland — Rev. L. A. Dykeman, A. A. 

Medusa — Aaron Jennings, Norton Hill, 
N. Y.; Florence L. Bryant. 

Medway — Mrs. W. N. Miller, ; How- 
ard Coons. 

>Iilan — • ; ; Minnie D. Pink, 

Clinton Corners, N. Y., R. D. 

Oteso — Emery Jewell, ; Andrew 


Petersburg- — =No report. 

Pine Plains — No report. 

Portlandville — C. Belle Thorn, ; 

Mrs. L. D. Gurney. 

Quaker Street — W. C. 
Duane Mead. 

Randall — , 


Ravena — Clarence 
Eugene Hummer. 

Red Rock — No report. 

Rural Grove — H. S. Ames, Sprakers, N. 
Y., R. D.; Mvrta L. Gove, Sprakers, 
N. Y., R. D. 

SchultKville — Mrs. Chas. Bowman, Clin- 
ton Corners, R. D. ; Florence E'. Wire- 
house. Clinton Corners, R. D. 

South Berlin — No report. 

South Berne — William Adriance. Wes- 
terlo. N. Y.. R. D. : Clifford J. Vincent, 
^"esterlo. N. Y., R. D. 

South Valley — J. H. Folansbee, ; 

Mildred Marks. 

South AVesterlo — Mrs. Reba Kniffln, 

: Augustus Shepard, Greenville, 

N. Y. 

Stanfordville — Isaac S. Travis. 

St. John.sville — No report. 

Union Mill.s — William Sawyer. Broadal- 
bin, N. Y., R. D. ; Miss May Brown. 

AVarnerville — No report. 

West Day — P. S. Colsom. 

AVest I^auren.s — No report. 

Vonkers Bush — Alton L. Flanders, St- 
Johnsville, N. Y., R. D.; Anna M. 
Flanders, St. Johnsville, N. Y., R. D. 

Briggs, ; 

— ; Orvelle Vander- 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Albion — F. B. Benton, ; Miss G. 

Newing, Albion, N. Y. 
Castile — Mrs. M. E. Bolton. 

Parma and Greece — Robert Hall, 

Roy Hicks, Hilton, N. Y. 
.Machias — Nellie Van Dewater, 

Ellen Hopkins, Macliias, N. Y. 
.Manning — ]Mrs. James Carpenter, 

Ruth Bailey, Holley, N. Y. 
Blorsauville — Albert Call, — — ; 

E'va West, Morganville, N. Y. 
North Pembroke — 
OranK'ei>"«*t — J. B. Pease, ; 

Gaskill, Gasport, N. Y. 



.School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Bethlehem — J. C. Tatham, Wakenda, 
Mo.; W. I. Tatham, Wakenda, Mo. 

Indian Grove — C. M. DeWees, Bruns- 
wick, Mo.; Ray Stoner, Mendon, Mo. 

Pleasant Hill — Edward Fullerton, La- 
redo, Mo.; Etta Flagg, Gait, Mo. 

Pleasant A'alley — P. W. Jones, DeWitt, 
Mo.; Mrs. Dollie Manns, DeWitt, Mo. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Caprou — H. B. Stevenson, Capron, 111.; 
Ethel Melstrom, Capron, 111. 

i,ea£ River — Mrs. Belle Allen, Leaf Riv- 
er, 111.; Murray Welty, Leaf River, 111. 

North Grove — Daniel R. Rowland, Leaf 
River, 111.; Bessie Burkhart, German 
Valley, 111. 

\V^ashiug'ton Grove — Mrs. Lavilla Reed, 
Ashton, 111.; Mrs. Alma Hardesty, 
Ashton, 111. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Autioch — Earl Knote, Swayzee, Ind. ; 

Miss Lola Brown, Swayzee, Ind. 
Arsos — J. B. Weimer, Argos. Ind.; G. F. 

Sheely, Argos, Ind. 
Blooming'sburg,' — C. T. Jones, Rochester, 

Ind.; Lowell Smith, Rochester, Ind. 
Blue Ball — E'nslie Vernon, Walton, Ind.; 

Honor Weaver, Logansport, Ind. 
Burro^vs — J. E. Dixon, Burrows, Ind.; 

Hellen Johnsontaaugh, Burrows, Ind. 
Crooked Creek — James Smith, Royal 

Center, Ind.; Alta Carney, Royal Cen- 
ter, Ind. 
Deer Creek — Emerson Polk, Galveston. 

Ind.; Floyd Harness, Galveston, Ind. 
Eel River — Mrs. John Myers, Peru, Ind.; 

Ruth Myers, Peru, Ind. 
GreeutoT*n — Frank Miller, Greentown, 

Ind.; Fern Kelly, Greentown, Ind. 
Hickory Grove — John Galloway, Monti- 
cello, Ind.; Miss Emma Briney, Monti- 
cello, Ind. 
Ktikomo — A. M. Wills, Kokomo, Ind.; 

Miss Ethel Hollingsworth, Kokomo, 

Mt. Zion — Chas. Woodling, Onward, 

Ind.; Fay Knight, Walton, Ind. 
New Waverly — Frank Weaver, Peru, 

Ind.; Ethel Williams, New Waverly, 

Ora — Jessie Bennett, Ora, Ind.; Miss 

Sylvia Manis, Ora, Ind. 
Pipe Creek — John Rush, Onward, Ind.; 

Miss Vera Smith, Onward, Ind. 
Tiosa — Ezra Leedy, Tiosa, Ind.; Gladys 

Busli, Tiosa, Ind. 
Twelve Mile — Lewis Rimpler, Twelve 

Mile, Ind.; Miss Hazel Cress, Mexico, 




School, Siiperinteudent, Secretary. 

Dallaiii — E'. S. Huff, Oronoque, Kans. ; 

Ray E. Davis, Dellevale, Kans. 
Morning- Star — Mattie Morland, Al- 

mera, Kans.; Ellen Wright, Almera, 

Oronoque — Emery Huff, ; Cecil 

Huff, Oronoque. Kans. 
Pleasant Home — Clair McCall, Edson, 

Kans.; Nora McDaniels, Edson, Kans. 
Shernianville — A. P. Melstrom, Good- 
land, Kans.; Emile Khrut, Goodland, 

Valley Center — E. S. Brothers, Roll- 

witz. Neb.; Blanche Jones, RoUwitz, 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Denbigh — Noah E. Flora, Denbigh. N. 

D.; Helen Thomas, Denbigh, N. D. 
AVilliams — Charles Fulton, Williams, 

N. D. ; G. C. Snow, Williams, N. D. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Henry Peters, Ft. Jennings, 
O., R. D. 4.; Clifford Keller, Ft. Jen- 
nings, O., R. D. 4. 

Berkey — Archie Dings, Riga, Mich.; 
Carie Ford, Berkey, Ohio. 

Bethel — J. B. Hornish, Oakwood, Ohio; 
Ira Brown, Oakwood, Ohio. 

Bethlehem — James Vint, Lafayette, O. ; 
Joy Mowery, Lafayette, Ohio. 

Blanchard — Callie Breidenbach, Dun- 
kirk, Ohio; Irena King, Dunkirk, O. 

Buckland — Mrs. H. D. Bowsher, Hume, 
Ohio; Miss Mary Brovein, Buckland, 


Cherry Grove — Mrs. C. B. Ream, Lima, 
Ohio, R. D. 6; C. F. Critchfield, Lima, 
Ohio, R. D. 6. 

Colnmhu.s Grove — A. M. Heidelbaugh, 
Columbus Grove, Ohio; Mable Rimer, 
Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Defiance — Edward Byers, Defiance, O. ; 
Mabel Morrell, Defiance, Ohio. 

Delphois — 

Dupont — 

Harro<l — W. R. McCluer, Harrod, Ohio; 
Dortha Drury, Harrod, Ohio. 

Hartford — R. C. Paterson, Spencerville, 
Ohio; Miss Flora Metzger, Spencer- 
ville, Ohio. 

Lafayette — C. R. Patton, Lafayette, O. ; 
J. D. Thayer, Lafayette, Ohio. 

Lima — Dr. S. S. Bartlett, Lima, Ohio; 
Cloyd E. Strawbridge, Lima, Ohio. 

Log-an-sville — G. C. Naugle, Degraff, O. ; 
Hazel B. Swongener. Degraff. Ohio. 

Maple Grove — Hugh Foulks, Columbus 
Grove, Ohio; Miss Sallie VanDenark, 
Columbus Grove. Ohio. 

McDonald — John W. Preston, Kenton, 
Ohio; Eva Killough, Bell Center, O. 

Miami — 

Middle River — A. H. Hunsaker, Del- 
phos, Ohio; Lucy Ford, Delphos, Ohio. 

Middle Creek — 

Mt. Zion — Mrs. Wm. Barringer, Conti- 
nental, Ohio; Perry W. Daul, Conti- 
nental, Ohio. 

Muchinippi — Bert Campbell, Lewiston, 
Ohio; Geo. Wright, Lew^iston, Ohio. 

New Bethany — J. R. Sherry, Mandale, 
Ohio; Orley Frost, Mandale. Ohio. 

New Bethany — John Spencer, New 

Richland, Ohio; Coral Blair, New 

Richland, Ohio. 
Olive Branch — B. L. Hurtzog, Convoy, 

Ohio; Miss Anna Wright, Convoy, O. 
Ottawa Biver — Russell Rohrer, Colum- 
bus Grove, Ohio; Ella Heyd, Vaughns- 

ville, Ohio. 
Rose Elm — John Plum, Grover Hill, C; 

Jennie Slaine, Grover Hill, Ohio. 
Six Mile — William Kile, Cecil, Ohio; 

Clare Chemin, Cecil, Ohio. 
Spencerville — C. S. Fryer, Spencerville, 

Ohio; Carl Pohlman, Spencerville, O. 
.St. Johns — E. B. Copeland, Wapakoneta, 

Ohio, R. D.; Howard Sullivan, St. 

Johns, Ohio. 
T^vo Mile — O. E. Richie, Wapakoneta, 

Ohio; Onla Fry Wapakoneta, Ohio. 
L'nion Chapel — Paul Sprool, Lima, Ohio; 

Rettie Fetter, Lima, Ohio. 
Vaushnsville — J. M. Gander, Vaughns- 

ville, Ohio; Earl F. Smith, Columbus 

Grove, Ohio. 
AVest Cairo — E. A. Miller, West Cairo, 

Ohio; Miss Clara Wright, West Cairo, 

AVest Union — T\''m. Stiger, Spencerville, 

Ohio; Arthur Steger, Spencerville, O. 
AA'estminster — W. H. Creps, Westmin- 
ster, Ohio; Othel Creps, Westminster, 

AA^hite Feather — 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Henry Bower, Mt. Sterling, 
Ohio; Leonard M. Jones, Mt. Sterling, 

Book^valter — Elba Zimmerman, Jeffer- 
sonville, Ohio; Miss Fay Paul, Jeffer- 
sonville, Ohio. 

Centerville — Frank Babb, Lees Creek, 
Ohio; O. D. Armstrong, Lees Creek, 

Columbus — J. L. Powell, 663 N. High 
St., Columbus, Ohio; Mrs. Lucy Mc- 
Whert, 1002 Hunter St., Columbus, O. 

Dublin — Marion Frantz, Dublin, Ohio; 
Imo Leppert, Dublin, Ohio. 

Five Points — John Davis, Mt. Sterling, 
Ohio, R. D.; Belle Winfough, Mt. 
Sterling, Ohio, R. D. 

I'^oiintain Grove — E. W. Blaine, Rich- 
wood, Oliio; Ethel Blaine, Richwood, 

Milford Center — Tell Reed, Milford 
Center, Ohio; Edith Mitchell, Milford 
Center, Ohio. 

Mt. Olive — James D. Gamble, Marys- 
ville, Ohio; Ima Brown, Marysville, 

Mt. Sterling — T. B. Smith, Mt. Sterling, 
Ohio; Bessie M. Dennison, Mt. Ster- 
ling, Ohio. 

Pleasant Grove — Chas. Holt. Mt. Vic- 
tory, Ohio; Coza Wilson, Ridgeway, 

Pompey — A. F. Caris, Cardington, Ohio; 
Gladys Caris, Cardington, Ohio. 

Raymond — Geo. Wade, Peoria, Ohio. R. 
D.; Frances Williams, Raymond, O. 

Resacca — Henry Tatman, Plain City, O. ; 
Dovie V. Powell, Plain City, Ohio. 

Somerford — Agnes Soward, London, O., 
R. D. ; Marv E. Dume, London, O., 
R. D. 

South Solon — C. C. Rowand, South So- 
lon, Ohio; Stanley McCoy, South So- 
lon, Ohio, R. D. 



South Vienna — L. M. Finch, South 

Vienna, Ohio; Lester H. Stoll, South 

Vienna, Ohio, R. D. 
Trenton — R. W. Fisher, Sunbury, Ohio; 

Miss Vinna Fisher, Sunbury, Ohio. 
Watkins — Cletus Tossey, Marysville, 

Ohio, R. D.; Miss Lilian Payne, 

Marvsville, Ohio, R. D. 
AVUIianisport — Mrs. Linnie Wilkinson, 

Willianisport, Ohio; Eva Lewis, Wil- 

liamsport, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Seeretary. 

Antioeh — K. O. Sheward, Jackson, Ohio, 

R. D. 1; Bert Gom, Oak Hill, Ohio, 

R. D. 1. 
Antouis — Ina Snyder, Higby, Ohio, R. 

D. 1; Rosa Bowman, Antonis, Oliio. 
Chapman — Chas. Radcliff, Jackson, O., 

R. D. 4; Mrs. Richards, Jackson, O. 
Fairview — Abraham Barbee, Ray, O., 

R. D. 1; Lulu Cooper, Ray, O., R. D. 1. 
Hamilton — Vinton McCoy, Oak Hill, O.. 

R. D. 
Hopewell, Jackson Co. — Mrs. Newton 

Kessenger, Coalton, Ohio; Hazel 

Price, Wellston, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Hopewell, A'inton Co. — Wm. Hill, South 

Bloomingville, Ohio; T. C. Hill, South 

Blooming-ville, Ohio. 
Macedonia — Frank Cottrill, Chillicothe, 

Ohio, R. D. 6; Frank Shuwalter, Chil- 
licothe, Ohio, R. D. 6. 
Pleasant Vallev — Lewis Clements, Wav- 

erly, Ohio, R. D. 4; Kathryn Glenn, 

Waverly, Ohio, R. D. 4. 
Seioto Valley — James Hammond, Higby, 

Ohio, R. IX 1; Johnison George, Hig- 

bv, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Shiloh — L. H. Tripp, Hamden, O., R. D. 

1; Edith N. Craig, Hamden, O., R.D.I. 
Triumph — Geo. Dozer, Ray, Ohio; Ella 

Salts, Ray, Ohio. 
Zion — B. E. Saltsman, Wellston, O., R. 

D. 2; Susanna Samuel, Wellston, O.. 

R. D. 2. 

Pleasant Ridge — Mrs. Jane Latta, 
Glouster, Ohio; Miss Lucille Harri- 
son, Glouster, Ohio. 

Pleasant Valley — J. W. Barnes, Cool- 
ville, Ohio; Fiorina Russel, Cool- 
ville, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Bailey Chapel — J. H. Price, Hilton, O.; 
Emilv Roadarmour, Angel. Ohio. 

Buiaville — O. E. George, Gallipolis, O. ; 
E'ttie Smilev, Gallipolis, Ohio. 

Coes Chapel — Mrs. Frank Lehman, 
Carbon Hill, Ohio; Music Pletch, Lo- 
gan, Ohio, R. D. 4. 

Columbia Chapel — Asa Birchfield, Car- 
penter, Ohio; J. L. Mark, Carpenter, 

Cornelius Chapel — Sophia Anthony, 
Creola, Ohio; Doretta Steele, Creola, 

Elizabeth Chapel — S. E. Craft, Galli- 
polis, Ohio; Miss Mary Leaper, Thiv- 
ener, Ohio. 

Fairvlew — J. W. White, Lecta, Ohio; 
John M. Williams, Patriot, Ohio. 

Federal Valley — C. A. Hines, Amesville, 
Ohio, R. D. 2; Mary Anderson, Ames- 
ville, Ohio. 

Graham Chapel — Cora D. Hawk, Ath- 
ens, Ohio, R. D. 7; Millie Lauer. Ath- 
ens, Ohio. 

Mt. Zion — P. C. Campbell, Nelsonville, 
Ohio; J. H. Campbell, Nelsonville, O. 

Okey^John Wickline, Lecta, Ohio; 
Esta Peters, Lecta, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

.\ntiuch — Alfred Wilcox, Vinton, Ohio; 
Deleie Soles, Alice, Ohio. 

Chaiitpaign — Hollis Strausbaugh, Vin- 
ton, Ohio; Isaac Strausbaugh, Vinton, 

Cornelius — Sarah E. Rosser, Creola, O. 

Dlxons Run — Mary Munyon, Rempel, O. 

Eighteen Valley — Wilbert Waugh, 

Pliny, W. Va. 

I>nng'sville — Wm. Lowry, Langsville, 
Ohio; Neta Braley, Langsville, Ohio. 

Liberty — N. A. Warren, Bladen, Ohio; 
Mabel Elliot, Bladen, Ohio. 

Logan — Mrs. Emma F. Clark, Logan, O. 

Macedonia — H. A. Lewis, Hilton, Ohio; 
Esta McCall, Northup, Ohio. 

Morgan — W. M. Grover, Bidwell, Ohio; 
W. L. Swick, Bidwell, Ohio. 

Mound Hill — Mrs. J. W. Kuhns, Ames- 
ville, Ohio; Mrs. Emily Able, Ames- 
ville, Ohio. 

Mountain Valley — Mrs. Martha A. Mays, 
Arlee, W. Va. 

Mt. Zion — W. A. Grimes, Sharpsburg, 
Ohio; Pearl Grimes, Siiarpsburg, O. 

Salem — W. C. Turner, Dexter, Ohio. 

Union — Alice Brookman, Kerr, Ohio. 
W^riRhtstown — Aaron Ball, Amesville, 
Ohio; Lena Ball, Amesville, Ohio. 

.School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Kyger — J. G. Embleton, Kyger, Ohio; 

Willie Rupe, Kyger, Ohio. 
I^ogan — Mrs. Myrtie Six, Logan, Ohio; 

Clara Eastman, Logan, Ohio. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioeh — T. J. Patton, Hamersville, O. ; 
Gladys Wilson, Hamersville, Ohio. 

Bethlehem — J. B. Payne, Aberdeen, O. ; 
Cerelda Lawwill, Aberdeen, O. 

Bible Chapel — Wilber Thompson, Ha- 
mersville, O. ; Viola Rich, Hamers- 
ville, O. 

Christian Chapel — W. G. Liston, Mt. 
Holly, Ohio. 

Cincinnati — A. J. Dunham, 623 Rock- 
dale Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, O.; 
Raymond Mayfleld, 1652 Eastern 
Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Dalla.s — 

Eagle Chapel — Daniel Drago, Ripley, 
O.; Bessie McNulty, Ripley, O. 

Enon — R. F. Gray. Manchester, O.. R. 
D.; Miss Susie Cochran, Manchester, 

Falrvlew — H. W. Kimball, Georgetown. 
O. ; Ruth Burson, Georgetown, O. 

Farmers Chapel — Geo. W. Pitser, Ha- 
mersville, O., R. D. 2; Mabel Sang, 
Georgetow^n, O., R. D. 5. 

Feesburg — Joseph Hannah, Feesburg, 
O.; John A. McKibben, Feesburg, O. 

Fellowship — Joseph Bowman, Manches- 
ter, O. ; Miss Shelton, Manchester, O. 



Finoastle — M. C. Badgeley, Fincastle, 
O.; Charles Moore, Fincastle, O. 

Five Mile — J. D. Shannon, Mt. Oreb, O.; 
Goldie Shannon, Mt. Oreb, O. 

Harwood — Walter K. Roads, Fayette- 
ville, O. 

Hiatts Chapel — 

Hii;-giusport — Wm. Orendorf, Higgins- 
port, O. ; Maude Hiser, Higginsport, 

Liberty Chapel, B. C. — B. L. Ballinger, 
Mt. Oreb, O.; Julia Wilson. Mt. Oreb, 

Liberty Chapel, H. C. — 

ftianchester — 

iKillers Chapel — Amos Igo, Hillsboro, 
O.; Miss Ella Igo, Hillsboro, O. 

-.^t. Joy — C. M. Blackburn, Olway, O. ; 
Audry Thompson, Olway, O., R. D. 

n.t. Plea.sant — Jesse Metzer, Chilo, O., 
R. D. ; Minnie Watson, Chilo, O. 

Sit. Zion — David White, New Richmond, 
O., R. D.; Pauline Moreton, New Rich- 
mond, O. 

Neville — Jesse Bolander, Moscow, O., R. 
D. ; Miss Hazel Donavan, Neville, O. 

Oak Grove — John McKinley, Cherry 
Fork, O. ; Lucile Hayslip, Cherry 
Fork, O. 

Olive Chapel — Edward Sturm, George- 
town, O. ; Miss Eva Cahall, George- 
town, O. 

Pis4g;ah — 

Pleasant Hill — 

Poplar Chapel — John King, Bethel, O.; 
Cliarles King, Bethel, O. 

Pt. Isabel — A. M. Swope, Bethel, O., R. 
D.; Gail Owen, Bethel, Ohio. 

Ru8selville — Ellis Crabb, Russelville, 
O. ; Miss Phobst, Russelville, O. 

Stouts — 

Ten Mile — J. V. Waggell, New Rich- 
mond, O., R. D. ; Maude Behymer, New 
Richmond, O. 

Union A. C. — Walter Higgins, Benton- 
ville, O.; Maude Satterfleld, Benton- 
ville, O. 

Union B. C. — Mrs. Maude Miranda, Hig- 
ginsport, O. ; Miss Lela Oberschlake, 
Higginsport, O. 

\A alnut Grove — 

\» eslboro — J. S. Conner, Westboro, O.; 
Wm. Berger, Westboro, O. 


.:i.ihool. Superintendent, Secretary. 

i^ltuua — Abijah Jones, Altona, Ont.; 

Wm. Reesor, Glasgow, Ont. 
..aitiwiu — J. N. Dales, Drayton, Ont.; 

Bessie Cliapman, Baldwin, Ont. 
Beiiiaveu — VV. Winch, Belhaven. Ont.; 

Melvin Boadway, Belhaven, Ont. 
.>loomiui;ton — H. Fockler, Blooming- 
ton, Ont.; Dawson Davis, Blooming- 
ton, Ont. 
iirouju^-haiu — W. H. Jackson, Brock 

Road, Ont.; Rendal Ellicott, Brock 

Road, Ont. 
Cariuel — Miss Lettie Wait, Castleton, 

Ont.; Miss Delia Shaw, Castleton, Ont. 
Ca.stleton — Richard Grahain, Castleton, 

Ont.; Hamlet Wolfraim, Castleton, 

Church Hill — T. J. Paisley, Ballantrae, 

Ont.; Mrs. H. Pegg, Ballantrae, Ont. 
Drayton — Dr. E. Flath, Drayton, Ont.; 

Jas. Wilson, Drayton, Ont. 
Eddystone — Joseph Joice, E'ddystone, 

Ont.; Ezra Bradly, Eddystone, Ont. 
Keswick — S. B. Purdy, Keswick, Ont.; 

Wm. E. Purdy, Keswick, Ont. 

King' — Ephraim Clarkson, Kettleby, 
Ont.; Benj. B. Terry, Kettleby. Ont. 

tattle Britain — Rev. C. H. Hainer. Lit- 
tle Britain. Ont.; M. L. Culbert, Lit- 
tle Britain, Ont. 

Minto — 

Noviuarket — W. H. Eves, Newmarket, 
Ont.; Roy Cockerill, Newmarket, Ont. 

Osliaiva — Elmer Lick, Oshawa, Ont.; 
Geo. Alcliin, Box 184, Osliawa, Ont. 

Kinji'wood — Jas. Grove, Lemon ville, 
Ont.; Percy Pipher, Ringvvood, Ont. 

StouiVville — A. B. Nighswander, Stouff- 
ville, Ont.; Austin Jerman, Stouffville, 

Toronto — R. F. Bennett, 120 Cumber- 
land, Toronto, Ont.; L. M. Macklem, 
71 Melville Ave., Toronto, Ont. 

Union Street — Wm. Fairbarn, Queens- 
ville, Ont.; C. Gordon, Ravenshoe, 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — No report. 
Bethany — E. M. Allen, Gerster, Mo. 
Darnell — O. M. Spoor, Humansville, Mo. 
Union Hill — Cora Jenson, Weaubleau, 

Weaubleau — B. F. Tucker, Weaubleau, 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Acushnet, Mass. (Perry Hill) — Albert S. 

Jenny, Acliushnet, Mass.; Elsie S. 

Jenney, Acliushnet, Mass. 
Boston, 31ass. (Syrian)- — P. S. Sailer, 79 

Clark St., Lynn, Mass.; Miss Ethel 

Sailer, Lynn, Mass. 
Boston, Mass. (Chinese) — Clias. W. 

Goodwin, 1 Elmer Park, Roxbury, 

Mass.; Helen W. Barnes, 5t)2 E. Sixth 

St., S. Boston, Mass. 
Dartmouth, Mass. (Smith Mills) — Isaac 

B. Poole, Nortli Dartmoutli. Mass.; 

Carrie N. D. Potter, North Dartmouth, 

Dartmouth, Mass. (Hixville) — John F. 

Mosher, North Dartmouth, Mass.; M. 

A. Whiteside, Nortli Dartmouth, Mass. 
Dartmouth, Mass. (Bakcrville) — Mrs. 

Clias. E. Littlefleld, South Dartmouth, 

Mass., R. D.; Mary E. Ashton, South 

Dartmouth, Mass., R. D. 
Dartmouth, Mass., (Russells Mills) — 

Jabes H. Slocum, Dartmouth, Mass.; 

Sarah J. Slocum, Dartmouth, Mass. 
Fall River, Ma.s.s. (North) — Earl F. 

Davis, 2S73 Highland Ave., Fall Riv- 
er, Mass.; Secretaries, Allen C. Hall, 

2634 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass.; 

Carton W. Davis, 2873 Highland Ave.. 

Fall River, Mass. 
Fall River, Mass. (First) — Fenner A. 

Chace, 373 N. Main St., Fall River, 

Mass.; Geo. R. Dodge, 137 Winter St.. 

Fall River, Mass. 
Fall River, Mass. (Bogrle St.) — Albert 

L. Walker, 19 Alsop St., Fall River, 

Mass.; Herbert Tetlow, 1671 Pleasant 

St., Fall River, Mass. 
Fall River, Mass. (New Boston) — Mary 

H. Nordell, 977 Robeson St., Fall 

River, Mass.; Mrs. Edwin Cliamplin, 

Summerfleld St., Fall River, Mass. 
Foster Center, R. I. — John B. Spears, 



Foster Center, R. I.; Mrs. John B. 
Spears, Poster Center, R. I. 

Freetotvn, Mass. (Assonet) — Earl F. 
Pearce, Assonet, Mass.; Lois Lavvton, 
Assonet, Mass. 

Freetotvn, >Inss. (E^nst Freetown) — 
John Maxwell, Newton Center, Mass.; 
Elizabeth W. Lawrence. East Free- 
town, Mass. 

Mansfield, Mass. (West Mansfield) — H. 
L. Sweet, Attleboro, Mass., R. D.; 
Florence L. Sweet, Attleboro, Mass., 
R. D. 

Moosup Valley, R. I. — John E. Dawley, 
Greene, R. I., R. D. ; Bertha Kennedy, 
Greene, R. I., R. D. 

New Bedford, Mass. (North) — Charles 
G. Russell, 75 Maxfield St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass.; Geo. A. Covell, Jr., 128 
School St., New Bedford, Mass. 

New Bedford, Mass. (Middle Street) — 
Herbert W. Hirst, deceased after re- 
port was given; Helen W. Taber, 10 
S. Emerson St., New Bedford, Mass. 

New Bedford, Mass. (Spruce St.) — Her- 
bert E. Davis, 74 Spruce St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass; Clara Taber, Shawmut 
Ave. and Durfee St., New Bedford, 

Portsmouth, R. I. (South) — Mrs. Lillian 
G. Borden, Melville Station. R. I.; 
H. A. Sherman, Melville, Station, R. I. 

Providence, R. I. (Broad St.) — Mark L. 
Dunning, Butler Exchange, Provi- 
dence, R. I.; Ernest A. Chase, 405 
Potter Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Rice City, R. I. — Mrs. C. B. Andrews, 
Greene, R. I., R. D. 1; A. N. Vaughn, 
Big Elm Farm, Greene, R. I. 

Rockland, R. I. — Henry W. Seamans, 
Rockland, R. I.; Miss Josie Angell, 
Rockland, R. L 

Somerset, Mass. (Pottersville) — Adam 
W. Gifford, Pottersville, Mass.; Mrs. 
Emma F. Chace, Somerset, Mass. 

Swansea Center, Mass. — F. G. Arnold, 
Touisset, Mass.; David B. Gardner, 
Swansea, Mass, R. D. 2. 

Westport, Mass. (North) — Clara L. 
Blossom. North "Westport, Mass.; 
Frank S. Pettey, North Westport, 

\A'estport, Mass. (South) — Abram G. 
Allen, South Westport, Mass.; Velna 
E. Brightman, South Westport, Mass. 

AVestport, Mass. (Central Village) — A. 
J. Potter, 2d, Central Village, Mass.; 
Mrs. A. J. Potter, Central Village, 

AVestport, Mass. (Brownells Corners) — 
Mrs. J. M. Lewis, North Westport, 
Mass.; Janie M. Hall, North West- 
port, Mass. 

Westerly, R. I. (Broad St.) — Orlando 
R. Smith. 130 Granite St., Westerly, 
R. I.; Miss Annie S. Chesebro, W 
Broad St., Westerly, R. I. 

Pleasant Ridgr« — Anna Cook, Soldiers 

Grove, Wis., R. D. 
West Branch — Mrs. Ed. Essex, Bloom 

City, Wis. 

School, Superintendent. 

Beaver Valley — George Roach, Wane- 
woe, Wis., R. D. 

Excelsior — D. P. Craig, Excelsior, Wis. 

Harmony — Warren Gibson, Soldiers 
Grove, Wis., R. D. 

Ha.sktns Chapel — Mrs. Alta Powell, 
Blue River, Wis.. R. D. 

Mound Park — C. W. Shult, Viola, Wis. 

Pine River — Nora Chatero, Yuba, Wis., 
R. D. 



School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Black Valley — -Roy Hockenberry, Steck- 
man. Pa.; Sarah Robinson, Steckman, 

Buck Valley — William Hendershot, 
Lashley, Pa.; Benj. Stoner, Hancock, 
Md., R. D. 3. 

Cedar Grove — A. M. Bivens, Warfords- 
burg, P., R. D.; Charles Hess, Side- 
ling Hill, Pa. 

Clear Creek — Geo. R. Winter, Everett 
Pa., R. D. 6; Milford Calhoun, Ever- 
ett, Pa., R. D. 4. 

Everett — D. S. Garlick, Everett, Pa., R. 
D. 3; Miss Barbara Baughman, Ever- 
ett, Pa., R. D. 3. 

Fairview — Reynolds Robinson, Piney 
Creek, Pa.; Jordon Smith, Inglesmith, 

Gap.sville — W. H. Bottenfield, Everett, 
Pa., R. D. 6; Lilian Bottenfield, Ever- 
ett, Pa., R. D. 6. 

Jerusalem — B. W. Morris, Locust Grove, 
Pa.; Martha Garland, E'mmaville, Pa. 

Millii^ans Cove — Alden C^arpenter, 
Manns Choice. Pa., R. D. 1; Alta 
Diehl, Manns Choice, Pa., R. D. 1. 

Mf. Hope — Samuel Johnson, Elbinsville, 
Pa.; Ethel Perrin, Elbinsville, Pa. 

Mt. Union — Harry M. Barton, Everett, 
Pa., R. D. 6; Miss Clara Wilkins, 
Everett. Pa., R. D. 6. 

Mt. Zion — E. M. Trail, Chaneysville, Pa.; 
Ella Leasure, Chaneysville, Pa. 

Rays Cove — A. F. Foor, Everett, Pa., 
R. D. 5; Miss Rachel Colledge, Ever- 
ett, Pa., R. D. 5. 

Rock Hill — Alpha F. Mearkle, Clear- 
ville, Pa., R. D. 1; Earl Mearkle, 
Everett, Pa., R. D. 4. 

Sidelins: Hill — R. R. Sipes, Harrison- 
ville, Pa.; R. S. Mellott, Sipes Mill, Pa. 

Union Memorial — D. W. Jay, Everett, 
Pa., R. D. 6; Grace E. Pee, Everett, 
Pa., R. D. 4. 

AVhlps Cove — Albert Plessinger, Locust 
Grove, Pa.; Achsah Plessinger, Locust 
Grove, Pa. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Bethsaida — Orlando Gooch, New Har- 
mony, Ind.; Mildred Sutton, New Har- 
mony, Ind. 

Burnt Prairie — Mrs. Gertie Brown, En- 
field, 111.; Harry Williamson, Enfield, 

Cynthiana — Carrie Lowe, Cynthiana, 
Ind.; Miss Lake Pritchett, Cynthiana, 

Hauhstadt — John Mangrum, Ft. Branch, 
Ind.; Minnie Woehler, Haubstadt, 

New Liherty — J. P. Emerson, Cynthi- 
ana, Ind.; Chlotiel Bixler, Cynthiana, 

Union — James L. Howell, Evansvllle, 
Ind., R. D. 1; Mrs. Carrie Sprinkles, 
Evansville, Ind., R. D. 1. 



School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Fairvlew, T. C. — Clifford Clark, Gravity, 

Iowa; Sadie Leonard, Corning', Iowa. 
Fairvlew, A. C. — Flora E. Smith, Stu- 
art, Iowa; Bera Brandenburg, Stuart, 

Grlswold — Mrs. A. J. Wright, Griswold, 

Iowa; Edith Cary, Griswold, Iowa. 
Linden — J. C. Burnham, Linden, Iowa; 

Ada Young, Linden, Iowa. 
Madrid — B. O. Kinsey, Madrid, Iowa; 

Birdie Bryant, Madrid, Iowa. 
Morrlsburg — Ed. Leanheart, Linden, 

Iowa; Miss Merle Hall, Stuart, Iowa. 
Oak Hill — J. P. Hamilton, Gravity, la.; 

Nellie Richardson, Gravity, Iowa. 
Shlloh — Earl Pitsenbarger, Linden, la.; 

Mearle Jones, Linden, Iowa. 
Union Chapel — B. F. Shinkle, Redfleld, 

Iowa; Eureka Galwin, Dexter, Iowa. 


.School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Neola — Miss Elma Cox, Turon, Kans. ; 
Miss Ruth Van Lehn, Neola, Kans. 

No. 1 — W. F. Stice, Cassoday, Kans.; 
Miss Velma Stice, Cassoday, Kans. 

Plea.sant Hill — N. H. Webber, Arling- 
ton, Kans.; Miss Mabel Kelman, Ar- 
lington, Kans. 

Towanda — A. J. Ralston, Towanda, 
Kans.; Miss Bessie Reed, Towanda, 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Katie Bailey, ; Ruth Bai- 
ley, Claremont, 111. 

Berlin — Clint Davis, ; Grace Nich- 
ols, Oblong, 111. 

Bethlehem — John Peters, ; Niles 

Daily, Sumner, 111. 

Beth.saida — Oscar Davis, ; Ruth Ja- 
cobs, Mason, 111. 

Bible Chapel — Harlan Correll, ; Eu- 

la Pettyjohn, Stoy, 111. 

Brockville — Walter Kitchen, ; W. 

I. Davis, Hunt, 111. 

Fairvlew — 

Forest Ridge — Chas. McDowell, ; 

Alva Varner, Noble, 111. 

Freedom — R. L. Meredith, ; Mamie 

Ratcliff, Noble, 111. 

Grand Prairie — Stacy C. Newlin, ; 

Clyde Mitchell, Hutsonville, 111. 

Hidalgo — Z. S. Reisner, ; MoUie 

Sowers, Hidalgo. 111. 

Hopewell — Oma Rife, ; Orpha Scur- 

lock, Bogota, 111. 

Hunt City — Ed. Turnipseed, ; 

Agatha Haug, Hunt, 111. 

Mt. Gilead — John Wachtel. ; Neta 

Utterback, Dundas, 111. 

Mt. Zion — Ida Norvil, ; Irma Pal- 
mer, Greenup, 111. 

New Hope — S. H. Wade, ; Nellie 

Woods, Greenup, 111. 

Newton — Fred H. Week, ; Ursel 

McKinley, Newton, 111. 

I^amotte — N. F. Goodwin, ; Vola 

Swinger, Palestine, 111. 


Oblong: — 

Olney — Lafe Nelson, Olney, 111.; Mrs. 
Fred Schluneger, Olney, 111. 

Pleasant Valley — Chas. Newlin, ; 

Millard Newlin, Willow Hill. 111. 

Pleasant VIctt — 

Porterville — L. A. Rhodes, - 

Mitchell, Baton, 111. 
Rafetown — T. E. Piper, — 

Piper, West Liberty, 111. 
Sandy Creek — 
Shilo — Geo. Hume, ; Mabel Catte, 

Willow Hill, 111. 
South Bend — Darius Riegle, ; Stella 

Hills, West Liberty, 111. 
Sugar Creek — Mrs. L. Betebenner, ; 

Ada Miller, Olney, 111. 
Sumner — Geo. Emerick, ; Amanda 

Baker, Sumner, 111. 
Trimble — G. W. Wilson, ; Laurence 

York, Trimble, 111. 
Wabash — 
\^Tiite Oak — Pearl Boyd, 

Saulsbury, Oblong, 111. 
Winterrowd — Samuel Gass, — 

ness Bragg, Winterrowd, 111. 



School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Cameron Hill — No report. 

Binghamton — J. H. Vanatta, Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. ; Amos Adams, Binghamton, 
N. Y. 

East I^awrence — Chas. E. Reep, Law- 
renceville. Pa.; Burton Mylett, Law- 
renceville. Pa. 

Evergreen — A. L. Allen, New Albany, 
Pa.; Emily Corson, New Albany, Pa. 

Franklin — Wm. Compton, Powell, Pa.; 
Loren Conipton, Powell, N. Y. 

Greenwood — No report. 

Harford Mills — No report. 

Ingleside — Frank Boggs, Prattsburg, 
N. Y. ; Mrs. B. B. Olney, Prattsburg. 
N. Y. 

Kirkwood — E. French, Kirkwood, N. Y.; 
Margaret Button, Kirkwood, N. Y. 

I^apeer — Mrs. Ernest Mclntyre, Mara- 
thon, N. Y. ; Mrs. John Mclntyre, Mar- 
athon. N. Y. 

Merchantville — No scliool. 

Otselic — Elmer M. Stephens, Beaver 
Meadows, N. Y. ; Camilla Talett, Beav- 
er Meadows, N. Y. 

\Vedgewood — O. F. Corwin, Watkins, N. 
Y. ; Jessie Speilman, Watkins, N. Y. 

West Windsor — No report. 

Young Hickory — 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — Mrs. Charles Jones. Fairfield, 
Iowa; Earl Simmons, Fairfield, Iowa. 

Baring — G. W. Barnes, Baring, Mo. 

Bethlehem — Eddie Parker. Selma, Iowa. 

Ebeneezer — E. D. Y. Culberton, Fair- 
field, Iowa. 

Galland — Mrs. Andie March. Galland, la. 

Oak Grove — S. B. Snyder, Letta, Iowa. 

Pleasant Ridge — J. H. Slocum, Baring, 

Sandusky — Mrs. Lulu Carter, Montrose, 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — J. A. Andes, Harrisonburg, 
Ya.; Luna C. Tate, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bethel — M. A. Dofllemyre, Elkton, Va.; 
D. F. Dofflemyre, Elkton, Va. 

Bethlehem — J. C. Bradford, Broadway, 
Va.; F. H. Harrison, Broadway, Va. 



Beulah — Mrs. Chas. Faug-ht, Keezle- 
town, Va. ; Nora C. Faught, Keezle- 
town, Va. 

Cbrinttian Chapel — James K. Shiflett, 
Boonesville, Va. ; Cora B. Shiflett, 
Boonesville, Va. 

Concord — J. C. Huffraan, Tlmberville, 
Va.; Vincent T. Huffman, Timberville, 

East T^iberty — ^S. IT. Andrews, Strole, 
Va.; OUie Kite, Strole, Va. 

Island Ford — Marian Marshall, Elkton, 
Va.; Marian Marshall, Elkton, Va. 

Leaksville — Robert E. Short, Luray, 
Va.; Fred H. Mayes, Luray, Va. 

Linville — R. Roy Hosaflook, Linville, 
Va. ; Minnie Bowman, Linville, Va. 

Mt. Lebanon— G. W. Comer, Elkton, 
Va. ; Nettie Comer, Elkton, Va. 

Mt. Olivet (G) — Ambrose Vernon, Dyke, 
Va.; Bannie Morris, Dyke, Va. 

Mt. Olivet (R> — C. A. Life, Elkton, Va. ; 
Alice E. Lam, Elkton, Va. 

Neiv Hope — Samuel Earman, Harrison- 
burg, Va. ; Mattie Liskey, Harrison- 
burg-, Va. 

Newport — B. L. Louderback, Stanley- 
ton, Va.; Mamie Hanson, Stanley- 
ton, Va. 

Palmyra — ^Miss Lucy Snapp, Bdinburg, 
Va. ; Mrs. Harry Holmes, Edinburg, 

Timber Rids-e — J. M. Anderson, Jericho, 
W. Va. ; Walter Larrick, High View, 
W. Va. 

Winebe.ster — W. T. Walters, Winches- 
ter, Va. ; Mrs. J. S. Davis, Winchester, 

Woods Chapel — Charles Shaffer, New 
Market, Va. ; Dora E. Kingree, New 
Market, Va. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Antioch — O. G. Kirkpatrick. Frankfort, 
Ind.; Lvdia A. Spray, Frankfort, Ind. 

Bee Ridge — W. H. Rupert, Brazil, Ind.; 
Nellie Brackney, Brazil, Ind. 

Bis Spring — C. E. Watson, Merom, Ind.; 
Telia Haines. Merom, Ind. 

Broivns Wonder — Clarence Richardson, 
Lebanon. Ind.; Ruth Huntsinger, Leb- 
anon, Ind. 

Center — John N. Merritt, Wingate, Ind.; 
Gertrude Dillard, Wingate, Ind. 

Center Grove — Thomas R. Jones, 
Thorntown, Ind.; Edna Jones, Thorn- 
town, Ind. 

Christian Chapel — Marion McKenzie, 
Kirklin, Ind.; Bffie King, Kirklin, 

Christian Liberty — Ross Hollingsworth, 
Sheridan, Ind.; Marie Cash, Lebanon, 

Croys Creels — Burt Boyd, Brazil, Ind., 
R. D. 6; Racliel Logan, Reelsville,Ind. 

Darlington — Edward Flannigan, Dar- 
lington. Ind.; Marie Rhorer, Darling- 
ton, Ind. 

Elm Grove — David Price, Manson, Ind.; 
Mary Grove, Colfax, Ind. 

Fair»'ieT*- — R. G. HoUoman, Lebanon, 
Ind.; Guy Allen, Lebanon, Ind. 

Fountain — Lewis D. Reed, Covington, 
Ind.; Hazel Hickman, Covington, Ind. 

Freedom — Charles Cory, Kingman, Ind.; 
Julia Thorne, Kingman, Ind. 

Friendship — Anna Laughlin, Michigan- 
town, Ind.; Anna Laughlin, Michigan- 
town, Ind. 

Garfleld — Edward Wilkinson, Craw- 

fordsville, Ind.; Ethel Fairfield, Dar- 
lington, Ind. 
I^ebanon — Rev. H. Crampton, Lebanon, 

Ind.; Herman Thompson, Lebanon, 

Liberfy — Mary Marcrum, Crawfords- 

ville, Ind.; Nolatia Quick, Crawfords- 

ville, Ind. 
liinden — Joseph Rickey, Linden, Ind.; 

Dorothea Blue, Linden, Ind. 
Unnsburg — Albert Vanscoyoc, Craw- 

fordsville, Ind., Anna Sheridan, 

Linnsburg, Ind. 
Mellott — Lee Mosier, Mellott, Ind.; Al- 
ma Fritz, Mellott, Ind. 
Merom — John Hammond, Merom, Ind.; 

Clyde White, Merom, Ind. 
Mt. Zion — R. H. Flinn, Lebanon, Ind.; 

Cecil Kiser, Lebanon, Ind. 
Mt. Olive — Charles Taylor, Lewis, Ind.; 

Blanche Akers, Farmersburg, Ind. 
NcAv Salem — Rufus Emmert, Lebanon, 

Ind.; Lucile Beck, Lebanon, Ind. 
Old Union — Sarah Heady, Lebanon, 

Ind.; Hazel Young, Jamestown, Ind. 
Osborn Prairie — Mrs. John Boord, Veed- 

ersburg, Ind.; Robert Black, Veeders- 

burg, Ind. 
Otter Creek — A. G. Kessel, Brazil, Ind.; 

Jane Hoffman, Brazil, Ind. 
Pleasant Hill — Robert Bunnell, Win- 
gate, Ind.; David Irvin, Wingate, Ind. 
Pleasant View — Thomas Findlay, Leb- 
anon, Ind.; Lucile Findlay, Lebanon, 

Prairie Chapel — Dee Wilson, Hillsboro, 

Ind.; Goldie Brown, Hillsboro, Ind. 
Prairieville — Sylvester Fitzsimmons, 

Sharpsville, Ind.; Beryl McReynolds, 

Sharpsville, Ind. 
Rosston — Frank Bland, Rosston, Ind.; 

Re.x Moore, Rosston, Ind. 
Scotland — Oren Eaton, Lebanon, Ind.; 

Aletha Sims, Kirklin, Ind. 
Shiloh — William Johnson, Advance, 

Ind.; Sylvia Proffltt, Advance, Ind. 
Sterling — Czar Snyder, Veedersburg, 

Ind.; Freda Fowler, Veedersburg, Ind. 
Union Cemetery — T. M. Meeker, Attica, 

Ind.; Thomas Perdue, Veedersburg, 


Veddo — James Philpott, Yeddo, Ind.; 

Zuria Summers, Yeddo, Ind. 
Zion — Ada Pittenger, Cory, Ind.; Murle 

Rodgers, Cory, Ind. 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Coloma — Almon J. Baker, Coloma, 
Mich.; Cecil C. Baker, Coloma, Mich. 

Fairview Chapel — Mrs. Hattie Abbe, St. 
Joseph, Mich., R. D. 3; Mark Shearer, 
St. Joseph, Mich., R. D. 3. 

Forest Hill — C. E. Baruer, . Manton, 
Mich., R. D. 5; Miss Mary Penrod, 
Murey, Mich. 

Lakevievr Chapel — Mrs. Bertha Stuart, 
Fountain, Mich.; Ruth Rodgers, Bach- 
elor, Micli. 

Lee Chapel — Julia Lauver, Pullman, 
Mich.; Cora Lauver, Pullman, Mich. 

Olive Chapel — Will Rodgers, New Car- 
lisle, Ind.; John Jones, Rolling 
Prairie, Ind. 



School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Lewistown — L. M. Levette, Lewistown, 
111.; No secretary g-iven. 

Indnettry — J. M. Carmean, Industry, 111.; 
Miss Hellen Requa, Industry, 111. 

Olive — C. S. Schleick, Avon, 111.; Miss 
Mary S. Schleick, Avon, 111. 

Ontario — Mrs. Harry Thayer, Woodhull, 
111.; Chas. Tharp, Woodhull, 111. 

Temple — Mrs. Belle France, Table 
Grove, 111.; Harley Thomson, Table 
Grove, 111. 

Flatt — A. Morris, Piatt, 111.; Miss Llsey 
Donelson, Piatt, 111. 

Pleasant Grove — C. D. Doug-las, Smith- 
field, 111.; Miss Rena Keime, Smith- 
fleld, HI. 

Marietta — Mrs. A. L. Coons, Marietta, 
111.; Miss Hazel Medus, Marietta, 111. 

Mound Chapel — Miss Geneviene Thom- 
as, Lewistown, 111., R. D.; Miss Gene- 
viene Thomas, Lewistown, 111., R. D. 6. 

Keeline — D. W. Freeman, Keeline, 
Wyo.; Miss Mary J. Freeman, Jireh, 

School, Superinten«lent, Secretary. 

Charleston — C. G. Hill. Station A, 
Charleston, W. Va.; N. G. Beavers, 
Station A, Charleston, W. Va. 

Dunsrllf — N. Sharp, Dungriff, W. Va.; 
M. Sharp, Dung-riff, W. Va. 

Shre-«vsbury — C. A. Hamigan, Shrews- 
bury, W. Va. ; R. F. Mottson, Shrews- 
bury, W. Va. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Brooklyn — Rev. O. W. Burke, Brooklyn, 
Wash.; May Burke, Brooklyn, Wash. 

Johns River — A. W. Fry, Western 
Wash.; Cris Fry, Western, Wash. 

Montesano — Mrs. Julia A. Stone, Monte- 
sano. Wash.; J, L. Phillips, Monte- 
sano, Wash. 

Wynooche Valley — Mr. J. H. Taylor, 

Montesano, Wash.; Mrs. Frost, 

Montesano, Wash. 

School, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Chimney Rock — J. M. Norris, Keeline, 

Jireh — Prof. Harry Haas, Jireh, Wyo- 
ming; Wright Hess, Jireh, Wyoming. 

Scliool, Superintendent, Secretary. 

Agamenticus — N. Welch, ; Mrs. Al- 
bion Ramsdell, Cape Neddick, Me., 
R. D. 

Blue Point — ^Mrs. Florence Seavey, 
— — ; Mrs. H. E. Leavett, Pine Point, 

Center Lovell — Wm. Vance, ; Mrs. 

J. W. Card, Center Lovell, Me. 

Freedom, N. H. — C. H. Andrews, ; 

Ina E. Foss, Freedom, N. H. 

North Saco — Carlton F. Foss, ; Ed- 
ward E. Merrell, N. Saco, Me., R. D. 

Ogunquit — Stewart Hinley, ■ ; Arch- 
er B'. Littlefield, Ogunquit, Me. 

South Ber^vick anil Wells — C. H. Winn, 

; G. C. Hamilton, Berwick 

Branch, Me. 

South Ber-*rick Junction — Mrs. B. J. 

Nowell. ; C. Z. Knight, South 

Berwick, Me., R. D. 

South Berv»ick Nct*' Years — Mrs. Emily 

Nason, ; Mrs. Frances Hasty, 

South Berwick, Me.. R. D. 

York — A. C. Moulton, ; Geo. J. 

Young-, York Corner, Me. 


School, Superintendent, Secretary. 
Broad Creek — J. H. Matthews, ; 

M. S. 

Mary A. Green. 
Children of Love 

White, founder. 

Christian Chapel — Nelson Hill, Kuhn, 
N. C. 

Myrtle Grove — Miss Annie D. Hicks, 
Maysville, N. C. ; M. R. Kinsey. 

Martin Chapel — J. H. Jessop, Yoreca, 
N. C. 

Rising: Star — Zilpha Sawyer, Moore- 
head City, N. C. 

Small Chapel — Miss Arola Randell. 

St. Galilee — Joseph Mann. 

St. Matthe-»v — J. G. Coleman, ; An- 
nie Foy. 

St. John — J. T. Williams, ; Miss 

Nellie Williams. 

Union Chapel — Wade Taylor, Kinston, 
N. C, R. D. 6. 

AVatson Tabernacle — M. S. White, New 
Bern, N. C. ; W. W. Thomson. 

Zion Hill — Daniel Cooper, ; Miss 

Julia Heath, Florence, N. C. 




Rev. E. A. Watkins, Secretary 

The one movement that has told for Christ and His Kingdom 
in a larger measure, possil^ly, than any other, had its beguming thirty years 
ago, when an anxious pastor in Welliston, Maine, conceived the idea of organ- 
izing his young people into seme sort of an organization that would promote 

training for active service. Thus, Dr. Francis 
Clarke worked out the beginnings of what is 
known as "The Christian Endeavor Movement." 
This movement has assumed larger proportions, 
in the same length of time, than any similar re- 
ligious organization of the twentieth century. 
Thirty years ago, we began with one lone soci- 
ety, to-day, we have 80,000 societies, represent- 
ing nearly every nation in the world. Thirty 
years ago, we had only a few members, possibly 
twenty-five in the first society, to-day our mem- 
bership will reach the 4,000,000 mark, one mil- 
lion new members having been added to our 
roll during the past two years. 

There has been just as marked a change in 
the life of the Church, as there has been a 
change in the attitude of the young people to 
the Church. The society has always stood for 
training, and it is the unanimous testimony of 
religious leaders everywhere, that it occupies a field unique and peculiar, and 
does not have any substitute in any of the various departments of the church 
life. Fred Smith said at the Atlantic City Convention, that "It stands absolute- 
ly alone as a training-school for young people." As a result of this new 
■phase of religious actiA-ity, there has grown up in the Church, a great army of 
trained specialists, leaders, who are leading on to victory and conquest as 
never before. 

A number of years ago the Christian Church had over 400 Christian 
Endeavor societies reported. To-day we have little more than 100. Why is 
this? The movement has gripped the other great denominations, why have 
we "lost out?" Certainly, it is not a "spent force," nor is it any less vital 
than formerly, but we have not kept pace with the onward movements of things. 
It is high time we were awakening to the tremendous possibilities in Christian 
Endeavor. We need to catcli the vision. Others have seen it, and have 
profited thereby, they have not been "disobedient to the heavenly vision." Can 
we not do as well as our position would warrant? We ought to lead, instead 
of follow. I believe it is possible for us to make ourselves felt a great deal 
more than we have. What do you think, brethren? 




The Christian Endeavor Societies 


Arthur — Secretary, Violet Erherdt, Ar- 
thur, Illinois. 

Bethel — Secretary, Elsie Bateman, 
Mansfield, Illinois. 

Christian Chapel — Secretary, Maude A. 
Craig', Oakwood, Illinois. 

Danville — Secretary, Josephine Gwin- 
ner, Danville, Illinois. 

Lake Fork — Secretary, Lela Quick, 
Atwood, Illinois. 

Mlluiine — Secretary, Grace B. Bauman, 
Milmine, Illinois. 

Pierson — Secretary, Mrs. Belle Meece, 
Pierson, Illinois. 

Tuscola — Secretary, Wilbur Hoel, Tus- 
cola, Illinois. 

Urbana— Secretary, Opal Smith, Ur- 
bana, Illinois. 


Indianapolis — President, Russel Pruit, 
1647 N. Arsenal Ave., Indianapolis, 
Ind. ; Secretary, Miss Mabel Chapman. 
1426 E. 16th St., Indianapolis, Ind.; 
Corresponding Secretary, Miss Ros- 
sis Pittman, 1006 17th St., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. 


Barnes City — President, Bertha Wil- 
liams, Barnes City, low^a; Secretary, 
Hazel Eastman, Barnes City, low^a; 
Corresponding- Secretary, Bertha 
Williams, Barnes City, Iowa. 

LeGrand — President, Raymond G. 

Clark; Secretary, Leona Hawbecker; 
Corresponding Secretary, Marie Kel- 


Columbus — President, Eckley Gossett, 
90 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio; Secre- 
tary, Bstella Sando, 111 W. 5th Ave., 
Columbus, Ohio; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Estella Sando, 111 W. 5th 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Mt. Sterling — President, Miss Lillie 
Ray, Mt. Sterling, Ohio; Secretary, 
Miss Golda Smith, Mt. Sterling, Ohio; 
Corresponding Secretary, Leatha 
Junk, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 

AVilson Chapel — President, George 
Lightle, London, Ohio, R. D. 2; Sec- 
retary, Maud Mahorney, South 
Charleston, Ohio, R. D. 1; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Mary Mitch, 
South Vienna, Ohio, R. D. 1. 


Des Moines (First) — President, Fred 
Watkins, 1273 Eleventh St., Des 
Moines, Iowa; Secretary, Mrs. Anna 
Wagner, 1140 W. Twelfth, St., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Hill of Zion — President, Roy Edmand- 
son. Orient, Iowa; Secretary, Ethel 
Ford, Orient, Iowa. 

Lake City — President, C. W. McDonald, 
Lake City, Iowa; Secretary, Mrs. 
Laurie Baden, Lake City, Iowa. 

Oak Hill — President, Roy Kent. Thay- 
er, Iowa; Secretary, Letha McGuire, 
Thayer, Iowa. 

Pleasant Valley — President, Mrs. Clara 
Moore, Murray, Iowa; Secretary, 
Ethel G. Moore, Murray, Iowa. 

Truro — President, Mrs. Ed. Garst, 
Truro, Iowa; Secretary, Mr. Frank 
Farson, Truro, Iowa. 


Albany — President, C. N. Miller, Al- 
bany, Ind.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Mrs. Estella Pennington, Albany, Ind. 

Boston — President, Mrs. Amy Pyle, 
Boston, Ind.; Secretary, C. M. Parks, 
Boston, Ind. 

Ft. Recovery — President, Wm. John- 
son, Ft. Recovery, Ohio; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Nell Bettis, Ft. Re- 
covery, Ohio. 

Hagerst'oTvn — President, M. L. Gebhart. 
Hagerstown, Ind.; Secretary. Miss 
Florence Bell, Hagerstown, Ind.; 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Laura 
Hines, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Middletovj-n — President, Keith Crisman, 
Middletown, Ind. 

Millville — President, Mrs. Thomas Wil- 
son, Newcastle, Ind., R. D. 3; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Miss Veleda 
Dinkins, Millville, Ind. 

Moutpeller — President, Miss Anna 
Shields, Montpelier, Ind.; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Ruth Ely, Montpelier, 

Salanionia — President, Miss Adah Mil- 
ler, Portland, Ind., R. D.; Secretary, 
Miss Florence Bullock, Portland, 
Ind., R. D.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Bert Hardy, Portland, Ind., R. D. 8. 

AVinchester — President, Mrs. Bertha 
Lewis, Winchester, Ind.; Secretary, 
Ruth Keys, Winchester, Ind. 


Dunfee — President, Mrs. Minnie Mc- 
"Whirter, Dunfee. Ind.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. Minnie McWhirter, 
Dunfee, Ind. 

Eel River — President, Macy Grisso, 
Pierceton, Ind.. R. D. 2; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Miss Ruth Brubaker, 
S. Whitley, Ind. 

Goshen — President. A. J. Mell. 1100 S. 
Main St.. Goshen. Ind.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Ernest Paff, 628 S. 7th 
St., Goshen, Ind. 

Huntington — President, Clifford Fun- 
derburg, Huntington, Ind.; Corre- 
sponding Secretary. Catherine Sep- 
tar, Huntington, Ind. 

Kelso — President, Joe Taylor, Hunting- 
ton, Ind., R. D. 6; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Miss Gertrude Minniear, War- 
ren, Ind.. R. D. 3. 

3Ierrianj — President, Harvey Ott, Al- 
bion, Ind., R. D. 2; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Ursa Young, Kim- 
mell, Ind., R. D. 1. 

aiurray — President, Harold Park, Bluff- 
ton, Ind., R. D. 1. 

Plum Tree — President, Dorrel Whin- 
nery, Warren, Ind., R. D. 4; Corre- 



spending Secretary, Miss Etta Eu- 
bank, Warren, Ind., R. D. 4. 

Servia — President. Clem Neander, Ur- 
bana, Ind.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Miss Dessie Kester, Servia, Ind. 

Sidney — President. Mrs. Frances Dome, 
Sidney, Ind.; Corresponding- Secre- 
tary, Mrs. C. B. McConnell. Sidney, 

Spring Hill — President, Wm. Cliidister, 
Millersburg-, Ind. 

Union — President, Mrs. Kittie Stafford. 
Pierceton, Ind.; Correspondinff Sec- 
retary, Miss Letta Bayman, S. Whit- 
ley, Ind. 

Wakarusa — Bresident, Ira Eshleman, 
Wakarusa, Ind.; Correspondinff Sec- 
retary, Mrs. Maggie Yarian, Waka- 
rusa, Ind. 

Warren — President, Miss Florence An- 
drew, Warren, Ind.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Frances Blatchley, 
Warren, Ind. 

MUlersburg — Superintendent, Mrs. Ada 
McClain, Millersburg, Ind. 

Wakarusa — Superintendent, Mrs. S. E. 
Johnston, Wakarusa, Ind. 


Beaver Center, Pa.— President, Mrs. D. 
P. Hurlburt, Springboro, Pa., R. D. 
36; Corresponding Secretary, Miss 
Lucy Lamb, Conneautville, Pa.. R. 
D. 29. 

Conneaut, O. — President, Sam L. Dean, 
Conneaut, Ohio; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Bessie Stoke, Conneaut, Ohio. 

East Sprinsrfield, Pa. — President. Frank 
Rhodes, East Springfield, Pa.; No 
Corresponding Secretary. 

Erie, Pa. — President, Ray Gibson was 
president, but has lately moved to 
Edinboro, Pa., R. D. Do not know 
who is president now. Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Ada Sherman, 351 W. 
4th St., Erie, Pa. 

FalrvleTv, Pa. — President, Winifred Na- 
son, Fairview, Pa.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. G. C. Zindel, Girard, 

Hammonds Comers, Ohio — President, 
Mrs. Powell, Pierpont, Ohio. R. D.; 
Corresponding Secretary. Florence 
Rudler, Conneaut, Ohio, R. D. 3. 

Spring-boro, Pa. — President, Fred Ben- 
der, Springboro, Pa.; Corresponding 
Secretary, May Mathers, Springboro, 


Albion — 

Bangor (First) — President, Mrs. H. P. 
Greeley, 20 Thirteenth St.. Bangor, 
Me.; Secretary, Miss Olive Davis, 52 
Bowden St., Bangor, Me. 

Corlnna (Pleasant St.) — President, Rol- 
lie E. Ireland, Corinna, Me.; Secre- 
tary, Miss Edith Daiziel, Corinna, Me. 

Liubec (First) — President. Miss Evelyn 
Pike, Lubec, Me.; Secretary, Miss 
Maggie Cheeney. Lubec, Me.; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Miss Emily 
Goodwin, Lubec, Me. 

Nevrport — 

Georges Mill, N. H. — Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. DeWitte C. Colby, 
Georges Mills, N. H. 

Hill, N. H. — Corresponding Secretary, 
Jennie D. Blake, Hill. N. H. 

Laronlu, N. H. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary. Jennie M. Bickford, 209 Acad- 
emy St.. Laconia, N. H. 

New London, N. H. — Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. E. N. Lawler, New Lon- 
don, N. H. 

North Shrewsbury-, Vt. — Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. Minnie Aldrich, Cut- 
tingsville, Vt. 

South Danbury, N. H. — Corresponding 
Secretary, E. J. Ordway, South Dan- 
bury, N. H. 

Walpole, N. H. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. Leland Graves, Walpole, 
N. H. 

Woodstock. Vt. — President. Miss Ber- 
tha Wood, Woodstock. Vt.; Secretary. 
Miss Bertha Metcalf, Woodstock, Vt.; 
Corresponding Secretary, Martha 
Melish, Woodstock, Vt. 


Franklin, N. H. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Helen B. Phillips, Main St., 
Franklin, N. H. 


Bethany — President, J. F. Meloy. Leb- 
anon, Ohio; Corresponding Secretary, 
Mrs. Henry Russel, Lebanon, Ohio, 
R. D. 1. 

Covington — President, Isabella West- 
fall, Covington, Ohio; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Ruth Conway, Cov- 
ington, Ohio. 

Dayton (Crown Point) — President, Leon 
Williams. Dayton. Ohio, R. D. 14; 
Corresponding Secretary, Harry 
Spreng, Dayton, Ohio, R. D. 14. 

Dayton (First) — President, Don Long- 
necker, 216 Conover St., Dayton. O.; 
Corresponding Secretary, Miss Edna 
Ruse, 338 Fourth Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Eaton — President, Mrs. Cora Widener, 
Eaton. Ohio; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Edith O. Hart, Eaton, Ohio. 

Franklin — President, J. P. Fitzgerald, 
Franklin, Ohio; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Kelsey Arthur, Franklin, Ohio. 

Genntown — President, Miss Hazel 

Mitchel, Lebanon. Ohio; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Catherin Drake, Leba- 
non, Ohio. 

Piqua — President, Miss Emma Hershey, 
Piqua, Ohio; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Dora Johnson, Piqua, Ohio. 

Springfield — President, Miss Hazel Run- 
yan, Columbus Ave., Springfield, O., 
R. D. 

Troy — President, Mrs. Nellie Wilson, 
Troy, Ohio; Corresponding Secretary, 
Miss Gertrude Reed, 129 S. Cherry 
St., Troy, Ohio. 

Trotwood — President, Oren Weaver, 
Dayton, Ohio, R. D. 14; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Miss Alice Sauer, Trot- 
wood, Ohio. 

Versailles — President, Miss Mary Her- 
bert, Versailles, Ohio; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Irene Finfrock, Ver- 
sailles, Ohio. 

West Manchester — Recording Secretary. 
Mrs. D. A. Retry, West Manchester, 

W^est Liberty — President, Miss Martha 
King, West Liberty, Ohio; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Miss Martha 
King, West Liberty, Ohio. 




Brltton — President, Winefried Merrell, 
Britton, Mich.; Corresponding- Secre- 
tary, Mrs. Flora Exelby, Britton, 
Mfcli.; Recording- Secretary, Miss 
Florence Main, Britton, Mich. 

Maple Rnpids — President, Minnie Reed. 
Maple Rapids, Midi.; Corresponding- 
Secretary, Miss Mary Snyder, Maple 
Rapids, Micii. ; Recording- Secretary, 
Madie Newton, Maple Rapids, Mich. 

Middleton — President, Roy Otto, Mid- 
dleton, Mich. 


Coshocton— President, Edith Da-wson, 
S. 8th St., Coshocton, Ohio; Secretary, 
Miss Lula West, Coshocton, Ohio, R. 
D. ; Corresponding- Secretary, Ebenez- 
er Evans, Coshocton, Ohio, Union 

Utiea — President, Wm. Fees, Utica, O.; 
Secretary, Blanche Winner, Utica, O. ; 
Corresponding Secretary, Eva Mc- 
Cabe, Utica, Ohio. 


Chapnianto-nn, Pa — Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. Elva S-wingle, Avoy. Pa. 

Falrview, N. J. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. Margaret Horner, Bridge- 
boro, N. J. 

FInesville, N. J. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Cora M. Kressler, Fines- 
ville, N. J. 

Gulf Mills, Pa. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. A. Irvin Supplee, Consho- 
hocken. Pa. 

Irvlnston, N. J. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Retta Smith, 177 Maple 

L,e-»visburR, Pa. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Mary A. McLaughlin. 

Loelcto-»vn, N. J. — Corresponding- Secre- 
tary, Miss Faetta H. Reep, Lock- 
to-wn, N. J. 

Madlsonville. Pa. — Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. L. E. Walters. Madison- 
ville. Pa. 

Manayunk, Pa. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Nettie Taylor, Manayunk, 

Milford, N. J. — Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Elenora Godley, Milford, 
N. J. 

S-weet Valley, Pa. — Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Miss Irene Edwards, Sweet 
Valley, Pa. 


Morning Star — President, David Clouse; 
Corresponding Secretary, Ellen 


Oronoque — President, Nelson Huff, Oro- 
noque, Kans.; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Ida Thompson, Oronoque, Kans. 

Pleasant Home — President, Millie Lis- 
ter, Brewster, Kans. 


Blanehard — President, Olie Thomson, 
Dunkirk, Ohio; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. Alma Thomson, Dunkirk. 

Buckland — President, Leo A. Walker, 

Buckland, Ohio; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Leo A. Walker, Buckland, O. 

Columbus Grove — President, Miss Lay 
Hartman, Columbus Grove, Ohio; 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Lee 
Keirns, Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Defiance- — No report tliis year. 

La Fayette- — No report this year. 

Lima — President, W. E. Rice, 419 W. 
Kibby St., Lima, Ohio; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, W. B. Cozad, 919 W. 
Spring St., Lima, Oliio. 

Logransville— No report. 

Middle River — President, Enos P. Fos- 
naught, Elida, Oliio; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Lucy M. John, Blida, 

Otta-*va River — No report. 

Spenoerville — President, Grover Crites, 
Spencerville, Ohio; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Ethel Crites, Spen- 
cerville, Ohio. 

VauRhnsville — No report. 

West Union — President, David Miller, 
Spencerville, Ohio; 
Secretary, Miss Susie Sutton 
cerville, Ohio. 

Westminster- — -President, 
W^estminster, Ohio; 
Secretary, Anna Ashan, Westminster 


G. Henders, 


Lakemont — President, Roscoe Wixon, 
Lakemont, N. Y. ; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Miss Mabel Eaton, Lakemont, 
N. Y. 

Marion — President, Miss Jennie Hacke- 
man, Marion, N. Y. ; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss Minnie Dusenbury, 
Marion, N. Y. 

Nortli Rush — President, R. Warner 
Martin, West Henrietta, N. Y.; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Miss Matilda 
Bauchle, North Rush, N. Y. 

Newfield — President, Arthur Allen, 
Newfield, N. Y.; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. Charles B. Boice, Newfleld, 
N. Y. 

Plainville — President. W. W. Loomis, 
Plainville, N. Y. ; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. M. C. Carncross, Plain- 
ville, N. Y. 


Albany — President, Frank Calder, Al- 
bany, N. Y.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Maynard Way, 271 Hudson Ave., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

Barkersville — President, Jas. L. Hun- 
ter, Barkersville, N. Y. ; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Mrs. George Matteson, 
Barkersville, N. Y. 

Cranberry Creek — President, Mrs. E. A. 
King, Cranberry Creek, N. Y. ; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Mrs. L. M. Gil- 
bert, Cranberry Creek, N. Y. 

Danbury, Conn. — President. Mrs. E. M. 
Cook, Danbury, Conn.; Corresponding 
Secretary, R. J. Knight, Danbury, 

East Cobleskill— President, Charles 
Salisbury, East Cobleskill, N. Y.; 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Geo. 
Turner, East Cobleskill, N. Y. 

Freehold — President, Mrs. Leroy Phin- 
ney, Freehold, N. Y.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Emma Story, Freehold,N.Y. 

Galway — President, Valdi Kimball, Gal- 
way, N. Y. ; Corresponding Secretary, 
Hazel Andrews, Galway, N. Y. 



HartTt'ick — President, Mrs. E. DeMett. 
Hartwick, N. Y. ; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. Lulu Adams, Hartwick, 
N. Y. 

Hnntersland — President, Eva Pinell, 
Huntersland, N. Y. ; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. Jerome Decker, Hunt- 
ersland, N. Y. 

Slaryland — President, Bartlett 'W'inans. 
Maryland, N. Y. ; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. H. Butts, Maryland, N. Y. 

Portlandville — President, Lester Town- 
send, Portlandville, N. Y. ; Corre- 
sponding' Secretary. Laura H. Gurney. 
Portlandville, N. Y. 

Ravena — President, Emma Krenrick, 
Ravena, N. Y. ; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Marguerite Losey, Ravena, N. Y. 

Rural Grove — President, Mrs. Carrie 
Van Buren, Sprakers, N. Y., R. D. ; 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. J. B. 
Gove, Sprakers, N. Y.. R. D. 

South Berne — President. Fred Knowles, 
Soutli Berne, N. Y. ; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. William Adriance, 
South Berne, N. Y. 

South Valley — President, Mrs. L. Marks, 
South Valley, N. Y. : Corresponding 
Secretary Neva Smith, South Valley, 
N. Y. 

South "Westerlo — President, Augustus 
Shepard, South Westerlo, N. Y. ; Cor- 
respondin"r Secretary, A. Shepard, 
Greenville, N. Y. 


-Maehias — Presidfnt, -Lila Joslyn, Ma- 
chias, N. Y. ; Secretary, Marie Van 
Dewater. Machias, N. Y.; Correspond- 
ing Secretary. Mrs. J. C. Baker, Ma- 
cliias, N. Y. 

Planning' — President, L. B. W^hitlock, 
Albion, N. Y.. R. D.; Secretary, Mrs. 
Hart "Wilcox, Itolley, N. Y.. R. D. 3: 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wil- 
liam Cooper, Holley, N. Y., R. D. 3. 

Morg-anville — President, Marie Siehl, 
Morganville, N. Y. ; Secretary, 
Frankie Rulilman, Morganville. N. 
Y. ; Corresponding Secretary, Edna J. 
Mayne, Morganville. N. Y. 

Orangeport — President, Floyd Cothran. 
Lockport, N. Y., R. D. 8; Secretary, 
Olive Gaskill, Gasport, N. Y., R. D. 
39; Corresponding Secretary, Jay S. 
Pease, Gasport, N. Y. 

Parma and Greece — President. Florence 
Chase, 102 Snyder St., Rochester. N. 
Y.; Secretary, Hoy E. Hicks. Hilton, 
N. Y. ; Corresponding Secretary, Roy 
E. Hicks, Hilton. N. Y. 


Pleasant Hill— President. Etta Flagg, 
Gait, Mo., R. D. 2; Secretary, Lela 
Claypole, Laredo, Mo., R. D. 2. 


Antioeh — President, Alva Thrailkill, 
Swayzee, Ind.; Secretary, Mabel 
Cooper, Swayzee, Ind. 

Voung America — President, ; Sec- 
retary, Laura Beck, Young America, 


Bloomlngton — President, Wm. A. Fock- 
ler, Bloomington, Ont. ; Corresponding 
Secretary, Rev. D. V. Van Norman, 
Bloomington, Ont. 

Drayton — President, Miss A. Wilson, 
Drayton, Ont.; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. J. N. Dales, Drayton, Ont. 

Ke.swick — President, M. Connell, Kes- 
wick, Ont.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Miss D. Mahoney, Belhaven, Ont. 

Little Britain — President, W. J. Yeo, 
Little Britain, Ont.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Miss L. Heattie. Little 
Britain, Ont. 

Newmarket — President, W. Climpson, 
Newmarket, Ont.; Corresponding Sec- 

, retary. Miss Rhoda Willis, Newmar- 
ket, Ont. 

0.shawa — President, W. B. Alchin. Os- 
hawa, Ont.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Miss Edith Samells, Oshawa, Ont. 

Rinjovood — President, John Swales, 
Ringwood, Ont.; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Miss Ada Barkey, Ringwood, 

Toronto — President, Miss H. Hansford, 
689 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ont.; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Albert Davis, 
13 Garnet St., Toronto, Ont. 


Weaubleau — President, E. Fry, Weau- 
bleau. Mo.; Secretary, Parcia Whit- 
aker, Weaubleau, Mo. 


A.ssouet — President, Grace L. Terry, 
Assonet, Mass.; Secretary and Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Mrs. Annie M. 
Sisson, Assonet, Mass. 

Greene, R. I. — President, Mrs. Gordan 
Rose, Greene, R. I.; Secretary and 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. C. B. 
Andrews, Greene, R. I. 

Hixville — President, Mrs. L. Frank 
Chace, 139 Lervin St., Fall River, 
Mass.; Secretary and Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. H. Endora Collins, 
Shawmut, Mass. 

North, Fall River — President, Miss 
Stella Connor, 3820 N. Main St., Fall 
River, Mass.; Secretary, Miss Ethel 
B. Read, 3626 N. Main St., Fall River. 
Mass.; Corresponding Secretary. Her- 
man B. Davis, 2873 Hi9rhland Ave., 
Fall River, Mass. 

North, New Bedford — President, Miss 
Ruth Pierce, 17 Buttonwood St., New 
Bedford. Mass.; Secretary, Miss Ruth 
Reed, Washington St., New Bedford, 
Mass.; Corresponding Secretary, Har- 
ry J. Humphrey, Beech St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

Perry Hill, Achu.shnet, Mass. — Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Albert Jenney, Acushnet, 
Mass.; Secretary, Mrs. George Barton, 
Acushnet. Mass.; Corresponding Sec- 
retary, Mrs. George Barton, Acush- 
net, Mass. 

Pottersvllle- — -President, Warren H. 
Sanford. Pottersville. Mass.; Secre- 
tary, Miss Emma F. Chace, Somerset, 
Mass.; Corresponding Secretary. Miss 
Flora B. Wood. Somerset, Mass. 

Rockland, R. I. — President, Mrs. George 
Cole, Rockland, R. I.; Secretary, Mrs. 
Henry W. Seamans, Rockland. R. I.; 



Corresponding Secretary. Mrs. Sarah 
E. Olney, Rockland, R. I. 

South W^estport — President, Leland K. 
White, South Westport, Mass.; Sec- 
retary, Janie B. Smith, South West- 
port, Mass.; Corresponding Secretary. 
Mollle A. White, South Westport, 

Spruce Street, Nevy Bedford — President, 
Miss Edith Taber, 47 Shawmut Ave., 
New Bedford, Mass.; Secretary, Miss 
Clara Taber, 194 Shawmut Ave., New 
Bedford, Mass.; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss Isabella Taber, 47 Shaw- 
mut Ave., New Bedford. Mass. 

West Mansfield — President, Miss Ger- 
trude Howes, West Mansfield, Mass.: 
Secretary and Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Mrs. Inez E. Fisher, West Mans- 
field, Mass. 

Edna Hammer, Westboro, Ohio; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Fay Jones, 
Midland City, Ohio, R. D. 


Cassoday — Secretary, Miss Lillian Bri- 
denstein, Cassoday. Kans. 

Pleasant Hill — President. Sylvester Jer- 
auld, Arlington, Kans.; Secretary, 
Miss Myrtle Webber. Arlington, 
Kans.; Corresponding Secretary, Miss 
Laura Jerauld, Arlington, Kans. 

Towanda — Secretary, Mrs. A. J. Ral- 
ston, Towanda, Kans. 


Linden — President, Elwood Young, Lin- 
den, la.; Secretary, Ada Young, Lin- 
den, la. 

Madrid — President, Mrs. Anna Pope, 
Madrid, la.; Secretary, Roy Pope, 
Madrid, la. 


Christian Chapel — President, C. M. Ed- 
wards, Mt. Holly, Ohio; Secretary, 
Miss Christiana Myrick, Mt. Holly, 
Ohio; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. 

• C. M. Edwards, Mt. Holly, Ohio. 

Cincinnati (Fulton St. Mission) — Vice- 
President, Rev. M. F. Dunham, 1756 
Columbia Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio; Sec- 
retary. Mrs. J. Fee, 1832 Columbia 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. J. Pee, 1832 Columbia 
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Russelvllle (Union) — President, W^alter 
Richey, Russelville. Ohio; Secretary, 
Lucy McCormick, Russelville, Ohio. 

Westboro — President, Vera (ioodwin. 
Midland City, Ohio, R. D. ; Secretary, 


Beaver Meadow, N. Y. — President, Delos 
R. Sherwood, Beaver Meadow, N. Y. ; 
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Eva 
Cocliran, Beaver Meadow, N. Y. 

Blng-hamton, N. Y. — President, Geo. C. 
Stafford, 232 Clinton St., Binghamton. 
N. Y.; Corresponding Secretary, J. H. 
Van Atta, 216 Clinton St., Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 

East Lawrence, Pa. — President, C. S. 
Rockwell, Lawrenceville, Pa.; Re- 
cording Secretary, Miss Maud Dond, 
Lawrenceville, Pa.; Corresponding 
Secretary, Mrs. J. N. Corwin, Law- 
renceville, Pa. 

Evergreen, Pa. — President, Mrs. Mattie 
C. White, New Albany. Pa., R. D. 46; 
Recording Secretary, Miss Alberta Al- 
len, New Albany, Pa., R. D. 46; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Mrs. Mattie C 
White, New Albany, Pa., R. D. 46. 

Frank Centre, Pa. — President, Mrs. Me- 
linda Williams, Powell, Pa.; Record- 
ing Secretary, Loren Compton, Pow- 
ell, Pa.; Corresponding Secretary, 
Emma Roof, Monroeton, Pa. 

Greenwood, N. Y. — President, Miss Ruby 
Tyler, Greenwood, N. Y. ; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Bernice Blair. Green- 
wood, N. Y. 


Antioch — President, C. W. Simmons, 
Fairfield, la., R. D. 2; Secretary, Miss 
Maude Johnson, Pleasant Plain, la., 
R. D. 2; Corresponding Secretary, 
Vernie Simmons, Fairfied, la., R. D. 2. 

Baring — President, G. F Wauck, Bar- 
ing, Mo. 

Sandusky — President, Ida Nightingale, 
Montrose, la.; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Miss A. E. Denmire, Montrose, 
la., R. D. 4. 


Llnnville — President, Charles Rhodes, 
Linnville, Va. ; Secretary, Miss Lydia 
Geil, Linnville, Va. 

Timber Ridge — President. J. W. Lar- 
rick. High View, Va. ; Secretary. Miss 
Margarett McCurdy. High View, Va. 




Rev. John Blood, 5^ecretary 

There is verj' little for me to say to the readers of the Year Book. There 
has come into my hands the present year, two hundred and fifty dollars which, 
with the amount of six hundred and sixty-five dollars on hand at the Convention, 
makes nine hundred and fifteen dollars on hand as an 
Endowment Fund. Dear reader, we will never be able 
to take any prominent place in the world until we can 
control a larger amount of working capital than we 
have. In my judgment we should have enough endow- 
ment money at interest to pay the running expenses of 
our work, including the office of the Secretary of the 
American Christian Convention, and then the ofiice 
would be free from the embarrassment of the Secretary 
having to raise much of his own salary which must be 
a source of unpleasantness to him many times, which 
experience he should not have. How many preachers 
would remain in the work if we had to do as our 
Brother Burnett has to do? For one, I am almost 
ashamed of the seeming indifference of our people to the 
importance of this officer of the American Christian 
Convention. I am saying all this of my own free will 
and accord. Brother Burnett may not thank me for ji; 

John Blood 

but what I have said, I have said. 

The attention of our brotherhood should be directed in a very definite way 
toward the following' named institutions: 

Franklinton Christian College, Frauklinton, A. C. — For particulars concerning the 
conditions and needs of this very worthy institution, write to the President 
of the Board of Control, Rev. John Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. 

The Christian Orphanage, Elon College, N. C. — For information concerning this 
child of the Church and great blessing to mankind, address Rev. James L. 
Foster, Superintendent of the Orphanage, Elon College, N. C. 

The Aged Ministers' Home, Lakemont, N. Y. — To know the needs and advantages 
of this "Retreat for the Weary." write to the President of the Board of 
Trustees, James S. Frost, Lakemont, N. Y. 

A remittance for either of them may be sent direct to the ones named above, 
or to J. F. Burnett, Secretary American Christian Convention, Dayton, Ohio. 

Are you thinking of what to do with your surplus money? Just think of 
either, or all of the above named institutions, and then act as becometh a worthy 
steward of your Lord's funds. 



The Christian Publishing Association Officers 

President, Hon. O. W. Whitelock, Huntington, Ind. 

Vice-President, Rev. J. J. Summerbell, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Secretary, John S. Halfaker, Lima, Ohio. 

Treasurer, D. M. McCullough, Troy, Ohio. 

Editor Herald of Gospel Liberty, Rev. J. P. Barrett, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Editor Sunday-school Literature, Rev. S. Q. Helfenstein, D. D., Dayton, Ohio. 

Trustees, Rev. A. M. Kerr, Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

Prof. J. N. Dales, Toronto, Ontario. 

Rev. W. W. Staley, Suffolk, Va. 

Hon. A. M. Heidelbaugh, Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

J. S. Frost, Lakemont, New York. 

Rev. G. D. Lawrence, Avon, Illinois. 

Hon. E. L. Goodwin, Boston, Mass. 

Hermon Eldredge, Editor Sunday-school Teachers and Officers Journal, 
and Assistant Editor Sunday-school Literature, Erie, Pa. 

Netum Rathbun, Publishing Agent, Dayton, Ohio. 

The Christian Publishing Association Sends Greetings 

One of the most important fields is that of publishing. The printing press 
is the handmaiden, if not the forerunner of progress. It is the greatest 
agency of the age in diffusing knowledge among the people. It has been the 
right arm of freedom and of liberty. Where publications are not censored and 
the people know what is actually being done in the world, tyranny cannot long 
exist. Where there is freedom of the press the shackled and manacled hands 
of serfdom and slavery cannot long remain. 

As the printing press has been the strong arm of civic liberty, so it has 
also been the right hand of religious liberty and thought. 

The newspaper has been the greatest force of modern times in creating 
public sentiment and molding independent thought. It has been the foe of 
tyrants and oppressors of men. Not only has the newspaper been the expounder 
of republican ideas and civic equality, but the fathers of our church recognized 
it as a power vehicle to carry their ideas of religious liberty and democracy 
of religion to a world that was just beginning to throw off the papal yoke and 
episcopal chains. 

It was in the beginning days that Elias Smith, one of our pioneer preachers, 
conceived the idea that a newspaper would be a strong factor in establishing 
and maintaining the advanced thought of religious liberty as advanced by the 
fathers of the Christian Church and expounded by them in the dawning days 
of the Nineteenth Century. He published the first religious newspaper, on Sept. 
1, 1808, under the name of "The Herald of Gospel Liberty." Its name indicated 
the great purpose of the paper, to sound abroad the tidings of religious liberty 
and thought. It was as one crying in the wilderness, "make his paths straight." 



It was the burning pine-knot tliat Ivindled the flames tliat have burned the thongs 
that have tied men's souls to forms and ceremonies and started the blaze that 
blistered and seared creeds. That fire has been burning up the dross of religious 
enmity and has brought into the crucible the pure gold of love and Christian 
fellowship. That paper, founded over a century ago, has survived the famines 
and vicissitudes of pioneer life, and lives to-day, strong and vigorous in early 
manhood, a true exponent of religious liberty and the pure gospel of Jesus 
Christ. It is our own denominational paper, published by The Christian 
Publishing Association of Dayton, Ohio, and edited by that spirit-filled man. 

Rev. J. Pressley Barrett, D. D. It is our own 
mouth-piece, it is our child, and we must sup- 
port it not simply because it is our own, but 
because it is worthy of our support and because 
it will do us good. It is an almost indispensa- 
ble helper in building up the Christian Church, 
and no member should do without it. Read it. 
and tell the good news to another, that he, too, 
may drink from this life-giving fountain of love 
and Christian fellowship. 

When the old liberty bell in Independence 
Hall rang out that the Declaration of Independ- 
ence was made and a republic was born, there 
came back the echo from the Blue Ridge of Vir- 
ginia and the pine clad hills of the Carolinas. 
So, too, the message of liberty of conscience and 
individual interpretation of God's Word, as sent 
out from New England's rock-ribbed coast, 
struck a responsive chord in the southland and 
Daniel W. Kerr took up the refrain, and in 
1844 established the Chriatian Sun, whose beams of love and fellowship shone 
upon our brethren, in the South. It has been made effulgent and life-giving 
by that prince of Christian gentlemen, the Rev. J. O. Atkinson, its editor. Its 
life-giving rays shine forth from that center of our educational life in the 
Southern Christian Convention, Elon Christian College, Elou College, North 
Carolina. The Sihi is a sweet-spirited, literary gem, and if you would keep 
in touch with the onward march of our brethren in the South, take and read 
this paper. 

Not to be outdone in spirit and good-will by the brethren of the South 
there comes a reciprocal note, of reciprocity, if you please, from our brethren 
in the snow-clad fields of Canada, and pushing to the front of our struggle for a 
place in the King's Dominion, the Christian Vanguard sends forth its bugle 
call of "to arms, to arms," for the Bible as our only creed and the Holy Spirit 
our guide. Its editor is that strong man of the Canadian church. Prof. John 
N. Dales, who stands as firm in the principles of our faith and as rock-ribbed 
as Gibraltar. Read this paper and witness the loyalty of our brethren of 

These are the papers that represent our general church life and activities. 

O. AV. AVhiteloek 

The Christian Missionary is our only publication given wholly to the great 
cause of missions. It is published at Dayton, Ohio, printed by The Christian 


Publishing Association, and edited by Revs. O. W. Powers and M. T. Morrill, 
our mission secretaries. It is the official missionary organ of the Christian 
Church. It is full of information and well-prepared articles that ai'e calculated 
to create interest in the cause of missions and especially in our own mission 
fields. In this day of missionary sentiment and church expansion, every 
member of our church should take and read this magazine. It is our mission 
power-house and every member of our church should be connected up with it. 


This is the greatest Sunday-school age the church has ever known. At no 
time in church history has there been so much said and written upon the 
Sunday-school as now. Sunday-school helps of almost every character and 
kind are published to strengthen this great arm of the church. 

The Christian Publishing Association through its Publishing House has 
tried to keep abreast of the times in this great field of activity. The Rev. 
S. Q. Helfenstein, D. D., Is at the head of the Sunday-school literature depart- 
ment of our church and prepares all our literature except the Teachers and 
Officers Journal. We publish at our own Publishing House at Dayton, Ohio, 
Bible Class Quarterlies for the senior and adult Bible classes. These are equal 
to any other Sunday-school publications for class purposes. The pupil can get 
a comprehensive knowledge of the lesson if he carefully studies these quarterlies. 
Very few pupils will require more on the lesson than is to be found in this 
quarterly. Then there are the Intermediate and Junior grades. These are 
prepared with the same care as are the Bible Class Quarterlies, and are well 
adapted to these grades. For the lower grades we publish f.lie Junior Herald 
and Little Teacher combined, and Our Scriptui'e Picture Cards and Charts. 

In addition to these helps on the International Uniform Sunday-school 
Lessons, The Christian Publishing Association handles the International Graded 
Sunday-school Lessons supplies. These are prepared by the syndicate, and 
are too voluminous and expressive to be prepared by our own Publishing House. 
Any schools using the graded supplies should order them from The Christian 
Publishing Association, Dayton, Ohio. 

In addition to the supplies and helps named, our Publishing Association 
publishes the Sunday-School Herald for all grades in the Sunday-school, above 
the Juniors. All our Sunday-schools should take a liberal supply of these 
papers ; they are of a high order from a religious and literary standpoint. 

All our churches and schools should be loyal to oxir own Publishing House 
and order all supplies from The Christian Publishing Association. If the 
House does not publish the supplies ordered, the order will be promptly filled, 
through the house furnishing them. We want to make this point strong and 
that way all our schools will keep in touch with our own. It is only by the 
loyal support of our own church and Sunday-schools that our Publishing House 
can be made strong and helpful to every department of the church. 

Our new Sunday-school publication is the Teachers and Officers Journal, 
published quarterly. The first number was issued for the third quarter, 
1911. This journal is ably edited bv Hermon Eldredge, of Erie, Pa., probably 


the best equipped and most practical Sunday-school man of our church. This 
journal is designed, as its name indicates, for teachers and Sunday-school 
officers. In order for our teachers and Sunday-school officers to know the most 
up-to-date thought and movements in the Sunday-school world, all our schools 
should supply them with this journal. It is not intended as an exhaustive 
treatise on the Sunday-school lessons, but to give the teacher additional helps 
to those found in the Bible Class Quarterly. I plead for this journal the 
united support of all our schools, that this publication may grow in useful- 
ness and influence in our Sunday-schools. 

We are proud of our church and Sunday-school literature, all our publica- 
tions are strong exponents of our cause. All our people everywhere should sub- 
scribe for them, and read them more and more. If we love our church we will 
support it with all our influence and power, and use the means provided for 
inculcating our principles and heralding them abroad, so that those who know 
us not may have an opportunity of knowing us, for to know our principles is 
to appreciate and respect them. 

In addition to our regular publications, The Christian Publishing Asso- 
ciation publishes many books of great interest to our church. Among the 
recent publications are "The Centennial of Religious Journalism," issued in 
commemoration of the first century of the history of TJic Herald of Gospel 
Liberty, and gives a bird's-eye view of the work and progress of the Christian 
Church, also contains biographies of a number of our early leaders. "Children's 
Missionary Stories" was one of our 1911 book publications. It contains thirty 
stories pertaining especially and directly to missions, that were collected and 
compiled by Mrs. Alice Moreton Burnett, and is the only collection of missionary 
stories for use among children that we know of. It is especially helpful for 
teachers, leaders, parents, and children. "Writings and Addresses of Austin 
Craig," gives in his own language many of the writings and addresses of that 
gi-eat educator and preacher of the Christian Church, and is a very interesting 
and instructive volume. These books should be in the home of each minister 
and official of the church, and in the library of all our church workers. We 
can only know what our church has done, and is doing by reading our books 
and general publications. Do this and we will know ourselves better, and 
appreciate more and more that the principles of the Christian Church are 
daily coming to be the principles of all denominations, and are those upon 
which the Christian world will finally be united and the words of Jesus Christ 
will be fulfilled, that His Church shall be one. 


Secretary of Publishing. 



"But the path of the righteous is as the daTvning lig'ht. 
That sliinetli more ami more unto tlie perfect day." 

By Rev. D. E. Millard 

In the spring-time of life — we heard this command: 
"Go work in My vineyard" — for truth firmly stand — 

See! fields are now ripe, and the workers are few, 

Go forth, with brave hearts — Christ is calling for you. 

We shrank from the call, but we could not say, No! 

For a Heavenly voice was bidding us, "Go" — 
And preach "glad tidings" from the Bible, our choice, 

While the Spirit gives utterance to heart and voice. 

The word that we preached was "Repent and Believe," 

Take Christ for your Savior — salvation receive; 
For your Creed take His Word — not unsanctified lore — 

Love, Mercy, and Truth — and the Father adore! 

These messages of truth were blest from above; 

As we preached we oft felt the power of God's love; 
Then sinners were turned from life's "slippery ways," 

To the path of the just — to the temple of praise. 

Our heads are silvered o'er and our eyes are dim. 
But we have lost naught of joy or praise for Him — 

Who called us to work in His vineyard, when young. 
And blesses us still with heart-gladness and song. 

Earth's day will soon end and the time will soon come. 

When we'll hear the glad message, "Come home! Come home!" 

To dwell where pain and want shall enter never. 
And the voice of sorrow will be hushed forever! 


The following' named ministers have served the churches mentioned as pastor 
for the time indicated, and are yet in service. Rev. W. W. Staley. D. D., and 
Rev. W. H. Hainer have given tlieir entire service to the churches of wliich they 
are pastor. The others have not rendered full time service to any one church. 

Rev. Carter, with tlie exception of two years, has had pastoral care of 

Pleasant Valley Church, Mo., since February, IS 90 — 2 2 years; of Long Branch 

Church, Mo., since December, 1S81 — 31 years; of Indian Grove Churcli, Mo., 

since June, 1877 — 35 years. 
Rev. W. H. Hainer lias had pastoral care of tlie Irvington, N. J., Church since 

February, 1888 — 24 years. 
Rev. "W. \V. Staley, D. D., lias had pastoral cliarge of the Suffolk, Va., Cliurch since 

November 1, 1882 — 29 years. 
Rev. J. A. Watson has been pastor of Twin Valley Church, Ohio, for more than 

fifteen years. 
Rev. H. D. Catte lias been pastor of tlie Willow Prairie Churcli, 111., since October, 

1891 — 20 years. 

Several others have served fifteen and more years who are not now in the 
pastoral service. Some of these are named in the roll of "Tlie Veterans" and I 
mention here that Rev. W. B. Cottle had charge of the Prescott Church '- Maine 
for 21 years. 

Troy, Ohio 

Miami Ohio Conference. Ordained at 
Britton, Micliigan, April, 1851. Rev. T. H. 
Adams preached the ordination sermon. 

Michigantovm, Indiana 

Indiana Miami Reserve Conference. Or- 
dained September 27, 1858. Ordaining Com- 
mittee : Rev. Samuel Randolph, Rev. Larrj' 
F. Randolph. 

Lima, Oliio 

Northwestern Ohio Conference. Ordained 
by the Auglaize Christian Conference, 
March, 1857. Ordaining Committee : Rev. 
Enoch Harvey, Rev. Michial Martz, Deacon 
Benjamin Baker. Elder Lepley had charge 
of the Two Mile Church for seventeen years. 
It was he who, in 1866, when the American 
Christian Convention was in session at Mar- 
shall, Michigan, made the convincing speech 
In favor of naming the general convention 
the American Christian Convention. Has 
taken the Herald of Gospel Liberty for sixty 

Defiance, Ohio 

Miami Ohio Conference. Ordained by the 
Mt. Vernon Conference in session at Pleas- 
ant Hill, Knox County, Ohio, September, 
1862. Ordaining Committee : Rev. James 
Marvin, Rev. Wm. Manville, Rev. Mills 
Harod. Rev. James Marvin preached the 
ordination sermon ; Rev. Manville offered 
the ordaining prayer, and Rev. Harrod gave 
the charge to the candidate. Dr. Newhouse 
was pastor of the Mt. Pleasant and Fees- 
burg churches in Southern Ohio Conference 
for eighteen consecutive years. 

REV. W. S. LONG. D. D. 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Western North Carolina Conference. Or- 
dained at . October, 1861. Or 

daining Committee : Rev. Jolin R. Holt, Rev. 
Josiali Mct'ulley, Rev. Alfred Iseley. Dr. 
Long was pastor of the Providence church. 
Graham, North Carolina, (his home church) 
and Union churcli for about twenty-five 

AVest Milton, Ohio 

Miami Ohio Conference. Ordained at 
Versailles, Ohio, by the above conference, 
1841. Ordaining Committee : Rev. John 
Robison, Rev. Hallock Barbor, Rev. Samuel 
Penrod. Immediately after his ordination 
he took charge of his home church (Ver- 
sailles, Ohio) and served it continuously for 
twenty years. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Miami Ohio Conference. Ordained by the 
Des Moines Conference, at Winterset, Iowa, 
September, 1855. Ordaining Committee: 
Rev. N. Summerbell, D. D., Rev. John Hop- 
kins, Rev. A. D. Kellison, Rev. L. C. Bishop. 
Dr. Bishop was secretary for the Mission 
Department of the American Christian Con- 
vention for sixteen years. During this per- 
iod the Christian Missionary was founded 
which lie edited and published for twelve 
years. Has been a member of the Mission 
JBoard since 1886 — twenty-five years. 

Bethel, Ohio, R. D. 

Southern Ohio Conference. Ordained by 
the Baptist Church, at Center Square. Swit- 
zerland County, Indiana, March, 1852. Or- 
daining Committee : Rev. Alexander Con- 
nelly, Rev. Johnathon Allee, Rev. Adonljah 
(Jleason, Rev. Jessie Miller. United with 
the Southern Ohio Christian Conference, Oc- 
tober, 1893. Has preached continuously 
from his ordination and before until now, 
and is yet actively engaged in service. 

L.akeniont, Ae^v York 

Michigan Conference. Ordained at Slief- 
field, Oliio, November 3, 1844. OrdaininK 
Committee : Elder Patricia Mallory, Polder 
Levi Sticl£ney, Flder Zerah S. Vail. 

Maple Rapids, Michigan 

Michisan Conference. Ordained at Ver- 
sennes, Michigan, February 1, 1857. Or- 
daining Committee: Rev. Newcomb Godfrey. 
Itev. Wilson Moshier, Kev. Levi White. 

Eaistport, Maine 

Maine Conference. Ordained by the Yoriv 
and Cumberland Conference at Kitterv 
Point, Maine, June 12, 1863. Ordaining 
Committee : Elder L. S. Osborne, Elder C. 
E. (Joodwin, Elder S. McCann. TTie sermon 
was preached by Elder C. E. Goodwin. Mar- 
ried about eight hundred couples, baptized 
about one thousand, and buried fifteen hun- 
dred persons. 

875 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, Ont. 

Ontario Conference. Ordained at North- 
field, Canada, August 7, 1853. Ordaining 
Committee : Rev. F. B. Rolph, Rev. .John 
Earl, Rev. S. Nichols. Elder Hainer is the 
father of eight sons, all of whom entered 
the ministry. Tlie oldest, W. H. Hainer, 
of Irvington, New .Jersey, and the youngest, 
Herbert, of Toronto, are yet in the church 
in which the father has preached without 
any break whatever for sixty years. 

Clarksburg, West Virginia 

West Virginia Conference. Ordained 

June 16, 18G0. Ordaining Committee : Elder 
A. J. Kibler, Elder W. A. Dofflemeyer, Elder 
Casper Allemong. 

Lakeinont, New Yorlc 

Nortliern Kansas Conference. Ordained 
by the Des Moines Conference, at Winterset, 
Iowa, June, 1857. Ordaining Committee : 
Rev. A. D. Kellison, Rev. J. G. Bisliop, D. D., 
Rev. Henry Surber. Rev. John Crager. 

HagerstOTTB, Indiana 

Miami Ohio Conference. Ordained by the 
Western Indiana Conference at Walnut 
Forlc (now Linsburg Church) October, 1860. 
Ordaining Committee : Rev. Samuel Greg- 
ory, Rev. William T. I'etro, Rev. John Blair 
Robertson. Rev. Mr. Warrington says : "The 
man who preached the ordination sermon 
told me never to take a chew of tobacco, 
smoke a cigar, or drink a glass of whiskey, 
and I never have." 

Center, Indiana 

Western Indiana Conference. Ordained 
by the above conference at Alamo, Indiana, 
August, 1853. Ordaining Committee : Rev. 
James McKinney, Rev. Samuel Gregor.y, 
Rev. E. Quick. He had been licensed to 
preach in 1841. He is the senior member 
of the Western Indiana Conference and has 
attended its annual sessions consecutively 
for sixty years. 

Coviii!?ton, Indiana 

Western Indiana Conference. Ordained 
by ttie alwve conference, at Osborne I'rairie. 
Indiana. August, 1S61. The conference rec- 
ords do not contain the names of the Or- 
daining Committee. Rev. Heatli was tlie 
first president-elect of the ^Yestern Indiana 

REV. J. B. AVESTON, D. D., LL. D. 
Deliauee, Ohio 

New Yorli Eastern Conference. Ordained 
Ijy the ]\Iaine Central Conference. June. 
1844. Ordaining Committee : Rev. D. P. 
I'il?e, Rev. Joseph M. Merrett and others. 
Rev. D. P. Pike preached the ordination 

Salamanca, Neir York 

Ordained during a special session of the 
Erie Conference held at DeWittsville, New 
Yorlj, May 18, 1862. Ordaining Committee : 
Rev. Irvin Ballacli, Rev. J. M. Field, Rev. 
E. H. Holliday, Rev. George Sherman, Rev. 
Thomas Garbut. Rev. Wyman was pastor 
at Conneaut, Ohio, fot twenty years. 

Newton, New Hampshire 

Rocliingham Conference. Ordained at 
Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1856. Ordaining 
Committee : Elder D. P. Piice, Elder Henry 
W. Tilton, Elder Timothy Cole. Elder D. P. 
Pike preached the ordination sermon ; Elder 
Henry Plummer offered the prayer ; Rev. 
John" W. Tilton gave the charge, and Rev. 
Timothy Cole, the hand of fellowship. Elder 
Day was pastor in Newton, New Hampshire, 
for twenty years, 


("Uncle VVellons") 

Elon College, N. C. 

North Carolina and Virginia Conference. 
Ordained October 12, 1856. Ordaining 
Committee : Rev. Thomas J. Fowler, Rev. 
Alfred Iseley, Rev. W. B. Wellons. 


Southern Ohio Conference. Ordained at 
Stouts Run, Ohio, by the above named con- 
ference, in Octol)er, 1858. Ordaining Com- 
mittee : Flder M. Gardner, Elder P. M. De- 
Vore, Elder .T. P. Daugherty. Rev. S'hel- 
ton passed to his reward after the facts of 
his ordination had been furnished. 

Vl'yinan St., Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

Rhode Island and JMassacluisetts Confer- 
ence. Ordained at the Christian church, 
Boston, Mass., 1848. Ordaining Committee : 
F. D. Huntington, E. Edmunds, R. C. Wa- 
terston, A. Gordon, A. B. Fuller, J. O. Or- 
rell. Elder Barry has been in the employ 
of the Children's Mission, Boston, Mass., 
ever since his ordination. 


Chelsea, Michigan 

Michigan Conference. Ordained in Fall 
River, Massachusetts, December 9, 1852. 
Ordaining Committee : Rev. A. G. Morton, 
Rev. Luther Baker, Rev. Harvey Sullings, 
Rev. Geo. N. Eldrich, Rev. Moses Howe. 
Rev. I. C. Goff preached the ordination ser- 
mon and Rev. A. G. Morton offered the 
ordaining prayer. 

Ritlgeville, Indiana 

Eastern Indiana Conference. Ordained 
by the Antioch Conference at Beamsville, 
Ohio, October, 1858. Ordaining Committee : 
Rev. Moses McDaniel, Rev. Seth Wilson, 
Rev. Henderson Graves. Rev. Moses Mc- 
Daniel gave the charge. 

Penalosa, Kansas 

Southern Kansas Conference. Ordained 
by the Antioch Conference at Beamsville. 
Ohio, October, 1858. Ordaining Committee : 
Rev. Moses McDaniel, Rev. Seth Wilson, 
Rev. Henderson Graves. Rev. Moses Mc- 
Daniel gave the charge. 


Pacific St., Monterey, Cal. 

Michigan Conference. Ordained at 
Rock Stream church. New York, July 
13, 1S59. Ordaining Committee: Elder 
Gardner Dean, Elder Ezra Marvin, El- 
der J. H. Currier. [The information 
concerning Brother Simpson's ordina- 
tion came too late for us to secure his 
picture for this department.] 

Bricelyn, Minn. 

Central Iowa Conference. Rev. Mrs. 
Terrill, then Rev. Melissa Timmons, 
was ordained at the Ebenezer Church, 
Clark County. Ohio, March 7, 1867. Or- 
daining Committee: Elder Mark D. 
Briney, Elder E. W. Humphreys, Elder 
N. Dawson. The Deer Creek Conference 
met at Shiloh Church in September of 
the same year, when the following res- 
olution was adopted: 

"Resolved, That while we do not ap- 
prove of the ordination of vsromen to 
the Eldership of the church, as a gen- 
eral rule, yet as Sister Melissa Tim- 
mons has been set forward to that posi- 
tion at the request of the church of 
which she is now a member; therefore, 

Resolved, Tliat we send her creden- 
tial letters of an ordained minister of 
good standing in this conference." 

Rev. Naaman Dawson, 
President of conference. 
Rev. B. P. Thomas, 


Mrs. Terrill was the first woman or- 
dained by the Christians, and the first 
in modern times to be ordained by any 
denomination by direct authority of a 
conference or local congregation. She 
was not the first woman ordained to 
the ministry, but the first as stated 
above to be ordained by the authority 
of a conference or local congregation. 

It will be seen that Sister Terrill is 
not to be enrolled w^ith the ministers 
who have been ordained fifty or more 
years (her ordination occurred only 
forty-four years ago) but because of 
the great distinction to which she is 
justly entitled, she is given a place 
among "Our Fifty-year Worthies." I 
think it should be made clear that she 
was a licentiate member of the Deer 
Creek Conference at the time of her 
ordination, but that the authority for 
her ordination came from the local 
church, the highest organized author- 
ity of the Christians. In a letter to the 
Secretary of the American Christian 
Convention she says: "I was ordained 
while a member of the Deer Creek Con- 



The Gift of a Million 

If the man who gives a million dollars to the Church is to be petted and 
praised, what should be said of the man who gives two sous to the gospel 
ministry? On this page are the pictures of Solomon King Zartmann. and his 
twin sons, who are now preaching Josus Clirist as the only hope of the world. 
We recall thar Rev. C. ^gg^BSigs. H- Hainer, of Ontario, 

not the one which now ^^^KtB^^^ engages his time and 

strength, viz.: conduct- ing the elevator in The 

. Father ... -n .ii. t% 

Christian Publishing As- sociation Buildmg, Day- 

ton, Ohio. His strong personality, kindly treatment, and prompt attention, lifts 
what there may be insignificant about his duties, to the plane of dignified 
service for mankind. He is now on the retired pension roll of the Metropolitan In- 
surance Company, but is found every day at his post of duty on the perpendicular 
car where his ups and downs are many, but of whicn he never complains. 
Rev. Parley Emmett Zartmann 
is a graduate of the Thornville, 
Ohio, High School, Heidelberg Col- 
lege and Seminary. He was or- 
dained to the work of the gospel 
ministry in the Reformed Church, 
August 6, 1893. He has served the 
Reformed Church in Sioux City 
Iowa, Three Rivers, Michigan, and 
the Bethel church, Philadelphia. 
He was secretary for. the Y. M. C. 
A. at Sioux City, Iowa, during the 
years 1896 and 1897. He was Sec- 
retary and Treasurer of the Evan- Pressiey 
gelistic Committee of the Presbyterian Church for nine years, and was associated 
with Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman in evangelistic and other lines of Christian serv- 
ice. He is at present Secretary of the Extension Department of the Moody Bible 
Institute, Chicago, 111. 

Rev. Pressley Elmer Zartmann is a graduate of the Thornville, OJiio, High 
school. He came to Dayton in 1888, taking at the time a position with the 



Reformed Publishing Company, with which he remained seventeen years. In 
1905 he was made superintendent of the Printing Department of Tlie Christian 
Publishing Association, which position he holds at this date. He was licensed 
by the Miami Ohio Christian Conference, September 1, 190S, and ordained to the 
Eldership of the Church at Walnut Hills, Dayton, Ohio, by authority of the 
same conference, December 3, 1911. The following name^l persons constituted 
the ordaining committee: Rev. J. J. Summerbell, D. D., Rev. Hugh A. Smith, 
D. D., and Rev. H. J. Rhodes. Rev. Dr. Summerbell preached the sermon. Rev. 
Mr. IJhodes offered prayer, and Doctor Smith gave the charge to the candidate 
and also the hand of fellowship. Mr. Zartmann holds a diploma from the 
Musical Department of the Y. M. C. A. Educational Course. He had studied 
nmsic and become quite proficient in it before taking the course above men- 
tioned. As a musical direc-tor and soloist he possesses rare ability and his 
services are frequently in demand in the large gatherings of the city in which 
he lives. He has been pastor at Bethlehem, and Franklin, Ohio, and supplied 
at Muncie, Ind., and Springfield, Ohio, and is now pastor of the Sugar Creek 
and Walnut Hills churches, the latter having built and dedicated a .splendid new 
house of worship within the last year. He is one of the few men who can do 
many things. He has had almost entire oversight of the mechanical part of the 
Annual and but for his skill, painstaking and careful, steady, hand, ^ne publi- 
cation would not be nearly so correct or attractive. 


By Rev. James Foster, Superintendent 

The Christian Orphanage was authorized by the Southern Christian Con- 
vention, in session at Burlington, N. C, 1896 ; and funds for the same were 
collected by the children and known as "The Band of Cousins" and used "The 
Children's Corner" of The Christian Sun, as their medium of communication. 
This work was continued from year to year till there was about $10,000.00 in 
the treasury. The Board of Trustees located the Orphanage on the south side 
of the railroad at Elon College, N. C, December 27, 1904. The Orphanage owns 
114 acres of land, sixty-four of which are verj' well timbered with oak and pine. 
Most of the open land is poor, but capable of improvement, which is being done 
as fast as rotation of crops and home-made manure can be made from the barn. 
In 1905 the "Children's Building" was erected, a cut of which is herewith 
presented. The building is of brick and has a frontage of 116 feet, with five 
double bedrooms, and nine single rooms, office sitting-room, two large wards, 
chapel, dining room, kitchen, and double pantry. The land cost about $2,500.00. 
The present building cost about $9,000.00. The orphanage was opened for 
children, January first, 1907. From time to time children have been received, 
till at present there are forty-seven in the home. Five have been released. 
About twenty applications are now on file ; we can take but few more till 
our income increases. We do not confine our work entirely to children of the 
Christian Church. The necessity and worthiness of the case governs the trus- 
tees in their acceptance or rejection of applications. The patronage is at large 
and not confined to North Carolina. The bedrooms are furnished with iron 
bed-steads, mattresses, springs, wash-stands, and dressers. Many splendid quilts 



C'lirij^tian Orphanage, don College, >. <". 

have been sent from all parts of our church, and much clothing which, with 
little change has been very helpful to us. The farm has large barn with stables, 
for horse, stalls for cattle, with shelters for wagons, machinery, crib, granary, 
and smokehouse. We have eight milk cows, with young cattle which are used for 
beef: this year finds us with a fine lot of hogs, and we hope to kill enough meat 
to last twelve months. The farm is fairly well equipped with all kinds of 
implements. The boys work on the farm and good crops have been realized 
till this year, the crop being much cut off by the dry weather. The girls do house- 
work of all kinds, — only one hired woman to loolv after and v.ork in the 
kitchen. The boys and girls attend the district graded school ; three are at- 
tending Elon College this year. They all attend the College Sunday-school and 
church services (about half of the entire Orphanage family being members of the 
college church). 

The Orphanage is supported entirely by the free-will offerings coming from 
Maine to Texas, from Virginia to California, and Canada. We have $1,000.00 
cash endowment ; it carries six per cent, net interest. Considerable property 
has been willed to the Oi'phanage, but it has not come into possession yet. We 
appeal to friends for money of any amount, for gifts of any kind. We need a 
good sewing machine, a large kltclien range, kitchen sink, 100 gallon hot water 
tank, gasoline engine for deep well, with fixtures for large water tank (5,000 to 
10,000 gallons). All these and many other things are needed now, for our 
family has grown faster than we calculated, 


In Memory of Fallen Watchmen 

Twice or more I requested through "The Herald of Gospel Liberty" that the 
deaths of ministers be reported to me. I used the following words: 

'"Some conference reports bear such names, but it will be 
better to have them sent in independent of the report. Has 
any one died in your conference whose name should be inserted 
in the Annual? Please send me such names. Send to-day. Do 
not wait until to-morrow, but send to-day." 

But six names were sent me. I have searched the "Herald" files and alto- 
gether report the names of the following deceased ministers. There may be 
others, but I did not see the notice. 

"Weep not that their toil is over; 
Weep not that their race is run. 
God grant that we may rest as calmly 
When our work, like theirs, is done. 
Till then we will yield with gladness 
Our treasures to Him to keep. 
And rejoice in the sweet assurance: 
'He giveth His loved ones sleep.' " 

Rev. James Allen, Kastern Kansas Conference. Died 

Rev. A. J. Akers, Western Indiana Conference. Died February 18, 1911. Age 65 

Rev. E. AV. Appleton, New York Eastern Conference. Died March 17, 1911. Age 

77 years. 

Rev. Hugh Burdine, Central Iowa Conference. Died February 2, 1911. Age 77 

Rev. Joseph Barney, Rays Hill and Southern Pennsylvania Conference. Died 

May 19, 1911. Age 79 years. 
Rev. H. B. Briley, Ohio Eastern Conference. Died May 26, 1911. Age 77 years. 
Rev. I. H. Coe, Rhode Island and Massachusetts .-Conference. Died . Age 

92 years. 
Rev. Matilda Cole, Southern Kansas Conference. Died ■ — . Age 70 years. 

She was the wife of Rev. Henry Cole. 
Rev. AV. A. Gross, Miami Ohio Conference. Died September 6, 1911. Age 82 years. 
Rev. F. E. Hessenflo-w, North Missouri Conference. Died July 21, 1911. Age 

78 years. 

Rev. AV. AV. 3Iefford, Southern Ohio Conference. Died December 24, 1910. Age 

76 years. 
Rev. D. A. MoGinness, Eel River Conference, Died December 31, 1910. 
Rev. D. W'. Moore, Western New York Conference. Died December 22, 1910. 

Age 78 years. 
Rev. David E. Morgan, North^vestern Indiana Conference. Died December 1, 1910. 

Age 79 years. 
Rev. J. B. McGuire, Ohio Valley Conference. Died February 29, 1911. Age 57 

Rev. A. C. Phelps, Central Wisconsin Conference. Died February 2, 1911. Age — 
Rev. AV. C. Rimer, Northwestern Ohio Conference. Died June 2, 1911. Age 61 

Rev. John Shelton, Southern Ohio Conference. Died December 2, 1911. Age 82 

Rev. J. M. Triggs, Eastern Kansas Conference. 

Rev. I. IV. LUery, Eastern Indiana Conference. Died May 24, 1911. Age 62 years. 
Rev. AA'm. AA'ebb, Ohio Central Conference. Died July 10, 1911. Age 84 years. 

Rev. E. G. Zeigler, Miami Ohio Conference. Died May 1, 1911. Age 

Elisha K. Morrill, died at the home of his son, Milo T. Morrill, November 29, 1911. 

Age 86 years. 
Brother Morrill is well worthy to be enrolled among the fallen princes of the 
church, for he was a good man dealing justly and walking uprightly before his 



Died January 17, 1911 

He began his ministry in the year 1842. He took pastoral charge of the 
Bonny Street Christian church, New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1856, and 
served it continuously until 1890. the date on which he resigned, completing 
full fifty years of active pastoral service. 

He was a member of the Connecticut legislature during the year 1855, but 
did not discontinue his ministerial duties during his civil service. In 1865 he 

became attached as chaplain to the Fourth 
Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, by reason of 
which he was made a member of the R. A 
Pierce Post, G. A. R. No. 190, and was ar 
the time of his death the oldest member of 
that post. During 186fi and 1867 he was sent 
as a representative to the General Court, and 
during the years 1872 and 187.3 he t-erved as 
senator in the Massachusetts legislature. 

He was the first probation officer to be con- 
nected with the Third District, being apiooint- 
ed by Mayor Clifford, three years later being 
reappointed under a new law by Judge Bor- 
den, and remained in said office until 1897. 

He was President of the American Chris- 
tian Convention for twelve years. 

He was President of the Rhodo Island 
Christian Benevolent Society for twelve 
years, and President of the Board of Trus- 
tees of the Christian Biblical Institute for 
twenty-eight years, during which time he missed but two meetings of the Board. 
For four years he was President of the Westport Camp-meeting Association. 
He was Chaplain of the House of Correction (Mass.) for more than thirty- 
one years, and served in the same capacity at the almshouse for ten years. 
He was a member of the school committee for eighteen years, and truant officer 
four years, and overseer of the poor for three years. He was prominent in 
Free Masonry, in which order he held high and responsible offices. He was 
for a period of years a member of the South Bristol Farmers' Club, and to it 
gave a full share of time and energy. 

A leaf from his diary will indicate the measure of his activities: 
Sunday — 9 : 00 a. m., preached at the house of correction. 
10 : 30 a. m., attended Sunday-school. 
12 : 00 m., married a couple. 
12 : 30 p. m., preached at the almshouse. 

1 : 00 p. m., attended a funeral. 

3 : 00 p. m., preached and conducted a communion service. 

4 : 00 p. m., attended another funeral. 

5 : 30 p. m., went to a temperance meeting. 

7 : 00 p. m., immersed two converts. 

7 : .30 p. m., conducted a prayer-meeting. 

Isaac Coe 



Col. Savage, so well and long known to our bvotherbood, especially in 
the South, was called from hib earthly labors last April in the eightieth year 
of his age. 

He was a native of eastern Virginia, where he spent the greater part of 
his life as one of the most ii^eful and intluential men of bis day. He began 

life as a school-teacher ; later be oe- 
came a farmc^r, aud then a soldier, 
serving as the Colonel of the 13th 
Virginia Regiment in the late Civil 
War. He seemed fearless in danger 
and was a skilful military leader. At 
the conclusiou of the war he moved 
to Norfolk, Va., and went into busi- 
ness, becoming a very successful com- 
mission merchant. He continued in 
this business till old age made it nec- 
essai'y to retire. The business he 
established goes on under the care 
of his son-in-law, Mr. T. A. Jones. 

Col. Savage became a Christian 
early in life. His seems to have been 
a genuine conversion. From his own 
lips we were given the story of his 
change of heart — of his turning to the 
Lord. With him sin was a real bur- 
den, and bis conversion was a real 
deliverance from it. It marked an 
epoch in life — and to that day h.i 
referred with pleasure. He joined 
the Christian Church in early 
life and became the staunch friend 
and supporter of the late Rev. 
Col. Savage William B. Wellons, D. D., as a 

leader in the work of the Christians in the South. Col. Savage was a 
financier and a fine business man, and as such, be commanded the confidence 
and respect of his brethren and the business community generally. When Dr. 
Wellons organized Berea Christian church in Nansemoud County, Col. Savage 
at once became one of the pillars of that church. Years after, when he 
became a resident of the city of Norfolk, he entered heartily into the movement 
to build what is now known as the Memorial Christian Temple. In that 
enterprise he stood by Dr. C. J. .Tones through the entire work. 

In church circles his advice was eagerly souglat, especially in matters of 
finance. He served the Eastern Virginia Christian Conference as its Treasurer 
for many years. When the Third Christian church of Norfolk was projected, 
though then aged and feeble, he loaned the money tc make the beginning. 

Col. Savage was one of the Commissioners from the Southern Christian 
Convention to the American Christian Convention at Marion, Ind., in 1890. when 
the union of the Christians North and South was effected. He was an ardent 


Southerner, but he hiul a heart big enough to reeeive and welcome any true 
child of Ciod from any (luarter of the earth. He was very careful as to the 
conditions of union at Marion, but when the crisis was passed, no one was 
more delighted than he that we were once more ONE. 

The life of Col. Savage w^as full of interesting incidents, which well written, 
would read almost like fiction. I may mention just one. Those who 
recall his appearance will rea:en:ber that he had lost a lind) in the Civil War. 
We heard him tell of how he lost it. He said, during his service in the war, 
it had been his invariable custom to begin each day by first committing hims-elf 
to the Lord's keeping. One morning one of his men vexed him sorely, and in 
this confusion he lost sight of his usual season of prayer, and did not that 
morning commit himself to the Lord's keeping, and that day he was shot 
through the limb, just above the knee, necessitating the amputation of the leg. 
He did not claim that his failure to commit himself to the Lord in prayer 
that morning was the cause of the loss of his limb, but he was just as far 
from claiming that it had nothing to do with it. He thought, to say the least, 
it was very significant that the only day when he failed to commit himself to 
the Lord's keeping, was the day when he was maimed for life. 

His Christian experience was very clear in the beginning, and while he never 
wavered in his loyalty to the Church of his choice in middle life, when crowded 
with large business Interests, his peace of mind and heart was not so full as he 
desired. When freed for even a few hours from business cares, he delighted to 
talk with his pastor, long and seriously of the Christian life. On such occasions 
he seemed to feast on gospel truth. As he came near the end of the earthly 
life he became very hungry for the love of God in Christ, and before his death 
he was permitted to rejoice in the blessed hope of Eternal Life. 



The Aged Christian Ministers' Home, located at Lakemont, N. Y.. is in 
every sense of the word a delightful Christian home. 

Beautiful for location, commanding a view of the opposite slope of Seneca 
Lake for many miles. While located in a small village it has all the quiet of 
a countiw place. 

The broad veranda as shown in the picture is a comfort to the aged pilgrims 
<Uiring the hot summer days. 

Steam heat in winter makes the interior of the house a place of comfort. 

In addition to Rev. and Mrs. Alden Allen, the care-takers of the home, 
there aro in the family at present: Rev. J. J. Hillmau, of Lincoln, Kansas; Rev. 
and Mrs. E. C. B. Hallum, for many years missionaries to India, and Rev. 
Thomas Holmes, D. D., LL. D., of Chelsea, Mich. Dr. Holmes is the busiest man 
in the place, being almost constantly engaged in study and writing. 

We are pleased to receive money nearly every quarter from the American 
Christian Convention Secretary for donations through that office for the support 
of the Home. The sums are not large, but they indicate that people are thinking 
of this worthy charity. 

I have lately learned of a bequest to the Home from the widow of one of 
our aged ministers. Many such bequests could be used for the carrying on of 
the work. JAMES S. FROST, Treasurer. 




In this department will be found the names of tlie churches that have 
been organized since the Convention closed at Troy, October, 1910. Also the 
names of the church-houses dedicated or rededicated. And in addition to 

this information will be found a list of churches 
organized, meeting-houses built and dedicated 
during a period of years by the Rev. H. W 
Elder, of Georgia. 

Rev. H. W. Elder, of Kite, Georgia, has organ- 
ized, or had charge at the organization of the 
following named churches. In the Alabama 
Christian Conference : Union Grove, Forest 
Home, McGuires Chapel, and Christiana. He 
has built houses at these churches. In the 
Georgia and Alabama Christian Conference: 
Lanett, Riverview, LaGrange, Bulah, Oak 
Grove, Union Hill, Jackson, Brown Springs, 
Richland, Randalls Crossing, Enigma, North 
Highlands, Rose Hill (last two at Columbus, 
Georgia), and Manchester. He has built houses 
at all these places, but three. At Richmond, 
the house was blown down by a cyclone, and he 
built there again. He rebuilt Red Hill, and is 
now building at Kite, Georgia. He built a par- 
sonage at Richland. He is at this date, December, 1911, building his eisrhteenrli 
church and one parsonage. This work has been hard and has called for maiiy 
sacrifices. He did a lot of this work with his own hands. He does all his painting, 
much of the carpenter woi-k, and some of the brick work. His wife is a good 
financier, and holds things together at home while he is away building churches. 
He enjoys the work and wishes he could do more. He says : 

"We have a fine field here for work; and thank God we are working 
some of it." 

H. W. Elder 


Arus, Porto Rico — Porto Rico Confer- 
ence. Dedicated September 14, 1911. 
Rev. Pedro Roman, pastor. Rev. 

D. P. Barrett, missionarv In charg-e. 
Rev. E. J. Caldwell, missionary U. B. 
Cliurch, preached the sermon. Cost, 
including- ground, $690.00. 

Bethel, Ky. — Kentucky (First Dist.) 
Conference. Rededicated October 29, 
1911. J. F. Burnett officiated. 

Centerburs, Ohio — Mt. Vernon Confer- 
ence. Dedicated June 30, 1911. Rev. 
B. F. Hoasland, pastor. Rev. J. F. 
Burnett officiated. Cost, $8,800.00. 

Chanibersburs — Miami Ohio Conference. 
Rededicated January 1, 1911. Rev. 
G. R. Mell, pastor. Rev. J. F. Bur- 
nett officiated. 

Davton, Ohio (First Christian) — Miami 
Ohio Conference. Dedicate-^ Octo- 
ber 15, 1911. Rev. Hugh A. Smith, 
pastor. Rev. W. H. Denison. D. D., 

officiated. Cost, $19,492.75. Rev. ■•' 
G. Coffin, D. D., was pastor during the 
time of building. 

Dayton, Ohio (AValnut HilLs) — Miami 
Ohio Conference. Dedicated Novem- 
ber 5, 1911. Rev. Pressley K. Zart- 
mann, pastor. Rev. J. F. Burnett 
officiated. Cost, including ground, 

Danville, 111. — Centra! Illinois Confer- 
ence. Rededicated. Rev. H. G. 
Rowe, pastor. Rev. D. A. Long, D. D., 
LL. D., officiated. Cost. $4,300.00. 

Evergreen, Kalkaska, Mich. — Michigan 
Conference. Dedicated October 15, 
1911. Rev. Harry L. Paris, pastor. 
Rev. J. F. Burnett officiated. Cost, 

Falrview, Ind. — Eel River Conference. 
Rededicated October 29, 1911. Rev. 
Columbus C. Tarr, pastor. Rev. W. 
D. Samuel, D. D., officiated. Cost, 


GrisfTold, Iowa — Southwestern Iowa 
Conference. Rededicated November 
13, 1910. Rev. J. F. Burnett officiat- 
ed. Cost $1,665.70. 

Luiirel Rid^e, Pa. — Rays Hill and 
Southern Pennsylvania Conference. 
Dedicated June 11, 1911. Rev. A. G. 
B. Powers, pastor. Rev. J. "W. Hoff- 
man officiated. Cost, including lot, 

Olney. 111. — Southern Wabash Illinois 
Conference. Dedicated August 24, 
1911. Rev. E. D. Hammond, pastor. 
Rev. J. P. Burnett officiated. Cost, 

PIea!<ant Vale (Powers, Ind.)- — Eastern 
Indiana Conference. Rededicated 

November 20, 1910. Rev. C. B. 

Small, pastor. Rev. J. P. Burnett, 
officiated. Cost, $3,400.00. 

Raveua, N. Y. — Eastern New York Con- 
ference. Dedicated March 12, 1911. 
Rev. E. J. Bodman, pastor. Rev. W. 
H. Denison, D. D., officiated. Cost. 

Royal — Central Illinois Conference. 
Organized by Rev. W. S. Alexander. 
Dedicated June, 1911. Rev. W. S. 
Alexander, pastor. Rev. O. B. "Whit- 
aker, D. D., officiated. Cost, $4,000. 

South Liberty — Indiana Miami Reserve 
Conference. Rededicated October 

22, 1911. Rev. J. E. McCorkle. pas- 
tor. Dr. J. T. Newhouse officiated. 
Cost. $2,500.00. 

Trenton, Ohio — Central Ohio Confer- 
ence. Rededicated September 10, 
1911. Rev. B. P. Hoagland, pastor. 
Rev. S. Q. Helfenstein, D. D., officiat- 
ed. Cost, $2,000.00. 

■Weaubleaii, Mo. — Osage Conference. 
Dedicated November 6, 1910. Rev. 

Fred Cooper, pastor. Rev. J P 
Burnett officiated. Cost. $5,000.00. 
"Winchester, Va. — Virginia "Valley Cen- 
tral Conference. Opened, but not 
dedicated November 5, 1911. Rev "W 
T. Walters, pastor. W. W. Staley, 

D. D., officiated. Cost, $13,500.00. 
Waterloo — Ohio Central Conference. 

Rededicated November 11, 1911. Rev. 
H. J. Duckworth, D. D., pastor. Rev. 
H. J. Duckworth, D. D., officiated. 
Cost, $500.00. 
AV'ynooche Valley — Western Washing- 
ton Conference. Organized Septem- 
ber 24, 1911, by Rev. W. R. Caldwell 
and Rev. J. C. Grafton, with 44 char- 
ter members. 

Pleasant Grove, Ohio — Central Ohio 
Conference. Dedicated December 4, 
1910. Rev. J. B. Hagans, pastor. 
Rev. J. P. Burnett officiated. Cost 

Manayunk, Pa. — Colored congregation. 
Dedicated December 3, 1911. Rev. N. 

E. Higgs, pastor. Rev. John Blood, 
ofiiciated. Creek — Miami Ohio Conference. 
Rededicated December 24, 1911. Rev. 
D. G. Pleasant, pastor. Rev. J. P. 
Burnett officiated. Cost, $875.00. 

Pleasant Hill, Ohio — Miami Ohio. Ded- 
icated December 24, 1911. Rev. Alva 
Martin Kerr, pastor. Rev. Warren H. 
Denison, D. D., officiated. Cost, $34,- 
000.00. The Miami Ohio Christian 
Conference was organized at Pleas- 
ant Hill, Ohio, in 1819, by Nathan 
Hill, a Ipyman who three years before 
had organized the local church in 
the same room of his own home in 
which he organized the conference. 



Denominations Annual Apportionments 

Baptist $1,200.00 

National Baptist Convention 1,987.00 

Free Baptist 71.00 

Christian Church 88.00 

Congregational Churches 742.00 

Congregational Methodist 16.00 

Disciples of Christ 1,364.00 

German Evangelical Syn. M. A 237.00 

Evangelical Association 109.00 

Lutheran Church 303.00 

Mennonite Church 19.00 

Methodist Episcopal Church ... . 3,187.00 

Methodist Episcopal South 1,833.00 

Colored Methodist in America 235.00 

Methodist Protestant Church 189.00 

African Methodist Church 500.00 

Africa Methodist Zion 548.00 

Primitive Methodist Church 8.00 

Moravian Church 18.00 

Presbyterian Church in U. S. A 1,329.00 

Presbyterian Church in United States 282.00 

Protestant Episcopal Church 929.00 

Reformed Church in America 1 17.00 

Reformed Church in United States 298.00 

Reformed Episcopal Church 10.00 

Reformed Presbyterian Church 10.00 

Seventh Day Baptist 9.00 

Society of Friends 100.00 

United Brethren 184.00 

United Evangelical Church 74.00 

United Presbyterian Church 136.00 

Welsh Presbyterian Church 14.00 




The uuion of the Christian churches of New Bedford, Massachusetts, came 
about without much previous planning and seemingly of its own accord. Two 
previous attempts had been made in I'ecent years, one within the pastorate of 
Rev. C. J. Jones, D. D., the other while Rev. James McAllister, D. D., was 

pastor. At these times, the people felt such 
action to be highly desirable, but condi- 
tions which seemed beyond the power of 
any one to change made it impracticable. 
Early the past summer, the joint boards 
of deacons held two informal meetings 
just to talk the matter over and learn 
whether there was a desire for thf, union 
strong enough to warrant an effort to 
bring it about. After the second informal 
meeting the three churches, in meetings 
in which every member had the opportu- 
nity to vote, endorsed the movement by 
practically unanimous vote. There was 
no opposition in either the North Chris- 
tian or Spruce Street churches, while the 
few of the Middle Street members who at 
first opposed the union, with the exception 
of one family that united with anothei 
church, have since withdrawn their objec- 
tions and become members of the united 

The congregations had worshiped together through July and September, 
so that by October 1, the day the union became effective, the people were quite 
well acquainted, and partly used to the new relations. Thus far they have 
worked together in perfect harmony. 

At first, the plan was to unite simply the two congregations, /. e., the North 
Christian and Middle Street, but after the movement became known, the Spruce 
Street people asked to be included, and later the few members of Bonney Street 
Society, twelve in number, asked to be included also. This was done, and 
these people are now members of the united society. If in the future it seems 
best to open Bonney Street for public services, it will have the active assistance 
of the united body. 

Spruce Street has an active Sunday-school of about one hundred members, 
and a Christian Endeavor Society. It will be maintained as a branch organiza- 
tion with an evening service. 

The union of our forces here into one vigorous plant has the hearty endorse- 
ment of the people of this community, and it is earnestly believed by those 
most vitally interested that it will give great impetus to the cause of the Chris- 
tians in this city. 

A new modern building will be erected as soon as conditions permit. With 
competent facilities our opportunities for the enlargement of our usefulness are 
all but boundless. F. H. PETERS. 

November 1.3, 1911. 

Rev. F. H. Peters 




(Reported by Secretary Weeks.) 

Rev. P. H. Peters, New Bedford, Mass. 
— president. 

Rev. P. S. Sailer, Lynn, Mass. — vice- 

Rev. Thos. S. Weeks, D. D., Winterport, 
Maine — secretary. 

F. R. Woodward, Hill, N. H. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. Charles Dutton, South Westport, 

Mass. — Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. W. G. Sarg-ent, A. M., Providence, 

R. I. — Missions. 
Rev. M. J. Honsberger, Newton, N. H. 

— Sunday-schools. 

Home ami Foreigrn >Iissionary Society 

President, vice-president, secretary, and 

treasurer as above. 
Rev. M. D. Wolfe, Haverhill, Mass. — 

financial secretary. 
Rev. W. G. Sarg-ent, A. M., Providence, 

R. I. — corresponding secretary. 

Educational Society 

President, vice-president, secretary, and 

treasurer as above. 
Trustees — Rev. P. H. Peters, Rev. Car- 

lyle Summerbell, D. D., Rev. W. J. 

Hall, C. D. Garland. 


(Reported by Secretary Johnson.) 


Rev. W. W. Staley, D. D., Suffolk, Va. 

— president. 
Rev. J. O. Atkinson, D. D., Elon Colleg-e, 

N. C. — vice-president. 
Rev. I. W. Johnson, Suffolk, Va. — sec- 
Rev. J. W. Patton, Elon College, N. C. 

— assistant secretary. 
J. A. Mills, Raleigh, N. C. — treasurer. 

Territory — The Southern Christian 
Convention is composed of the follow- 
ing conferences: Virginia Valley Cen- 
tral Conference, A. W. Andes, Weyers 
Cave, Va., secretary; Georgia and Ala- 
bama Conference, J. P. Hill, Jr., Phoe- 
nix, Ala., secretary; Alabama Confer- 
ence, J. W. Payne, Wedowee, Ala., R. D. 
3, secretary; Eastern Virginia Confer- 
ence, Rev. I. W. Jolmson, Suffolk, Va., 
secretary; Western North Carolina 
Conference, Rev. J. W. Patton, Elon 
College, N. C, secretary; N. C. and Vir- 
ginia Conference, W. P. Lawrence, Elon 
College, N. C, secretary; Eastern 
North Carolina Conference. Rev. W. 
"C. Wicker, Elon College, N. C, secre- 

In accordance with the Convention 
recommendations, all the conferences 
have organized local Conference Mis- 
sionary Associations. These associa- 
tions have been officered in the man- 
ner of the Convention Association. By 
the plans thus inaugurated the funds 
for home missions will be greatly in- 

creased. As regards foreign missions, 
there is a steady growth of interest. 
A special call was made upon the con- 
ferences for missions at the late ses- 
sion of the Convention. 

The report of the Committee on 
Schools and Colleges, made at Suffolk 
Va., shows Elon College to be highly 
successful and the endowment increas- 
ed to $30,000. That the churches com- 
posing the Convention pav a fixed sum 
annually of $2,200 for Elon College. 
Thus the college is freed from em- 
barrassment as to its future progress. 
In 1904, it was decided to build a new 
dormitory to cost about $20,000, with 
modern equipments. This building is 
now completed at a cost of about 
$40,000. It contains music rooms and 
art studio, in addition to accommoda- 
tions for about one hundred young 
ladies. Prof. W. A. Harper, Elon Col- 
lege, N. C, is president of the college, 
and its financial affairs are entrusted 
to him. The presi<clent is now conduct- 
ing a campaign raising an endowment 
of $.50,000. Already ten men have given 
$1,000 each, and quite a number have 
given $500 each. $36,000 raised to 

date, December, 1911. 

The Orphanage, projected by the 
Convention,* is now opened, and is un- 
der the management of Rev. J. L. 
Poster, superintendent, Elon College, 
N. C. He is also the authorized finan- 
cial agent. There are at present 47 
children in the Orphanage. 

The Christian Sun, purchased by the 
Southern Convention, is edited by Rev. 
J. O. Atkinson, D. D., who was re- 

Next session will meet Tuesday be- 
fore the first Sunday in May, 1912. 
The selection of the place was left to 
the Executive Committee, which will 
also prepare the program and order of 




(Reported bv Rev. Alva H. Morrill, 
D. D.) 

This Association is incorporated un- 
der the laws of Massachusetts and owns 
the public property, consisting of a 
tabernacle, Craigville Inn, the streets 
and unsold lots in this village by the 
sea, and conducts annually religious 
meetings of a full week, commencing 
"Monday following the last Sunday in 
July." " The location of the grounds is 
beautiful, on the south shore of Cape 
Cod, in the town of Barnstable, about 
three miles from the village of Hyan- 
nis, where is also the railroad station. 
The first series of meetings was held 
here in 1S72, several years before the 
Association was incorporated, or own- 
ed any property here. There were fifty 
ministers of our denomination present 
during the meetings and about twenty 
of other denominations. Several were 
converted during the meetings, and 
Rev. J. C. Emery, then pastor of the 



Haverhill Church, baptized three per- 
sons. The presidents have been: Rev. 
William Miller, Rev. S. W. Butler, Rev. 
O. A. Roberts, Rev. I. H. Coe, Rev. Mar- 
tyn Summerbell. D. D. ; Rev. J. W. Os- 
born. Ph. D. ; Rev. B. S. Batchelor, Rev. 
J. B. Weston, D. D.; and Rev. G. A. 

The present officers of the Associa- 
tion are: 

Rev. A. H. Morrill — president. 
Rev. C. A. Tilllng-hast — vice-president. 
Rev. P. S. Sailer, Lynn, Mass. — secre- 
B. A. Chase — treasurer. 

Directors — F. G. Arnold, Rev. M. D. 
Wolfe, Dr. C. A. Groves, Rev. G. S. 
Webster, Rev. J. B. Weston, D. D., 
W^arren H. Sanford, W. G. Sargent, 
and Mr. Turtle. 


(Reported by the president. Rev. G. D. 


Rev. G. D. Lawrence, Avon, 111. — pres- 
ident. * 

Rev. H. G. Rowe, Danville, 111. — secre- 

John Barekman, Sumner, 111. — treas- 


B. F. Swartz, Urbana, 111.; J. A. Wilson, 
Newton, 111.; Rev. A. H. Bennett, 
Louisville, 111. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. K. D. Hammond, Olney, 111. — 

Rev. J. M. Bradbury, Merom, Ind. — Ed- 

Rev. Simon Bennett, Urbana, 111. — Sun- 

Rev. J. B. Littell, Muncie, 111. — Publi- 

Rev. Clarence Bennett, Urbana, 111. — 
Christian Endeavor. 

Progrrani Committee — Rev. G. D. Law- 
rence, Rev. C. B. Hershey, Rev. H. G. 

Evangelistic Association 


Rev. C. B. Hershey, Urbana, 111. — pres- 
Rev. H. G. Rowe, Danville, 111. — secre- 
J. A. Barekman, Sumner, 111. — treasurer. 
Executive Committee — Rev. C. B. Her- 
shey, H. G. Rowe, G. D. Lawrence. 
The Evangelistic Association is mov- 
ing' forward to greater things; we are 
looking forward to putting a secretary 
in the field to take the oversight of the 
entire work in the state, the appoint- 
ments for the several districts having 
already been made whicli are as fol- 
lows: District superintendents (evan- 
gelists) as follows: Southern Wabash 
Conference, Rev. A. O. .Tacobs; Central 
Conference, Rev. J. B. Littell; Western 
Conference, Rev. G. D. Lawrence; Illi- 
nois Conference, Rev. A. H. Bennett; 
Northern Conference. Rev. R. W. Pitt- 


(Reported by Secretary Gott.) 
The territory included in this con- 
ference shall be the state of Indiana, 
and such contiguous territory as may 
be part of the district conferences 
which co-operate with this conference. 
Membership — The membership of this 
conference shall be as follows: (1) The 
presidents, the secretaries, and the 
treasurers of the district conferences 
of Indiana, and president of Union 
Christian College. (2) The officers of 
the conference. (3) One delegate from 
each local church in the conference, 
same to be accompanied by one dollar 
($1.00), same to be applied to general 
expense fund of the conference. (4) 
The president, the secretary, and the 
treasurer of tlie State Woman's Board, 
together with the presidents and the 
secretaries of the Woman's Boards of 
the district conferences. (5) All min- 
isters who are members of any con- 
ference in the state of Indiana. 


Rev. C. B. Kershner, Warren, Indiana — 

Rev. D. O. Coy, Lebanon, Indiana — vice- 

Rev. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, Indiana — 

James L. Carter, Russiaville, Indiana — 

Department Secretaries 

W. C. Bosworth, Farmland, Indiana — 

W. H. Denison, D. D., Huntington, Indi- 
ana — Missions. 

R. A. Plunkett, Sullivan, Indiana — 

Rev. E. D. Gilbert, Darlington, Indiana 
- — Christian Endeavor. 

D. A. Long, D. D., LL. D., Merom, Indi- 
ana- — Education. 

Rev. W. H. Martin, Wingate, Indiana — 

State Woman's Board for Missions 

Mrs. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, Indiana — - 

Miss Ina Bow^ers, Darlington, Indiana 
— secretary. 

Mrs. C. B. McConnell, Sidney, Indiana — 

Vice-presidents of each local district 

Tru.stees — O. W. Whitelock, M. M. 
Wiles, Benjamin Henderson, R. W. 
Page, W. P. Kibbey, John T. Stanley. 

Laymen's Missionary Moveinent — Chair- 
man, W. H. Denison, D. D., Hunting- 
ton, Ind. 

Associated Press Reporter — Rev. Ernest 
D. Gilbert, Darlington, Indiana. 

State Evangelism — Rev. Charles Rine- 
hart, Frankfort, Indiana. 


(Reported by Secretary Kyle.) 


Rev. D. M. Helfenstein, D. D., Des 

moines, Iowa — president. 
John J. Kyle, Perlee, Iowa — secretary. 
E. F. Saunders, Montezuma, Iowa — 

Rev. J. W. Piper, LeGrand, Iowa — field 



Department Secretaries 

Ida Phillips — Sunday-schools. 

Victoria Lynn, Orient, Iowa — Y. P. S. 

C. E. 
Rev. (Mrs.) Ida Menaugh, Linden, Iowa 

— Education. 

Tru.stees of Conference 

Rev. R. A. Lewis, Madrid, Iowa — for 

three years. 
Rev. E. E. Bennett, Des Moines, Iowa 

— for two years. 
Geo. Hutton, Madrid, Iowa — for one 


Tru.stees for Palmer College 

For three years- — J. W. Piper, LeGrand, 

Iowa; Geo. Hutton, Madrid, Iowa; 

Albert Brackney, demons, Iowa; S. 

M. Milholland, Orient, Iowa; Bickle, 

LeGrand, Iowa. 
For two years — A. S. Lynn, Orient, 

Iowa; A. B. Kendall, LeGrand, Iowa; 

John A. Stover, Muncie, Ind. ; E. F. 

Saunders, Montezuma, Iowa; Wessly 

Fulton, Truro, Iowa. 
For one year — M. A. Gettis, LeGrand, 

Iowa; L. E. Follansbee, Des Moines, 

Iowa; Mrs. Elizabeth Trine, LeGrand, 

Iowa; A. M. Benge, Winterset, Iowa; 

A. C. Grafton, Murry, Iowa. 

Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary 

Mrs. Alice Hawbecker, LeGrand, Iowa — 

Mrs. E. Rhodes, Montrose, Iowa — vice- 

Mrs. Ida Menaug-h, Linden, Iowa — cor- 
responding secretary. 

Mrs. Emma Boyce, Letts, Iowa — secre- 

Mrs. Belle Helfenstein, Des Moines. 
Iowa — treasurer. 

Laymen's Missionary Movement 

F. N. Slocum, Baring-, Mo. — president. 

Wessly Fulton, Truro, Iowa — vice-pres- 

Raymond Clarke — secretary. 

A. M. Benge, Winterset, Iowa — treas- 


(Reported by Secretary Huff.) 

Rev. H. B. Warner, Superior, Nebraska 

— president. 
Rev. J. C. Bloyd, Lincoln, Kansas — 

Rev. C. B. Huff, Oronoque, Kansas — 

Rev. C. C. Hendricks, Lincoln, Kansas 

— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. F. M. Strange — Sunday-schools. 
Clyde Hedrick — Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. C. E. Huff — Education. 
Rev. C. G. Nelson — Missions. 
Rev. T. M. Strange — Relief. 


N. W. Hedrick, Superior, Neb. 

Will Roe, Superior, Neb. 

Rev. W. H. McNier, Guyan, Okla. 


(Reported by Secretary Vaughan.) 
Corrected up to November 1, 1911. 
Organized 1S66. Incorporated 1891. 


Rev. O. W. Powers, D. D., Dayton, O. — 

Rev. W. A. Warner, Higginsport, O. — 

Rev. B. F. Vaughan, Centerville, O. — 

recording secretary. 
Rev. A. Dunlap, 144 W. Fourth Ave., 

Columbus, O. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. J. E. Etter, Troy, O. — Education. 

Rev. B. F. Hoagland, (ienterburg, O. — 

Rev. W. H. Sando, Columbus, O. — Mis- 

Rev. F. B. Richey, Utica, O. — Sunday- 

Rev. W. J. Young, Piqua, O. — Christian 

Rev. G. W. Foltz, Winchester, Ind. — 

Note — These officers, except vice- 
president, constitute the Official Board 

and Trustees. 

The minutes for 1911 will be issued 

in pamphlet form. 

Annual membership fee $1.00. Life 

membership $10.00. Every minister Is 

requested to secure five new members. 

Woman's State Mission Board 

Mrs. Emma S. Powers, Dayton, O. — 

Rev. Mrs. R. A. Sheldon, Sparta, O. — 

Mrs. C. M. Hagans, Mt. Sterling, O. — 

recording secretary. 
Mrs. Drusilla Vaughan, Centerville, O. 

— corresponding secretary and treas- 
Mrs. Harriett McDorman, Harrod, O. — 

Superintendent Cradle Roll. 

Next session, November, 1912, not 


(Reported by Secretary Scholefield.) 


J. B. Pease, Gasport, N. Y. — president. 

Rev. C. H. Scholefield, Albion, N. Y. — 

Rev. James S. Frost, Lakemont, N. Y. — 


Department Secretaries 
Rev. John MacCalman, Lakemont, N. Y. 

— Missions. 
Rev. J. 'W. Wilson, Jamestown, N. Y. — 

Dr. Martyn Summerbell, Lakemont, N. 

Y. — Educational. 
W. E. Bassler, Middleburg, N. Y. — Pub- 
lishing. ^ 
Rev. L. A. Dykeman, Maryland, N. Y. — 

Rev. F. E. Galge, Hartwick, N. Y. — 

Christian Endeavor. 

The Association meets annually on 
the third Monday in June at Lakemont, 
N. Y. The objects are to promote the 
union and advancement of all our 
church interests within its bounds, 



which comprise the territory covered 
by the Christian conferences lying 
wholly or in part in the state of New 
i'ork, and by co-operating' with other 
similar associations the union and ad- 
vancement of the entire body. 

Through its six departments — Mis- 
sionary, Relief, Educational, Publish- 
ing, Sunday-school, and Christian En- 
deavor — much permanent good has 
been accomplished. 

In connection with the New York 
State Christian Association a new cor- 
poration has been effected, known as 
the New York State Christian Conven- 
tion, embracing the same territory. 
The Convention meets at the same time 
as the Association and has the same 

Saud Hill— J. B. Orr; 45; John Loyd. 

Gilmer, Texas. 
AVadley — E. M. Carter; 36; C. A. Wel- 

don, Wadley, Ala. 

New churches organized — Dingier, by 
Rev. J. H. Hughes, and Wadley, by 
Rev. E. M. Carter. 

Ordained Ministers — 13. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 1,433; an increase of 70 
over last year. 

Sunday-schools — 15. 

Membership — 1,228. 

Endeavor Societies — 3. 

Next session — Beulah, Wadley, Ala., 
beginning on Tuesday after the third 
Sunday in October, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Carter.) 


Rev. G. D. Hunt, Wadley, Ala. — presi- 
Rev. G. O. Lankford, Wadley, Ala. — 

Rev. E. M. Carter, Chipley, Ga., R. D. 3 

— secretary. 
Dr. J. M. Welch, Wadley, Ala. — treas- 

Ministers — E. M. Carter, C. W. Car- 
ter, J. W. Elder, T. H. Elder. C. M. 
Dollar, J. D. Dollar, J. H. Hughes, G. 
D. Hunt, J. V. Knight. "W. R. Knight, 
G. O. Lankford, M. P. Lett, J. B. Orr. 

LicentinteN — T. W. Gray, E. S. Mc- 
Kinley. E. S. McKinley licensed this 
year; J. V. Knight, ordained this year. 

Church, Pa.stor, 3IeiMbership, Clerk 

Antioch — G. D. Hunt; 107; Z. A. Kitch- 
ens, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 1. 

Beulah — G. D. Hunt; 122; R. S Carter, 
Wadley, Ala., R. D. 3. 

Bethany — J. H. Hughes; 31; D. W. 
Shepherd, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 2. 

Corinth — J. H. Hughes; 44; H. W. Dun- 
son, Wadley, Ala., R. D. 4. 

Christiana — C. W. Carter; 45; R. S. 
Duck; Dadeville, Ala., R. D. 2. 

Ding'ler — J. H. Hughes; 58; John Tay- 
lor, Lineville, Ala. 

Forest Home — C. M. Dollar; 23; T. J. 
Smith, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 

Flint Hill — J. H. Hughes; 15; No report 
at conference. 

Macedonia — J. W. Elder; 50; W. D. Hig- 
ginbotham, Delta, Ala. 

McGuires Chapel — C. W. Carter; 89; J 
H. Veazy, Wadley, Ala., R. D. 5. 

Mt. Zion — E. M. Carter; 116; Mrs. Lula 
Sledge, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 1. 

New Hope — G. D. Hunt; 186; R. W. 
Elder, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 1. 

IVoon Day — C. W. Carter; 42; D. T. Pol- 
lard, Wedowee, Ala. 

New Harmony — C. M. Dollar; 126; C. L. 
West, Lineville, Ala. 

New Home — J. W. Elder; 53; A. H. Col- 
lier, Delta, Ala. 

Pleasant Grove — J. D. Dollar; 91; L. C. 
Griffith, LaFavette. Ala., R. D. 

Rock Sprlner — C. W. Carter; 95; W. 
Adams, Wedowee, Ala. 

Rock Stand — J. D. Dollar: 45; A. R. 
Kirby, Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 4. 

Sardis — J. H. Hughes; 19; No report at 


Rev. Henry Crampton, 
Lebanon, Ind. 

Dear Brother: — The ministers of the 
Northwestern Arkansas Christian Con- 
ference have died and moved away un- 
til it would not be prudent to carry the 
conference on the roll of our next An- 

However, you may put the names of 
Rev. S. S. Drake, Chester, Ark., and 
Rev. J. P. Baker, Gentry, Ark., in the 
Ministerial Directory. 

You will see by the last Annual that 
I am transferred from the above con- 
ference to the Eastern New York Con- 

Hope you will succeed with this edi- 
tion as well as with past editions, and 
and I assure you the brethren will 
have no room to grumble. 

The Herald of Gospel Liberty and 
the Christian Annual are two essen- 
tials with your humble servant. 
Yours truly, 

M. P. Julian. 


(Reported by Secretary Rowe.) 

M. S. Campbell, Collison, 111. — president. 

Rev. I. M. Hoel, Tuscola, 111. — vice- 

Rev. H. G. Rowe, Danville, 111. — secre- 

E. P. James, Mansfield, 111. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. 'W. O. Hornbaker, Urbana, 111 — 

Rev. W. S. Alexander, Fithian, 111. — 

I. J. Atwood, Oakwood, 111. — Sunday- 

Will Noel, Urbana, 111. — Christian En- 

F. D. Donaldson, Potomac, 111. — Pub- 

Zac. Starr, Bismarck, 111. — Relief. 

Ministers — W. S. Alexander, G. W. 
Draper, G. D. Lawrence, W. M. Ealey, 
W. O. Hornbaker, H. G. Rowe, C. W. 
Kerst, T. J. Bishop, L. S. Carter, E. 
Rrathwaite, Isaac Embree, C. Hawk, I. 
M. Hoel, J. J. Patterson, Mrs. K. E, 
Miller, G. W. Rippey, S. D. Bennett. 

Licentiates — Israel Lake, P. O. Ander- 



son, Simon Bennett, Clarence Bennett, 
William Shaw, R. N. Lawlyes. 

Superannuated — Thos. Snyder, S. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Arthur — C. Bennett; 123; Sarah Poe, 

Arthur, 111. 
AtT»oo<l — S. D. Bennett; 117; Otho 

Storey, Atwood, 111. 
Bethel — C. B. Hershey; 90; E. B. James, 

Mansfield, 111. 
Cedar Grove — E. C. Geeding; 25; J. M. 

DeMoss, Collison, 111. 
Christian Chapel — S. Price; 118; Mrs. 

Geo. Tevebaugh, Oakwood, 111. 
Codding-ton — J. J. Patterson; 46; R. F. 

Cotton, Homer, 111. 
Danville — H. G. Rowe; 156: W. R. Starr, 

Danville, 111. 
Forest Hill— T. J. Bishop; 25; Mrs. W. 

Steely, Covington, Ind. 
Garrett — S. D. Bennett; 35; Mrs. Bettie 

Haines, Garrett, 111. 
Hedriok — Mrs. M. J. Lake; 53; Mrs. Elias 

Johnson, Hedrick, Ind. 
Hope — 'W. S. Alexander; 143; Mrs. Ida 

Luman, Fithian, 111. 
Lake Fork — C. W. Kerst; 170; Anna 

Quick, Atwood, 111. 
Mllnilne — H. E. Butler; 71; Josie Le- 

fever, Bement, 111. 
Morey Chapel — Mrs. M. J. Lake; 90; 

Gusta Anderson, Grape Creek, 111. 
Mt. Zlon — E. C. Geeding; 40; Lottie 

Smith, Urbana, 111. 
3Iuncle — J. B. Littell; 148; Grant Diggs, 

Muncie, 111. 
New Village — No report. 
Pier.son — C. 'W. Kerst; 96; Myrtle Shaw, 

Pierson, 111. 
Pleasant Grove — Isaac Embree; 15; J. 

M. Peters, St. Joe, 111. 
Pleasant VieT»- — Simon Bennett; 140; 

Zac. Starr, Bismarck, 111. 
Poage — No report. 
Prairie Hope — J. M. Bradbury; 77; Wiley 

Hawk, St. Joseph, 111. 
Prospect — Clarence Bennett; 59; Albert 

Anderson, Ogden, 111. 
Royal — W. S. Alexander; 50; Mollie 

Thomas, Royal, 111. 
Salt Creek — T. H. Miller; 62; I. N. Has- 

singer. Lane, 111. 
Tilton— J. B. Littell; 108; Mabel Bill- 
man, Catlin, 111. 
Tuscola — I. M. Hoel; 75; Claude Hoel, 

Tuscola, 111. 
U. C. Chapel — S. Price; 70; Geo. H. Er- 

hardt, Arthur, 111. 
Urbana — W. O. Hornbaker; 205; Kath- 

ryn Bensyl, Urbana, 111. 

Ordained Ministers — 18. 

Membership — 2,407. 

Without pastors — 


(Reported by Secretary Walter.) 

Rev. D. O. Coy, Lebanon, Indiana — pres- 

Rev. J. C. Orebaugh, Farmland, Indiana 
— vice-president. 

Ernest Walter, Pittsboro, Indiana — sec- 

J. B. Henderson, Mooney, Indiana — 

.ministers — J. C. Orebaugh, D. O. Coy, 
E. K. Pond, Isaac E. Fish, C. R. Wil- 
liamson, C. O. Brown. 

i^iceutiates — Enoch Aynes. 

Church, Pastor, Itlenibership, Clerk 
Clifford — Frank Powers; 70; Elijah 

Indianapolis — Robert Harris; 80; J. C. 

Hunt, 1430 East 15th St., Indianapolis, 

Liberty — Isaac Fish; 120; Mack Dodds, 

Norman Station, Ind. 
Mt. Olivet — E. K. Pond; 72; Laura He- 
drick, Gasport, Ind. 
Mt. Zlon — No pastor; 27; Thomas Roush. 
New Bethel — James Baldwin; 85; Chas. 

Wirey, Taylorsville, Ind., R. D. 
Old Union — W. P. Kibby; 113; Elzora 

Cunningham, Edinburg, Ind., R. D. 
Pleasant Ridge — Roy Lucas; 131; Hat- 
tie Mitchell, Mooney, Ind. 
Pleasant Valley — M. M. Wiles; 63; 

Frank Stephens, Greenwood, Ind. 
Rainstowu — W. P. Kibby; 48; Omer 

Leak, Lizton, Ind. 
Youngs Creek — D. O. Coy; 117; Marcia 

Prichard, Franklin, Ind. 

Ordained during the year — 1. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Churches — 11. 

Membership — 926. 

Without pastor — 1. 


(Reported by Secretary Keese.) 

Rev. J. W. Piper, LeGrand, Iowa — pres- 

Rev. W. E. Burdine, Montezuma, Iowa 
— vice-president. 

Mrs. V. A. Keese, Oilman, Iowa — secre- 

E. F. Saunders, Montezuma, Iowa — 

Trustees for 1011-1912 

Rev. W. E. Burdine — for three years. 

Mr. W. L. Allen — for two years. 

Mr. V. A. Keese — for one year. 
Department Secretaries 

Rev. E. A. Watkins, LeGrand, Iowa — 

Miss Vessie Keese, Oilman, Iowa — Sun- 

Airs. Lillian Saunders, Montezuma, Iowa 
— Missions. 

Ministers — W. E. Burdine, A. B. Ken- 
dall. B. F. Clayton, J. W. Piper, A. C. 

Grafton, T. \^^ Howard, B. S. Maben. 

E. C. Kerr, C. E. Luck. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Barnes City — ■; 141; Mrs. Delia 

E'astman, Barnes (T^ity, Iowa. 

Clemons — B. F. Clayton; 154; Mrs. W. 
A. Pollock, Clemons, Iowa. 

Fairview — No report; ■ ; James Hor- 

rigan, Brooklyn, Iowa. 

Ferguson — W. E. Burdine; 117; Mrs. 
V. A. Keese, Oilman, Iowa. 

Forest Home — ; 125; Jessie Jack- 
son, Montezuma, Iowa. 

LeGrand ; 14 9; Mrs. Alice Haw- 

becker, LeGrand, Iowa. 

Ordained Ministers — 9. 

Churches — 6. 

Membership — 686. 

Without pastors — 2. 

The next Annual Session will be held 

at Clemons, Iowa. 




(Reported by Secretary Hamblin.) 

Rev. Samuel Miller, Soldiers Grove, 

Wis. — president. 
Deacon C. E. Larker, Weyauwega, Wis. 

R. D. — vice-president. 
Deacon H. Hamblin, New London, Wis. 

Mrs. Eastman, Weyauwega, Wis., R. D. 

— treasurer. 

Ministers — Samuel Miller, J. W. Babb, 
Frank J. Cornell, J. W. Spitzer, John 
Fletcher, D. Winfleld Thompson. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Cleric 

Evansfvood — No pastor; 14; . 

Fremont — No pastor; 18; . 

Stevenspolnt — No pastor; ; . 

Ordained Ministers — 6. 

Churches — 3. 

Membership — 32. 

Without pastors — 3. 

(Note. — Churches on our territory, 
but not belonging to Central Confer- 
ence, are:) 

Green Bush. 

Maple Creek. 


NetT London. 


Hill of Zlon — S. M. Milholland; 263; A. 

S. Lynn, Orient, Iowa. 
Lake City — C. W. McDonald; 21; J. O. 

Smith, Lake City, Iowa. 
Mt. Zion — S. T. Craven; 88; J. F. Claw- 

son, Grand River, Iowa. 
Oak Run — D. Powell; 44; Stella Burd, 

Murray, Iowa. 
Oak Hill Chapel — S. T. Craven; 83; 

Frances Conn, Thayer, Iowa. 
Otter Creek — C. W. Stewart; 80; Miss 

Iva Wallace, Lacona, Iowa. 
Peru — D. Powell; 89; D. Hollingsworth, 

Peru, Iowa. 
Pleasant Ridge, Union Co. — J. R. Mc- 

Kaig; 62; Mary White, Afton, Iowa. 
Pleasant Ridge, Adair Co. — S. M. Mil- 
holland; 41; Samuel S. Zellweger, 

Orient, Iowa. 
Pleasant Valley — A. C. Grafton; 98; 

Mrs. Wilbur Allison, Thayer. Iowa. 
Truro — D. Powell; 170; Maude Munson, 

Truro, Iowa. 
Winterset — No pastor; 146; A. J. Sum- 
ner, Winterset, Iowa. 

Ordained Ministers — 18. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churches — 14. 

Membership — 1,314. 

Without pastors — 1. 


(Reported by Secretary McDonald.) 

Rev. L. E. Follansbee, Des Moines, Iowa 
— president. 

Rev. R. C. Helfenstein, Des Moines, 
Iowa — vice-president. 

Rev. C. W. McDonald, Lake City, Iowa 
— secretary. 

J. E. Middletown, Truro, Iowa — treas- 

Department Secretaries 

Clara Moore, Murray, Iowa — T. P. S. 
C. E. 

Mrs. Alice Vines, Peru, Iowa — Sunday- 

Ministers — L. E. Follansbee, R. C. 
Helfenstein, C. W. McDonald, M. L. 
Everett, J. R. McKaig, L. M. Milhol- 
land, George O. Johnston, J. V. S. Ford, 
R. C. Moulton, T. J. Kelley, C. H. Young, 
G. H. Carter, C. J. Heckathorn, J. D. 
EVans, E. E. Garrett, E. Fitzgarald, E. 
E. Bennett, L. T. Craven. 

Licentiates — J. B. Harding, Maggie 
Nordstown, J. H. Wilson. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Des Moines, First — D. M. Helfenstein; 

74; Mrs. Bessie Hunter, Des Moines, 

Des Moines, Maple St. — R. C. Moulton; 

55; W. H. Lucas, Des Moines, Iowa. 


(Reported by Secretary Bosworth.) 

Rev. G. B. Cain, Conover, Ohio — pres- 

Rev. Fred. Stovenour, Portland, Ind. — 

W. C. Bosworth, Farmland, Ind. — sec- 

Joseph Lafuze, Liberty, Ind. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. W. E. Baker, Defiance, Ohio — 

Rev. D. R. Lusk, Ft. Recovery, Ohio — 

Mrs. H. L. Lott, Greenville, Ohio — Mis- 
Rev. C. B. Small, Farmland, Ind. — Moral 

Rev. DeK. Judy, Montpelier, Ind. — 

Oilo Holaday, Gaston, Ind. — Ministry. 
Rev. H. L. Lott, Greenville, Ohio — 

Rev. Miss Frankie I. Keys, Winchester, 

Ind. — Christian Endeavor. 
President of Christian Endeavor and 

Sunday-school Mission Institute, Rev. 

B. A. Hartley, Defiance, Ohio. 

Ministers- — A. M. Addington, Thomas 
Addington, R. P. Arrick, W. E. Baker, 
S. L. Beougher, C. F. Byrkett, F. F. 
Canada, G. B. Cain, Levi Capron, J. H. 
Cochran, Arlie Cortner, J. R. Cortner, 
J. H. Cross, I. H. Gray, M. M. Gwinn, 



B. A. Hartley, Arthur House, A. "W. 
Hunt, G. W. Johnson, L. W. Johnson, 
Zelma Johnson, DeK. Judy, Tiffin Ju- 
lian, Frankie Keys, H. L. Lott, Arthur 
K. Love, D. R. Lusk, W. E. Michaels, 
Ida Morris, W. F. Mullen, J. T. New- 
house, G. H. Oderkirk, E. D. Oren, 
Frank Powers, Emma Reedy, W. D. 
Ross, 'W. Max Shafer, S. S. Simonton, 
Curtis B. Small, "William Spade, T. A. 
Spitzer, Hannah W. Stanley. Fred. 
Stovenour, John A. Stover, William 
Terrell, N. H. Thornburg-, Earnest Tre- 
ber, Warren Wall, J. A. Watson, J. A. 

Licentiates — Anna Coats, Jesse E". 
Jones, Isaac Ruth. 

Church, Pastor, Clerk 

Albany — G. W. Johnson; J. W. St. Clair, 
Albany, Ind. 

Anderson — Laura Clevinger; Wm. Phil- 
ips, Anderson. Ind. 

Antloch — .Jacob Frazier; Denver Meds- 
ker, Losantville, Ind. 

Beanisville — D. R. Lusk; E. H. Miller, 
Versailles, Ohio. 

Beaver Chapel — J. S. Kegg; P. W. Find- 
ley, Celina, Ohio. 

Bethel — ; Mrs. Mattie McAfee, 

Cold Water, Ohio. 

Blountsville — J. T. Newhouse; J. S. 
Barr, Blountsville, Ind. 

Boston — Frankie I. Keys; Mary C. Dru- 
ley, Boston, Ind. 

Bristol— J. W. Bolton; Wm. H. Ringo, 
Middletown, Ind. 

Bnenavista — Ruben Oren; Mrs. Bertha 
Johnson, Winchester, Ind. 

Brock — Pearl Treber; Florence Meeds, 
Rossburg-, Ohio. 

Chester Center — Jacob Frazier; J. A. 
Thomas, Keystone, Ind. 

Chesterfield — J. T. Newhouse; Nellie 
Gustin, Chesterfield, Ind. 

Carlos City — N. H. Thornburg; Wayne 
Whitehead, Carlos City, Ind. 

Christian Chapel — Ruben Oren; Eliza- 
beth Gibson, Muncie, Ind. 

Christian Union — J. C. Orebaugh; Mrs. 
Mina Hough, Portland, Ind. 

Clear Creek — Jacob Frazier; Bessie 
Grow, Winchester, Ind. 

Coletown — H. L. Lott; A. P. Shade, 
Greenville, Ohio. 

Como — Murry Harness; R. D. Stephens, 
Redkey, Ind. 

Corinth — Alexander Black; W. H. Cof- 
fin, Gaston, Ind. 

Davrn — J. A. Watson; Lewis Leis, "Ver- 
sailles, Ohio. 

Eden — R. H. Gott; L. W. Stradling, 
Shideler, Ind. 

Fairvie-w — H. L. Lott; William Harter, 
New Madison, Ohio. 

Fall Creek — J. W. Bolton; Mrs. Addie 
Gold, Middletown, Ind. 

Farmland — J. C. Orebaugh; W. H. Har- 
rison, Farmland, Ind. 

Fellowship — D. R. Lusk; Josie Ash- 
craft, Portland, Ind. 

Wall; Otto Holaday, 

Ft. Recovery — D. R. Lusk; El ma J. 

Rapp, Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 
Gaston — C. B. Chalfant; Lewis Boyle, 

Gaston, Ind. 

Good Hope — Sarah Barr; J. T. Wyrlck, 
Ridgeville, Ind. 

Granville — DeK. Judy; Mrs. Mollie Ber- 
ry, Muncie, Ind. 

Haprerstown — Arthur K. Love; Malon 
H. Gebhart, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Hannas Creek — Fred. Stovenour; Homer 
Lafuze, Libert-"' Ind. 

Hollandsbur^ — C. W. Hoeffer; N. T. Ire- 
Ian, Hollandsburg, Ohio. 

HarrLsville — Jacob Frazier; Anna Coats, 
Harrisville, Ind. 

Hurricane ; S. T. Overleese, Mil- 

roy, Ind. 

Jefferson — Earnest Treber; David My- 
ers, Upland, Ind. 

Jireh — "Warren 
Gaston, Ind. 

Lake Branch — ; Amos Pugh, Up- 
land, Ind. 

Lunar Creek — Earnest Treber; A. J. 
Furguson, Marion, Ind. 

Millville — S. W. Bennett; Mrs. Frank 
Worl, Newcastle, Ind. 

MississineTva — Earnest Pursley; Julia 
M. Duke, Farmland, Ind. 

Mooreland — N. H. Thornburg; Melvin 
Wood, Mooreland, Ind. 

Montpelier — DeK. Judy; Anna Shields, 
Montpelier, Ind. 

Mt. Gilead ; Oscar Imes, Redkey, 


Mt. Pleasant — ; Carrie Cummings, 

Yorktown, Ind. 

Mt. Zion — Warren Wall; F. M. Thorn- 
burg, Parker, Ind. 

Muncie, First — J. A. Stover; Miss M. A. 
Richison, Muncie, Ind. 

Muncie, Second — J. A. Kauffman; Mary 
Smith, Muncie, Ind. 

New Liberty — Zelma Johnson; A. O. 
Craynor. Lynn, Ind. 

Noble — Fred. Stovenour; Lizzie Money, 
Portland, Ind. 

North Star — W. R. Boehringer; Emma 
Hartzell, North Star, Ohio. 

North White River — Will Milburn; M. 
J. Shaver, "Winchester, Ind. 

Nottingham ; Mary C. Clevenger, 

Montpelier, Ind. 

New Pittsburg — C. P. Coddington; Jere- 
miah Tomy, Salamonia, Ind. 

Ogden — ; Mary J. Saints, Ogden, 


Olive Branch — H. L. Lott; W. C. Bos- 
worth, Farmland, Ind. 

Osg^ood — ; Goldie May Miller, Os- 
good, Ohio. 

Philadelphia — Warren Wall; Mrs. Lon 
Brooks, Selma, Ind. 

Pleasant Grove — Zelma Johnson; W. W. 
Warner, Parker, Ind. 

Plea.sant Hill — J. A. Watson; A. L. 
Lindley, Union City, Ind. 

Pleasant Ridge — 

Union City, Ind. 

H. M. Stump, 



Pleasant Vale — C. B. Small; Mrs. Kate 
Rarrick, Powers, Ind. 

Pleasant Valley — Will. Milburn; A. M. 
Sanderson, Hartford City, Ind. 

Portland — S. L. Baugher; Ella Walters, 
Portland, Ind. 

Prairie Grove — J. F. Morris; W. R. 
Councell, Gaston, Ind. 

Salamonia — G. B. Cain; A. F. Smitli, 
Portland, Ind. 

Sardinia — Arlie Cortner; Estella Kess- 
ler, Portland, Ind. 

Shlloh — Earnest Pursley; Mrs. T. L. 
Painter, Farmland, Ind. 

Silver Creek — Earnest Pursley; Julia 
Little, Liberty, Ind. 

Stelvideo — DeK. Judy; Lawrence Mark- 
er, Stelvideo, Ohio. 

Straughn — C. W. Hoeffer; Mary Wad- 
dell, Straughn, Ind. 

Sugar Creek — Ruben Oren; Elsie Brum- 
ley, Winchester, Ind. 

Sug;ar Grove — ; Everett Landis, 

Rossburg, Ohio. 
Sulphur Springes — J. W. Bolton; Eliza 

McShurley, Sulphur Springs, Ind. 
Teegrarden — A. E. Cobb; A. R. Huddle, 

Ansonia, Ohio. 
Union Chapel, Jay — William Cams; Ra- 

chael B. Kimble, Balbec, Ind. 
Union Chapel — Earnest Pursley; C. O. 

Thornburg, Selma, Ind. 
Wabash — M. J. Harrington; OUie Lou- 

denback, Celina, Ohio. 
Wahash Valley — ; Leona Boehr- 

inger. North Star, Ohio. 
Walnut Grove — W. R. Boehringer; R. 

A. Burns, Versailles, Ohio. 
AVhlte Chapel — Frank Powers; Clay F. 

Sloniker, Parker, Ind. ' 

White River — Guernsey Stephen; B. E. 

Harbor, Farmland, Ind. 
White Union — Arthur K. Love; D. H. 

Strough, Sulphur Springs, Ind. 
Winchester — G. W. Foltz; C. B. Ed- 
wards, Winchester, Ind. 
Windsor — Warren Wall; C. A. Fletcher, 

Parker, Ind. 
Woodington — Arthur K. Love; Mattie 

Bailey, Woodington, Ohio. 

Ordained Ministers — 50. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churches — 86. 

Membership — 

Without pastors — 11. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
at Coletown, Ohio, September 10-13, 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. Eva Winter — Missions. 
Rev. II. Vernon Winter — Cliristian En- 

3Iinisters — George Burton, T. C. Dar- 
nell, D. R. Drake, Emerson Hull, J. L. 
Masters, J. S. Masters, A. D. McHargue, 
Nancy McHargue, Laura Woody, Fred 
Vining, H. Vernon Winter, J. H. 

Licentiate — Eva Winter. 

Church, Pastor, Meuibersbip, Clerk 

Elm City — H. Vernon Winter; ; 

Jennie Waugh, Edna, Kans-as. 
Galena — • 
Girty — ; ; Alex. Hander, Al- 

toona, Kansas. 
Highland — H. Vernon Winter; ; 

John Millit, Highland, Kansas. 
Maple Grove — 
Pleasant Valley — 
Sunshine — George Burton; — 

Warden, Hollow, Okla. 

Ordained Ministers — 12. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churclies — 7. 

Member sliip — 

Without pastors — 4. 



(Reported by Secretary Barnes.) 

Hon. O. W. Whitelock. Huntington, Ind. 
— president. 

J. F. Barnes, Huntington, Ind. — secre- 

Ministers — A. E. Bagby, Hiley Baker, 
Jacob J. Beisiegel, D. S. Boswell, War- 
ren H. Denison, Jonathan Dipboye, Sam- 
uel Frantz, David Hidy, G. R. Ham- 
mond, O. A. Harris, C. B. Kershner, 
John M. Miller, W. P. Minton, J. J. 
Markley, Edward McClellan, R. W. 
Page, William Perdue, Eliza Robinson, 
Mary G. Rheubottom, W. D. Samuel, E. 
T. Spohn, C. C. Tarr, John A. Wood, J. 
Wesley Yantis. 

Licentiates — Joseph B. Fisher, George 
W. Gloyd, Lloyd Smeltzer. 

Honorary Members — J. W. Bolton, 
G. B. Garner, U. S. Johnson, Bruce 


(Reported by President Burton.) 

Rev. George Burton, Hallowell, Kan- 
sas — president. 

Rev. H. Vernon Winters, Mound Val- 
ley, Kansas — vice-president. 

Rev. M. L. Carter, Earlston, Kansas — 

Christian Endeavor Union 

Mrs. C. B. McConnell, Sidney, Ind. — 

Florence Andrew, Warren, Ind. — sec- 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Antioch — Lloyd Smeltzer; 63; Orvllle 

Smith, N. Manchester, Ind. 
Dellevllle — ; 40; Jesse M. Mcll- 

waine, Warren, Ind, 



Mell; 5 9; James 
20; O. E. Bone, 

Bluffton — J. Dipboye; 79; Henry John- 
son, Bluffton, Ind. 
Broadway ; 71; Mrs. Cecelia Ger- 

kin, Cromwell, Ind. 
Biienn^ista — Geo. R. 

Kiser, Geneva, Ind. 
Clear Creek — ; 

Huntington, Ind. 
Collanier — E. C. Kerr; 60; Mrs. Nettie 

Goff, CoUamer, Ind. 
Dunfee ; 71; F. W. Clark, Colum- 
bia City, Ind. 
Eel River — J. Wesley Yantis; 106; Liz- 
zie Grafton, Pierceton, Ind. 
Elkhart — W. P. Minton; 69; Ira E. Ber- 

kypile, Elkhart, Ind. 
GoMhen — W. P. Minton; 83; G. D. Boom- 

ershine, Goshen, Ind. 
Huntington — W. H. Denison; 439; Geo. 

W. Gill, Huntington, Ind. 
Leesburgr—Mary G. Rheubottom; 30; 

May Piatt, Leesburg, Ind. 
Liberty t'nlon— J. E. McCorkhill; 29; 

Forrest Pribble, Liberty Center, Ind. 
Majenlca — W. D. Samuel; ; Frank 

Shideler, Huntington, Ind. 
Merrlani — A. E. Bagby; 14 7; Mrs. Mina 

Young, Albion, Ind. 
Mlllersburg ; 66; J. L. Judy, Mil- 

lersburg, Ind. 
Millwood — ; 87; Wm. J. Miller, 

Nappanee, Ind. 
Murray — J. M. Brown; 23; Leona Raver, 

Bluffton. Ind. 
North Manchester — J. Wesley Yantis; 

150; Mrs. F. A. Butterbaugh, North 

Manchester, Ind. 
North AVebster — ; 40; Charles T. 

Mock, Leesburg, Ind. 
Paw Paw — Samuel Frantz; 142; Alice 

Derr, Roan, Ind. 
Pleasant Grove — • ; 46; T. J. John, 

North Manchester, Ind. 
Pleasant Hill— ; 45; Alta Peffer, 

Albion, Ind. 
Plum Tree — Roy Lucas; 104; H. F. Prib- 
ble, Warren, Ind. 
Salanionla — U. S. Johnson; 96; Mrs. 

Lizzie Satterthwaite, Andrews, Ind. 
Servla — Samuel Frantz; 119; Ed. AUis- 

baugh, N. Manchester, Ind. 
Sidney— E. C. Kerr; 55; Mrs. C. B. Mc- 

Connell, Sidnev, Ind. 
Six Mile — G. B. Garner; 118; R. D. 

Chalfant, Bluffton, Ind. 
Sparta — Bruce Mounsey; 172; Mrs. J. E. 

Crothers, Ligonier, Ind. 
Spring Hill — N. McClain; 54; Mrs. Etta 

Ott, Ligonier, Ind. 
Stringtown ; 33; Lillian Kilgore, 

Kimmell, Ind. 
Swayzee — Robert E. Wearly; 56; Mrs 

Wm. Bryant, Svvayzee, Ind. 
Thorn Creek — ; 53; Aaron Apple- 
ton, Columbia City, Ind. 
Union — E. C. Kerr; 68; Chester L. Cone, 

Pierceton, Ind. 
Wakarusa — O. A. Harris; 291; Joseph 

B. Fisher, "U^akarusa, Ind. 
Warren — C. B. Kershner; 354; G. M. 

Gephart, Warren. Ind. 
AVaterford — Mary G. Rheubottom; 40; 

Mrs. Eliza A. Benner, New Paris, Ind. 

Ordained Ministers — 24. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churches — 39. 

Membership — 3,800. 

Without pastors — -10. 

Next session at Huntington, Ind., 
August, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Kemp.) 


Hermon Eldredge, Brie, Pa. — president. 
Rev. Myron Tyler, DeWittville, N. Y. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. A. E. Kemp, 238 Buffalo St., Con- 

neaut, Ohio — secretary. 

Frank E. Wood, Girard, Pa. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Dr. Millie J. Chapman, Springboro, Pa. 
■ — Missions. 

J. A. Lamb, Conneautville, Pa. — Edu- 

V. C. Barnes, Waterford, Pa. — Christian 

Rev. F. C. Patterson, Bear Lake, Pa. — 

Ministers — J. W. Dennen. A. I. Dick- 
enson, Donald P. Hurlburt, A. E. 
Keinp, W. A. Leonard, Benjamin Mason, 
F. C. Patterson, H. H. Pershing, Myron 
Tyler, Ray F. Gibson. 

Liicentiates — Hermon Eldredge, Flor- 
ence V. Waggoner. 

Ordained to the ministry — Ray F. 


Church, Pastor, 3Iembershlp, Clerk 

Bear Lake — F. C. Patterson; 33; Mrs. 

Leda W. St. John, Bear Lake, Pa. 
Beaver Center — D. P. Hurlburt; 52; W. 

I. Hackett, Conneautville, Pa. 
Conneaut — A. E. Kemp; 2 97; Mrs. Grace 

Moore, 545 State St., Conneaut, Ohio. 
Draketown — ; 47; Matilda Fox, 

Edinboro, Pa., R. D. 6. 
DeWittville — Myron Tyler; 65; Minton 

Phillips, DeWittville, N. Y. 
E. Springfield — ; 150; Mrs. M. L. 

Morrell, B. Springfield, Pa. 
Erie — W. A. Leonard; 115; Ada Sher- 
man, 351 W. Fourth St., Erie, Pa. 
Falrview ; 15; Mrs. G. C. Zindel, 

Girard, Pa. 
Francis — No report. 
Hammonds Corner — D. P. Hurlburt; 30; 

Lucy Holden, Pierpont, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Hare Creek — No report. 
Pine Valley — F. C. Patterson; 11; Mrs. 

E. F. Walton, Bear Lake, Pa. 
Springboro — S. L. Beougher; 85; Mrs. 

Ada Bently, Springboro, Pa. 
Washington — : 46; Almira Mc- 

Grory, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 
^Vate^fo^d — W. A. Leonard; 19; Earl 

Barnes, Waterford, Pa. 

Ordained during the year — 1. 
Ordained Ministers — 10. 
Licentiates — 2. 
Churches — 15. 
Membership — 965. 
TVithout pastors — 5. 




(Reported by Secretary Wicker.) 

Rev. G. R. Underwood, Sanford, N. C. — 

Rev. A. P. Barbee, Garner, N. C. — vice- 
Rev. W. C. Wicker. Elon College, N. C. 

— secretary. 
W. J. Ballentine, Fuquay Springs, N. C. 
— treasurer. 

Minister.^ — W. G. Clements, J. D. 
Wicker, G. R. Underwood, J. L/ce John- 
son, Jas. L. Poster, W. C. Wicker, L. F. 
Johnson, C. E. Newman, M..L,. Winston, 
A. T. Pounds, Herbert Scholz. H. F. 
Wolfe, Geo. J. Green, A. T. Banks. 

Licentiates — J. C. Stuart, W. B. 

Cliurcli, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Amelia — A. T. Banks; 58; W. A. Smith, 

Clayton, N. C. 
Antiocli— Herbert Scholz; 133; Pearle 

D. Wall, Elams, N. C. 
Auburn — L. F. Johnson; 46; James I. 

Branch, Auburn, N. C. 
Betliel — J. S. Garden; 17; Helen Marks, 

New Hill, N. C. 
Bethlehem- — Herbert Scholz; 70; Bing- 
ham King, Littleton, N. C. 
Beulah— H. F. Wolfe; 75; J. B. Edwards, 

Toungsville, N. C. 
Catawba Sprin;;s — A. P. Barbee; 123; 

T. M. Franks, Apex, N. C. 
Chapel Hill — W. G. Clements; 17; E. W. 

Neville, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Christian Chapel — J. S. Garden; 140; J. 

J. Womble, New Hill, N. C. 
Christian Ligrht — W. G. Clements; 24; 

S. O. Brown, Kipling, N. C. 
Damascus — A. P. Barbee; 131; S. E. 

Poythress, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Ebenezer — J. L. Johnson; 116; M. J. 

Carlton, Raleigh, N. C. 
Fullers — C. E. Newman; 70; Eunice 

Coghill, Henderson, N. C. 
Goo«l Hope — J. W. Patton; 53; J. R. 

Davis, Youngsville, N. C. 
Hayes Chapel — A. P. Barbee; 32; J. D. 

Johnson, Garner, N. C. 
Henderson— C. E. Newman; 53; C. D. 

Harton, Henderson, N. C. 
Liberty — C. B. Newman; 349; E. M. 

Newman, Manson, N. C. 
Marthas Chapel — G. R. Underwood; 71; 

T. G. Morgan, Apex, N. C. 
Morrisville — J. W. Patton; 46; J. H. 

Moring, Morrisville, N. C. 
Moore Union — P. T. Klapp; 88; D. C 

Avent, Sanford, N. C. 
Mount Auburn — J. L. Poster; 177; S. P. 

Read, Palmer Springs, Va. 
Mount Carmel — W. L. Wells; 103; J. H. 

Mitchell, Youngsville, N. C. 
Mount Gilead — Herbert Scholz; 36; W. 

C. Wilder, Louisburg, N. C. 
Mount Hermon — A. T. Banks; 54; J. G. 

Penny, Garner, N. C. 
New Elam — G. R. Underwood; 193; S. V. 

Holt, New Hill, N. C. 
New Hope — W. G. Clements; 133; R. R. 

Perry. Youngsville, N. C. 
New Hill — J. S. Garden; 35; D. D. Lash- 
lee, New Hill, N. C. 
Oak Level — W. G. Clements; 105; An- 
nie Staley, N. C. 
O'Kellys Chapel — W. L. Wells; 63; J. R. 

S. Atkins, Durham, N. C. 
Piney Plains — J. L. Johnson; 46; H. G. 

Franklin, N. C. 

Pleasant Hill — J. D. Wicker; 48; J. W. 

Neighbors, Benson, N. C. 
Pleasant Union — J. D. Wicker; 115; J. 

D. Long, Lillington, N. C. 
Plymouth — A. T. Banks; 65; G. P. Par- 
tin, Jr., McCullers, N. C. 
Popes Chapel — J. W. Patton; 138; Louie 

Williams, Youngsville, N. C. 
Raleigh — L. P. Johnson; 105; C. H. 

Wiggins, Raleigh, N. C. 
Sanford — W. S. Long; 97; J. E. Way, 

Sanford, N. C. 
Shallow Well — W. L. Wells; 186; J. P. 

Avent, Jonesboro, N. C. 
Six Forks — L. F. Johnson; 115; G. L. B. 

Penny, Raleigh, N. C. 
Turners Chapel — H. P. Wolfe; 26; A. W. 

Wicker, Colon, N. C. 
AVake Chapel — J. L. Johnson; 123; Ella 

J. Smith, Fuquay Springs, N. C. 
W^entworth — J. W. Patton; 73; L. D. 

Stephenson, McCullers, N. C. 
Youngsville — W. S. Long; 36; L. E. 

Winston, Youngsville, N. C. 

Ordained Ministers — 13. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 42. 

Membership — 3,884. 

Without pastors — None. 


(Reported by Secretary Johnson.) 


Rev. N. G. Newman, Holland, "Va. — 

Rev. C. H. Rowland, Franklin, Va. — 

ttev. I. W. Johnson, Suffolk, Va*. — 

W. H. Jones, Jr., Suffolk, Va. — treas- 

Ministers — D. P. Barrett, J. P. Bar- 
rett, H. H. Butler, M. W. Butler, A. 
M. Hanson, J. W. Harrell, S. C. Harrell, 
W. D. Harward, McD. Howsare, L W. 
Johnson, C. C. Jones, D. A. Keyes, J. T. 
Kitchen, N. G. Newman, R. H. Peel, 
J. M. Roberts. H. E. Rountree, C. H. 
Rowland, W. W. Staley, C. C. Ryan. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Antioch — H. H. Butler;- 290; C. L. Grif- 
fin, Windsor, Va. 

Barretts — R. H. Peel; 153; J. E. Ells- 
worth, Dory, Va. 

Berea (Nansemond) — I. W. Johnson; 
135; E. L. Everett, Driver, Va. 

Berea (Norfolk) — J. W. Harrell; 123; 
M. W. Hollowell, Portsmouth, Va., 
R. D. 2. 

Bethany— C. H. Rowland; 57; W. W. 
Ellis. Franklin, Va. 

Bethlehem — H. H. Butler; 298; J. W.. 
Polk, Suffolk, Va. 

Burtons Grove — C. C. Jones; 42; E. W. 
Carroll, Wakefield, Va. 

Centerville — H. E. Rountree; 50; J. L. 
Moss, Disputanta, Va. 

Cypress Chapel — H. H. Butler; 226; A. 
L. Harrell, Cypress Chapel, Va. 

Damascus — B. F. Black; 227; J. E. Cor- 
bitt, Sunburv, N. C. 

Dendron — C. C. Jones; 99; W. S. Bar- 
rett, Dendron, Va. 

Emporia — S. C. Harrell; 12; O. L. 
Cockes, N. Emporia, Va. 

Eures — J. M. Roberts; 210; W. M. 
Sparkman, Eure, N. C. 

Franklin— C. H. Rowland; 96; D. W. 
Darden, Franklin, Va. 



Firs*, Norfolk — M. L.. Bryant; 191; W. 

H. Parron, Norfolk, Va. 
Hobson — I. W. Johnson; 3?); L. L. Eley, 

Crittenden, Va. 
HoIInnd — N. G. Newman; 332; R. H. 

Reidell, Holland, Va. 
Holy Nook — N. G. Newman; 501; R. C. 

Norfleet. Holland, Va. 
Isle of Wisht C. H. — R. H. Peel; 138; 

C. H. Atkins, Windsor, Va. 
Ivor — R. H. Peel; 42; E. N. Johnson, 

Ivor, Va. 
Johnsons Grove — R. H. Peel; 78; P. T. 

Joynson. Courtland, Va. 
Lninlierts Point — J. W. Barrett; 35; S. 

L. Sowers, Lamberts Point, Va. 
liiberty Spring- — I. W. Johnson; 211; C. 

E. Byrd, Holland, Va. 
Memorial Tenjple, Norfolk — ; 344; 

E. M. Albrig-ht, Norfolk, Va. 
Mt. Carmel — H. H. Butler; 295; R. L. 

Bailey, Zuni, Va. 
Mt. Zion — I. W. Johnson; 63; C. P. 

Hicks, Eclipse, Va. 
Nevr Lebanon — C. C. Jones; 89; O. V. 

Cockes, Elberon, Va. 
Newport News — M. W. Butler; 124; J. 

S. Tliompson, Newport News. Va. 
Norfolk, Third Church — A. M. Han- 
son; IOC; S. M. Smith, Norfolk, Va. 
Oak Grove — J. M. Roberts; 79; W. C. 

Beaman, Savage, N. C. 
Oakland — I. "W. Johnson; 209; A. L. 

Beale, Everets, Va. 
Portsmouth — J. W. Harrell; 186; J. F. 

Brothers, Jr., Norfolk, Va. 
Providence ; 22; P. L. Portlock, 

Berkley, Va. 
Rosemont — - — — ; 31; B. H. Gibson, 

Berkley, Va. 
Sarem — J. M. Roberts; 35; W. J. Fel- 

ton, Sarem. N. C. 
South Norfolk — D. A. Keys; 104; T. M. 

Prike. South Norfolk, Va. 
Sprin;; Hill — H. E. Rountree; 63; C. C. 

Richardson, Dun, Va. 
Suttolk— W. W. Staley; 740; John King, 

Suffolk, Va. 
Union (Southhampton) — S. C. Harrell; 

159; Joseph E. Scott, Franklin, Va. 
Union (Surry) — C. C. Jones; 68; R. T. 

Brittle. Dendron, Va. 
W'akefleld — C. C. Jones; 65; Mrs. J. J. 

Lincoln, Wakefield, Va. 
Waverly — H. E. Rountree; 194; R. T. 

West, Waverly, Va. 
AVind.sor — R. H. Peel; 69; J. G. Rob- 
erts. Windsor, Va. 

Ordained Ministers — 20. 

Licentiates — None. 

Churches — 42. 

Meinbership — 6,593. 

Without pastors — None. 

Next session, Damascus, Gates Co., 
N. C, Tuesday before the first Sunday 
in November, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Hill.) 


Rev. L. E. Smith, Greensboro, N. C. — 

Rev. H. W. Elder, Richland, Ga. — vice- 

Edwin E. Hill, P. O. Box 64, Phoenix, 
Alabama — secretary. 

J. F. Hill, Jr., P. O. Box 64, Phoenix, 
Alabama — assistant secretary. 

J. H. Floyd, Chipley, Georgia — treas- 


Ministers — (Present) L. E. Smith, B. 

F. Young-, H. W. Elder, W. A. Fletcher, 

G. M. Holder. (Absent) J. D. Garrison. 
Licentiates — (Present) J. W. Short, 

A. N. iMcAbee, P. L. Dukes. (Absent) 
C. E. Short, R. W. Hiott, Tom Dease. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Aldora — No report. 
Beulali — J. H. Milam; 62; C. L. Flynn, 

Phoenix, Alabama. 
Brown Springs — J-. H. Milam; S3; C. B. 

Lawrence, Juniper, Georgia. 
Enigma — H. W. Elder; 34; E. H. Har- 
ris, Enigma, Georgia. 
La Grange — G. D. Hunt; 75; Walter 

Knlglit, La Grange, Georgia. 
Lanett — E. M. Carter; 6G; Miss S. L. 

Cobb, Lanett, Alabama. 
Lang-dale — E. M. Carter; 50; W. 

Mitchem, Langdale, Alabama. 
North Highlands (Columbus) — B. 

Young; 51; W. W. Willingham, Phoe- 
nix, Alabama. 
Oak Grove — H. W. Elder; 29; H. B. 

Floyd, Chipley, Georgia. 
Providence Chapel — J. H. Milam; 96; 

W. H. Bishop, Richland, Georgia. 
Richland — H. W. Elder; 37; Oscar Per- 
ry, Richland. Georgia. 
River View — G. M. Holder; 47; Wyatt 

T. Hodges, M. D., River View, Ala. 
Rose Hill — G. O. Lankford; 41; D. P. 

Elder, Columbus, Georgia. 
Shawmut — E. M. Carter; 16; R. A. 

Clemm, Shawmut, Alabama. 
L^nion — H. W. Elder; 35; Henry Jester, 

Richland, Georgia. 

Ordained Ministers — 6. 

Licentiates — 6. 

Cliurches — 15. 

Membership — 980. 

Without pastors — 1. 

Next session. Red Hill (Providence 
Chapel), Ga., Tuesday, 7: 30 p. m., after 
fourth Sunday in October, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Baughman.) 

Rev. A. H. Bennett, Louisville, 111. — 

Rev. R. J. Ellis, Flora, 111. — vice-pres- 

Rev. Jolin Baughman, Bone Gap, 111. — 

Rev. Elbert Geeding, Merom, Ind. — as- 
sistant secretary. 

Rev. John Baughman, Bone Gap, 111. — 

Department Secretaries 

James Moody, Fairfield, 111. — Sunday- 

Rev. Elbert Geeding, Merom, Ind. — 

Rev. R. J. Ellis, Flora, 111. — Publica- 

C. W. Fugate, Rinard, 111. — Missions. 
Ministers — A. H. Bennett, R. J. Ellis, 

John Baughman, J. L. Underwood, Mah- 

lon Smith, J. M. Davis, Abraham Land, 

Wm. Ewin, J. W. Snyder, L. H. Teets, 

Elbert Geeding. 

Licentiates — Mary Layman, Clyde 

Downen, H. B. Chase. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Bethel — ; 28; Alice Schoonover, 

lola. 111. 



Boyleston— No report. 

Carters Temple ; 50; Veya Clark, 

Thompsonville, 111. 

Christian Cliapel — No report. 

Christian Temple — ; 52; Mrs. 

Rhoda Laughlin, Rinard, 111. 

Cottage Home — No report. 

Hord — ; 240; Henry Vandyke, Ma- 
son, 111. 

Louisville — ; 54; Mable Bennett, 

Louisville, 111. 

Pleasant Hill ; 53; John Baugh- 

man, Albion, 111. 

Pleasant Union ; 41; Vernis Lasl- 

ter, McLeansboro, 111. 

Poplar ; 123; A. W. Hausser, El- 
dorado, 111. 

Riehlaud ; 85; W. S. Young, Fair- 
field, 111. 

Sims — ; 100; Levi Wheeler, Sims, 


Admitted to conference as licentiates 


Ordained during the year — 1. 
Ordained Ministers — 11. 
Licentiates — 3. 
Churches — 13. 
Membership — S26. 
Without pastors — 13. 


(Reported by Secretary Newhouse.) 


Rev. D. A. Cook, Alexandria, Ind. — 

Rev. J. E. McCorkhill, Fairmount, Ind. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. W. P. Newhouse, Tipton, Ind. — 

J. T. West, Sharpsville, Ind. — treasurer. 

Ministers — Christoplier Brown, Eli 
Burkett, J. L. Clark, D. A. Cook, Coe 
Walter, Wm. Cunningham, J. W. Dip- 
boye, J. H. Davis, E'. A. DeVore, S. D. 
Fite, Henry Flora, J. H. Garretson, Al- 
bert Godley, L. W. Hercules, Lewis 
Himes, A. P. Hinkle, A. S. Jones, John 
Laymon, J. F. Morris, Mrs. Tillie Mor- 
ris, J. E. McCorkhill, Bruce Mounsey, 
W. P. Newhouse, J. W. Page, F. M. 
Patrick, M. H. Roberts, John Ross, Geo. 
B. Smith, M. L. Teters, M. M. Wiles, 
M. B. Wininger, Wm. Wilkens, Bme- 
line Wisehart, Lafayette Webb. 

Licentiates — J. M. Curtis, Isaac Cox, 
Miss lola Davis, D. S. Hensley, W. H. 
McWhirt, J. W. Myers. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Alexandria — J. W. Page; 23; Mrs. MaH 
tie McKinley, Alexandria, Ind. 

Bethel (Delaware Co.) — Wm. Cunning- 
ham; ; Sam. Smith, Muncie, Ind. 

Bethel (Clinton Co.) — J. E. McCork- 
hill; 134; James H. Cook, Cyclone. 

Center — Walter Coe; 112; Mrs. E. Blla- 
barger. Center. Ind. 

Clarkstown — Lola Davis; 39; Frank 
Cunningham, Summitsville, Ind. 

Dundee — Isaac Cox; 49; Walter Fesler, 
Frankton, Ind., R. D. 21. 

Elm Grove — A. S. Jones; IS; J. C. 
Chambers, Anderson, Ind. 

Farrville — Ernest Treber; 100; Mrs. 
Mary Ferguson, Marion, Ind., R.D.27. 

Ironwood — Wm. Cunningham; 30; Em- 
ery Simmonds, Anderson, Ind., R. D. 5. 

Kin>!;s Chapel — J. T. Newhouse; 149; 
Mrs. Emma Hiatt, Muncie, Ind., R. 
D. 11. 

Landisville — John Garretson; 103; J. M. 

Huff, Landess, Ind. 
I..inwood — John Garretson; 56; May 

Penisten, Linwood, Ind. 
Muncie, 15th St. — J. N. Ross; 221; Mary 

E. Gibson, 1401 W. 17th St., Muncie, 

Marion, 32d St. — James H. Davis; 17; 

Martha Barley, 3401 S. Race St., Mar- 
ion, Ind. 
North Marion — No pastor; 12; L. C. 

Arthurhurst, E. Chester St., Marion, 

Mt. Zion — J. W. Dipboye; 48; M. L. 

Clymer, Bennetts Switch, Ind. 
New Zion — From last year's report; J. 

W. Page; 111; U. G. Garett, Kokomo, 

New Hope (Tipton Co.) — W. P. New- 
house; 100; Maud R. Bozell, Tipton, 

Ind., R. D. 4. 
New Hope (^Vells Co.) — J. F. Morris; 

81; Ella E. Thomas, Poneto, Ind., R. 

D. 1. 
Olive Chapel — From last year's report; 

No pastor; 45; Nanna McKey, Ander- 
son, Ind. 
Pikes Peak — Walter Coe; 106; J. H. 

Miller, Yorktown, Ind. 
Pleasant Valley — Froin last year's re- 
port; A. P. Hinkle; 33; Mrs. Louann 

Adams, Middletown, Ind. 
Sand Bank — Wm. Heffiin; 85; J. W. Mil- 
ler, Tipton, Ind. 
South Liberty — J. -E. McCorkhill; 165; 

John H. Osborn, Poneto, Ind., R. D. 1. 
SuR-ar Creek — M. M. Wiles; 127; L. A. 

King, Kirklin, Ind. 
Tetersburs — Henry Cross; 77; Eli V. 

Teter, (joldsmith, Ind. 
Union Valley — A. S. Jones; 98; C. T. 

Mock, El wood, Ind. 
Whetstone — Wm. Cunningham; 41; Wm. 

Hull, Anderson, Ind. 

Ordained Ministers — 34. 

Licentiates — 6. 

Churches — 28. 

Membership — 2,186. 

Without pastors — 1. 


(Reported by Secretary Meadows.) 

Rev. Z. T. Thacker, Muses Mills, Ky.— 

Rev. James Tomlin, Ellesberry, Ohio — 

Rev. T. H. Meadows, Muses Mills, Ky. 

— secretary. 
Rev. J. R. Brammer, Muses Mills, Ky. 

— treasurer. 

Ministers — Lethie T. Applegate, T. S. 
Blankenship, Minnie Brammer, John 
Carrington, D. C. Colgan, Martha Col- 
ville, S H. Colville, B. F. Craig, M. M. 
Davis, J. A. Dunagan, W. T. Dummitt, 
E. R. Glasscock, T. H. Glasscock, D. L. 
Gray, M. C. Hobbs, J. F. Hobbs, J. F. 
Harper, W. W. Hedger. G. W. Holt, 
Taylor Humphries. S. P. Lawhun, G. W. 
Liles, J. M. Liles, T. H. Meadows, J. W. 
McClease, Clara Morgan, H. Presley, 
D. J. Ross, C. J. Roberts, Martha M. 
Saunders, C. O. Sprigs, S. Statton, S. P. 
Scott, Z. T. Thacker Sr.. Z. T. Thacker, 
Jr., James Tomlin, G. N. Upton, G. W. 

liicentiate.s — William Buckner, James 
Daniels, William Dummitt, Mary Gard' 



Hobbs; 40; T. 

B. F. Howart, 
71; Elisha 
51; T. H. 

ner, Clarence Gray, J. M. Hamilton, Sam 
Humphries, R. R. Lewis. James Palmer, 
Editli Roe, J. W. Shelton, Geo. Sour- 
wine, Lewis Sprig-gs, Isaac Upton, C. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Bluukenship — Z. T. Thacker; 132; 

Green Jacobs, Moulli of Laurel, Ky. 
Blue Bank — T. H. Meadows; 58; Mrs. 

Chas. Calbert, Goddard, Ky. 
Beaehburg- — D. C. Colgan; 12; Mrs. Myr- 
tle Carpenter, Beacliburg, Ky. 
Carter^No pastor; 11; E. T. Fultz, Car- 
ter, Ky. 
CIark.sburg — T. A. Blankenship; 50; G. 

A. Webster, Clarksburg-, Ky. 
Cedar Leaf — D. L. Gray; 44; Carl Hel- 

terbrand, Mancliester, Ohio. 
Grain Creek — Z. T. Thacker, Sr.; 110; 

Millard Cooper, Ni Si, Ky. 
Elbethel — E. R. Glasscock; 34; W. H. 

W. Outen, Springdale, Ky., R. D. 1. 
Globe — No pastor; 40; O. E. Jordan, 

Globe, Ky. 
Head of Holley — M. C. 

Haris, Valley, Ky. 
Henkley — No pastor; 40; 

Portsmouth, Ky. 
Honey Grove — J. M. Liles; 

Butler. Libbie, Ky. 
Laurel Point — J. M. Liles; 

Stafford, Head of Grassey, Ky. 
Liberty Grove — D. C. Colan; 61; P. B. 

Applegate, Ribolt, Ky. 
Long Lick — J. A. Dunagan; 42; C. C. 

Smitt, Stouts, Ohio. 
Moores — Isaac Upton; 50; 

John McClerg, Raymey, Ky. 
Mounds Run — ; 45; Matilda Li Is, 

Portsmouth, Ohio. Station No. 2. 
Noise Cut — Wm. Buckner; 39; Wm. 

Buckner, Rvan, Ky. 
Oakland — F. S. Blankenship; 20; J. W. 

Burton, Resort, Kv. 
Point Pleasant — C. W. Roberts; 122; M. 

M. Davis, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Portsmouth — B. F. Crai"-' 32; Lewis 

Spriggs, Portsmouth, Ohio, 369 E. 

10th St. 
Ross Chapel — M. M. Davis; 34; Sarah 

Ross, Olive Hill, Kv. 
Sardi.s — C. W. Roberts; 40; Robert Lit- 
tleton, Munson, Ky. 
Sllome — J. M. Liles; 53; Joseph Jordon, 

Carter, Kv. 

Smith Creek — J. W. McClease; 18; . 

Staiffords Hill ; 60; Eliza Cooper, 

Garrison, Kv. 
St. John — T. H. Meadows; 102; J. R. 

Brammer, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Straight Fork — No pastor; 37; J. M. 

Hamilton, Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
Thaekers Chapel — J. M. Liles; 34; Rol- 
and Crawford, Strictlet, Ky. 

Ordained Ministers — 38. 

Licentiates — 15. 

Churches — 28. 

Membership — 1,442. 

Without pastors — 5. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
at Silome, Carter Co., Ky., on Thursday 
before the first full moon in Septem- 
ber, 1912, at 2 o'clock p. m. 

Rev. Henry Arnold, Coiinna, Me. — sec- 

Freeman M. Roberts, Newport, Me. — 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. C. E. Wilson, Albion, Me.— Chris- 
tian Endeavor. 

Rev. Henry Arnold, Corinna, Me. — 

Rev. Henry Arnold, Corinna, Me. — 
:>linisters — Henrv Arnold, Rufus 

Bartlett, S. L. Burrill, Mrs. C. C. Clark. 

W. B. Cottle, Gardiner Hallowell, T. P. 

Humphrey, William Kelley, Chas. W. 

Lake, W. H. Lang, T. G. Moses. C. S. 

Pitcher, George W. Potter, J. W. Web- 

Cliuroh, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Albion — G. H. Kent; 132; C. E. Wilson, 

Albion, Me. 
Augusta — No report. 
Bangor — T. S. Weeks; 74; Alice G. 

Greeley, 16 13th St., Bangor, Me. 

Caribou — ■; ; Lawrence Kelley. 

Cherryfield — A. Case; 41; . 

Corinna — Henry Arnold; 57: RoUie E. 

Ireland, Corinna, Me. 
Clinton ; 28; Mary E. Holt, Wa- 

terville, Me. 
East Blaine — C. C. Clark; 3 9; Mrs. C. C. 

Clark, Blaine. Me. 
East Dixniouut — ; 86; Helen P. 

Emery, Monroe, Me., R. D. 
Eastport ; 127; Hermon Fountain, 

E/astport, Me. 
Etna (South) — Henry McLaughlin; 14; 

C. O. Vainey, North Dixmont, Me. 

Fairfield (North) — No pastor; 25; . 

Heriiion — No pastor; 26; E. H. Clem- 
ents, Hermon Center, Me. 
Lubee — W. J. Hall; 175; Mrs. Annie E. 

Mitchell, Lubec, Me. 
Montieello — No pastor; — — ; Geo. W. 

Potter, Montieello, Me. 
North I>ubeo — W. B. Cottle; ; Miss 

Hazel Mahon. 
North AVinterport — T. P. Humphrey; 25; 

Myra Foster. «». 

Newburg — H. H. McLaughlin; 16; C. H. 

Whitcomb, Newtaurg Center, Me. 
Newport — H. L. Skillin; 67; L. M. Rob- 
erts, Newport, Me. 
North Newport — H. Arnold; 35; J. B. 

Marsh, Corinna, Me., R. D. 1. 
Stetson ; 20; B. I. Allen, Stetson, 


Ordained Ministers — 14. 

Licentiates — 

Churches — 19. 

Membership — 827. 

Without Pastors — 7. 


(Reported by Secretary Arnold.) 
Rev. W. J. Hall, Lubec, Me. — president. 
Rev. T. & Weeks, Bangor, Me. — vice- 


(Reported by Secretary Morrill.) 


F. R. Woodward, Hill, N. H. — president. 
Rev. E. R. Phillips, Woodstock. Vt. — 

Rev. A. H. Morrill, Franklin, N. H. — 

secretary and treasurer. 

Executive Committee — President, Sec- 
retary, and Rev. L. W. Phillips, Rev. 
E. R. Phillips, and C. H. English. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. Archie Bickford, Laconia, N. H. 
— Sunday-schools. 



Miss Beulah Putney, Woodstock, Vt. — 

Christian Endeavor. 

j>liiiisters — Cliarles W. Cook, John C. 
Emerson, James McKenzie, Frazer 
Metzger, Alva H. Morrill, Milo T. Mor- 
rill, George W. Morrow, Edwin R. 
Phillips, Louis W. Phillips, Benjamin 
F. Wheeler, Elisha H. Wright. 

Licentiate— Marjorie C. Bristow. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Franklin — Alva H. Morrill; 179; Miss 

Clara E. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. 
Georges Mills — Supplied by Rev. C. F. 

Parsons, M. E.; 19; A. W. Russell, 

Georges Mills, N. H. 
Grafton — W. F. Harding; 39; Mrs. Ta- 

mar F. Kimball, Grafton, N. H. 
Hill — James McKenzie; 99; Mrs. Nellie 

J. Hathon, Hill, N. H. 
I.aconin — E. H. Macy; 91; O. E. Brig- 
ham, Laconia, N. H. 
South nanbury — Supplied by C. R. Wed- 

dleton, Baptist; 31; Mrs. Wesley S. 

Wells, West Andover, N. H. 
Walpole — Marjorie C. Bristow; 34; H. J. 

Jennison, Walpole, N. H. 
VVood.stock, Vt. — E. R. Phillips; 252; C. 

H. English, Woodstock, Vt. 

(The following churches did not re- 
port this year to conference, and the 
statistics are as given last year.) 
Belmont — No pastor; 39; Mrs. L. A. 

Smith, Belmont, N. H. 
Grafton Center — W. F. Harding; 16; 

Mrs. Fred S. Baker, Grafton Center, 

N. H. 
Hill Center — No Pastor; 50; A. A. Bart- 

lett. Hill, N. H. 
Shrew.sbury, Vt. — No pastor; 30; W. W. 

Philbrick, Shrewsbury, Vt. 

Ordained Ministers — 11. 

Licentiate — 1. 

Churches — 12. 

Membership — 879. 

Without Pastors — 3. 


(Reported by Secretary Vaughan.) 

Rev. Hugh A. Smith, D. D., Dayton, O. — 

Rev. A. W. Hook, Phoneton, Ohio- 

Rev. B. F. Vaughan, Centerville, Ohio 

S. O. Albaugh, Dayton, Ohio — financial 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. O. S. Thomas, West Milton, Ohio- 

Rev. W. J. Young, Piqua, Ohio — Sun- 

Rev. J. E. Etter, Troy, Ohio — Relief. 

Rev. Alva M. Kerr, Pleasant Hill, Ohio 
- — Publishing. 

Rev. O. P. Furnas, Tadmor. Ohio, R. 
D. 1 — Education. 

Dan. G. Knerr, Dayton, Ohio — Christian 
Ministers — Geo. L. Aspinall, S. W. 

Bennett, J. G. Bishop, E'mily K. 

Bishop, Richard Brandon, Eliza L. 

Brown, L. D. Brown, S. A. Caris, B. F. 

Clavton, C. H. Coddington, Wm. M. 

Dawson, J. C. DeRemer, Geo. C. Enders. 

J. E. Etter, J. B. Fenner, Wm. Flam- 

mer O. P. Furnas, Chas. C. Garman, 

Clark P. Garman, G. L. Griffith, C. C. 

Hatfield, C. W^. Heoffer, A. W. Hook, 
H. R. Jay, A. M. Kerr, Horace Mann, J. 
W. Maxwell, C. A. McDaniel, R. H. 
McDaniel, N. Del McReynolds, Edwin 
Morrell, S. S. Newhouse, E. S. Reed, H. 
J. Rhodes, C. N. Rockwell, L. W. Ryan, 
Hugh A. Smith, J. E. Spriggs, J. J. 
Summerbell, Fred G. Strickland, Omer 
S. Thomas, Flora Thompson, W. J. 
Young, B. F. Vaughan, E. G. Walk, W. 
T. Warbinton, E. A. Watkins, Pressley 
E. Zartmann. 

Licentiates — D. G. Pleasant, Edwin 
W. Flory, H. S. Huey, Ross W. McNeal, 
S. C. Morton, Paul Shivell. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Ansonia — A. E. Cobb; 277; G. A. Lep- 

hart, Ansonia, Ohio. 
Bethany ; 103; H. A. Nixon, Leb- 
anon, Ohio, R. D. 
Bethlehem — No pastor; 50; M. M. Black. 

W. Alexandria, Ohio. 
CampbellstoT^-n — Omer S. Thomas; 84; 

H. E. Ervin, Campbellstown, Ohio. 
Carysville — J. W. Harrington; 108; T. 

J. Wert, Rosewood, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Chambersburg — J. P. Barrett, D. D.; 
40; H. S. Huey, Dayton, Ohio, R. D. 5. 
Christiansburg — D. G. Pleasant; 57; W. 

A. Ullery, Christiansburg, Ohio. 
Charity Chapel — L. W. Ryan; 207; C. 

R. Anderson, Sidney, Ohio, R. D. 3. 
Circle Hill— C. J. Hance; 107; P. B. 

Cool, Bradford, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Concord — O. S. Thomas; 124; W. E. 

Ross, Eaton, Ohio, R. D. 3. 
Covington — G. A. Conibear; 457; W. E. 

Westfall, Covington, Ohio. 
Cove Springs — A. W. Hook; 85; Ross 

W. McNeal, Troy. Ohio, R. D. 

Crown Point — M. T. Morrill, D. D.; 46; 

Chas. W. Sacksteder, Dayton, Ohio, 

R. D. 4. 

Davton — H. A. Smith, D. D.; 247; A. F. 

Chase, 1404 W. Fifth St., Dayton, O. 

Katon — McD. Howsare; 345; Charles E. 

E^non — S. A. Caris; 83; Raymond Shel- 

labarger, Enon, Ohio. 
Fellowship — E. G. Walk; 50; Virgil 

Shurts, Lebanon, Ohio, R. D. 4. 
Franklin — H. J. Rhodes; 232; Mrs. Ella 

Conover, Franklin, Ohio. 
Glady Creek — No pastor; 40; Wm. Scar- 
borough, West Liberty, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Genntown (Leelan) — B. G. Walk; 80; 

L. V. Banta, Lebanon, Ohio. 
Greenville — P. H. Fleming, D. D.; 260; 

A. C. Brandon, Greenville, Ohio. 
Greenville Creek — C. W. Heoffer; 153; 
A. C. Snyder, Bradford, Ohio. 

Honey Creek ; 50; W. O. Jenkins, 

New Carlisle, Ohio. 
Houston — H. R. Jay; 120; J. P. Flinn, 

Houston, Ohio. 
Jamestown ; 60; Mrs. C. H. Wal- 
thall, Jamestown, Ohio. 
Laura — J. P. Strait; 81; Drusilla Jones. 

Laura, Ohio. 
Lost Creek — D. G. Pleasant; 110; Esther 

E. Jinkens, Casstown, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Lower Stillwater — O. P. Furnas; 62; J. 

W. Guehring, Englewood, Ohio. 
Ludlow Falls — G. B. Cain; 114; Mae 

Thompson, Ludlow Falls, Ohio. 
McKees Creek — John E. Kauffman; 38; 

R. V. Yoder, West Libert-", Ohio. 
Mlamiville — No pastor; Inactive; 20; 

Mrs. Sallie Buckingham, Camp Dani- 

son, Ohio. 
New Carlisle — No pastor; 38; Mrs. D. 

F. Akers, New Carlisle, Ohio. 



New Palestine — J. C. DeRemer; 116; C. 

A. Jackson, Sidney, Ohio, R. D. 10. 
North Clayton — C. W. Heoffer; 50; Miss 

Ina Debra, Covington, Ohio. 
Oran — J. C. DeRemer; 100; G. W. Short, 

Dawson, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
I>hillipsburg — J. F. Strait; 27; C. J. 

Holve, Piiillipsburg, Ohio. 
Pleasant Hill — A. M. Kerr; 260; Harry 

Whitmer, Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 
PIqua — W. J. Young; 5S3; John Alex- 
ander, Pioua, Ohio. 
Plattsburg — Wm. M. Dawson; 66; John 

Osborne, S. Vienna, Ohio. 
Remlngrton — No pastor; Inactive; 15. 
Sbilob Springs — Wm. M. Dawson; 170; 

D. W. Klepinper, Dayton, Ohio, R. 

D. 13. 

Spring Creek — L. W. Ryan; 159; John 
Duer, Fletcher, Ohio, R. D. 2. 

Springfield — H. R. Clem; 162; Ralph 
McCain, 1528 W. Mulberry St., Spring- 
field, Ohio. 

Sugar Creek — Pressley E. Zartmann; 
75; B. F. Vaughan, Centerville, Ohio. 

Sugar Grove (Fidelity) — A. W. Hook; 
100; W. W. Furnas, West Milton, O., 
R. D. 2. 

Troy — J. E. Etter; 719; Frank Hog- 
wood, Troy, Ohio. 

Trotwood — O. W. Powers, D. D.; 98; N. 
G. Worley, Trotwood, Ohio. 

Twin Chapel — J. A. Watson; 95; H. O. 
Siler, West Manchester, Ohio. 

Union Chapel ; 60. 

Versailles — C. A. McDaniel; 367; M. A. 
Finfrock, Versailles, Ohio. 

AVest Grove — Mrs. Pearl Treber; 85; J. 
C. Lawrence, Laura, Ohio. 

West Liberty — John E. Kauffman; 93; 
Miss Ora Brown, West Liberty, Ohio. 

West Manchester — C. B. Lusk; 94; Mrs. 

E. A. Rollman, West Manchester, O. 
West Milton — A. E. House; 184; Russell 

C. Sigafoos, West Milton, Ohio. 
West Vnion — O. P. Furnas; 244; E. E. 

Kerr, Troy, Ohio, R. D. 3. 

Walnut Hills (Dayton)— Pressley B. 
Zartmann; 66; Catherine Herter, Day- 
ton, Ohio. 

AVillow Dell — R.- Boehringer; 20; Erie 

D. Hixson, Yorkshire, Ohio. 
Ordained Ministers — 48. 
Licentiates — 6. 

Churches — 56. 
Membership — 7,770. 
Without pastors — 7. 


(Reported by Secretary Moorhouse.) 


Rev. Silas S. Main, Britton, Mich. — 

Rev. Stanton W. Potter, Romeo, Mich. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. Frank Moorhouse, Lexington, 

Mich. — secretary. 
Isaac Hewitt, Maple Rapids, Mich. — 


Department Secretaries 

Rev. E. T. Spohn, Maple Rapids, Mich. 
— Sunday-schools. 

Rev. Elisha Mudge, D. D., Maple Rap- 
ids, Mich. — Education. 

Rev. Stanton W. Potter, Romeo, Mich. 
— Missions. 
Ministers — J. W. Bolton, Arthur E.« 

Cobb, J. Cottom, C. I. Deyo, Thos. 

Holmes, D. E. Millard, Elisha Mudge, 

S. S. Main, F. Moorhouse, Stanton W. 
Potter, M. A. Preston, J. M. Pittman, 
P. W. McReynolds, Nathan Roof, P. L. 
Ryker. J. C. Soule. P. H. Simpson. 

Licentiates — Wm. Milburn, Harry L. 
Paris, E. B. Vanwagner. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Adams ; ; Aaron Post, Hills- 
dale, Mich. 

Barrjton — J. L. Cottom; ; 

Uritton — Silas S. Main; ; L W. 

Smith, Britton, Mich. 
L^ureka — E. T. Spohn; ; Mrs. Inger- 

soll. Eureka, Mich. 
Ever Green — H. L. Paris; ; Mrs. 

Skiff, Kalkaska, Mich. 
Lexington — Frank Morehouse; ; 

Wm. N. Dawson, Lexington, Mich. 
Maple Rapids — E. T. Spohn; ; J. D. 

Smith, Maple Rapids, Mich. 
Marshall — ; ; Emma Hatch, 

Marshall, Mich. 
Middleton — — ; — — ; Rose Naldrett, 

Middleton, Mich. 
Oxford ; ; A. P. Groff, Oxford, 


Perrinton ; ; . 

Romeo — Stanton Wait Potter; ; J. 

C. Soule, Romeo, Mich. 
Vergennes — Elisha Mudge; ; Mrs. 

Carrie Porter, Vergennes, Micii. 
Worth — Frank Morehouse; ; H. S. 

Hayward, Croswell, Mich. 

Admitted to conference this year — 2. 

Ordained Ministers — 18. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churches — 14. 

Membership — 

Without pastors — 5. 


(Reported by Secretary Clem.) 

Rev. R. H. Long, Centerburg, Ohio — 

Rev. R. L. Kilpatrick, Black Run, Ohio 

— vice-president. 
Rev. H. Russell Clem, Springfield, Ohio 

■ — secretary. 

Department Secretaries 

Hon. D. W. Crist, Moultrie, Ohio — Fi- 
Rev. R. Anna Sheldon, Sparta, Ohio — 

Miss Minnie Lohr, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, R. 

D. — Sunday-school. 
Rev. Lovell D. Hammond, Coshocton, 

Ohio — Missions. 
Rev. Albert Dunlap, D. D., Columbus. 

Ohio — Publishing. 
Rev. J. H. Bone, Mt. Vernon, Ohio — 

Rev. L. W. Newton, Glenfield, Pa.- — 

Y. P. S. C. E. 

Ministers — J. H. Bone, J. M. Carter, 
H. R. Clem, D. E. Dixon, Albert Dun- 
lap, Geo. W. Grate, Lovell D. Ham- 
mond, E. M. Harris, R. L. Kilpatrick, 
R. H. Long, L. W^. Newton, Mrs. R. A. 
Sheldon, J. H. Weaver, J. W. Wright. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Appleton — R. H. Long; 80; Hattie Pe- 
ters, Johnstown, Ohio, R. D. 
Centerburg — B. F. Hoagland; 62; Maude 

Long, Centerburg, Ohio, R. D. 
Church Hill — G. W. Grate; 70; Miss S. 
Stooksberry, Lisbon, Ohio, R. D. 



Cooperdale — R. L. Kilpatrick; 26; Mrs. 

Geo. Wright, Trinway, Ohio, R. D. 
Coshocton — L. D. Hammond; 85; John 

Goodin. Coshocton, Ohio, S. 7th St. 
Danville — F. B. Richey; 49; Clarence 

Black, Danville, Ohio. 
East Mlddleton — J. M. Carter; 78; Anna 

L. Pow, Columbiana, Ohio, R. D. 

East Rochester ; 50; . 

East L'nion — No report. 

Falrview — R. H. Long; 130; B. O. Lohr. 

Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 
Hlshland — G. W. Grate; 108; M. John, 

Teegarden, Ohio. 
Mt. Pleasant — R. L. Kilpatrick; 80; J. 

E. Martin, Black Run, Ohio, R. D. 
Mt. Zlon — R. L. Kilpatrick; 80; B. L. 

Shaffer, Frazeysburg, Ohio, R. D. 
New Alexander — J. H. Weaver; 90; D. 

W. Crist, Moultrie, Ohio. 
New Bethel — No report. 
Roseville — No report. 
Sparta — B. F. Hoagland; 25; R. Anna 

Sheldon, Sparta, Ohio. 
Sylvanla — R. H. Long; 40; Mrs. Elzenia 

Clark, Granville. Ohio, R. D. 
Utica — F. B. Richey; 54; Georgia Web- 
ster, Utica, Ohio. 

Virginia — L. D. Hammond; ; . 

AVestville — J. M. Carter; 75; Rebecca 

Randolph, Beloit, Ohio, R. D. 

Ordained Ministers — 14. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 1,058-. 

Without pastor — 5. 


(Reported by Secretary Poste.) 


Rev. John Blood, Riegelsville, N. J. — 

Rev. W. H. Hainer, Irvington. N. J. — 

Rev. Zenas A. Poste, Lewisburg, Pa. — 

Rev. E. C. Hall, Flemington, N. J. — 


Department Secretaries 

Miss Hazel Meade, Madisonville, Pa. — 

Rev. E. C. Hall, Flemington, N. J. — 

Christian Endeavor. 
Miss K. Mahaund, Hopewell, N. J. — 


Ministers — S. L. Baugher. John Bird, 
John Blood, John A. Dillon, John Con- 
rad. James A. Donahue, J. E. Epright, 
W. H. Hainer, E. C. Hall, S. D. Havi^k, 
N. E. Higgs, B. E. Hoffman, W. P. 
Jordan, J. W. McManiman, Z. A. Poste, 
G. A. Roemer. J. M. Tetlowr. C. J. 

Licentiates — W. L. Gennett, Charles 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Baleville ; 167; L. May Emmons, 

Halsey. N. J. 
Brooklyn — J. A. Donahue; ; Minnie 

J. Christie. 29 New^ell St., Brooklyn, 

N. Y; 

Carversville — G. A. Roemer; 29; Lizzie 

M. Smith, Carversville, Pa. 
Chanytown — None. 
Fairview- — Charles Gibbs; 37; Mrs. Alice 

Woodington, Bridgeboro, N. J. 
Finesville — John Blood; 65; Mrs. W. A. 

Vanderbilt, Finesville, N. J. 

Gulf Mills — M. W. Butler; 157; James 

W. Pope. Conshohocken. Pa.. R. D. 1. 
Hilton— C. J. Yeomans; ; Wm. Frie- 

berger. Milburn, N. J. 
Hope ; 40; R. M. Van Horn, Hope. 

N. J. 
Hopewell — ^W. L. Gennett; 45; William 

A. Lake, Hopewell, N. J., R. D. 
Irvington — W. H. Hainer; 400; Wm. 

Frieberger, Milburn, N. J. 
Johnsousburg — J. W. McManiman; 83; 

J. W. Hart, Johnsonburg, N. J. 
l>ewisburg — Z. A. Poste; 87; George S. 

Blood, Lewisburg. Pa. 
IJttle York — None. 
I.ocktown — E. C. Hall; 150; M. S. 

Hockenbury. Flemington, N. J., R. 

D. 2. 
Madisonville — B. E. Hoffman; 160; B. 

W. Biesecker, Madisonville. Pa. 
Manayunk — N. E. Higgs; 59; Oliver Al- 
exander. Manayunk. Pa. 
Milford — J. W. Tetlow; 223; W. R. Sail- 
er, Milford, Pa. 
Monroe — None; 10; Joseph Van Blas- 

cum, Monroe, Pa. 
Sweet Valley — John A. Dillon; 125; D. 

W. Brunson, Sweet Valley. Pa. 
Tullytown — None. 
Vienna — J. A. Blacklock; 63 

Halen. Vienna. N. J. 

Ordained Ministers — 18. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 1,500. 

Without Pastors — 6. 
The next Annual Session will 
held May. 1912, at Gulf Mills. Pa. 

F. G. 



(Reported by Secretary Catte.) 

Rev. P. Wade, Claremont, 111. — presi- 

Rev. W. H. Ransford, Willow Hill, 111. 
— vice-president. 

Rev. H. D. Catte, Willow Hill, 111. — 

John Spivey, Casey, 111. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. P. Wade. Claremont, 111. — Educa:- 

Miss Delia Keeran, Annapolis, 111. — 

Rev. J. R. Frederick, Annapolis, 111. — 

J. A. Keeran, Annapolis, 111. — Relief. 

Ministers — W^. H. Ransford, P. Wade. 
H. D. Catte, J. R. Frederick. 

Licentiate — I. O. Mahan. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Fox Prairie — J. R. Frederick; 26; Lyda 

Morgan, Olney, 111. 
Glenwood — H. D. Catte; 56; Jessie Yun- 

ker. Noble, 111. 
Mt. Olive — W. H. Ransford; ; Fran- 
cis Spivy, Casey, 111. 
Willow Prairie — P. Wade; 75; J. A. 

Keeran, Annapolis, 111. 

Ordained Ministers — 4. 

Licentiates — 1. 
• Churches — 4. 

Membership — 157. 

Without pastors — None, 




(Reported by Secretary Lawrence.) 

Rev. J. W. Holt, Burlington, N. C. — 

Rev. T. W. Strowd, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. W. P. Lawrence, Elon College, N. 

C. — secretary. 
W. J. Graham — assistant secretary. 

Ministers— J. O. Atkinson, J. S. 
Carden, J. O. Cox, T. B. Dawson, P. 
T. Klapp. J. W. Holt, A. F. Isely, S. B. 
Klapp, H. C. Fulton, T. W. Strowd, G. 
W. Tickle, J. W. Wellons, W. L. Wells. 
W. T. Herndon. 

I.ioentlutes — H. E. Truitt, B. J. Earp. 

Church, Pastor, Meinberslilp, Clerk 

Apples Chapel — L. I. Cox; 297; Alfred 
Apple, Jr., Browns Summit, N. C, 
R. D. 1. 
Bele'ns Creek — C. C. Peel; 70; V. O. 

Roberson, Belews Creek, N. C. 
Bethel — T. W. Strowd; 79; J. P. O'Fer- 

rell. Union Ridge, N. C, R. D. 1. 
Bethlehem — J. W. Holt; 324; Clyde Ise- 

lev, Burlington, N. C. 
Berea— C. C. Peel; 106; C. M. Prichett, 

Altamahaw. N. C, R. D. 1. 
Concord — A. F. Iseley; 58; G. G. An- 
derson, Altamahaw, N. C, R. D. 2. 
Durham — A. P. Barbee; 177; J. L. Har- 

ward, Durham, N. C. 
Elon College — J. O. Atkinson; 133; M. 

Allene Patton, Elon College, N. C. 
Greensboro — J. W. Bottom; 135; L. M. 

Clvmer, Greensboro, N. C. 
Happy Home — S. B. Klapp; 131; W. H. 

Davix, Ruffln. N. C. 
Haw River — W. G. Clements; 68; A. Q. 

Purcell, Haw River, N. C. 
Hebron — C. C. Peel; 141; J. W. Winfree, 

Virgilina, Va. 
Hines Chapel — W. C. Wicker; 150; W. 

A. Heath, Greensboro, N. C. 
Howards Chapel — L. I. Cox; 53; W. B. 
Madison, Wentworth, N. C, R. D. 1. 
Ingram — -S. B. Klapp; 80; Myrtle Boyd, 
Paces, Va. 

Kellum Grove ; 24; D. P. Wilson, 

Madison, N. C. 
Lebanon — J. O. Cox; 137; Cora L. Fos- 
ter, Semora, N. C. 

Liberty ; 66; . 

Longs Chapel — J. W. Holt; 87; W. J. 

Fitch, Burlington, N. C, R. D. 5. 
Monticello — L. I. Cox; 28; W. J. Rudd, 

Benaja, N. C. 
Mt. Bethel — L. I. Cox; 84; C. S. Strader, 

Summerfield. N. C. 
Mt. Zion — T. TV. Strowd; 38; Mrs. Mary 

Bradley, Efland, N. C. 
New I^ebanon — L. I. Cox; 86; Miss Nan- 
nie Sharpe, Summerfield, N. C. 
Palm St., Greensboro — W. C. Wicker; 
62; Miss Grace Trolinger, Greensboro, 
N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — J. O. Atkinson; 255; 
J. H. Farmer, News Ferry, Va.. R. 
D. 1. 
Pleasant Ridge — J. S. Carden; 88; J. H. 

Barker. Summerfield. N. C. 
Salem Chapel — S. B. Klapp; 117; Miss 

Pattie Haizlip, Walnut Cove, N. C. 
Shallow Ford — C. C. Peel: 95; TV. D. 

T\''alker, Burlington, N, C 
Union. N. C. — J. W. Holt; 253; G. A. 

Graham, Burlington. N. C, R. D. 3. 
Union. Va. — C. E. Newman; 139; Alfred 
Hayes, Virgilina, Va. 

Ordained Ministers — 14. 
Licentiates — 2. 
Churches- — 30. 
Meml)ership — 3,511. 
Witliout pastors — 2. 
Next session, November, 1912, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 


(Reported by Secretary Martin.) 

James S. Frost, Lakemont. N. T.— 

Fred Bird, Memphis, N. Y.— vice-pres- 

Frank L. Martin, West Henrietta, N. 
1. — secretary. 

Wm. Milliman, 70 Melrose St., Roches- 
ter, N. Y. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. A. C. Wiley, Plainville, N. Y. — 

Darwin Rumsey, Newfield, N. Y. — Re- 
Rev. John MacCalman, D. D., Lakemont 

N. Y. — Education. 
Miss Margaret Cramer, West Rush N. 

Y. — Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. F. L. Cook, Newfield, N. Y. — Sun- 

Ministers — Sylvester Brate, Frank L. 
Cook, Arthur Humphreys, John Mac- 
Caiman, D. D., George R. Rockwell, A 
G. Utter, A. C. Wiley, J. W. Wilson, 
Frank A. Cornell. 

Churcli, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Emerson — F. A. Cornell; 30; J. L. 

Pickard, Port Byron, N. Y., R D. 40. 
Enfield Center — F. L. Cook; 41; Walter 

Ferguson, Enfield Center, N. Y. 
Lakemont — John MacCalman, D. D.; 99; 

Miss Elizabeth Bolley, Lakemont. N. 

Lakeville — Perry H. Evans (Baptist) ; 

46; Frank Eddy, Lakeville, N. Y. 
Marion — Geo. C. Carter; 64; Mrs. Eva 

Radder, Marion, N. Y. 
Memphis — Student supply; 25; Mrs. 

Jennie Mettler, Memphis, N. Y. 
Newark — J. H. Shoultz; 80; Stanley 

Scartley, Newark, N. Y. 
Newfielfl — F. L. Cook; 62; Mrs. Martin 

Wright, Newfield, N. Y. 
North Ru.sli ; 115; F. L. Martin, 

West Henrietta, N. Y. 
Plainville — A. C. Wiley; 55; Miss Helen 

Voorhees, Plainville, N. Y. 
Searsburg — Walter B. McNinch, D. D. 

(Baptist); 59; Miss Saida Burr, Tru- 

mansburg, N. Y. 
VVestbury — No pastor; 40; Mrs. Emma 

Wendover, Red Creek, N. Y. 

Ordained Ministers — 9. 

Cliurches — 12. 

Membership — 716. 

Without pastors — 2. 


(Reported by Secretary Bodman.) 


Rev. R. O. Allen, Stanfordville, N. Y. — 

Rev. D. E. Powell, South Westerlo, N. 
Y. — vice- president. 



Rev. E. J. Bodman, Ravena, N. Y. — 

Rev. R. G. Fenton, Quaker Street, N. Y. 

— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. F. K. Gaige, Hartwick, N. Y.— 
Christian Endeavor. 

Rev. D. E. Powell, Souiu Westerlo, N. 
Y. — Bible School. 

Rev. Edward Francis, Sprakers, N. Y.. 
R. D. — Missions. 

Rev. A. H. Bliss, Otego, N. Y.— Educa- 

executive Board 

Rev. R. O. Allen, Stanfordville, N. Y. 

Rev. E'. J. Bodman, Ravena, N. Y. 

Rev. D. E. Powell, South Westerlo, N. Y. 

Rev. F. E. Gaige, Hartwick, N. Y. 

Rev. R. G. Fenton, Quaker Street. N. Y. 

J. Bowdlsh Gove, Sprakers, N. Y., R. 

D. 1. 

Ministers — R. O. Allen, Ada Alder- 
man, A. G. Adriance, Henry Brown, E. 
J. Bodman, A. H. Bliss, J. H. Bassett, 
William Case, Charles W. Cook, J. H. 
Clark, D. L. Coakling, J. D. Collins, 

B. S. Crosby. T. N. Davis, J. Alice Dil- 
lon, J. C. Emerson, R. G. Fenton, Ed. 
Francis, F. E. Gaige, C. F. Hook, Mrs. 

C. F. Hook, M. P. Julian, C. W. Miller, 
L. C. Makay, Wm. H. McCrone. Charles 
Nelson. Joseph Pratt, D. I. Putnam, D. 
E. Powell, W. H. Shaw. Geo. D. Shear, 
J. H. Shoultz, M. Summerbell. B. M. 
Smith, R. W. Van Dyck, J. B. Weston, 
J. P. Winans, A. Welch, A. C. Youmans. 

Licentiates — J. B. Gove, John Wright. 
Jr., F. J. Zinck. 

Cliurcli, Pastor, Meuibersliip, Clerk 

Albany — F. G. Coffin, D. D.; 216; Thos. 
G. Robinson, 394 Madison Ave., Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

Alcove — E. J. Bodman; 95; Wm. Cole, 
Coeymans Hollow, N. Y., R. D. 

Austerlitx — No pastor; ; W. A. Var- 

ney, Austerlitz, N. Y. 

Barkersville — Ada Alderman; 27; Mrs. 
Geo. Matteson, Barkersville, N. Y. 

Bates — Henry Brown; — ■ — ; Mrs. W. 
Bates, Bates, N. Y. 

Charleston Four Corners — A. Welch; 
151; Jonas Y. Wands, E'xperence, N. 
Y., R. D. 

Clove — J. H. Clark; 67; Mrs. Edgar En- 
nigh, Lagrangeville, N. Y. 

Cranberry Creek— L. C. Mackey; 63; 
Mrs. L. M. Gilbert, Cranberry Creek, 
N. Y. 

Daubury, Conn. — C. W. Cook; 63; Mrs. 
G. H. Knapp, Danbury, Conn. 

Delhi — No pastor; 9; Mrs. Alfred Carey, 
Delhi, N. Y. 

East Cobleskill — J. M. Pittman; 64; E. 
M. Dumond, East Cobleskill, N. Y. 

Freehold— F. J. Zinck; 178; C. R. Lacy, 
Freehold, N. Y. 

Gilboa — No pastor; ; Mrs. T. Chi- 
chester, Mackey, N. Y. 

Galv»'ay — Ada Alderman; 40; Chas. W. 
Wright, Galway, N. Y. 

Hart>^-ick — F. E. Gaige; 187; Mrs. Fan- 
nie Bradley, Hartwick, N. Y. 

Huntersland — C. F. Hook; 111; Jerome 
Decker, Huntersland, N. Y. 

Ketchum — E. M. Rimpo; 49; C. Wil- 
liams, New Berlin, N. Y. 

I^aurens — F. E. Gaige; 54; Harvey 
Clark, Laurens, N. Y. 

Maryland — No pastor; ; L. A. Dyke- 
man, Maryland, N. Y. 


Medusa — D. E. Powell; 118; Mrs. L. C. 

Goff, Medusa. N. Y. 
Medway — J. C. Emerson; 116; J. 

Miller, West Coxsackie. N. Y. 
Milan — B. S. Crosby; 56; C. A. Williams. 

Rhinebeck, N. Y. 
Otegro — A. H. Bliss; 96; H. L. Trask, 

Otego, N. Y. 
Petersburg — No pastor; ; Mrs. Lib- 

bie Crandell, Petersburg, N. Y. 
Pine Plains — B. S. Crosby; 19; Chas. B. 

Simons, Stanfordville, N. Y. 
Portlandville — N«. pastor; 53; C. Belle 

Thorn, Poi .landville, N. Y. 
Quaker Street — R. G. Fenton; 118; E. 

H. Davenport, Quaker Street, N. Y. 
Randall — No pastor; 44; Yates H. Cook, 

Randall, N. Y. 

Heldsville — M. P. Julian; 22; . 

Ravena — B. J. Bodman; 141; Elwood C. 

Griffin, Ravena, N. Y. 
Red Rock — No pastor; 45; J. B. La- 

Moree, East Chatham, N. Y. 
Rural Grove— Ed. Francis; 90; G. J. 

Gove, Sprakers, N. Y., R. D. 
Schultzville — C. W. Miller; 120; Mrs. A. 

C. Jackson, Stanfordville, N. Y. 
South Berlin — No pastor; • ; Albert 

Mattison, South Berlin, N. Y. 
South Berne — M. P. Julian; 77; Wm. H. 

Adriance, Westerlo, N. Y.. R. D. 

South Valley — J. H. Bassett; 71; . 

South Westerlo — D. E. Powell; 158; J. 

T. Hanney, South Westerlo, N. Y. 
Stanfordville — B. M. Smith; 116; Albert 

Knapp, Stanfordville, N. Y. 
St. Johnsville — H. W. McCrone; 212; A 

E. Leaman, St. Johnsville, N. Y. 
Union Mills — L. C. Mackey; ; Wil- 
liam Lawyer, Broadalbin, N. Y. 
W'arnerville — No pastor; ; Mrs. L. 

T. Turin, Warnerville, N. Y. 
West Day — L. C. Mackey; 22; P. S. Col- 

som, West Day, N. Y. 
West Laurens — Xo pastor; 14; Mrs. I. G. 

Hopkins, W. Laurens, N. Y. 
Voukers Bush — H. W. McCrone; 21; 

Wm. Flanders, St. Johnsville, N. Y. 

Admitted to membership during the 
year — 5. 

Ordained — 1. 

Ordained Ministers — 40. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Cliurches — 44. 

Membership — 3,082. 

Without pastors — -12. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
in the Christian church, Freehold, N. Y., 
at a time to be fixed by the Executive 

Next Annual Address to be given by 
Rev. A. Welch. 

Alternate, Rev. J. H. Bassett. 


(Reported by Secretary Gee.) 

Next session at Evermans Chapel, 
Thursday before the first full moon in 
October, 1912, at 2 p. m. 


Rev. W. L. Maddix, Counts Cross Roads, 
Ky. — president. 

Rev. J. S. Everman, Charlotte Furnace, 
Ky. — vice-president. 

Rev. Robert Gee, Fontana, Ky. — secre- 

William Elam, Fults, Ky. — treasurer. 
In order that the Christian churches 

might all have the benefit of the char- 



ter that was enacted April 4, 1878, the 
Kentucky Christian Conference and the 
Bible Union Kentucky Christian Con- 
ference met at Kings Chapel, Carter 
County, Ky., on the twenty-third day 
of October, 1890, and consolidated into 
one conference, and districted the State 
of Kentucky Christian Conference to 
be District No. 1 and the Bible Union 
Christian Conference to be District No. 
2, the above District Secretaries being 
required to report to Secretary of the 
State Kentucky Christian Conference 
and the Secretary to make a general 
report to the Secretary of the American 
Christian Convention. 

The organization is as follows: 

Rev. J. P. Sulser, president of the 
Kentucky Christian Conference, was 
elected president. 

Rev. J. H. Ellis, president of the Bible 
Union Kentucky Christian Conference, 
was elected vice-president. 

Rev. Robert Gee, secretary of the 
Bible Union Kentucky Conference, was 
elected secretary of the State Kentucky 
Christian Conference, and Rev. J. S. 
Everman was elected assistant secre- 

District No. 1 

Rev. C. H. Godfrey, secretary of Dis- 
trict No. 1. reported to the secretary 
of State Kentucky Christian Confer- 
ence, in session at Spring Branch, on 
October 6, 1911. 

Our next session to be at Red Brush, 
Lewis County, Ky., Thursday before 
the first full moon in August, 1912, at 
2 p. m. 


Rev. Joseph Jordan, Records, Ky. — 

Rev. F. M. Logan, Brushart, Ky. — vice- 
Rev. C. H. Godfrey, Rugless, Ky. — sec- 

Ministers — G. W. Adams. J. H. Bry- 
ant, James Hobbs, W^illiam Hobbs, S. J. 
Hughs, 'Linsley Jordan, C. H. Langden, 
James Logan. William McCown, J. S. 
Scott, G. "VV. Staggs. 

Cliurch, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Antlocli — -No Pastor; 18; Mary Maddlx, 

Roads, Ky. 
Betliel— G. T\^ E. Wolford; 76; Jeff 

Fannin, Roads, Ky. 
Beech Grove — No Pastor; 33; Samuel 

Boyed, Vanceburg, Ky. 
Briary — William McCown; 14; Ed. 

Veach. Quincv, Ky. 
Boon Fee— G. W. Staggs; 38; Alf. 

Staggs, Carter, Ky. 
Cliestniit Grove — Linsley Jordan; 24; 

Charles Hook, Vanceburg, Ky. 
Elliott Chapel — No Pastor; 33; Mamie 

Elliott. Vanceburg, Ky. 
Globe — M. H. Wilbern; 39; O. E. Jordan. 

Glo^e, Ky. 
Little AVhite Oak- — James Logan; 74; 

Stoke Siremore, Bennett, Ky. 
Mnses MilLs — No Pastor; 47; Calvin 

Hester, Muses Mills. Ky. 
Pine Valley — William Hobbs: 27; Jos- 
eph Shepherd, Vanceburg, Ky. 
Red Brush — F. M. Logan; 71; Mary 

Buce, Records. Kv. 
Rock Spring — No Pastor; 36; Mary P. 

Zorns, Carter, Ky. 
Rusless — F. M. Logan; 51; J. H. Bryant, 

Rugless, Ky, 

Rock Run — Linsley Jordan; 31; No 

clerk given. 
St. Paul— G. W. StagTs; 42; H. O. 

Davis. Carter, Ky. 
Smiths Chapel— No Pastor; 47; Sallie 

McColley. Vanceburg, Ky. 
AValnut Grove — Joseph Jordan; 78; F. 

M. Smith, Brushart. Ky. 

Churches — 18. 

Membership — 779. 

14 ministers preached 649 sermons 
during the year; traveled during the 
year, 1,263 miles; total salary, $224.52; 
total value of church nroperty, $4,200; 
Sunday-schools, 8; enrolled membership, 

District No. 2 

Secretary L. H. Forrest failing to 
make report to the secretary of the 
^tate Kentucky Christian Conference 
while in session at Spring Branch, Oc- 
tober 5, 6, and 7, 1911, report District 
No. 2 was made by Robert Gee, secre- 
tary of the State Kentucky Christian 
Conference, as follows: 

The next session will be held at 
Rices Chapel, Thursday before the first 
full moon in September 1912, at 2 p. m. 


J. H. Ellis, Winkler, Ky. — president. 

F. M. Thomas, Stinson, Ky., vice-presi- 

L. H. Forrest, Sandy Hook, Ky. — secre- 


Ministers — W. L. Maddix. J. S. Ever- 
man, G. W. E. Wolford, J. W. Gee, 

G. C. Adkins, Robert Gee, Wylie Prater. 
Harvey Trent, Andrew Moore, Harvey 
Sanders. William Hall. J. L. Boling, 
Malon Litteral, W. A. Whitlock. John 
Messer, Thomas Whitlock. D. A. Fraley, 
Geore-e Rinfro, James White, Ambrose 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Alcorn — No pastor; 25; No clerk given. 
Barretts Creek — Robert Gee; 11; John 

R. Gee, Grayson, Ky. 
Bier Run — No Pastor; 18; John Taylor. 

Princis, Ky. 
Davies Run — Wylie Prater; 58; Henry 

Gollihugh, Partlow, Ky. 
Denton — F. M. Thomas; 63; No clerk 

Evermans Chapel — -F. M. Thomas; 66; 

Dice Everman, Fontana, Ky. 
Hays Ridge — No Pastor; 14; No clerk 

Johns Run — T\^ylie Prater; 25; No clerk 

Kings Chapel — No Pastor; 112; M. 

Brown, Saulsberry, Ky. 
Lether«ood — No Pastor: 45; John Cline, 

Jacobs. Ky. 
Music — G. W^. Sexton; 11; Samantha 

Sexton, Music. Ky. 
Pleasant Hill — No Pastor; 18; No clerk 

Plca.sant View — L. H. Forrest; 40; No 

clerk given. 
Pope Hollow — No Pastor; 19; John Gil- 
bert. Grayson, Ky. 
Runa — No pastor; 56; Jeff Lawson, Col- 
ton, Ky. 
Spring Branch — Wylie Prater; 63; Su- 
san Prater, Partlow, Ky. 
Spicewood — J. S. Everman; 94; Bettie 

Nipn, Adkins, Ky. 
Stinson — F. M. Thomas; 55; Susan Shuff, 

Stinson, Ky. 
Rices Chapel — G. W. E. Wolford; 27; 

Melvin Json, Fults, Ky, 



Union Chapel — No Pastor; 40; No clerk 

Strait Creek — Wylie Prater; 69; Pat- 
ten Stamper, Denton, Ky. 

Ordained Ministers — 23. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 929. 

Sunday-schools — 8. 

Enrolled — S56. 

Church Buildings — 5. 

Total Ministers — District No. 1, 14; 
District No. 2, 23; total, 37. 

Total Churches — District No. 1, 18; 
District No. 2, 21; total. 39. 

Total Membership — District No. 1, 
779; District No. 2, 929; total, 1,708. 

Total Sunday-schools — District No. 1, 
8, enrolled 684; District No. 2, 8, enroll- 
ed 856; total, 1,540. 


(Reported by Secretary Pease.) 


Rev. Alexander MacKenzie, Newmarket, 

Ontario — president. 
Rev. C. H. Scholefield, Albion, New 

York — vice-president. 
John B. Pease, Gasport, New York — 

J. D. Chase, Hilton, New York — treas- 

Executive Coinmittee 

Rev. Alexander MacKenzie, Newmar- 
ket, Ont. 
J. B. Pease, Gasport, N. Y. 
Rev. Ira L. Peck, Gasport, N. Y. 
E. F. Fancher, Albion, N. Y. 
J. D. Chase, Hilton, N. Y. 

Department Secretaries 

Florence Chase, Hilton, N. Y. — Christian 

Miss Edna Mayne, Morganville, N. Y. — 

Rev. Ira L. Peck, Gasport, N. Y. — Edu- 

Rev. C. H. Scholefield, Albion. N. Y.— 
Moral Reform. 

Rev. J. A. Foss, Morganville, N. Y. — • 

Rev. C. H. Scholefield, Albion, N. Y.— 
Publishing Interests. 

Mrs. J. B. Pease, Gasport, N. Y. — Mis- 

"W. H. Chase, Gasport, N. Y. — Prohibi- 

Rev. A. T. Mercer, North Greece, N. Y. 
— Christian Union. 

E. F. Fancher, Albion. N. Y. — Churches. 
l»tinister.s — Alden Allen. S. Q. Helfen- 

stein, Alexander MacKenzie, C H. 

Scholefield. Ira L. Peck, J. P. Winans, 

Silas H. Perlee, A. T. Mercer, J. A. 


IJcentiates — E. F. Fancher, Robert 


Cliurch, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Albion — C. H. Scholefield; 28; A. T. Vick, 

Albion, N. Y. 
Castile— : 43; Mrs. M. E. Bolton, 

Castile, N. Y. 

Nortli Pembroke — ; ; • . 

Oranieeport — Ira K Peck; 135; L. H 

Pease, Gasport, N. Y. 
Parma and Greece — A. T. Mercer; 125; 

H. D. Rowley. North Greece, N. Y. 
Machias — Silas H. Perlee; 60; Miss Ljla 

M. Joslyn, Machias, N. Y, 

Manning — C. H. Scholefield; 80; Mrs. H 

J. Foster, Holley, N. Y., R. D. 
Morg^anviile — J. A. Foss; 28; Delia H. 

Fisk, Morganville, N. Y. 
West Shelby— No delegates. 

Ordained Ministers — 9. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 9. 

Membership — 498. 

Without pastors- — 2. 


(Reported by Secretary DeWeese.) 

Rev. A. J. Golden, DeWitt, Mo. — presi- 
Rev. 'W. W. Cundiff, Laredo, Mo. — vice- 
Rev. Carter DeWeese, Mendon, Mo.— 

Mrs. Carter DeWeese, Mendon, Mo. — 

Ministers — J. T. Burress, S. D. Col- 
lier, James Carie, S. S. Chapins, W. T. 
Cundiff, Carter DeWeese, A. J. Golden, 
H. Hull, S. L. Larned, H. Perry, T. B. 
Sweet, J. W. Stephenson, Alice D. 
Smith, C. W. Webster. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Bethlehem — A. J. Golden; 58; J. C. 

Tatham, Wakenda, Mo. 
Bible Chapel — A. J. Golden; 45; F. B. 

Branstetter, Curryville, Mo. 
Grand Valley — No pastor; 15; Fred Sole, 

Brunswick, Mo. 
Indian Grove — C. DeWeese; 70; J. T. 

May, Brunswick, Mo. 
I^onsT Branch — C. DeWeese; 18; Mrs. 

Minnie Johnson, Keytesville, Mo. 
Pleasant Hill — No pastor; 82; Mrs. Alice 

Barnett, Gait, Mo. 
Pleasant Valley — ^A. J. Golden; 23; J. L. 

Brvant. DeWitt, Mo. 
St. Joseph — No pastor; 30; W. F. Stew- 
art, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Ordained Ministers — 14. 

Churches — 8. 

Membership — 341. 

Without pastors — 3. 


(Reported by Secretary Dickason.) 


Rev. H. H. Holverstott, Marion, Ohio 

— president and treasurer. 
Rev. I. M. Dickason, DeCliff, Ohio — 


Ministers — Abbie L. Burns, D. E. 
Doll, I. N. Dickason, Emma McFarland, 
E. A. Garrick, Henry H. Holverstoit, 
John L. Street. 

l/icentiates — Golda G. Dickason, Link 
McFarland, T. J. W^oodmancy. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Affosta — I. N. Dickason; 41; Wm. Holt, 

Marion, Ohio. 
CoR-ersville — Emma McFarland; 25; 

Link McFarland, 1228 Monroe St., 

Muncie, Ind. 
Epysville — D. C. Doll; 41; Matilda Cran- 

mer, Agosta, Ohio. 
Fairlield — 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churclies — 4. 

Membership — 1 12. 

Without pastors — I, 




(Reported by Secretary Her.) 

W. S. Sanford, Ashton, 111. — president. 

H. B. Stevenson, Capron, 111. — vice- 

Mrs. Mollie Her, Mt. Morris, 111. — sec- 

G. "W. Grove, German Valley, 111. — 

Mrs. Belle Allen, Leaf River, 111. — sec- 
retary of S. S. Department. 
Ministers — G. A. Brown, P. H. Sam- 
uel. P. B. Shult, R. W. Pittman, J. R. 

Wright, Miss Jennie Mishler. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerfe 
Capron — P. H. Samuel; 25; R. Ridge, 

Capron, 111. 
Leaf River — R. W. Pittman; 85; J. B. 

Palmer, Leaf River, 111. 
North Grove — R. W. Pittman: 57; D. R. 

Rowland, Leaf River, 111. 
Washington Grove — P. E. Shult; 102; 

W. S. Sanford, Ashton, 111. 

Ordained Ministers — 6. 

Licentiates — None. 

Churches — 4. 

Membership — 269. 

Without pastors — None. 


(Reported by Secretary Stein.) 

Rev. H. E. Warren, Superior, Neb. — 

Rev. Roy Hendrickson, Lincoln, Kan. 

— vice-president. 
Miss Carrie Stein, Miltonvale, Kan. — • 

Rev. F. M. Strange, Miltonvale, Kan. 

— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. Davis, Miltonvale, Kan. — Y. P. S. 

C. E. 
Miss Grace Dauthett, Superior, Neb. — 

Mrs. J. C. Stallings, Miltonvale, Neb. 

— Relief Fund. 

3Iinisters — J. E. Amos, Hannah 
Bushong. Peter Bushong, J. W. Coate, 
Ellen Elliott, J. J. Hillman, C. G. Nel- 
son, Geo. R. Stoner, F. M. Strange, J. S. 
Strange, Elisha Thornburg, J. W. Tip- 
ton, M. D. "^^ebber, R. L. Hendrickson, 

Licentiate — 'W. A. McClain. 

Churcli, Pastor, Menibersliip, Clerk 

Beulah — R. L. Hendrickson; 27; Mrs. 
Alice Bird, Lincoln, Kan. 

Dew Drop — C. G. Nelson; 8; C. G. Nel- 
son, Lincoln, Kan. 

Lincoln— C. G. Nelson; 100; R. L. Hen- 
drickson, Lincoln, Kan. 

Meredith — P. M. Strange; 55; Mrs. Ra- 
chel Knowles, Meredith, Kan. 

Olive Hill — M. D. Webber; 98; H. E. 
Warren, Superior, Neb. 

Pipe Creek— F. M. Strange; 40; Charles 
Ablard, Delphos, Kan. 
Ordained Ministers — 14. 
Licentiate — 1. 
Churches — 6. 
Membership — 328. 
Without pastors — None. 
Next session, Beulah, September, 



(Reported by Secretary Thomas.) 


Rev. S. McNeely, Tiosa, Ind. — president. 

Rev. Wm. Heflin, Russiaville, Ind., R. 

D. 2 — vice-president. 
Rev. A. M. Thomas, New Waverly, Ind. 

— secretary. 
Oscar Wilson, New Waverlji, Ind. — • 

Department Secretaries 

INIrs. Milton Myers, — Missions. 
Rev. Roscoe Mason, Merom, Ind. — Pub- 
Rev. Harley Walker, Galveston, Ind. — 

Rev. C. E. McCoy, New Waverly, Ind. — 

Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. U. S. Johnson, Defiance, Ohio — 

Ministers — Joseph Dunfee, William 
Fleece, Samuel Ford, Samuel McNeely, 
yVm. Heflin, J. R. Kobb, Wm. Rinehart, 
J. C. Rupe. Nomen McClain, A. M. 
Thomas, C. E. McCoy, Wm. Reed, Ernest 
Gilbert, U. S. Johnson, Robert Wearley, 
Roscoe Mason. 

Licentiates — Abe Miller, J. A. Sut- 
ton, Harley Walker. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Antioch — A. M. Thomas; 60; G. G. Ham- 
ilton, Swavzee, Ind. 
Argos — H. G. Rockwell; 125; J. B. 

Weimer, Argos, Ind. 
Bloomingsburg — A. M. Thomas, 213; 

Retta Deemer, Mentone, Ind. 
Burrows — J. T. Agema; 113; J. W. 

Smith, Burrows, Ind. Lake — J. A. Sutton; 13; J. S. Kes- 

ler, Monterey, Ind. 
Buffalo — ■ ; 119; A. J. Coonrod, Buf- 
falo, Ind. 
County Line ; 20; Ben Overmyer, 

DeLong, Ind. 
Crooked Creek — ; 60; J. W. Gray, 

Royal Center, Ind. 
Deer Creek — J. W. Dipboye; 75; Grant 

Merrell, Kappa, Ind. 
Eel River — ; 44; E. G. Gallahan, 

Mexico, Ind. 
GreentoTvn — ; 109; Wm. Duncan, 

Greentown, Ind., R. D. 1. 
Hickory Grove ; 115; Mrs. Faye 

Simons. Delphi, Ind. 
Indian Creek ; 35; Samuel Koch- 

ner. Star City, Ind. 
Keeps Creek — ^M. M. W^iles; 18; John 

Hynes, Logansport, Ind., R. D. 6. 
Kokomo — C. M. Harness; 140; Emma 

Hollingsworth, Kokomo, Ind. 
Mt. Zion — ; 23; Mattie Minnick, 

Logansport, Ind. 
New Bethel — Thomas Everhart (Meth- 
odist); 58; Minnie Thompson, Fran- 

cisville, Ind. ^^ ,, 

New W^averly — C. E. McCoy; 67; Mrs. 

Frank Weaver, New Waverly, Ind. 
Oak Grove — Employed a Presbyterian 

minister; 37; Ethel R. Smith, Wina- 

mac. Ind. 
Oakland — Wm. Newhouse; 66; Solomon 

Beighler, Russiaville, Ind. 
Ora — J. A. Sutton; 37; Lizzie Wilson, 

Ora, Ind. 
Pipe Creek — S. McNeely: 134; A. M. 

Thomas, New Waverly, Ind. 
Rock Creek Valley — C. E. McCoy; 70; 

W. L. Small, Logansport, Ind. 
Riverside — No report. 



Shlloh — M. M. "Wiles; 57; Etta Busard, 

Logansport, Ind. 
Thomas Chapel — 51; Lloyd Larimare, 

Rossvllle, Ind. 
Tlosa — ; 56; Ezra Leedy, Tlosa, 

TIppeeanoe — — — ; 44; Catherine Rusli 

Winamac, Ind. 
Twelve Mile — C. E. McCoy; 75; Isaac 

Ault, Denver, Ind., R. D. 23. 
AVest Sonora ; 49; J. W. Brown, 

Camden, Ind. 
Young- America — J. T. Agema; 104; 

Lura M. Beclt, Young- America, Ind. 

Ordained at last session of conference 

Ordained Ministers — 16. 

Membersiiip — 2,187. 

Without pastors — 17. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
with the Oakland church on Wednes- 
day before the second Sunday in Au- 
gust, 1912, at two o'clock, p. m. 


(Reported by Secretary Lister.) 

Rev. C. B. Huff, Oronoque, Kan. — pres- 

Jessie Ault, Decatur, Kan. — vice-presi- 

Millie Lister, Brewster, Kan. — secre- 


D. B. Clouse, John McDaniel, Jessie 

Department Secretaries 

Geo. Colip, Almena, Kans. — Sunday- 

Emerson Scanon, Rollwitz, Neb. — En- 

Rosa Colip, Almena, Kan. — Missions. 

Clair McCall, Bdson, Kan.- — Finance. 
Ministers — C. E. Huff, Louisa Patton, 

T. M. Strange, S. A. Strange, Henry 

Henson, J. T. Wright, Riley Lambert, 

Edward Pierson. 

Licentiates — George Light, R. F. 


Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Fair Haven — No pastor; 12; Joe E. 
Bright, Almena, Kan. 

Lamont— Riley Lambert; 23; E. T. Si- 
mons, Lux, Neb. 

Morning: Star — C. E. Huff; 78; Anna 
Venerman, Almena. Kan. 

Oronoque — C. E. Huff; 51; Julia Huff, 
Oronoque, Kan. 

Pleasant Home, Kan. — C. E. Huff; 25; 
Millie Lister, Brewster, Kan. 

Pleasant Home. Neb. — Riley Lambert; 
10; Mrs. Geo. West, Lux, Neb. 

School House 47 — No pastor; 28; George 
Calahan. Oberlin, Kan. 

Shermanvllle— C. E. Huff; 23; Lee Con- 
quest, Edson, Kan. 

Smoky Hill — No pastor; 16; Rodney 
Bogart, Kingery. Kan. 

Valley Center — Riley Lambert; 19; Em- 
erson Scanon. 
Ordained Ministers — 8. 
Tjicentiates — 2. 
Churches — 10. 
Membership — 277. 
Without pastors — 3. 
The next Annual Session will be held 

at Valley Center church, Rollwitz, 

Pundy Co,, Neb, 


(Reported by Secretary Klingler.) 

Hon. A. M. Heidelbaugh, Columbus 
Grove, Ohio — president. 

Rev. C. C. Ryan, Ft. Jennings, Ohio — 
vice-president. ■ 

Rev. I. L. Klingler, Lima, Ohio — secre- 

Department Secretaries 

R. F. Hulliberger, Westminster, Ohio — 

Rev. J. S. Halfaker, Lima, Ohio — Mis- 

Rev. G. R. Mell, Lima, Ohio — Sunday- 

Rev. C. J. Hance, Spencerville, Ohio — 

Rev. G. W. Poltz, Winchester, Ind. — 

Rev. G. B. Garner, Bluffton, Ind. — 

Rev. W. G. Kershner, Harrod, Ohio — 
Christian Endeavor. 

Official Board 

A. M. Heidelbaugh, L L. Klingler, R. F. 
Hulliberger, J. S. Halfaker, G. R. 
Mell. C. J. Hance, G. W. Foltz, G. 
B. Garner, W. G. Kershner, B. F. 


B. F. Seitz, 5 years; W. H. Thompson, 
4 years; C. C. Ryan, 3 years; G. W. 
Poltz, 2 years; C. J. Hance, 1 year. 
Ministers — W. O. Bray, A. E. Bagby, 

James Claypool, Wm. N. Deck, G. W. 
Foltz, Edward French, G. B. Garner, 
J. S. Halfaker, C. J. Hance, W. G. 
Kershner, Walter Klingler, J. E. Kauff- 
man, J. W. Kincaid, J. S. Kegg, Albert 
Leonard, D. Lepley, P. McCague, N. S. 
McCloud. G. R. Mell. A. Noffsinger, P. 
E. Rockwell, C. C. Ryan. J. M. Slane, 
Edward Slusser, W. H. Thompson, P. 
P. Tucker, J. L. Wright, W. O. Web- 
ber, L. D. Wert, Sarah M. Bailey, J. W. 
Maxwell, J. M. Miller, Geo. T. Perkins, 

C. N. Rockwell. 

Church, Pa.stor, Member.shlp, Clerk 

Antioch — C. A. Tracy; 20; Henry Stirn, 
Cloverdale, Ohio. 

Berkey — G. Perkins; 60; Ella Zueler, 
Berkey. Ohio. 

Bethel — R. A. Hartly; 115; E. Neafle, 
Defiance, Ohio. 

Bethlehem — 

Blanchard — C. J. Hance; 106; J. W. 
Gotchel, Dunkirk, Ohio. R. D. 

Broadway, Defiance — Edwin Morrell; 
84; W. A. Snider, Defiance, Ohio. 

Buckland — 

Columbus Grove — J. W. Maxwell; 318; 
J. L. Hooper, Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Cherry Grove — J. S. Kegg; 21; Mrs. G. 
B. Ream; Lima, Ohio, R. D. 6. 

Delplio.s Draken; 21; Hattie Wil- 
son, Delphos. Ohio. 

Harrod — W. G. Kershner; 175; Ruth 
McCheron, Harrod. Ohio. 

Hartford — J. P. Strait; 30; Wm. Patter- 
son, Spencerville, Ohio. 

Lafayette — C. Roush; 165; Sadie Gensel, 
Lafavette, Ohio. 

i,imn— ^J. S. Halfaker; 520; R. B. Mike- 
sell, Tjima, Ohio. 

l.oKansville — J. Porsythe; 200; M. V. 
Nouglv, Degraff. Ohio. 

Mt. Zlon — J. S. Kegg; 25; Amelia Bar- 
ringer, Continental. Ohio, 



McDonald — J. S. Kegg; 76; Bertie Mus- 

ser, Kenton, Ohio, R. D. 
Middle River — C. J. Hance; 50; Chas. 

Morgan, Delphos, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Muoliinippi— J. L. Wright; 52; W. W. 

Wright, Lewiston, Oliio. 
New Betliany— C. A. Tracy; 32; G. W. 

Cottel, Grover Hill, Ohio. 
New Kioliland — B. A. Hartly; 93; J. A. 

Layman, New Richland, Ohio. 
Olive Branch — J. L. Wright; 72; D. W. 

Bowers, Conway, O., R. D. 1. 
Ottawa River — ; 240; J. E. 

Thomas, Ft. Jennings, Ohio. 
Rose Elm — C. A. Tracy; 15; L. D. Shes- 

ley. Grover Hill, Ohio. 
St. Johns — W. H. Conner; 42; S. G. 

Lusk, St. Johns, Ohio. 
Spencer^-Ille — F. McCague; 211; Miss 

Cassie Hanley, Spencerville, Ohio. 
Two Mile — L. D. Wert; 63; Ray Ritchie, 

Wapakoneta, Ohio. 
Two Mile — ; 54; B. Edwards, 

Cecil, Ohio. 
Union Chapel — G. W. Foltz;-55; Mrs. 

P. E. Driver. Lima, O., R. D. 
Vaughnsville — J. M. Miller; 146; Lucy 

Seaman, Lima, Ohio. R. D. 2. 
West Cairo — L. D. "^^ert; 182; D. D. 

Thomas, West Cairo, Ohio. 
Westminster — C. Roush ; 42; 

Zahler, Westminster, Ohio. 
W'est Union — 

Ordained ministers — 34. 

Licentiates — None. 

Churches — 32. 

Membership — 3,285. 

Without pastors — 2. 

W. H. 


Rev. J. F. Burnett, 
Dayton, Ohio. 

My Dear Sir and Brother: — As we 
in Nebraska have had no conference 
here for several years and only a 
few ministers left and only one church 
house, I am at a loss as to how to 
answer your call for the Tear Book. 
Elder Diltz, of Brownville got hurt, 
gave up preaching and is now post- 
master at that place, and the Method- 
ists got his flock. Dr. Kirk had a lit- 
tle church at York where he died, and 
it went to the Baptists. Cooper school- 
house, presided over by Elders Cox and 
Kernard, went to the Methodists. Cox 
moved to Washington state; Kernard 
is dead. At the death of Elder Hugh 
Beardshear his little flock went to the 
Methodists. Greenleaf and Wayland 
were organized and presided over by 
Elder James Quinlin and after his 
death, Greenleaf went to the Method- 
ists, but Wayland holds to the faith to 
this day. 

The churches over which I presided 
were South Lincoln and Panama. Pan- 
ama went to the Methodists and South 
Lincoln to the Evangelists. I took in so 
many Disciples that they finally took 
my house and members. 

Very trulv, 
Elijah T. Flowers. 

Christian Publishing Association, 
Dayton, Ohio. 
I have a letter from the secretary 
who is preparing' the Christian Tear 
Book asking for information concern- 
ing the Nebraska Christian Conference, 

First: There is now only one church 
that I know of in Nebraska, that Is 
the Wayland church. At one time we 
had a few country churches and held 
a conference. 

Second: We have not held a confer- 
ence for eight years. Our church has 
regular preaching and Sunday-school. 
Our pastor's name is Rev. P. V. S. Ford, 
of Des Moines, la. He began his pas- 
torate yesterday, the 29th. 

Wishing you success in your work 
of preparing the Annual, 

I am, your brother, 

J. E. Ingemon. 


(Reported by Secretary Hoagland.) 

Rev. W'arren H. Sando, 111 W. Fifth 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio— president. 

I. W. Sanaft, Broadway, Ohio — vice- 

Rev. B. P. Hoagland, Centerburg, Ohio 
. — secretary. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. F. E. Rockwell, Mt. Sterling, Ohio 
— Missions. 

I. W. Sanaft, Broadway, Ohio — Relief. 

Rev. H. J. Duckworth, D. D., Mt. Ster- 
ling, Ohio- — Education. 

Mr. R. W. Fisher, Sunburv. Ohio — Pub- 

Miss Elizabeth Green, Raymond, Ohio — 

Wm. Frederick, Sunbury, Ohio — Chris- 
tian Endeavor. 

S. L. Loughrey, Marysville, Ohio — Fi- 

Ministers — A. G. Caris, B. H. Chris- 
man, Pleasant Clarridge, H. J. Duck- 
worth, J. B. Hagans, B. F. Hoagland, 
S. K. King, E. C. Klink, L. E. Lewis, 
E. J. Nutt, D. C. Parsons, O. W. Powers, 
G. J. Remington, F. E. Rockwell, War- 
ren H. Sando, C. A. Tracy, John H. 

Licjentiates — John Albright, William 
Babb, John Forsythe, W. A. Moots. 

Church, Pastor, Clerk 

Antioch — F. -E. Rockwell; Henry Bow- 
er, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 

Bookwalter — J. E. Spriggs; W. L. Er- 
vin, Jeffersonville, Ohio, R. D. 

Centerville — W. V. Miller; Miss Dora 
West, Lees Creek, Ohio. 

Clarksburg: — ; O. M. Howser, 

Clarksburg, Ohio. 

Columbus (First Church) — W. H. San- 
do; Jay Utley, Columbus. Ohio. 

Dublin ; Nell D. Tuller, Dublin, 


Five Points — H. J. Duckworth; W. T. 
Porter, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 

Fountain Grove ; S. Wiley, Rich- 
wood, Ohio. 

Grassy Point— ; C. S. Beathards, 

Sedalia, Ohio. 

Milford Center — J. B. Hagans; Mrs. Liz- 
zie Goff, Milford Center. Ohio. 

Mill Creek Chapel — G. J. Remington; 
E. C. Rumer, Ostrander, Ohio. 

Mt. Olives — W. A. Moots; C. E. Curry, 
Plain Citv, Ohio, R. D. 

Mt. Sterling — F. E. Rockwell; A. a. 
Alkire, Mt. Sterling, Ohio, 






C. C. 

Orerly Chapel — No Pastor; Mrs. 
Reitinger, Chillicothe, Ohio, R. 

Pleasant Grove — J. B. Hagans; 
Holt, Mt. Victory, Ohio. 

Ponipey — ; Sadie Underhill, 

ington, Ohio, R. D. 

Raymond — John Forsythe; Miss Eliza- 
beth Green, Raymond, Ohio. 

Resaca — John Forsythe; Henry Tat- 
man. Plain City, Ohio, R. D. 

South Solon — J. E. Sprig-gs; 
Rowand, South Solon, Ohio. 

Somerford — G. R. Well; Mrs. 
Overturf, Somerford, Ohio. 

South Vienna — G. R. Well; Mrs. Mollie 
Tavernner, South Vienna, Ohio. 

Trenton — B. F. Hoagland; R. W. Fish- 
er, Sunbury, Ohio. 

Watkins — G. J. Remington; Isaiah 
Lame, Marysville, Ohio. 

Waterloo — H. J. Duckworth; Wm. An- 
derson, Pancoastburg, Ohio. 

Wllllanisport — ; Mrs. Linnie Wil- 
kinson. Williamsport, Ohio, R. D. 

VVil.son Chapel — H. J. Duckworth; Fan- 
nie F. Rider, London, Ohio. 

\A^oodstocl£ — ; B. W. Hays, Wood- 
stock, Ohio. 

Zlon Chapel — ; Mrs. C. L. Bagr, 

Grove City. Ohio. 
Ordained Ministers — 17. 
Licentiates — 4. 
Churches — 29. 
Membership — 
Without pastors — 10. 


(Reported by Secretary Murphy.) 


Rev. V. R. Dennis, Wellston, Ohio — 

Rev. L. Fannar, Oak Hill, Ohio — vice- 
Rev. S. E. Murphy, McArthur, Ohio, R. 

D. 2 — secretary. 
Rev. J. H. Moody, Jackson, Oliio, R. 
D. 1 — treasurer. 

Mlnl.sters — Henry Canter, G. R. Coon, 
J. B. Cummins, Anthony Butler, James 
Beihel, P. E. Bennett, V. R. Dennis, 
E. A. Drake, F. E. Evans, Daniel Jones, 
J. H. Moody. J. W. Maddox, Fred Rich- 
ards, E. L. Wareheime. 

Licentiates — J. W. Dilly, G. R. Sinift. 

Church, Pa.stor, Meinbei'ship. Clerk 
Antonis — ; ; Gole Blake, Ome- 
ga, Ohio. 
Antioch — ; ■ ; William Jones, 

Oak Hill, Ohio. 
Chapman ; ; Mrs. Fred Rich- 
ards, Jackson, Ohio. 
Fairview ; ; Callie Dempsey, 

Ray. Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Hopewell — ; ; J. H. Galiher, 

S. Bloomingville, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Hope-vi-ell CTackson Co.) — ; ; 

Marion Shipley, Glennell. Ohio. 
Meadow Run ; ■ ;Barak Chase, 

Waverly, Ohio. R. D. 4. 
Macedonia — • • ; ; Otis Cottrill, 

Chillicothe, Ohio. R. D. 6. 
Pleasant Valley — ; ■ ; John 

Sherbohm, Lucasville, Ohio. 
Scioto Valley — — ; ; Jonathan 

George Higby, Ohio. R. D. 1. 
Shiloh ; ; Mrs. Nettie Snook, 

Hamden, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Triumph — ; ; E. Grady, Ray, 



ford, Ohio. 
Ordained Ministers — 16 
Licentiates — 2. 
Churches — 13. 
Membership — 
Without pastors — 

; Cecil Denny, Ratch- 


(Reported by Secretary Ewing.) 

Rev. J. B. Massie, Patriot, Ohio, R. D. 
1. — president. 

Rev. W. H. Arthur, Gallipolis, Ohio — 

Rev. W. E. Ewing, Hilton, Ohio — sec- 

Rev. H. C. Litle, Dyesville, Ohio — as- 
sistant secretary. 

W. S. Woollet, Nelsonville, Ohio — R. D. 
2 — treasurer. 

Ministers — J. B. Massie, W. H. Ar- 
thur, Lloyd Litle, H. C. Litle, N. W. 

Massie, M. L. W^oodard, Chas. S. Briley, 

J. W. Canode, W. E. Ewing. 
Licentiate — Joseph Barstow. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Ilulaville — W. E. Ewing; 93; F. L. Hern, 

Gallipolis, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Bailey Chapel — No pastor; 24; W. W. 

Roadarmour, Angel, Ohio. 
Colombia — J. B. Massie; 124; Nettie 

Gregory, Point Rock, Ohio. 
Cooks — No pastor; 16; Maria Patton, 

Nelsonville, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Cornelius — M. L. Woodward; 29; Mary 

Karnes, Creola, Ohio. 
Coes Chapel — W. E. Ewing; 100; Al- 
len Devol. Carbon Hill, Ohio. 
Elizabeth — W. E. ENving; 107; 

Cottrell, Tliivener, Ohio. 
Fairview — J. B. Massie; 120; 

Pyles, Patriot, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Federal — No pastor; 40; C. P. Jones, 

Amesville, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Graham — M. L. Woodard; 1.55; Wm. 

Bobo, Athens, Ohio, R. D. 7. 
Kygrer — No pastor; 97; Alice Ray, Ches- 
hire, Oliio. 
Morgan — No pastor; 12; Linda Fres- 

chonn, Bidwell, Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — J. B. Massie; 140; W. S. 

"Woollet, Nelsonville, Ohio, R. D. 2. 
Okey — W. E. Ewing; 85; Jeptha Peters, 

Lecta, Ohio. 
Pleasant Valley — M. L. Woodard; 58; 

Lvicv J. Russell, Coolville, Ohio. 
Pleasant Ridsre — W. H. Arthur; 67; J. 

J. Latta, Gloster, Ohio, R. D. 4. 

Ordained during the year — 2. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 16. 

Members — 1,267. 

Without pastors — 5. 



OHIO EASTERN (Incorporated) 

(Reported by Secretary Warrener.) 

George W. Wilcox, Alice, Ohio — presi- 

Rev. Samuel Lewis, Bladen, Ohio- 

Rev. W^m. J. Warrener, Athens, Ohio- 





Herman A. Lewis, Hilton, Ohio- 
ant secretary. 
Vinton Wogan, Sharpsburg, 

Assistant Secretary is Secretary of ETd- 

.Ministers — J. A. Angel, W. W. Card- 
well, H. A. Grover, Samuel Lewis, G. A. 
Long, G. F. McCoy, Wm. J. Warrener. 

Lteentlates — Herman A. Lewis, W. P. 
Myer, Jacob Trowbridge. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Antiooh — ; 80; Clem C. Wilcox, 

Vinton, Ohio. 
Champni^n ; 75; Fannie R. Swick, 

Vinton, Ohio. 
Cornelius — No pastor; 36; Sarah E. Ros- 

ser, Creola, Ohio. 
Dixons Run ; 12; Mary Munyon, 

Rempel, Ohio. 
Eighteen Valley — ; 63; Wilbert 

Waugh, Pliny, W. Va. 
Langsville — ; 40; 

Langsville, Ohio. 
Liberty — G. F. McCoy; 

Lewis, Bladen, Ohio. 
Logan — ; 36; Mrs. 

Logan, Ohio. 
Macedonia — J. H. Moody; 125; 

Poster, Hilton, Ohio. 
Morj^an ; 50; A. M. Grover, Bid- 
well, Ohio. 
Monnd Hill — ; 40; Mrs. J. W. 

Kuhns, Amesville, Ohio, 
Mt. Valley ; 30; Martha A. Mays, 

Arlee, W. Va. 
Mt. Zion — W. P. Myers; 68; Mrs. Thomas 

Ball, Sharpsburg. Ohio. 
Salem »— ; 27; W. C. Turner, Dexter, 

Union — ; 80; Alice Brookman, 

Kerr, Ohio. 
W'rightstown — George R. Coon; 52; M. 

L. Dulaney, Amesville, Ohio. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Licentiates — 3. 

Churches — 16. 

Membership — 972. 

"Without pastors — 

Next Annual Session will be held Au- 
gust 23-25, 1912, commencing at 2 p. m. 

Wm. Lowery, 
138; Wallace 
Emma Clark, 
W. W. H. 


(Reported by Secretary Manley.) 

Rev. J. L. Manley, Middleport, Ohio — 

Elmer Searls, Kyger, Ohio — vice-pres- 

Mrs. Mary A. Manley, Middleport, Ohio 
— secretary. 

Hamer Manley, Cheshire, Ohio, R. D. 2 
— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. Eliza Watson, Middleport, Ohio — 

Mrs. Kate Manley, Cheshire, Ohio, R. 

D. 2 — Mite Box. 
Mrs. Sarah Abbott, Kyger, Ohio — Re- 
Rev. R. D. Stone, Gallipolis, Ohio, R. D. 

1 — Temperance. 
Mrs. Kate Manley, Cheshire, Ohio, R. D. 

2— Christian Endeavor. 
Mrs. Mary Manley, Middleport, Ohio — 

Rev. F. A. Swisher, Arlee, W. Va. — 


Rev. J. L. Manley, Middleport, Ohio — 

W. R. Morris, Middleport, Ohio, R. D. 1 

— Financial Secretary. 

Ministers — J. L. Manley, R. D. Stone, 
J. W. Martin. F. A. Swisher, Geo. Mc- 
Donald, J. C. Wilson. 

Licentiate — L. R. Sypherd. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Eishteen — No pastor; 56; Wilbert 
Waugh, Pliny, W. Va., R. D. 1. 

Kanawha Valley — No pastor; 25; Car- 
rie McCallister, Scott Depot, W. Va. 

KyR-er — J. L. Manley; 62; Sarah Abbott, 
Kyger, Ohio. 

Loean — J. L. Manley; 40; Clara Bast- 
man, 753 W. Hunter St., Logan, Ohio. 

Middleport — J. L. Manley; 36; Nettie 
Morris. Middleport, Ohio, R. D. 1. 

Nelsonville — J. L. Manley; 20; Julia 
Burford, Nelsonville, Ohio. 
Ordained Ministers — 6. 
Licentiate — 1. 
Churches — 6. 
Membership — 239. 
Without pastors — 2. 


(Reported by Secretary Lick.) 


Rev. W. p. Fletcher, Keswick, Ont. — 

Rev. C. E. Fockler, 731 Markham. St., 

Toronto, Ont- — vice-president. 
Elmer Lick, Oshawa, Ont. — secretary. 
H. B. Samells, Oshawa, Ont. — treasurer. 
Ministers — C. H. Hainer, W. Percy, 

D. Prosser. W. P. Fletcher, E. C. Hall, 

E. Morton, C. E. Fockler, S. Mosteller, 
D. V. Van Norman, J. Prosser, L. D. 
Holiday, H. M. Hainer, R. G. English, 
A. T. Mercer. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Altona — D. V. Van Norman; 38; Elias 

B. Hoover, Atha, Ont. 
Brougham — R. G. English; 27; Mrs. Asa 

Hubbard, Brock Road, (Dnt. 
Baldwin — Prof. J. N. Dales; 17; James 

Anderson, Vachell, Ont. 
Bloomington — D. V. Van Norman; 86; 

W. A. Fockler, Bloomington, Ont. 
Cramahe Hill — J. Prosser; 26; Albert N. 

Bray, Morganston, Ont. 
Castleton — E. Morton; 36; Elijah Chap- 
pell, Norham, Ont. 
Churchill — S. Mosteller; 57; W. A. 

Quantz, Ballantrae, Ont. 
Drayton — Prof. J. N. Dales; 40; H. H. 

Hilborn, Drayton, Ont. 
Eddystone — K Morton; 47; J. P. Kel- 

log, Eddystone, Ont. 

Franklin — ; ; 

King — D. Prosser; 58; E. Clarkson, Ket- 

tleby, Ont. 
Keswick — W. P. Fletcher; 119; Jesse 

Connell, Keswick, Ont. 
Little Britain — E. Morton; 67; A. H. 

Noble, Cresswell, Ont. 

Minto ; ■ ; . 

Markham — R. G. English; 36; Levi A. 

Koch, Markham, Ont. 
Newniarket^ — Alex. MacKenzie; ; H. 

F. S. Gardner, Newmarket. 
Oshawa — E. C. Hall; 137; Elmer Lick, 

Oshawa, Ont. 
RinjETwood — D. V. Van Norman; 37; J. 

M Grove, Lemonville, Ont. 



StouftTille — S. Mosteller; 46; J. S. 

Dougherty, Stouffville, Ont. 
Toronto — H. M. Hainer; 101; E. Nigh- 

swander, 2 Nassau St., Toronto, Ont. 
Union Street — W. P. Fletcher; 25; W. R. 

Cowieson, Queensville, One. 

Ordained Ministers — 14. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 970. 

Without pastors — 2. 


(Reported by Secretary Chancellor.) 


Rev. F. M. Thomas, Eldorado Springs, 

Mo.— president. 
Rev. O. M. Spoor, Humanville, Mo. — 

Rev. P. Chancellor, Weaubleau, Mo. — 

secretary and treasurer. 

Ministers — Fred Cooper, A. H. Free- 
man, John Marshall, J. D. Simms, F. 
M. Thomas, G. E'. Willey, John Brad- 
ley, S. K. Garling. 

Licentiates — John Adamson, H. H. 
McCartney, P. Chancellor, Mrs. Mary 

Cliurch, Pastor, Membership, Cleric 
Antioch — J. D. .Simms; 16; Mrs. Dewey, 

Oswold, Mo. 
Bethany — Fred Cooper; 62; E. M. Allen, 

Gerster, Mo. . 

Diirnell Chapel — J. D. Simms; 21; O. 

M. Spoor, Humansville, Mo. 
Lead Hill — No report. 
Union Hill — J. D. Simms; 68; Ida 

More, Weaubleau, Mo. 
Weaubleau — Fred Cooper; 164; Edna 

Chancellor, Weaubleau, Mo. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Licentiates — 4. 

Churches — 6. 

Membership — 331. 

"V^^ithout pastor — 1. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
at Durnell Chapel, perhaps in August, 


(Reported by Secretary C. P. Skaggs.) 

Job Burnham, Meta, Mo. — president. 

W. R. Seaton, "Van Cleve, Mo.- — -vice- 

G. P. Skaggs, Van Cleve, Mo.- — secre- 

G. P. Skaggs, Van Cleve, Mo. — treasur- 

Executive Board — Ed. Shubert, Han- 
cock, Mo.; Marton Glawson, Hancock, 


Ministers — C. M. Sooter, J. D. Barn- 

hart, W. M. Sooter, Benjamin Seaton, 

J. M. Renfrow, F. M. Thomas, Thos. E. 


Church, Pastor, Membership, Cleric 

Fairview — W. M. Sooter; ; . 

Freedom — C. M. Sooter; 39; S. A. Glaw- 
son, Hancock, Mo., R. D. 1. 

Humphreys Creek — W. M. Sooter; 95; 
F. A. Currv, Copps, Mo. 

Little Tavern — C. M. Sooter; 65; Jud. 
Ellis, Tavern, Mo. 

Meta — W. M. Sooter; 37; S. M. Prater, 
Meta, Mo, 

Mt. Zion — C. M. Sooter; 100; John Pick- 
ering, Tuscumbia, Mo., R. D. 1. 
Mt. Gilead ; 35; E. T. Morrow, 

Hancock, Mo. 
Mt. Etney — C. M. Sooter • 153; J. J. 

Woody, Van Cleve, Mo. 
Santee ; 11; James Kelley, Dixon, 

Thompson Hill — J. D. Barnhart; 13; M. 

C. Seaton, Meta, Mo. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 9. 

Membership — 54 8. 

Without pastors — None. 

Fairview church organized August, 


"Mr. J. F. Burnett, 
Dayton, Ohio. 
"Dear Brother: — Tour letter dated 
August 15 received which is the first 
I have received. I regret to state that 
the Ozark Conference will not meet 
this year. I fear it is dead. Please 
do not trouble yourself concerning it. 
Very truly yours, 

Maudie Kuster." 


(From Report of Secretary Pedro 

Officers • 

Rev. D. P. Barrett, Ponce — president. 

Rafael Hernandez, Salinas — vice-pres- 

Pedro Roman, Arus — secretary. 

Rafael Bracero, Santa Isabel — assist- 
ant secretary. 

Miss Jennie Mishler — treasurer. 

3Iinisters — D. P. Barrett, Miss Jennie 


liicentiates — Rafael Hernandez, Ovi- 

dio Rios. 

Churches and Membership 
Arus — 26. 

Jauca — Not reported. 
Pouce — 82. 
•Santa Isabel — 11. 
Salinas — Not reported. 

Organized churches — 5. 

Sunday-schools — 8. 

Valuation of property held in trust 
by the Mission Board, $6,475. 

The Conference has property not 
reckoned in this total. 


(Reported by Secretary Tillinghast.) 


Rev. F. H. Peters, New Bedford, Mass., 

— president. 
Rev. Lester Howard, Fall River, Mass. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. C. A. Tillinghast, Providence, R. 

I. — secretary. 
Mrs. Eva H. Chase, 405 Potter Ave., 

Providence, R. I. — assistant secretary. 
Mr. M. W. Morton, Providence, R. I, — 




Department Secretaries 

P. S. Sailer, 7 9 Clark St., L,ynn, Mass. — 

Mrs. Jane T. Goodwin, Koslindale, Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Sunday-scliools. 
P. W. Caswell, r\ew Bedford, Mass. — 

Christian Kndeavor. 
C. Sumnierbell, Fall River, Mass.- — Ed- 

Aiiuisters — J. E. Barry, G. A. Beebe, 
G. A. Conibear, J. G. Dutton, Charles J. 
JJutton, C. H. Fisher, \V. B. Flanders, 
F. C. Fry, Utsunomiya, Japan, (.for- 
eign missionary), Fllen G. Gustin, Les- 
ter Howard, J. M. L.ewis, S. G. Palmer, 
F. H. Peters, J. W. Reynolds, VV. J. 
Reynolds, P. S. Sailer, W. G. Sargent, 
J. Stillman Smitli, Cariyle Summerbell, 
C. A. Xillinghast, A. R. Webb, i'unoshin 
Naruse, U. C. Eoucks, F. R. Caswell. 
Liifeutiate — P. W . Caswell. 

Churc-li, Pastor, Meiubersliip, Clerk 

Acushuet — • — — ; 27; Mrs. S. Pratt, 
Acuslinet, Mass. 

Asisouet — John W. Reynolds; 81; J. S. 
Taylor, Assonet, Mass. 

Bakerville — C. B. Brown; ; . 

UuMton — P. S. S'ailer; 25; F. H. Mont- 
gomery, Madison St., Dedliam. Mass. 

lirownells Coruer — J. M. Lewis; 12; 
Miss Mary A. Larkin, North West- 
port, Mass. 

Dartmoutli (Hixville) — J. B. Parris; 24; 
Mrs. J. F. Mosher, Shawmut, Mass., 
R. D. 

Dartmouth (Siuith 31ills) — Lester How- 
ard; 24; Miss C. N. D. Potter, North 
Dartmouth, Mass. 

Digrbtou (JVorth) — No pastor; 40; Silas 
F. Dean, H Highland St., Taunton, 

Dighton (\\'esst> — No pastor; 25; Mrs. 
Lucy McNally, West Dighton, Mass., 
R. D. 

Fall River (Bo^le Street) — A. R. Webb; 
101; James Molyneaux, 82 Pearl St., 
Fall River, Mass. 

Fall River (Franklin Street) — C. Sum- 
merbell; 207; Mr. F. C. Brownell, Fall 
River, Mass. 

Fall River (jVorth) — Lester Howard; 
88; Mrs. R. A. Thurston, 3579 N. 
Main St., Fall River, Mass. 

Freetown (E}ast) — Supplied; 37; Han- 
nah J. Harper, East Freetown. 

Manstield (West)^ — C. H. Fisher; 70; 
Chas. F. Howard, Mansfield, R. D. 
No. 1. 

Mattapoisett' — Supplied; ■ ; . 

3ioosup Valley — ; 28; Mrs. Ida 

Dawley, Greene, R. I. 

Xeiv Bedford (Bonney Street) — ; 

no report. 

*IVew Bedford (First Church) — F. H. 
Peters; 448; John Burbank, New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

*New Bedford (Middle Street) — ; 

21G; W. T. Thrope, 19 Richmond St., 
New Bedford, Mass. 

*IVew Bedford (Spruce Street) — P. W. 
Caswell; 55; S. E. Bowen, 227 Cedar 
St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Portsmouth (South) ; ; E. A. 

Lisson, Melville Station, Newport, 
R. L 

Providence — W. G. Sargent; 173; C. E. 
Barrett, 92 Hamilton St., Providence, 
R. L 

Rice City — No report; Mrs. C. A. Ful- 
ler, Greene, R. I. 

Rockland— F. J. Dark; Miss S. E'. Olney. 

Roc k land, R. I. 
Somerset (I'ottersville) — J. M. Kauff- 

nuin; 75; William N. Crowell, Somer- 
set, Mass.; R. D. 
Swansea — E. R. Caswell; 123; Miss M. 

Kingsley. Swansea Center, Mass., R. 

Westerly, R. I.— J. G. Dutton; 326; 

Chas. H. Ledward, Westerly, R. I. 
AVestport (North) — S. G. Palmer; 73; 

F. S. Petty, North Westport, Mass. 
AVeslport (Central Villat^e) — Charles J. 

Dutton; 20; Mrs. Addie Kirby, Central 

Village, Mass. 
Westport (South) — Charles J. Dutton; 

45; Carrie B. Gidley, South Westport, 


Admitted to Conference during the 
year — 3. 

Ordained during the year — 1. 

Ordained Ministers — 23. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 30. 

Membership — 2,331. 

Without pastors — 6. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
October 1 and 2, 1912. 

* The three churches of New Bedford 
united and worship in the North Chris- 
tian church. Services are being main- 
tained at the Spruce Street cliurch as 
a branch organization, and of course 
maintains its identity in that form. 
Middle Street churcli holds no service 


(Reported by Secretary McNees.) 
Rev. George W. Jones, Richland Cen- 
ter, T\^is. — president. 
Rev. Wm. W. Elder, Soldiers Grove, 

Wis. — vice-president. 
Rev. J. H. McNees, Richland Center, 

Wis. — secretary. 
Robert Turner, Richland Center, Wis. — 

assistant secretary. 

Department Secretaries 
Rev. C. "W. Schultz, Viola, Wis. — Sun- 
Rev. L. P. Kline — Education. 

Ministers — W. M. Elder, George W. 
Jones, L. P. Kline, J. H. McNees, Sam- 
uel Miller, Pearley E. Shult, Jas. S. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Beaver Valley — L. P. Kline; 18; E. F. 

Bruce, Hillboro, Wis. 
Excelsior — J. H. McNees; 21; J. M. 

Turk, Boscobel, Wis. 
Harmony ; ; Kate Chitwood, 

Soldiers Grove, Wis., R. D. 
Haskins Chapel— J. H. McNees; 26; O. 

R Dyer, Blue River, Wis., R. D. 
Mound Park — Wm. M. Elder; 37; Eva 

M Kanable, Viola, Wis. 
Pleasant Ridge — Samuel Miller; 52; 

Etta Bailey, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Pleasant Valley — No report. 
Pleasant Ridge— ; 33; Jasper Bai- 
ley, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 

Richland Center ; 8; . 

West Branch — No pastor; 30; Mrs. E. E. 

Essex, Bloom City, Wis. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Churches — 8. 

Membership — 186. 

Without pastors — 4. 




(Reported by M. D. Wolfe.) 

John A. Edgerly, Mirror Lake, N. H. — 

Rev. Jolin A. Goss, Haverhill, Mass. — 

Rev. M. J. Honsberg-er, Newton, N. H. 

— assistant secretary. 
C. D. Garland, West Rye, N. H. — treas- 

Department Secretaries 
Elroy S. Moulton, Kittery Point, Maine 

— Christian Kndeavor. 
Rev. M. J. Honsberger, Newton, N. H. — 

Mrs. L. E. Coffin, Kittery Point, Maine 

— Missions. 

Ministers — -M. J. Honsberger, P. S. 
Sailer, Nathaniel Day, George E. Dor- 
man, J. B. Fenwick, F. H. Gardner, J. 
A. Goss, E. K. McCord, D. B. Murray, 
Levi Ferguson, George H. Kent, Mrs. 
L. E. Coffin, M. D. Wolfe. 

liicentiates — Alice True, (Missionary 
to Japan). 

Cliurch, Pastor, Menibersliip, Clerk 
Aniesbury — L. W. Newton; 59; Mrs. 

Mary A. True, 410 Main St., Ames- 
bury, Mass. 
Center Tuftonboro — J. W. Haley; 19; 

C. W. Pinkham, Center Tuftonboro, 

N. H. 
Haverlilll — M. D. Wolfe; 218; W. D. 

Stearns, Haveriiill, Mass. 
Kittery Point — Mrs. L. E. Coffin; 78; 

Mrs. Annie B. Moulton, Kittery Point, 

Kittery, Second — Arnaldo O. Natino; 

152; George Manent, Kittery, Maine. 
Lynn, First — No report., Peoples Christian — P. S. Sailer; 

11; Mrs. Mary A. Williams, 20 Ireson 

Avenue, Lynn, Mass. 
Manchester — B. L. Hess; 107; Miss Sa- 
die F. Abbott, 4G0 Manchester St., 

Manchester, N. H. 
Mirror I^alce — Levi Ferguson; 21; J. A. 

Newton — -M. J. Honsberger; 92; John 

N. Rowell, Newton Junction, N. H. 
North Hampton — B. F. Perkins; 36; E. 

T. Brown, Little Boars Head, N. H. 
Portsmouth — F. H. Gardner; 149; Al- 
bert R. Junkins, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Rye — J. B. Fenwick; 101; Mrs. C. M. 

Woodman, Portsmouth, N. H., R. D. 2. 
Stratham — J. H. Mugridge; 38; J. T. 

AVolfeboro — • ; 118; Arthur H. Copp, 

Wolfeboro, N. H. 
Yorit and Kittery — 

Ordained Ministers — 13. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 16. 

Membership — 1,196. 

Without pastors — 2. 

Next Annual Session, October, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Barton.) 


Rev. W. C. Garland, 47 Browning St., 

Cumberland, Md. — president. 
Scott Bottenfleld, Hancock, Md.. R. D. 
— vice-president. 

Harry M. Barton, Everett, Pa., R. D. 6 
— secretary. 

Bartley Hughes, Everett, Pa. — treas- 

Department Secretaries 

D. S. Garlick, Everett, Pa. — Sunday- 

Rev. J. W. Hoffman, Everett, Pa. — Ed- 

PI. F. Mearkle, Clearville, Pa., R. D.— 
Christian Endeavor. 

Miss Mae Tewell, Artemas, Pa. — Mis- 
Ministers — W. C. Garland, J. R. 

Logue, A. R. Garland, S. W. S. Foor, 

A. G. B. Powers, John H. Barney, J. M. 

Kauffman, A. W. May, T. P. Garland, 

A. W. Lightbourne, J. W. Hoffman, 

Wm. M. Jay. 

Licentiates — Henry W. Daniels, H. G. 

Smith, Geo. T. Price, Henry Collins. 

Ciinrch, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Antlocli — A. G. B. Powers; 44; W. C. 

Peck, Sliarpe, Pa. 
Bethel — J. R. Logue; 48; Ira Robison, 

Clearville, Pa., R. D. 1. 
Buck Valley — W. C. Garland; 173; Elsie 

G. Hoopengardner, Hancock, Md., R. 

D. 3. 

Belle Grove — W. C. Garland; 33; Eu- 
gene Swain, Belle Grove, Pa. 

Black Valley — T. P. Garland; 126; Miss 
Pearl Sparks, Steckman, Pa. 

Clear Creek — T. P. Garland; 47; Chas. 

E. Williams, Everett, Pa., R. D. 4. 
Cedar Grove ; 49; G. J. Mellott, 

Warfordsburg, Pa. 
Clearville — T. P. Garland; 42; Geo. 

Grubb, Clearville, Pa. 
Damascus ; 70; W. Riley Daniels, 

Hancock. Md. 
Earlston — J. W. Hoffman; 178; Ambert 

Steckman, Everett, Pa., L. Box 303. 
Fairview — W. C. Garland; 216; Ephraim 

Smith, Inglesmith, Pa. 
Gapsville — T. P. Garland; 61; Lillian 

Bottomfield, Everett, Pa., R. D. 6. 
Jerusalem — J. R. Logue; 99; James Gai-- 

land, Emmaville, Pa. 
Laurel Rid«;;e — A. G. B. Powers; 18; 

Catherine Clouser, Big Cove Tann- 

nery. Pa. 
Lebanon — A. W. May; 57; Warren Lash- 
lev, Arteinas, Pa. 
Mt. Hope — A. R. Garland; 153; Samuel 

Johnson, Elbinsville, Pa. 
Mt. Zion — A. R. Garland; 100; J. G. Col- 
lins, Chaneysville, Pa. 
Mt. Union — J. W. Hoffman; 136; Carroll 

Price, Everett, Pa., R. D. 4. 
Mays Chapel — A. W. May; 38; Mrs. 

Thos. Bishop, Mann, Pa. 
Milligans Cove — ; 37; S. B. Car- 
penter, Manns Choice, Pa. 
Pine Grove — W. C. Garland; 52; Silas 

Robinson, Piney Creek, Pa. 
Peasant Grove — J. R. Logue; 100; Miss 

Blanche Smith. Iddo, Pa. 
Providence — T. P. Garland; 20; Mrs. J. 

C. Smith, Everett, Pa., R. D. 5. 
Pro.sperity^ — A. W. May; 15; Wesley 

Bennett, Flintstone, Md., R. D. 1. 

Pleasant Union — ; 30; . 

Pratt — 

Peoples Church — A. W. Lightbourne; 

554; Howard E. Lynch, Dover, Del. 
Rock Hill— T. P. Garland; 120; H. F. 

Mearkle, Clearville, Pa. 
Rays Cove — J. R. Logue; 104; A. F. 

Foor, Everett, Pa., R. D. 5. 



sideling Hill — J. R. Logue; ISS; Reu- 
ben S. Mellott, Needmore, Pa., R.D.I. 

TonoIoT»ay — A. G. B. Powers; 21; Stella 
Sigel, Covalt, Pa. 

Union Memorial — J. W. Hoffman; 112; 
U. J. Bennett, Everett, Pa., R. D. 4. 

AVhips Cove — W. C. Garland; 49; Bdw. 
F. Mellott, Locust Grove, Pa. 
Ordained Ministers — 11. 
Licentiates — 3. 
Churclies — 33. 
Membership — 3,0S9. 
Without pastors — 5. 

Ordained Ministers — 17. 
Licentiates — 3. 
Churches — 15. 
JMembership — 
Witliout pastors — 15. 


CReported by President Hiller.) 


Rev. Geo. W. Hiller, Carbondale, 111.— 

Rev. S. L. Grisson, Pomona, 111. — vice- 
Cyrus Reeves, Murphysboro, 111. — sec- 
Thomas Crabshaw, Carbondale, 111. — 


Rev. Geo. W. Wollard, 1913; E. H. 

Brooks, 1912; \V. J. Damron, 1914. 

Educational Board 

W. J. Damron, J. W. V. Fly, Harry 

Mission Board 

Chas. Crowell, 1912; John Rich, 1913; 

A. H. Brooks, 1914; Rev. Geo. W. 

Wollard, 1915; Rev. S. L. Grisson, 


Minister.^ — M. L. Fly, Wm. Under- 
wood, J. W. Moran, S. L. Grisson, John 
Brewer, M. G. Reynolds, G. H. Hiller, 
G. W. Doolin, G. W. Wollard, T. B. 
Durham, M. C. Brooks, J. F. House- 
man, J. H. Burnell, John Sloan, Isa- 
dore Lindsey, C. A. Ferrell, F. A. Bur- 

Licentiates — T. M. Cochran, W. J. 
Bryan, John W. Throgmorton. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

-; Ella Casper, 

-; Lillie Moy- 

Thos. Craw- 

; W. H. Fox, 

Beech Grove- 

Reynoldsville, 111. 
BreTver Union — ; — 

er, Carbondale, 111. 
Craborchard — ; — 

shaw, Carbondale, 111. 
County Line — • ; — 

Carbondale, 111. 
Drury — ; ; Samuel Anderson, 

Carbondale, 111. 
Hickory Grove — 

Wollard, Marion, 111 
Hickory Ridge — ; 

Grisson, Pomona, 111 
Mt. Cana ; ; 

ron. Wolf Creek, 111. 
Mt. Carbon— 

Murphysboro, 111. 
Mt. Pleasant — ; 

Norton, Pomona, 111 
New Fellowship — 
New Liberty — ■ ; 

Fly, Makanda, 111. 
Oak Grove ; 

Wolf Creek, 111. 
Union Hill — ; — 

Carbondale, 111. 
Union ; ; J. T. Brooks, Cob 

den. 111. 

; ; Flossie 

; Mrs. Delia 

Mrs. E. J. Dam- 
F. Cooper, 
— ; Bettie C. 

— ; J. W. V. 

D. C. Hopkins, 

John Hagler, 


105; S. M. 


(Reported by Secretary Emerson.) 
Rev. Clarence Defur, Sumner, 111. — pres- 
J. H. Boren, Cynthiana, Ind. — vice- 

J. P. Emerson, Cynthiana, Ind. — secre- 
tary and treasurer. 

Ministers — P. F. Wilson, W. A. Free- 
man, Clarence Defur, J. D. Wiggins. 
Licentiate — D. A. Franklin. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Burnt Prairie — S. J. Hughes; 28; Mrs. 

Gertie Brown, Enfield, 111. 
Bethsaida — Thos. Wade; 54; 

Wilhide, New Harmony, Ind 
Cynthiana — J. J. Douglass; 13 

Lowe, Cynthiana, Ind. 
Haubstadt — J. J. Douglass; 49; John 

Maugrum, Ft. Branch, Ind. 
New Liberty — J. J. Douglass; 117; E. E". 

Carter, Haubstadt, Ind. 
Union — Rev. J. B. Littell 

Angel, Evansville, Ind. 

Ordained Ministers — 4. 

Licentiate — 1. 

Churches — 6. 

Membership — 4 91. 

Without pastors — None. 


(Reported by Secretary Rasmussen.) 

Rev. E'. Cameron, Cassoday, Kan. — 

Chas. Alcon, Towanda, Kan. — vice-pres- 

Mrs. E. Rasmussen, Stafford, Kan. — 

N. J. Rasmussen, Stafford, Kan. — treas- 

Conference secretary to act as statis- 
tical secretary in all departments. 
Ministers — E. Cameron. H. Cole, A. 

P. Hurst, M. F. Irons, Mrs. N. E. Lamb, 

W. K. McNier, Mrs. E. Rasmussen. 
Licentiate — J. S. Jennings. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Beaumont — F. N. Vining; 23; Rosa M. 

Elliott, Beaumont, Kan. 
Cassoday — No pastor; 17; Lillian Brid- 

enstein, Cassoday, Kans. 
Guymon — W. K. McNier; 33; W. A. 

Starkey, Guyman, Okla. 
Matfield Green — No pastor; 43; Mrs. 

Arthur McCIure, Matfield Green, Kan. 
Neola — No pastor; 36; Mrs. Flossie Nel- 
son, Turon, Kan. 
Nickerson — No pastor; 5; Mrs. E. 

Sherow, Nickerson, Kan. 
No. 1 — No pastor; 17; Amy Hursh, Cas- 
soday, Kan. 
Pleasant Hill — -No pastor; 58; Mrs. Loma 

Shipley, Arlington, Kans. 
Towanda — Ford Bolton; 71; I. V. Davis, 

Towanda, Kan. 

Ordained Ministers — 7. 

Membership — 303. 

Without pastors — 6. 




(Reported by Secretary Hershey.) 

Rev. J. J. Douglass, Oynthiana, Indiana 
— president. 

Rev. J. B. Littell, Muncie, Illinois — 

Rev. C. B. Hershiey, Urbana, Illinois- 

Rev. J. M. Plunkett, Palestine. Illinois 
— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. J. M. Bradbury, Merom, Indiana — 

Rev. A. O. Jacobs, Newrton, Illinois — 

Sunday- sell ools. 
Rev. C. C. Sears, Merom, Indiana — Y. P. 

S. C. E. 
Rev. K D. Hammond, Olney, Illinois — 

Mrs. Mollie Culver, Eaton, Illinois — 

Rev. T. Wade, Willow Hill, Illinois — 


Ministers — J. M. Bradbury, B. J. 
Brown, Wm. Campbell, J. M. Carmean, 
G. W. Clayton, J. J. Douglass, D. H. 
Hatfield, M. V. Hathaway, C. B. Her- 
shey, E. D. Hammond, S. J. Hug'hes, 
A. O. Jacobs, W. Kitchen, F. E. Lewis, 
J. B. Littell, C. N. Mahan, Geo. McKin- 
ney, W. T. Paul, J. M. Plunkett, S. 
Price, C. C. Sears, J. A. Tracy, T. Wade, 
J. L. Wright. 

Licentiates — Franklin Bell, Rue Bur- 
nell, Byron Higgins, W. B. Smith, Har- 
ry Wolf. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Antioch — A. H. Bennett; 84; Susie 

Mowrer, Claremont, 111. 
Berlin — J. A. Tracy; 20; W. F. Smith, 

Oblong, 111. 
Bethany— A. H. Bennett; 86; Geo. W. 

Hall, Willow Hill, 111. 
Bethlehem— J. A. Tracy; 201; G. F. Foss, 

Sumner, Illinois. 
Bethsaida — Simon Bennett; 86; Vera 

Davis, Mason, Illinois. 
Bible Chapel — S. Price; 44; Harlan Cor- 

rell, Stoy, Illinois. 
BrocltviHe — ; 217; Mary Halter- 
man, Hunt, Illinois. 
Fairview- ; 32; Mrs. Myrtle Allen, 

Newton, Illinois. 
Forest Ridge — W. T. Paul; 40; Golda 

Mitchell, Noble, Illinois. 
Freedom — W. T. Paul; 40; R. L. Mere- 
dith, Noble, Illinois. 
Grand Prairie — G. R. Hammond; 80; 

Wilma Krise, Robinson, Illinois. 
Hardinvllle — Rue Burnell; 46; Adda 

Buser, Hardinvllle, Illinois. 
Hidalgo — J. M. Bradbury; 201; Frances 

Kibler, Hidalgo, Illinois. 
Hopewell — Wm. Campbell; 89; Orpha 

Scurlock, Bogota, Illinois. 
Hunt City — Franklin Bell; 135; Rosa 

Snider, Hunt, Illinois. 
Lamotte — J. J. Beisiegel; 130; Mrs. W. 

L. Pleasant, Palestine, Illinois. 

Liberty — ; ; . 

Mt. Gilead — Elbert Geeding; 170; W. J. 

Phillips, Olney, Illinois. 

Mt. Olive ; ; . 

Mt. Zlon— T. Wade; 69; Dora Roan, 

Greenup, Illinois. 
New Hope — P. Wade; 47; Sylvia Gree- 

son, Greenup, Illinois. 

Newton — A. O. Jacobs; 151; Fred Week, 

Newton, Illinois. 
Oblongr ; 30; Mary F. Robinson, 

Oblong, Illinois. 
Olney — E. D. Hammond; 48; Martha 

J. Nelson, Olney, Illinois. 
Pleasant Valley — W. T. Paul; 55; W. B. 

Sloan, Willow Hill, Illinois. 
Pleasant View^ — S. Price; 74; W. A. 

Buntin, Palestine, Illinois. 
Porterville — W. H. Hendershot; 183; 

Laura E. Young, Robinson, Illinois. 
Rafetown — Rue Burnell; 52; Mrs. Ida 

Burgener, W. Liberty, Illinois. 
Sugar Creels — E. D. Hammond; 68; Mrs. 

L. Betebenner, Olney, Illinois. 
Shiloh — • ; 60; L. D. Brinson, Willow 

Hill, Illinois. 
South Bend — W. T. Paul; 45; Dorothy 

Reigle, W. Liberty, Illinois. 
Sandy Creek— ; 136; Lois Kirk- 
ham, Newton, Illinois. 
Sumner — C. Defur; 158; Mary A. Stoltz, 

Sumner, Illinois. 
Trimble — J. J. Beisiegel; 163; Mrs. Alva 

Glenn, Trimble, Illinois. 

\Vabash ; ; . 

White Oak— ; 63; Adelia Snearley, 

Oblong, Illinois. 
AVinterrowd — J. M. Plunkett; 65; Clara 

P. Mahaney, Winterrowd. 

Licensed during the year- — 2. 

Ordained Ministers — 24. 

Licentiates — 5. 

Churches — 37. 

Membership — 3,168. 

Without pastors — 8. 


(Reported by S'ecretary Menauffh.) 


Rev. R. A. Lewis, Madrid, Iowa — pres- 
Rev. D. W. Herring, Corning, Iowa — 

Rev. Ida Menaugh, Linden, Iowa — sec- 
Rev. A. C. Burnham, Linden, Iowa — 

Ministers — J. W. Ackley, C. E. Bur- 
dine, A. C. Burnham, E. E. Bennett, 
C. W. Goodwin, Mrs. A. R. James, R. A. 
Lewis, Ida M. Menaugh, H. H. Menaugh, 
A. A. Thomas, Maggie Wallace. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Fairview (Adair Co.) — No pastor; 90; 

Jennie Curley, Stuart, Iowa. 
Fairview (Taylor Co.) — E. E. Bennett; 

122; Clifford Clark, Gravity, Iowa. 
Griswold — Robinson Ashby; 38; A. J. 

AVright, Griswold, Iowa. 
Linden — H. H. Menaugh; ; Mrs. H. 

M. Barr, Linden, Iowa. 
Lone Chapel — No pastor; 45; E. B. 

Mapes, Hamburg, Iowa. 
Loucks Grove — No pastor; ; Alice 

Pearce, Stuart, Iowa. 
Morrisburg — A. C. Burnham; 50; Ada 

Mariner, Stuart, Iowa. 
Madrid — R. A. Lewis; 227; A. E. Skort- 

man, Madrid, Iowa. 
Oak Hill — No pastor; 54; Mrs. Calista 

Hamilton, Gravity, Iowa. 
Rockport — No- pastor; ; J. P. Thorp, 

Rockport, Mo. 
Shiloh— Ida M. Menaugh; 32; Earl Plt- 

senbarger. Linden, Iowa. 
Union Chapel — Ida M. Menaugh; 47; 



Wheelers Grove — Robinson Ashby; 60; 
Lillie King-, Carson, Iowa. 
Sadie E. Godwin, Dexter, Iowa. 
Ordained Ministers — 11. 
Licentiates — None. 
Churciies — 13. 
Menibersiiip — 765. 
Without pastors — 5. 


(Reported by Secretary Gaskins and 


Rev. S. L. Swope, Felicity, Ohio — pres- 

Rev. W. A. "Warner, Higginsport, Ohio 
— vice-president. 

Rev. H. A. Gaskins, Manchester, Ohio 
— secretary. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. L. M. Shinkle, Mt. Oreb, Ohio — 

Rev. W. H. Dolby, Bethel, Ohio — Pub- 
Mr. C. C. Armacost, Bethel, Ohio — 

Rev. C. C. Lawwill, Aberdeen, Ohio — 

Rev. W. V. Miller, Westbojo, Ohio — 

Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. I. M. Walker, 207 Webster St., 

Cincinnati, Ohio— Missions. 
Rev. A. J. Bowman, Manchester, Ohio — 



J. V. Sanders, Hillsboro, Ohio. 
John Hannah, Hamersville, Ohio. 
Hon. B. E. Gardner, Bethel, Ohio. 

3Iinisters — W. W. Bagby, T. F. Bag- 
by, Guy Bagby, W. T. Boice, A. J. 
Bowman, W. R. Brodt, J. F. Burnett, 
H. E. Butler, W. H. Dolby. W. H. Dun- 
ham, H. A. Gaskins, C. C. Lawwill, J. 
T. Melvin. W. V. Miller, Henry Pitser, 
Adaline Sheeley, L. M. Shinkle, I. M. 
Walker, W. A. Warner, C. L. Winget, 
L. A. Stratton. 

Licentiates — Estella Butler, Loran 

Church, Pastor, Meniliersliip, Clerk 

Antioch— Guy Bagby; 156; H. S. Tris- 

ler, Hamersville, Ohio. 
Bethlehem — C. C. Lawwill; ; Noah 

Shelton, Aberdeen, Ohio. 
Bible Chapel — R. H. McDaniel; 210; 

Gertrude Thompson, Hamersville, O. 
Christian Chapel — - ; 90; B. L. 

Ketchem, Mt. Holly, Ohio. 
Cincinnati (Fulton St.) — W. H. Dun- 
ham; 40; Olin Remekemp, 2242 East- 
ern Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Dallas — I. M. Walker; ; Stanley 

Stevens, Hillsboro, Ohio. 
Kagle Chapel — W. R. Brodt; 97; Bessie 

McNulty, Ripley, Ohio. 
Enon — James Tomlin; 50; Fannie Gray, 

Aberdeen, Ohio. 
Falrvie^T — 
Farmers Chapel^ ; ; David 

Stansberry, Georgetown, Ohio. 
Feesburg ; ; Jessie Bolander, 

Feesburg, Ohio. 
Fellowship — W. R. Brodt; ; Virgil 

Roush, Manchester, Ohio, R. D. 
Fineastle — A. J. Bowman; 60; M. C. 

Badgeley, Fineastle, Ohio. 

Five Mile — L. A. Stratton; 104; J. D. 

Shannon, Mt. Oreb, Ohio. 
Harwood— Wm. S. Babb; 150; Lena 

Daggy, Lynchburg. Ohio, R. D. 
Hiatts Chapel — C. C. Lawwill; 70; 

John Martin, Ripley, Ohio. 
Higgiusport — ; 95; Crissie Ellis, 

Higginsport, Ohio. 
Liberty Chapel, B. C. ; 50; Stella 

Irvin, Mt. Oreb, Ohio, R. D. 
Liberty, H. C. — ; 78; Mary B. 

Ayers, Cayfornia, Ohio. 
Manchester ; ; Peter Wallace, 

Manchester. Ohio. 
Millers Chapel — R. H. McDaniel; 52; 

Minne Igo, Hillsboro, Ohio. 
Mt, Pleasant — S. L. Swope; 115; Mrs. 

L. M. Buchanan, Felicity, Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — I. M. Walker; 145; George 

W. Bushman, Clermontville, Ohio. 

Mt. Joy — T. P. Bagby; ; . 

Neville — A. A. Love; 48; Guy Bagby, 

Chilo, Ohio, R. D. 3. 
Oak Grove — A. J. Bowman; 70; Ella 

Hayslip, West Union, Ohio. 
Olive Chapel — L. B. Case; 98; M. Hen- 
derson, Georgetown, Ohio. 
Pisgah — ■ ; 90; Austin Davidson, 

Ripley, Ohio. 
Pleasant Hill ; 70; Jerry Steven- 
son. Winchester, Ohio. 
Poplar Chapel — Guy Bagby; 65; John 

King, Bethel, Ohio. 
Pt. Isabel — S. L. Swope; 90; A. M. 

Swope, Bethel, Ohio, R. D. 
Russelville — R. H. McDaniel; 190; W. 

P. Fuller, Ripley, Ohio, R. D. 
Stouts — ; 45; Melvin Bowman, 

Stouts, Ohio. 
Ten Mile — 
Union, A. C. — Loran Case; 80; M. C. 

Gaskins, Mancliester, Ohio. 
Union, B. C. ; 105; W. L. Shinkle, 

Higginsport, Ohio. 
\Ve.stboro — M. V. Miller; 126; Anna 

Herrington, Westboro, Ohio. 

Ordained Ministers — 23. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 37. 

Membership — 2,639. 

Without pastors — 10. 


(Reported by Secretary Weaver.) 

Rev. G. M. Maple, Richmondale, Ohio — 

Rev. W. P. Thompson, Wellston, Ohio 

— vice-president. 
Rev. C. F. Weaver, Chillicothe. Ohio — 

Rev. James Maple, Richmondale, Ohio 

Ministers — W. M. Carter, P. H. Keck, 
A. E. Loper, James Maple, G. M. Maple, 
Andrew Sharp, Bliss Shaner, W.» P. 
Thompson, W. Viers, C. F. Weaver. 

Church, Pastor, Memljership, Clerk 

New Boston — 
Chillicothe — ; 

Chillicothe. Ohio. 
Center Station — - 

Kearne, Ort, Ohio. 

co, Ohio. 
Pleasant Hill ; 

ton, Richmondale, Ohio 
Portsmouth — 

; Wm. Miller, 

; ; George 

Jane Jenkins, Mls- 
; Thomas Fel- 



Sand Hill ; - 

Burlin, Ohio. 
Union Rlclge — ; - 

Searles, Hollister, Ohio. 
Ordained Ministers — 10. 
Licentiates — 
Ciiurches — S. 
Membership — 
Without pastors — 8. 

Andrew Sharp, 
; Richard 


(Reported by Secretary Montague.) 

C. G. Hill, Station A, Charleston, West 
"Virginia — president. 

Rev. J. W. Withrow, Lanham, West 
Virginia — vice-president. 

Rev. A. A. Montague, Shrewsbury, West 
Virginia — secretary. 

Rev. W. T. Beavers, Station A, Charles- 
ton, West Virginia — assistant secre- 

Rev. A. A. Montague, Shrewsbury, West 
Virginia — treasurer. 
Ministers— "W. M. Reeves, W. T. Hop- 

schoff, Wm. Mostella, W. W. Richman, 

N. Sharp, E'dward Thompson, J. W. 


I.Ioentiiites — W. G. Beavers, Bert 

Fisher, George Holt, Benny Walls, 

Charles Withrow, J. W. Young. 

Church. Pastor, Membership, Cleric 

Charleston — ; ■ ; Woody Beaver, 

Station A, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Dung-rilT — ; ; N. Sharp, Dun- 
griff, West Virginia. 

Henderson — ; ; Norman Gib- 
son, Henderson, West Virginia. 

Mountain Valley— ; ; James 

Lanear, Haley, West Virginia. 

Shrewsbury — ; ; Julia Mon- 
tague, Shrewsbury, West Virginia. 
Ordained Ministers— 7. 
Licentiates — 6. 
Churches — 5. 
Membership — 
Without pastors — 5. 
The next Annual Session, Thursday 

before the fourth Sunday in August. 


(Reported by Secretary A. L. Allen.) 

Rev. T. V. Moore, Woodhull, N. Y. — 

Rev. J. A. Blacklock, Vienna, N. J. — 

A. L. Allen, New Albany, Pa. — secre- 

Rev. O. I. Hathaway, Binghamton, N. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. Mattie C. White, New Albany, Pa. 

— Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. Arthur Wright, Binghamton, N. Y. 

— Sunday-school. 

Ministers — Rose Chapman Allen, A. 
L. Brand, J. A. Blacklock, J. H. Chees- 
man, L. A. Dvkeman, E. French, O. L 
Hathawav, W. H. Haines, E. C. Living- 
ston, T. V. Moore. J. O. Potter, J. W. 
Stearns, H. S. Davy, Mrs. Marian You- 
mans, Arthur Wright, Jas. West, Jas. 
A Hamlett. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Binghamton — Arthur Wright; 55; W. G. 

Strafford, 291 Clinton St., Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 
Camp Brook — No report. 
Cameron Hill — Jas. Potter; 

Ramsey, Cameron Mills, N. Y. 
East LaTirence — W. H. Haines; 

R. Doud, Lawrencevile, Pa. 
East AVillett — No report. 
Evergreen — ; 95; Emily 

New Albany, Pa. 
First, Franklin — ; 41; 

Phelps, Powell, Pa. 
First, Otselic— Jas. A. Hamlett; 16; Mrs 

Lois Blodgett. 
Greenwood — J. H. Cheesman; ; Mrs 

J. H. Cheesman, Greenwood, N. Y. 

Harford Mills — ; ; -. 

Insleside — A. L. Brand; 75; Alice Si- 
mons, Prattsburg, N. Y. 
Kirkwood — E. French; 20; Mrs. S. B 

Watrons, Kirkw^ood, N. Y. 
I^aneer — Jas. West; 35; Mrs 

L. Conrad, Marathon, N. Y. 
Slerchantville — No report. 
Tioga Junction — No report 
Union- — ; 7; Mrs. D. 

Lestershire, N. Y. 
AVedgewood — ; 20; 

Smith, Watkins, N. Y. 

West Branch — ; ; . 

^Vest Pike-» ; ; . 

Young Hickory — ; ; . 

Admitted to membership during the 
year — 4. 

Ordained — 1. 

Ordained Ministers — 17. 

Churches — 20. 

Membership — 502. 

Without pastors — 12. 

18; Alice 
120; P. 



F. Lashler, 
Mrs. Ella 


(Reported by Secretary Kyle.) 


Rev. K H. Willey, Greensburg, Mo., R. 

D. — president. 
F. N. Slocum, Baring, Mo., R. D. — vice- 
John J. Kyle, Perlee, Iowa — secretary. 
Rev. R. Boyce, Letts, Iowa, R. D. — 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. Verno Humphrey, Baring, Mo., R. 
D. — Education. 

F. N. Slocum, Baring, Mo., R. D. — Mis- 

Altha E. Denmire, Montrose, Iowa, R. 
D. — Sunday-schools. 

Rev. R. Boyce, Letts. Iowa, R. D. — 
Finance and Statistics. 

Rev. D. M. Helfenstein, D. D., Des 
Moines. Iowa — Publishing Interests. 

Taylor Watts, Perlee, Iowa — Christian 

Officers of U. M. M. 

F. N. Slocum, Baring, Mo., R. D. — 

John J. Kyle, Perlee, Iowa — secretary 

and treasurer. 

Mini-sters — Lewis Fordyce, B. W. 
Sage, D. L. Morrow, G. B. Phillips, 
Charles Coop, Elisha Rhodes, Emily 
Collins, Henry Willey, E. H. Willey, 
Robert Boyce, D. M. Helfenstein. 

licentiates — Verno Humphrey. J. 
Melrose Wilson. 



Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Antiooh — Robert Boyce; lOS; C. W. 

Simmons, Fairfield, Iowa, R. D. 
Baring— E. H. Willey; 44; G. W. Barnes, 

Baring-, Mo. 
Bethlehem — E. H. Willey; 166; Harmon 

Fite, Floris, Iowa. R. D. 
Kbenezer — W. E. Burdine; 54; F. P. 

Ball. Fairfield, Iowa, R. D. 
Oak Grove — Robert Boyce; 79; Albert 

Brookhart. Letts. Iowa, R. D. 
Pleasant Ridge — E. II. Willey; US; F. 

N. Slocum. Baring, Mo., R. D. 
Sandusky — ^Elisha Rhodes; 165; Mont- 
rose, Iowa, R. D. 
Shiloh- — No report; 28; Mack Beanblos- 

som. Washing-ton, Iowa. 

Ordained Ministers — 11. 

Licentiates- — 2. 

Churches — 8. 

Membership — 762. 

Without pastors — 1. 


(Reported by Secretary Enders. ) 

Rev. 'W. T. Walters. Winchester, Va. — 

S. W. Lincoln, Broadway, Va. — vice- 
Rev. A. W. Andes, Harrisonburg, Va. — 

Samuel Earman, Harrisonburg-, Va. — 


CInstead of Department Secretaries 
we have committees. Following are 
the Chairmen.) 
Rev. J. T^^ Dofflemyre, Elkton, Va.— 

Foreign Missions. 
S. W. Lincoln, Broadway, Va. — Home 

Rev. ^y. T. Walters, Winchester, Va. — 

Miss H. C. O. Martz, Lacey Spring, Va. 

— Sunday-schools. 
J. A. Andes, Harrisonburg, Va. — Moral 

Rev. L. L. Lassiter, Broadway, Va. — 

Religious Literature. 
Mrs. W. C. "^^ampler, Mt. Clinton, Va. — 

Christian Endeavor. 

Ministers — A. W. Ande.s, M. L. Bry- 
ant, J. 'W. Dofflemyre, L. L. Lassiter. 
H. C. Moore, Killis Roach, W. T. Wal- 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Antioch — A. W. Andes: 98; Mrs. Berta 

F. Argenbright, Mt. Clinton. Va. 
Bethel — A. TV. Andes; 7.3; C. E. Hlmler, 

Elkton, Va. 
Bethlehem — R. L. Williamson; 112; S. 

W. Lincoln. Broadway, Va. 
Beulah — A. W. Andes: 10; Miss Ollie 

Armentrout, Keezletown, Va. 
Christian Chapel — J. W. Dofflemyre; 80; 

James K. Shiflett. Boonesville, Va. 
Concord — R. L. "Williamson; 4.3; J. C. 

Huffman, Timberville, Va. 
nry Run — A. 'W. Andes; 35; W. F. Rit- 

tenour, Seven Fountains. Va. 
East Liberty — J. TV. Dofflemyre; 85; R. 

D. Dovel, Stanleyton. Va. 
Island Ford — J. W. Dofflemyre; 97; Mrs. 

Cora Dougans, Island Ford, Va. 
Joppa — A. ^r Andes; 35; M. E. Mcln- 

turff. Edith, Va. 
Leaksville — R. L. Williamson; 116; Geo. 

C. Mayes, Luray, Va. 

l.invIUe— A. W. Andes; 99; Miss Sallie 

A. Payne, Harrisonburg-, Va 
.Muylaud — R. L. Williamson; 30; Miss 

Minnie Simmers, Broadway Va 
Mt. Lebanon — A. W. Andes; '78- I N 

Comer, Shenandoah, Va 
Mt. Olivet (G>— Killis Roach; 177; W 

A. Crawford, Dvke, Va. 
Mt, Olivet (R)— A. W. Andes; 50; L. C 

Rimel, Elkton, Va. 
Ne-vv Hope — A. W. Andes; 81; A P 

Liskey, Harrisonburg, Va. 
Newport — R. L. Williamson; 120; E. L 

Louderback. Stanleyton. Va. 
Palmyra — A. W. Andes; 85; J W Car- 
per. E'dinburg, Va. 
Timber Mountain — W. T. Walters; 17 

John H. Park. Capon Bridge. W. *Va. 
Timber Ridge — W. T. Walters; 215; E 

T. Arnold, Hooks Mills, W. Va 
Whistlers Chapel — W. T. Walters; 37 

Woods Chapel — W^. T. Walters; 62 
Miss Martha Estep, New Market, Va 
Ordained Ministers — 7. 
Churches — 23. 
Membership — 1,836. 
Without pastors — None. 


(Reported by Secretary Powers.) 

Rev. C. J. Wolford, Lanevllle, W. Va. 

— president. 
Rev. A. P. Swadley, Lanevllle. W. Va. 

— vice-president. 
Rev. Z. J. Powers. Laneville. W. Va. — 

Rev. N. B. Miller, Parsons, W. Va. — 


nepartment Secretaries 

Rev. John Tamkin, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

— Education. 
Rev. Z. J. Powers, Laneville, W. Va. — 

Missions and Evangelization. 
Rev. A. P. Swadley, Laneville, W. Va. 

— Sunday-schools. 

Ministers — A. P. Swadley, Z. J. Pow- 
ers, John Tamkin, N. B. Miller. S. E. 
Rigg-leman, Mrs. S. J. Rig-gleman, S. 
M. Boner. 

Licentiates — C. J. Wolford, A. M. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Buchanan Valley — John Tamkin; 9; . 

Clover Mt. — S. E. Riggleman; 12; J. F. 

Fawlev, Walthur, W. Va. 

Davis — N. B. Miller; 12; . 

F'lnnagans Hill — Z. J. Powers; 17; . 

Fork Mt.*— No pastor; 6; E. Pening-ton, 

Parsons. W. Va. 

Goshen — John Tamkin; 8; . 

Huff — Evangelist; 35; 

Mill Run — No pastor; 8; 

Elk, W. Va. 
Maple Grove — N. B. Miller 

Lockwoood, Davis. W. Va. 
Oak Dale — John Tamkin; 31; Miss Bobo 

Moorfield, W. Va. 

Pettit — Evangelist; 9; . 

Roy Chapel — Z. J. Powers; 

Roy, Elk, W. Va. 

River Dale — No pastor; 19; . 

Shaver Run — Evangelist; 20; L. Louk, 

Mill Creek, W. Va. 
Spruce — N. B. Miller; 14; . 

E. D. Boner, 

21; L. L. 

13; S. H. 



Ttmbuck — N. B. Miller; 7; . 

VVolfords Chapel — S. M. Boner; 19; P. 

G. Teter, Laneville. W. Va. 

Ordained Ministers — -7. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Ciiurches — 17. 

Menibersliip — 260. 

"Without pastors— 3. 

The next Annual Session will be held 
at Clover Mount Thursday before the 
last Sunday in September, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Carmean.) 

Rev. Robinson Ashby, Lewistown, 111. 
— president. 

Rev. A. L. Wingate, Avon, 111. — vice- 

Rev. J. M. Carmean, Industry, 111. — 

B. W. Rubart, Avon, 111. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. Grace Lincoln, Avon, 111. — Mis- 

Mrs. Nellie Rubart, Avon, 111. — Sunday- 

Rev. Ij. M. Leavitt, Lewistown, 111. — 
Y. P. S. C. E. 

J. H. Newman, Woodhull, III. — Litera- 
Ministers — Robinson Ashby, L. B. 

Atcliinson, Geo. W. Irons, L. M. Leavitt, 

J. M. Pittman. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerlt 

Antioch — No pastor; ; M. A. Little, 

Smithfleld, 111. 
Fiatt — J. R. Wright; ; Abe Morris, 

Fiatt, 111. 
Industry — W. Stuart; ; Miss L. 

Teets, Industry, 111. 
I^eTt'lstoTvn — No pastor; ; Luther 

Leavitt, Lewistown, 111. 
Marietta— G. D. Lawrence; ; Mrs. 

Flora Orwing, Marietta, 111. 
Mound Chapel — No pastor; ; Mrs. 

Rachel Grayham, Lewistown, IIL.R.D. 
Mt. Pleasant — J. R. Wright; ; Mrs. 

Victora Faass, Smithfleld, 111. 

Olive — G. D. Lawrence; 

dricks, Avon, 111. 
Ontario — J. L. Voss; 

man, Woodhull, 111. 
Temple — No pastor; 

Miner, Table Grove, 111. 

Ordained Ministers — 5. 

Churches — 10. 

Membership — 

Without pastors — 4. 

J. M. Hen- 
J. H. New- 

Miss Nettie 


(Reported by Secretary Gott.) 

Rev. A. W. Cash, Sheridan, Ind. — presi- 

Rev. J. S. Boord, Veedersburg, Ind. — 

Rev. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, Ind. — secre- 

Rev. W. P. Kibbey, Advance, Ind. — as- 
sistant secretary. 

Mr. E. M. Henderson, Lebanon, Ind. — 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. W. H. Hendershot, Merom, Ind. — 

Rev. Robert Harris, Indianapolis, Ind. 
— Publisliing. 

Rev. H. L. Bailey, Mellott, Ind. — Chris- 
tian Endeavor. 

Mrs. Kirk Phillips, Frankfort, Ind. — 

Mrs. Elva Lockhart, Lebanon, Ind. — 

Executive Board 

A. W. Cash, president; R. H. Gott, sec- 
retary; Revs. H. L. Bailey, Charles 
Rinehart, Henry Crampton. 

Superannuate Board 

Rev. W. P. Kibbey, president; J. D. 
Thomas, Wingate, Ind., secretary; E. 
M. Henderson, Lebanon, Ind., treas- 

Local 3Iission Board 

E. M. Henderson, Lebanon, Ind.- — presi- 

H. M. Clubb, Hillsboro, Ind. — vice-pres- 

T. M. Meeker, Attica, Ind. — treasurer. 

Mrs. Mell Lowe, Hillsboro, Ind. — corre- 
sponding secretary. 

Miss Bertha Hormell, Wingate, Ind. — 
associate corresponding secretary. 

Examining Board 

Revs. H. L. Bailey, W. P. Kibbey, W. H. 

Nominations Trustee 1J. C. College 

E. E. Leas, R. A. Plunkett, Ora Kirk- 

patrick, J. Pleasant. 

Ministers— H. L. Bailey, L. W. Ban- 
non, J. S. Boord, J. M. Brown, A. W. 
Cash, F. M. Click, Henry Crampton, 
J. W. Dudley, Susie V. Fry, T. C. 
Gillespie. R. H. Gott, G. R. Hammond, 
Robert Harris, A. R. Heath, W. H. 
Hendershot, E. L. Lawson, W. P. Kib- 
bey, Roy Lucas, J. H. Martin, W. H. 
Martin, Tena C. Penrod, W. H. Rupert, 
Charles Rinehart, E. D. Simmons, A. 
D. Woodworth, G. Woody. 

Licentiates — Fred Chelan, J. F. Greg- 
ory, Mrs. B. O. Hays, Mrs. M. J. Lake, 
Oscar V. Rector, W. W. Roberts, G. W. 

Church, Pa.stor, Membership, Clerk 

Antioch — Charles Rinehart; 249; Mrs. 

Bert Kern, Frankfort, Ind. 
Bee Ridge — W. P. Kibbey; 100; L. F. 

Downing, Brazil, Ind. 
Big Snring — - ; 94; Mary Medsker, 

Sullivan, Ind. 
Browns Wonder — Henry Crampton; 20; 

B. M. Henderson, Lebanon, Ind. 
Center — Roy Lucas; 118; T. E. Bunnell, 

Wingate, Ind. 
Center Grove — E. D. Gilbert; 123; Cath- 
erine Young, Tliorntown, Ind. 
Christian Chapel — A. W. Cash; 99; E. L. 

Johnson, Kirklin, Ind. 
Christian Liberty — Frank Powers; 92; 

B. O. King, Terhune, Ind. 
Croys Creek — J. S. Boord; 85; E. S. 

Johnson, Reelsville. Ind. 
Darlingrton — E. D. Gilbert; 128; Lulu 

Chambers, Darlington, Ind. 
Elm Grove — Charles Rinehart; 43; 

Jeanette Anderson, Manson, Ind. 



Falrview — C. C. Tarr; 95; Minnie Bee- 
man, Whitestown, Ind. 
Fountain — J. S. Boord; 26; F. P. Bey- 

mer, Covington, Ind. 
Freedom— J. J. Patterson; 85; E. M. 

Philpott. Kingman, Ind. 
Friendship — D. A. Cook; 60; J. W.. ■ 

Laughner, Michigantown, Ind. 
Garfield — E. D. Gilbert; 65; Anna Huff- 
man, Darlington, Ind. 
Lebanon — Henry Crampton; 110; O. O. 

Perkins, Lebanon, Ind. 
Liberty— A. W. Cash; 123; W. C. Walk- 
er, Wingate, Ind. 
Linnsburs— ; 82; Ditha Myers, 

Linnsburg, Ind. 
Linden — H. R. Jay; 98; S. P. Newkirk, 

Linden, Ind. 
Mellott — H. L. Bailey; 250; Alice Rice, 

Mellott, Ind. 
Merom — D. A. Long, D. D.; 70; Oren 

Stoddard, Merom, Ind. 
Mt. Zion — ; 47; Margaret Glock, 

Lebanon, Ind. 
Mt. Olive — J. S. Boord; 80; Roy Van- 

cleve, Lewis, Ind. 
New Salem — D. O. Coy; S3; L. J. Beck, 

Lebanon. Ind. 
Old Union — C. C. Tarr; 200; Karl Myers, 

Jamestown, Ind. 
0.sborn Prairie — W. H. Martin; 150; 

Mrs. E. E. Leas, Veedersburg, Ind. 
Otter Creek — W. H. Hendershot; 187; 

Earl Shores, Edwards, Ind. 
Pleasant Hill— W. H. Martin; 160; A. L. 

Ludlow, "Wingate, Ind. 
Pleasant Vieiv — R. W. Page; 125; Alice 

Bratton. Advance. Ind. 
Prairie Chapel — A. W. Cash; 100; Melle 

Lough, Hillsboro, Ind. 
Prairieville — R. E. Wearly; 80; Belle 

Hollingsworth, Russiaville, Ind. 
Rosston — "W. W. Roberts; 105; Ellen N. 

Taylor, Zionsville, Ind. 
Scotland — W. P. Kibbey; 79; Oren Ea- 
ton, Lebanon, Ind. 
Shiloh — R. "W. Page; 179; Emma Mc- 

Claine, Advance, Ind. 
Stainton — ; 48; Delia Denaky, 

Stainton. Ind. 
Sterling — Kate E. Miller; 75; B. F. 

Crane, Veedersburg, Ind. 
Union Cemetery — H. L. Bailey; 180; F. 

Z. Helms, Attica, Ind. 
Union Chapel ; 23; Myrtle Shop- 
pel, Cunot, Ind. 
Yeddo — - ; 40; Zuria Summers, Yed- 

do, Ind. 
Zion — J. S. Boord; 65; William Collins, 

Cory, Ind. 

Ordained Ministers — 27. 

Licentiates — 8. 


Membership — 4,126. 

Without pastors- — 6. 

Next Annual Session will be held at 
Linden, Montg'omery County, Ind., 
Tuesday, 7: 30 p. m., after last Sunday 
in August, 1912. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson, Benton Har- 
bor, Mich., R. D. 6 — secretary. 

Mrs. Hattie Abbe, St. Joseph, Mich., 
R. D. 3 — assistant secretary. 

John Ross, Fountain, Mich. — treasurer. 
ministers — O. P. Miller, Reason Davis, 

Mrs. A. S. K. Burton, Peter Van Hoesen, 

Calvin Cummins, H. C. Clement, J. S. 

Masters, C. F. Byrkett, F. E. Stewart. 

J. W. Bobbins, W. G. Collins. 
Licentiate — H. C. Clement. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Carls — F. E. Stewart; 20; Nathan Lake, 

Branch, Mich., R. D. 1. 
Colma — - ; 86; Elizabeth Patterson, 

Benton Harbor, Mich., R. D. 6. 
Fairview Chapel — ; 30; Rosa 

Shearer, St. Joseph, Mich., R. D. 3. 
Forest Hill — ■ ; 53; Mrs. Rosa 

Barner, Morey, Mich. 
Lee Chapel — Oliver Hadiway; 50; Nina 

Bensinger, Pullman, Mich. 
Lakeview Chapel— F. E. Stewart; 28; 

Rev. H. C. Clement, Bachelor, Mich. 
Olive Chapel — W. G. Collins; 75; John 

R. Jones, Rolling Prairie, Ind. 
Olive Leaf ; ; Iver C. Thorn- 
burg, Kalkaska, Mich. 

Admitted to Conference — 1. 

Licensed — 1. 

Ordained Ministers — 10. 

Licentiates — 1. 

Churches — 8. 

Membership — 342. 

Without pastors — 4. 

Next Annual Session will be held at 
Olive Chapel, New Carlisle, Ind. 


(Reported by Secretary Patterson.) 

Rev. J. T. Masters, Pullman, Michigan — 

Rev. J. S. Masters, Pearl, Michigan-^ 



(Reported by Secretary Lytle.) 

Rev. W. S. Miller, 112 Witter Avenue. 
Connellsville, Pa. — president. 

Rev. A. S. Seese, Greensburg, Pa., R. D. 
5 — vice-president. 

Charles Lytle, Confluence, Pa. — secre- 
tary. . 

Henry Miller, Confluence, Pa. — assist- 
ant secretary. 

Upton Hardin, Fairchance, Pa. — treas- 
Ministers— W. H. H. Knight, W. S. 

Miller, John E. vStillwagon, Sanford 

Shaw. R. W. Darnells. 

Church, Pastor, 3Iembership, Clerk 

Beaver Creek — John B. Stillwagon; 

; Ewing Glover, Humberston, Pa. 

Clarksville — W. S. Miller; ; Mrs. 

C. A. Buttermore, Uniontown, Pa. 
Haydonstown — W. H. H. Knight; ; 

Upton Hardin, Fairchance, Pa. 
Sugar Loaf — John E. Stillwagon; ; 

N. G. Lytle, Confluence, Pa. 

Ordained Ministers — 5. 

Licentiates — 

Churches — 4. 

Membership — 

Without pastors — None. 

Next session at Sugar Loaf Union 
church on Thursday on or before the 
third Sunday in September, 1912. 




(Reported by J. C. Grafton.) 

Rev. Harvey Fry, Porter, Wash. — pres- 

Rev. W. R. Caldwell, Montesano, Wash. 
— vice-president. 

A. W. Fry, Western, Wash. — secretary. 

J. L. Phillips, Montesano, Wash. — 
Minister.^ — W. R. Caldwell, Harvey 

Fry, J. C. Grafton, Theo. Stone, M. J. 

Luark, O. W. Burke, Mary Hutton. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Brooklyn — No pastor; 8; O. W. Burke, 

Brooklyn, Wash. 
Delphi — No pastor; 30; E. C. Meyer, 

Delphi, Wash. 
Johns River — W. R. Caldwell; 29; A. A. 

Fry, Western, Wash. 
Montesano — J. C. Grafton; 36; Mrs. 

Julia A. Stone, Montesano, Wash. 
Wynooche Valley — J. C. Grafton; 44; 

Mrs. Leah Edwards, Montesano, Wash. 

Ordained Ministers — 6. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 5. 

Membership — 127. 

Without pastor — 2. 


(Reported by Secretary Patton.) 


Rev. L. I. Cox, Elon College, N. C. — 

Rev. J. W. Patton, Elon College, N. C. 

— secretary. 
Capt. J. A. Turrentine, Burlington, 

N. C— treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Rev. L. I. Cox, Elon College, N. C. — 

Rev. T. B. White, Ramseur, N. C. — 

Home Missions. 
Rev. W. S. Long, D. D., Chapel Hill, 

N. C. — Foreign Missions. 
Dr. E. L. Moffltt, Ashboro, N. C. — 

Religious Literature. 
C. B. Riddle, Elon College, N. C. — Moral 

Rev. J. F. Morgan, Elon College, N. C. 

— Sunday-schools. 
Rev. J. U. Newman, D. D., Elon College, 

N. C. — Education. 
Capt. J. A. Turrentine, Burlington, N. 

C. — Christian Endeavor. 
Rev. T. E. White, Ramseur, N. C. — 

Rev. L. I. Cox, Elon College. N. C— 


Ministers — H. A. Albright, C. A. 
Boone, L. I. Cox. P. H. Fleming, W. W. 
Lawrence, W. S. Long. H. T. Moffltt, 
J. U. Newman. J. W. Patton, T. E. 
White, J. A. Webster, J. F. Morgan. 

Licentiate — W. N. Hayes. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Antiocb (C) — T. B. Dawson; 96; O. M. 
Dorsette. Goldston, N. C. 

.Antioeh (R) — T. E. White; 4S; Annie 
Hayes, Seagrove, N. C. 

Ashboro — — — ; IS; E. Moffltt, Ash- 
boro, N. C. 

Big Oak — T. B. Dawson; 97; D. E. Cole, 

Eagle Springs, N. C. 
Browns Chapel — W. N. Hayes; 80; 

Martin Brewer, Spies. N. C. 
Burlington — ; 278; Jas. P. Mont- 
gomery. Burlington. N. C. 
Center Grove — T. W. Strowd; 38; R. L. 

White Moncure. N. C. 
Ether — J. F. Morgan; 41; Helen Phil- 
lips, Ether, N. C. 
Graham — J. F. Morgan; 46; J. D. Ker- 

nodle, Graham, N. C. 
Graces Chapel — J. D. Wicker; 46; R. B. 

Coggin, Sanford. N. C. 
Ha'ivks Chapel — G. R. Underwood; 135; 

Rufus U. Farrell, Pittsboro, N. C. 
Kcyser — S. B. Klapp; 32; Wm. Keith, 

Keyser, N. C. 
I>ibertj — H. F. Wolfe; 20; R. C. Cox, 

Liberty, N. C. 
Mt. Pleasant — J. D. Wicker; 47; E. L. 

Autry, Cameron, N. C. 
New Center — S. B. Klapp; 102; O. D. 

Lawrence, Seagrove, N. C. 
Parks Cross Roads — L. I. Cox; 164; R. 

W. York, Ramseur, N. C. 
Pleasant Cross — W. N. Hayes; 51; An- 
nie Burke, Ashboro, N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — W. S. Long; 234; W. L. 

Welch, Ore Hill, N. C. 
Pleasant Hill — L. I. Cox; 154; Blanche 

Teague, Liberty. N. C. 
Pleasant Ridge — T. E. White; 103; W. 

E. Allred. Ramseur. N. C. 
Poplar Branch — H. F. Wolfe; 25; F. O. 

Leonard, Jonesboro, N. C. 
Ramseur — T. E. White; 55; T. A. Mof- 
fltt, Ramseur, N. C. 
Shady Grove — J. F. Morgan; 73; Mollie 

Allen, Okiememee, N. C. 
Shiloh — T. E'. White; 120; B. S. Moffltt, 

Ramseur, N. C. 
SniithtTood — H. E. Truitte; 78; W. 

Humble, Liberty, N. C. 
Spoons Chapel — T. E. White; 22; B. U. 

Hamilton, Ashboro, N. C. 
St. Johns — J. V. Knight; 95; Ed. Mason, 

Randleman, N. C. 
Union Grove — T. B. White; 65 

Brow^n, Brow^n, N. C. 
7Aon — G. R. Underwood 

Farrell, Moncure, N. C. 

Ordained Ministers — 12. 

Licentiate — 1. 

Churches — 29. 

Membership — 2,437. 

Without pastor — 1. 

Next session. Pleasant Grove, Ran- 
dolph County, N. C, Tuesday-Friday, 
after second Sunday in November, 1912. 


T. E. 


(Reported by Secretary Freeman.) 

Rev. William Flammer, Jireh, Wyo. — 

, vice-president. 

W. A. Freeman, Keeline, Wyo. — sec- 

R. L. Townsend, Jireh, Wyo. — treasurer. 

Department Secretaries 

Mrs. J. R. Cortner, Jireh, Wyo. — 

Prof. P. L. Ford. Jireh, Wyo. — Educa- 

Prof. Harry Haas, Jireh, Wyo. — Sun- 

Mrs. Ozella Davis — Christian Endeavor. 



Ministers — D. B. Atkinson, N. W. 
Crowell, Mrs. Minnie Fenwick, Wil- 
liam Flammer, W. A. Freeman, D. 

Licentiates — Mrs. Ozella Davis, T. C. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Jireh, W'yo. 
AVeta, South Dakota. 

Ordained Ministers — 6. 

Licentiates — 2. 

Churches — 2. 

Membership — ■ 

"Without pastors — 


(Reported by Secretary Moulton.) 


Rev. N. M. Heikes, Freedom, N. H. — 

Rev. Willis G. Moulton, York Village, 

Me. — secretary. 
Rev. Allen C. Moulton, York Corner, 

Me. — secretary Sunday-schools. 

Ministers — J. H. Mugridge, N. T. Rid- 
lon, Zebulon Knight, O. J. Hancock, 

N. M. Heikes, Levi Furgerson, S. H. 
McKeen, J. W. Card. 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 
Agamenticus — No pastor; 13; Mrs. Jere- 

miali Moulton, Cape Neddick, Me. 
Blue Point — J. W. Webster; 25; Mrs. 

H. E. Leavett, Pine Point, Me. 
Center Lovell — J. W. Card; 104; Carrie 

Freedom, N. H. — N. M. Heikes; 50; Ina 

Foss, Freedom, N. H. 
North Saco — No pastor; 90; Annie Lib- 

by. North Saco, Me., R. D. 
Ogunquit — F. Stewart Rinley; 108; Joel 

H. Perkins, Ogunquit, Me. 
South Bervtick and Wells — Z. Knight; 

126; Geo. C. Hamelton, Berwick 

Branch, Me. 
South Berwick Junction — No pastor; 50; 

A. J. Swasey, South Berwick, Me. 
South Ber*vick New Years — No pastor; 

39; Emma M. Emery, South Berwick, 

York — C. V. Parsons; 90; G. Everett 

Moulton, York Corner, Me. 

Ordained Ministers — 8. 

Membership — 695. 

Without pastors — 4. 



(Reported by Dr. J. R. Stewart, General 
Field Secretary.) 

Next Session — St. Antioch church. 
Maribel, N. C, Wednesday after third 
Sunday in June, 1912. 

Held at Suffolk, Va., June, 1911. 

This Convention was organized in 
May, 1902, in the Watson Tabernacle 
Christian church. New Bern, N. C. It 
is composed of the conferences, viz: 
The North Carolina Christian Confer- 
ence, the Eastern Virginia, the Eastern 
Atlantic, the Georgia and Alabama, and 
the Georgetown South American Chris- 
tian conferences. These conferences 
represent in this Convention. 

Territory — All the colored Christians 
in both North and South America. 

The Convention is divided into Pub- 
lication, Educational, and Missionary 

Department Secretaries 

Prof. H. E. Long-, Franklinton, N. C. — 

Rev. A. J. Holloway, Henderson. N. C. — ■ 

Rev. S. A. Howell, D. D., Newport News, 

Va. — -Missionary. 


Rev. A. J. Holloway, Henderson, N. C. 

— president. 
Rev. J. S. Sumler, Berkley, Va. — vice- 
Rev. J. M. Parsons, New Bern, N. C — 

J. T. Reid, Whalevville, Va. — treasurer. 
Rev. J. R. Stewart, D. D.. Garland, N. 
C. — general field secretary. 
The object is to do general mission- 
ary and educational work, to educate 
our ministry and to enter the census 

of population of membership, to build 
Christian churches and help to care for 
the schools and colleges established by 
the American Christian Convention. 


(Reported by Dr. J. R. Stewart, General 
Field Secretary.) 


Rev. C. C. Flowers — president. 

Rev. C. R. Wright — vice-president. 

Rev. G. W. Miles, Malon, Ala. — secre- 

Rev. W. T. Gab — treasurer. 
Ministers — 7. 
Churches — 4. 
Membership — 125. 


(Reported by Dr. J. R. Stewart, General 
Field Secretary.) 


Rev. F. L. Taylor, New Bern, N. C. — 

Rev. J. M. Parson, New Bern, N. C. — 

Rev. A. Small, New Bern, N. C. — treas- 

Ministers — Joe Mann, H. E. Moore, 
Albert Small, P. R. Randol. Jacob On- 
slow, J. S. (i;owen, J. H. Smith, Amos 
Sutton. Aaron Wilson, A. D. Matthews, 
A. N. Gooden, Isaac Heath, F. L. Tay- 
lor, J. H. Milteer, J. M. Parson. 

Licentiates — M. S. White, R. Howard. 
J. H. Kinsey, Alex. Smith, J. W. Wil- 
liams, Mustepher Williams, G. R. Mid- 
gett, W. W. Thompson. W. C. Miller. 



C. A. 

Church, Pastor, Meuibership, Clerk 
Watson Tabernacle, New Bern — J. H. 

Milteer; 85; Miss Maggie Hargrove, 

New Bern, N. C. 
St. JHatthews, PollocksvlUe — J. H. Mil- 
teer; 41; Mrs. C. J. Moore, PoUocks- 

ville, N. C. 
St. Antioch, Maribel — J. M. Parson; 131; 

J. F. Squires, Maribel, N. C. 
Smalls Chapel — J. M. Parson; 47; L. F. 

Skinner, Arapahoe, N. C. 
PilKTinis Rest — J. M. Parson; 33; 

McCabe. North Harlowe. N. C. 
Broad Creek Chapel — A. Small; 72; C. 

J. Mosely, Pamlico, N. C. 
Zion Hill — F. L. Taylor; 48; Coop- 
er, Florence, N. C. 
Myrtle Grove — F. L. Taylor; 63; W. T. 

Kinsey, Mavsville, N. C. 
St. John — F. L. Taylor; 25; Miss Nellie 

J. Williams, Bolivia, N. C. 
Christian Star, Morehead City — F. L. 

Taylor; 17; ■, Morehead City, N. C. 

Itlartins Chapel — A. D. Matthews; 65; 

D. J. Wright, Yorick, N. C. 
Cedar Hill — A. D. Matthews; 10; , 

Phoenix, N. C. 
Christian Hope — J. Onslow; 25; 

Jenkins, Leland, N. C. 
St. Lewis — J. Onslow; 12; Mrs. Mary 

McKoy, Wilmington, N. C. 
Blount Pleasant — J. H. Smith; 5; A. 

Saunders, Oriental, N. C. 
St. Galilee — J. Mann; 28; Mrs. Martha 

Green, Pamlico, N. C. 
ChriiTtian Chapel — H. B. Moore; 48; 

, Kuhn, N. C. 

Union Chapel — H. E. Moore; 23; Clerk 

not known. 
Bayboro Mission — J. H. Milteer; 22. 
Kinston Mission — 
St. Luke Mission — • 

Ordained Ministers — 15. 

Licentiates — 9. 

Churches — 21. 

Membership — 800. 

Sunday-schools — 18. 

Woman's Home Mission Societies — 17. 

Next session at Watson Tabernacle, 
New Bern, N. C, Wednesday before the 
first Sunday in November, 1912. 


(Reported by Dr. J. R. Stewart, General 
Field Secretary.) 


Rev. S. A. Howell, D. D., Newport News, 

Va. — president. 
W. T. Howell, Holland, Va. — secretary. 
Mrs. Rosa Howell, Newport News, Va. 

— Home Mission treasurer. 

Ministers — J. T. Jones, S. A. Howell, 

D. D., J. S. Sumler, J. J. Faulk, R. R. 
Gains, J. M. Copeland, D. H. Sparrow, 
J. McDowell, I. Dillard, C. A. Harris, 

E. A. Copeland, W. H. Mapp. Llllle V. 
Parker, J. H. Reid, J. P. Hicks, W. S. 
Midgett, D. B. Edwards, William 
Franklin, Joseph Booker, Wm. Ward. 
H. W. Williams, J. F. Wiggins, J. C. 
Parker, Edward Butts, W. B. Sumler, 
N. E. Higgs, J. W. Stewart, D. Evans, 
Deacon J. T. Reid, A. B. Lee, E. G. 
Overton, E. W. Brown, C. L. Evans, 
W. W. Howell, N. Alston, John A. 
Wiggins, S. H. Hunt, K. Knight, W. F. 
Jones, R. E. Green, Mrs. Elnora Buffalo, 
Wm. Hooper, W. A. Woodson, J. S. 
Glvens. B. C Harrod, Q, T, Ua,\\, A. B. 

195; W. T. Howell, 


Ellis, S. M. B. Lightford, W. F. Cum- 
mings, O. Russell, J. W. Patton, Jas. ET. 
Clayborn, H. L. Blackville, Joseph Far- 
row, J. T. Jones, Jr., H. S. Roberson, 
J. W. Riddick, R. L. Hawkins. 

Ordained and Licentiate ministers — 

Church, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Wesley Grove, Novport News, Va. — S. 

A. Howell, D. D. ; 431; Wesley Raney, 
Newport News, Va. 

Corinth Chapel^S. A. Howell, D. D.; 
368; Arthur Edwards, Magnolia, Va. 

Zion — A. B. Lee; 290; A. H. Lee. Hol- 
land, Va. 

Chapel Grove— J. S. Sumler; 204; R. J. 
Eley, Zuni, Va. 

Christian Antioch, Sutfolk — J. S. Sum- 
ler; 23; J. R. Parker, Suffolk, Va. 

Pleasant Grove ; 91; I. H. Harri- 
son, Sebrells, Va. 

Laurel Hill— ; 

Holland, Va. 

Union Hill — W. E. Sumler; 223; F. 
Recks, Jolleys, Va. 

Mt. Ararat — Wm. Franklin: 164; Jethro 
Milteer, Suffolk, Va. 

NeTv Hope. Berkley — C. A. Harris; 51; 
H. L. Blackville, Berkley. Va. 

Providence — C. A. Harris; 36; Wm. 
Butts, South Norfolk, Va. 

Homeville — D. H. Sparrow; 34; W. W. 
Hicks, Homeville, Va. 

W^indsor Grove — D. H. Sparrow; 19; 
Watson Wilcox, Windsor, Va. 

Bethlehem, Suffolk — D. H. Sparrows; 
19; W. M. Green, Suffolk, Va. 

St. Luke — "W. E. Sumler; 130; P. S. 
Brown, Sedlep. Va. 

Risinf? Star — W. E. Sumler; 94; 
Dickerson. Newport News, Va. 

St. Marthas Chapel — H. W. Williams; 
17; W. R. Springs, Portsmouth, Va., 
R. D. 1, Box 65. 

Little Zion, Bethel — ; 51; Mrs. 

Eliza Cox, Portsmouth, Va. 

Bethany— J. J. Faulk; 80; S. A. Pitt- 
man, Bens Church, Va. 

Union Chri.stian Church, Norfolk — J. J. 
Faulk; 100; , Norfolk, Va. 

Holly Spring ; 8; Mrs. F. S. Cope- 
land, Whaleyville, Va. 

Macedonia, Norfolk — W. S. Midgett; 33; 
R. Johnson, Norfolk, Va. 

Gallatian — J. F. Wiggins; 26; Miss B. 
L. TViggins. Suffolk, Va., R. D. 

Macedonia. Eastvllle — ; 9; Scipio 

Thompson, Eastville, Va. 

Mt. Olive — ; 19; George Relley, 

Nassavadox, Va. 

Morning Star — W. A. Woodson; 19; 
Robert Jones, Kinbredge, Va. 

Galilee ; 36; C. Tilery, South Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Christian Union — D. Evans; 40; James 
Graves, Newport News, Va. 

St. Mark, Berkley — R. R. Gaines; 150; 
E. Clegg, Berkley, Va. 

St. Paul, Handsom, Va. — R. R. Gaines; 
22; A. G. Johnson, Handsom, Va. 

Holland Mission ; 12; W. T. How- 
ell, Holland, Va. 

Oak Grove ; 21; Miss Nellie Bai- 
ley, Ferguson Wharf, Va. 

St. Paul, Gllmerton — ; 15; Wm. 

Johnson. Gilmerton. Va. 

Calvary Christian Church — B. C. Har- 
rod; 15; H, J. Cooper, Newport News, 



St. John, Franklin, Va. — : 38; I. 

Lewis, Franklin, Va., Box 50. 
West Star ; 27. 

Churches — 36. 

Membership — 3.202. 

Sunday-schools — 36. 

Woman's Home Mission Societies — 18. 

Next session, at Providence Chris- 
tian church. South Norfolk, Va., Tues- 
day after the third Sunday in Novem- 
ber, 1912. 


(Reported by Secretary Levister.) 

Rev. J. C. Core, Graham, N. C. — pres- 

Rev. Wm. Allen, Gary, N. G. — vice-pres- 

Rev. T. J. Levister, Burlington, N. C. — 

Rev. J. W. Meadows, Creedmoore, N. C. 
— assistant secretary. 

Rev. C. W. Ray, Bebane, N. G. — treas- 


Wm. Allen, R. Green. T. J. Lev- 
ister, S. W. Albright, J. C. Core, John 
Allen, J. W. Meadows, G. W. Ray, Wm. 

Ministers — Wm. Allen, John Allen, J. 
M. Meadows, J. G. Core, S. W. Albright, 
C. W. Ray, T. J. Levister, R. Green, 
Wm. Marsh, A. A. Hazell, C. J. Alston, 
H. N. McBroom, R. H. Farrow. 

Licentiates — L. W. Compton, M. V. 
Canaday, A. P. Burnett. 

Churcli, Pastor, Membership, Clerk 

Archoy Grove ; 28; Sallie Coving- 
ton, Burlington, N. C. 

Benlah Chapel ; 45. 

Bishop Temple — ; 25; G. M. Vin- 
cent, Greensboro, N. C. 

Children Chapel ; 100; P. D. Ev- 
erett, Graham, N. G. 

Ebenezer — ; 110; L. L. Sellons, 

Burlington, N. G. 

Green Leonie — ; 100; Bennie Ma- 

bene, Burlington, N. G. 

Howtielii ; 28; J. H. Rodgers. 

Union Chapel — ; 31; Paston Tur- 
ner, Burlington, N. C. 

Pleasant Union ; 175; M. V. Can- 
aday, Nense, N. G. 

McBroom Chapel ; 38; A. T. Gra- 
ham, Graham, N. C. 

Oak Level — ; 20; J. S. Rodgers, 

Rodgers Store, N. G. 

Popes Chapel — ; 58; George Grud- 

up, Franklinton, N. G. 

Parrish Chapel — ; 9; Thomas 

Boothes, Sexopahow, N. C. 

Pine Hill ; 24. 

St. Luke ; 10; M. Jones, Mabene, 

N. C. 

St. Stephen — ; 11; Lucy Harris, 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Wesley Chapel — ; 50; Roberter 

Headen, Lindhurst, N. C. 


(Reported by Dr. J. R. Stewart, General 

Field Secretary.) 


Rev. W. S. Matthews, Raleigh, N. G. — 

Rev. J. H. Mabrey, Burlington, N. G. — 

Rev. J. A. Alexander, Raleigh, N. G. — 

Prof. H. E. Long, Franklinton. N. G. — 


Ministers — J. H. Mabrey, A. J. Hollo- 
way, J. R. Stewart, D. D.. P. R. Alex- 
ander, J. A. Henderson, S. Dowd, J. A. 
Alexander, H. E. Long, A. A. Bright, 
G. W. Drake, W. J. Upchurch, I. Boyd, 
E. D. Hill, C. W. Richardson, M. L. 
Watson. B. J. Williams, W. S. Mat- 
thews, C. A. Strowd, J. E. Pearson, W. 
H. Dugger, T. H. Jones. E. J. Blue, 
G. W. Duke, H. Russel, H. S. Basker- 
ville, A. D. Liggons, Richard Bullock, 
G. S. Boyd, John Kent, Thomas Haw- 
kins, H. B. Baldwin, M. C. King, A. 
Smith, James Smith, R. McKensy, A. 
Hunter, W. M. Allen. 

Licentiates — Josiah Wilder, G. L. 
Williams, Moses Bullock, J. H. Brown, 
Thomas Brown, Marcellus Jones. H. 
W. Walker, Galloway Watson, Wade 
Watson, Randal Whitlev, N. H. Page, 
R. A. Hunter, A. Shaw, C. H. Holloway, 
H. M. Johnson, Lorin (Ilross, Matthew 
Burwell, J. R. Eaton, J. J. Taylor. 

Church, Pastor. Membership, Clerk 

Manley Street Church, Raleigh — W. S. 

Matthews; 295; David Wright, Ral- 
eigh, N. C. 
Poplar Sprins-s — W. S. Matthews; 131; 

Allison McKov, Raleigh. N. C, R. D. 
Zion Hill — W. M. Allen; 35; Miss Ollie 

Cole. Osgood, N. C. 
Bethlehem — J. E. Pearson; 38; Robert 

Kearnev, Kates, Va. 
Island Hill — J. E. Pearson; 57; E. A. 

Bullock, Clarksville. Va. 
Lewis Chapel — J. B. Pearson; 25; Mel- 

vln Reid, Oxford. N. C. 
St. Andre-tvs, Henderson — G. W. Drake; 

33; , Henderson, N. C. 

Roanoke Chapel — G. W. Drake; 171; 

Gage Jiggetts, Jumbo. Va. 
Burchetts Chapel — G. W. Drake; 225; A. 

L. Tarry, Manson, N. G., R. D. 1. 
Christian Antioch — J. A. Henderson; 

205; A. Daves, Jr., Woodworth. N. C. 
Oak Level — J. A. Henderson; 221; T. S. 

Bullock, Middleburg, N. C. 
Christian Chapel — J. A. Henderson; 164; 

J. E. Wilson, Apex. N. C. 
Cedar Grove — M. G. King; 10; . East 

Durham, N. C. 
Mt. Zion, Ft. Barnwell — M. G. King; 

100; , Fort Barnwell. N. C. 

Watson Chapel — M. G. King; 10; O. D. 

Bonds, Shandon, N. C. 
St. Paul. Middlebur? — J. H. Mabrey; 75; 

G. B. Bullock, Middleburs". N. C. 
Rowland — J. H. Mabrey; 38; John Al- 
ston, Henderson. N. C.. R. D. 
Deans Grove — J. H. Mabrey; 10; , 

Free Liberty, Keyser — I, Boyd; 30; Miss 

Mary Core, Keyser, N. C. 
Hanks Chapel. Pittshoro — I. Boyd; 23; 

Mrs. Alice Taylor, Pittsboro, N. C. 
Franklinton — J. A. Alexander; 147; J. 

R, CooKe, FrankUnton. N, G. 



Hickory Grove — E. D. Hill; 40; C. H. 

Lee, Raleig-h, N. C, R. D. 
Kindles Chapel — E. D. Hill; 30; W. B. 

Williams, Franklinton, N. C, R. D. 
Hlnnant Chapel — M. L. Watson; 31; G. 

Grantham, Wakfield, N. C. 
lVeT»- Bethel, Johnston — M. L. Watson; 

4 0. 
Christian Home, Apex — M. L. Watson; 

30; Ellen Hardin, Apex, N. C. 
White Rock, Durham — A. J. Holloway; 

113; H. K. Bethea, Durham, N. C. 
Holly Spring — A. J. Holloway; 126; J. 

A. Rogers, Holly Springs, N. C. 
Aberdeen — A. J. Holloway; 96f A. 

Moore, Aberdeen, N. C. 
Jerusalem — -P. R. Alexander; 140; D. 

Jones, Paliner Springs, Va. 
Whites Grove — P. R. Alexander; 100; 

S. W. Rowlett, Norlina, N. C. 
Mt. Zion — P. R. Alexander; 70; W. H. 

Henderson, Williamsboro, N. C. 
Rocky Branch — P. R. Alexander; 161; 

G. Shaw, Kenley, N. C. 
St. Luke, Oxford — T. H. Jones; 25; A. 

L. Petaford, Oxford, N. C. 
Blossom Grove — T. H. Jones; 21; Delia 

Sewer, Creedmoor, N. C. 
New Bethel (Wake) — B. J. ^Williams; 

97; H. Reavis, Raleigh, N. C. 
Mt. Zion, Rockingham — W. H. Dugger; 

54; D. Watkins, Rockingham, N. C, 

R. D. 
Pleasant Hill — W. H. Dugger; 77; Sarah 

McCullers, McCullers, N. C. 
Cary — W. H. Dugger; 120; Golet Arring- 

ton, Cary, N. C. 

Maple Temple — S. Dowd; 35; Hardy Tis- 

dale, Raleigh, N. C. 
Strouds Grove — S. Dowd; 86; J. T. Cot- 
ton, Bynum, N. C. 
Red Hill — S. Dowd; 83; Edlthan Wat- 
son, Wilsons Mills, N. C. , 
Mt. Veriion, Clayton — S. Dowd; 29; N. 

L. Watson, Wilsons Mills, N. C. 
St. John Mission — B. J. Blue; 15; Eddie 

Martin, Jackson Springs, N. C. 
St. Delight — C. A. Stroud; 28; J. R. 

Eaton, Franklinton, N. C. 
Churches Chapel, AVilson, N. C. — C. W. 

Richardson; 15; Mrs. Mary Kearney, 

Wilson, N. C. 
Kagle Rock — A. A. Bright. 
Christian Tabernacle, Method. ]V. C. — W. 

J. Upchurch; 29; Miss Ora Freeinan, 

Method, N. C. 
Corinth — W. J. Upchurch; 37; . 

Wakefield, N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — E. J. Blue; 145; W. H. 

Barbrey, Morrisville, N. C. 
Popes Chapel — ■ ; 43; N. S. Mitchell, 

Franklinton, N. C. 
Rock Springs — — ; 58; M. D. Clay, 

Rogers Store, N. C. 
Beaver Chapel — • ; 15. 

Ordained Ministers — 37. 

Licentiates — 19. 

Churches — -53. 

Membership — 4,086. 

Sunday-schools — 50. 

Next session at Oak Level Christian 
cliurch, near Manson, N. C, Tuesday 
after the second Sunday in November. 




Abbott, R. (Osage E. Div.) Depew, Okla. 
Ackley, J. W. (S. W. la.) Asceola, Mo. 
Adams, G. W. (Ky. No. 1) Stouts, Ohio. 
Addington, A. M. (E, Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Addington, Thomas (E. Ind.) Ridgeville, Ind. 
Adkins, G. C. (Ky. No. 2) Adkins, Ky. 
Adriance, A. G. (N. Y. E.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Agema, T. J. (N. W. I.) Burrows, Ind. 
Albright, H. A. (W. N. C.) Seagrove, N. C. 
Alderman, Ada (N. Y. E.) Barkersville, N. Y. 
Alexander, W. S. (C. 111.) Fithian, 111. 
Allen, Alden (N. Y. W.) Lakemont, N. Y. 
Allen, R. O. (N. Y. E.) Stanfordville, N. Y. 
Allen, R. C. (Tioga R.) New Albany, Pa. 
Amos, J. E. (N. Kans.) Superior, Neb. 
Andes, A. W. (Va. V. C.) Harrisonburg, Va. 
Angel, J. A. (O. E. Inc.) Gallipolis, Ohio. 
Applegate, Lettie (Ky. Chris.) Springdale, Ky. 
Arnold, Henry (Me.) Corinna, Me. 
Arrick, R. P. (E. Ind.) Farmland, Ind. 
Arthur, W. H. (O. £■.) Gallipolis, Ohio. 
Ashbv, Robinson (W. 111.) Griswold, Iowa. 
Aspinall. Geo. L. (Mi. O.) Covington, Ohio, R. D. 
Atchinson, L. B. (W. HI.) Roseville, Illinois. 
Atkinson, D. B. (Wyo.) Jireh, Wyo. 
Atkinson, J. O. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College, N. C. 
Aynes, Enoch (C. Ind.) Bloomington, Ind. 

Babb, J. W. (C. Wis.) New London, Wis. 

Bagby, A. E. (Eel R.) Albion, Ind. 

Bagby, Guy (So. O.) Chilo, Ohio. 

Bagby, T. F. (So. O.) Hamersville, Ohio. 

Bagby, W. W. (So. O.) Hamersville, Ohio. 

Bailey, H. L. (W. Ind.) Mellott, Ind. 

Bailey, H. S. (W. Ind.) Mellott, Ind. 

BaileV, Sarah M. (N. W. Ohio) Hope, N. J. 

Baker, Hiley (Fel R.) Klmmell, Ind. 

Baker, .1. F. (W. Ark.) Gentry, Ark. 

Baker, W. E. (E. Ind.) Defiance. Ohio. 

Banks, A. T. (K. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 

Bannon, L. W. (W. Ind.) Center, Ind. 

Barney, J. H. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Clearville, Pa. 

Barnhart. J. D. (Osage E. Div.) St. Elizabeth. Mo. 

Barrett, J. Presslev, D. D., (E. Va.) Dayton. Ohio. 

Barry, J. E. (R. I. & Mass.) 79 Wyman St., Ja- 
maica Plains, Mass. 

Bartlett, Rufus (Me.) Hermon Center, Me. 

Bassett, J. H. (N. Y. E.) South Valley, N. Y. 

Baugher, S. L. (N. J.) Portland, Ind. 

Baughman, John (111.) Bone Gap, 111. 

Beebe. G. A. (R. I. & Mass.) Portsmouth, N. Y. 
R. D. 2. 

Beichel. James (Ohio) Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Beisiegel, Jacob J. (Eel R.) Merom, Ind. 

Bennett, A. H. (111.) Louisville, 111. 

Bennett, F. E. (S. W. la.) 1324 E. 9th St., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

Bennett, P. E. (Ohio) Higbys. Ohio. 

Bennett, S. D. (C. 111.) Atwood. 111. 

Bennett, S. W. (Mi. O.) New Madison, Ohio. 

Beougher, S. L. (E. Ind,) Springboro. Pa. 

Bishop, Emily K. (Mi. O.) Dayton, O.. W. 5th St. 

Bishop, J. G. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio, W. 5th St. 

Bishop. T. J. (C. 111.) Urbana, 111. 

Black, B. F. (E. Va.) Forge, Va. 

Blacklock. J. A. (Tioga River) Vienna, N. J. 

Blankenship, T. S. (Ky. Chris.) Rugfess, Ky. 

Bliss, A. H. (N. Y. E.) Otego. N. Y. 

Blood, .John (N. J.) Rlegelsvllle, N. J. 

Bodman, E. J. (N. Y. E.) Ravena, N. Y. 

Boice, W. T. (So. O.) Pierpont, Ohio. 

Boliag, J. L. (Ky. No. 2) Partlow, Ky. 

Bolton, Ford ( S. Kan.) Towanda, Kan. 

Bolton, J. W. (Mich.) Middletown, Ind. 

Boner, S. M. (W. Va.) Buena, W. Va. 

Boone, C. A. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 

Boord, J. S. (W. Ind.) Veedersburg, Ind. 

Boswell, D. S. (Eel R.) Jonesboro, Ind. 

Bowman, A. J. (So. O.) Manchester, Ohio. 

Boyce, Robert (U. la.) Letts, Iowa, R. D. 

Bradley, John (Osage) 

Bradbury, J. M. (S. Wabash) Merom, Ind. 

Brammer, Minnie (Ky. Chris.) North Fork, Ky. 

Brand, A L. (Tioga River) Prattsburg, N. Y. 

Brandon, Richard (Mi. O.) West Milton, Ohio. 

Brathwaite, E. (C. 111.) Ivesdale, Ills. 

Brate, Sylvester (N. Y. C.) Lakemont, N. Y. 

Bray, W. O. (N. W. O.) 

Brewer, John (S. 111.) Carbondale, 111. 

Briley, Charles (O. E.) Jobs, Ohio. 

Brodt, W. R. (So. O. ) West Union, Ohio. 

Brooks, M. C. (S. 111.) Carbondale, 111. 

Brown, C. O. (C. Ind.) New Berlin, N. Y. 

Brown, Christopher (Ind. M. R.) Parker City, Ind. 

Brown, E. L. (S. Wabash) Sadorus, HI. 

Brown, Eliza L. (Mi. O.) Liberty, Ind. 

Brown, G. A. (N. 111.) Oregon, Ogle Co., 111. 

Brown, Henry (N. Y. E.) Dundee, N. Y. 

Brown, J. M. (W. Ind.) Bluffton, Ind. 

Brown, L. D. (Mi. O.) Pleasant Mills, Ind. 

Bryant, J. H. (Ky. No. 1) Rugless, Ky. 

Bryant, M. L. (Va. V. C.) Berkley Ward, Norfolk, 

Burdine, C. E. (S. W. la.) Rockport, Mo. 
Burdine, W. C. (C. la.) Barnes City, Iowa. 
Burkett, Eli (Ind. M. R.) Warren, Ind. 
Burnell, J. H. (S. 111.) DeSoto, III. 
Burnett, J. F. (So. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 
Burnham, A. C. (S. W. la.) Linden, Iowa. 
Burns, Abbie L. (N. E. O.) N. Glendale St., Kenton. 

Burress, J. T. (N. Mo.) Gait, Mo. 
Burrill, S. L. (Me.) Hermon Center, Me. 
Burroughs, F. A. (S. 111.) Carterville. III. 
Burton, Geo. (E. Kan.) Hallowell, Kan. 
Burton, Mrs. A. S. K. (W. M. & N. I.) FenvIIle, 

Mich., Box 214. 
Bushong, Hannah (N. Kans.) Miltonvale. Kans. 
Bushong. Peter (N. Kans.) Miltonvale. Kans. 
Butler, Anthony (Ohio) Wellston, Ohio. 
Butler, H. E. (So. O.) Milmine. III. 
Butler, H. H. (E. Va.) Suffolk. Va. 
Butler, M. W. (B. Va.) Conshohocken, Pa. 
Bvrkett, C. F. (E. Ind.) Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Byrkett, C. F. (W. M. & N'. I.) Benton Harbor. 



Caldwell, W. R. (W. W.) Montesano, Wash. 
Cain, G. B. (B. Ind.) Conover, Ohio. 
Cameron. B. (S. Kan.) Cassoday, Kan. 
Campbell. Wm. (S. Wabash) Hidalgo. 111. 
Canada, F. F. (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Canode, J. W. (O. B.) Point Rock. Ohia. 
Canter, Henry (Ohio) Orient, Ohio. 
Capron. Levi (B. Ind.) Winchester. Ind. 
Card. J. W. (Y. & C.) Center Lovell. Me. 
Garden. J. S. (N. C. & Va.) Durham, N. C. 
Cardwell, W. W. (Ohio E. Inc.) Vinton, Ohio. 
Carls. A. G. (Ohio C.) Defiance. Ohio. 
Car is, S. A. (Ml. O.) Enon, Ohio. 



Carie, James (N. Mo.) Stahl, Mo. 
Carington, John (Ky. Chris.) Valley, Ky. 
Carmean, J. M. (S. Wabash) Industry, 111. 
Carter, C. W. (Ala.) Wadlev, Ala.. R. D. 3. 
Carter, E. M. (Ala.) Chiplev, Ga., R. D. 3. 
Carter, G. H. (Des M.) LeGrand, Iowa. 
Carter, J. M. (Mt. V.) Waterford, Ohio. 
Carter, L. S. (C. 111.) Hammond, 111. 
Carter, W. M. (Scioto V.) Portsmouth. Ohio. 
Case, A. ( ) 1315 Walnut St., Independence, 

Case. Loran B. (So. O.) Georgetown, Ohio. 
Case, William (N. Y. B.) West Oneonta, N. Y. 
Cash, A. W. (W. Ind.) Sheridan, Ind. 
Caswell, E. R. (R. I. & Mass.) Swansea Center, 

Catte, H. D. (N. Fork. 111.) Willow Hill, 111. 
Chapins, S. S'. (N. Mo.) Fountain Grove, Mo. 
Cheesman, J. H. (Tioga River) Greenwood. N. Y. 
Chrisman, B. H. (Ohio C.) Centerburg, Ohio. 
Clark, Mrs. C. C. (Me.) Blaire, Me. 
Clark, J. H. (N. Y. E.) Lagrangeville, N. Y. 
Clark. J. L. (Ind. M. R.) Mansalona. Mich. 
Clarridge, Pleasant (Ohio C.) Mt. Sterling. Ohio. 
Claypool, James (N. W. O.) Ft. Jennings, Ohio. 
Clayton, B. F. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs. Ohio. 
Clayton. G. W. (S. Wabash) Indianapolis. Ind 
Clem. H. Russell (Mt. V.) Springfield, Ohio. 
Clement. Ambrose (Kv. No. 2) Limestone. Ky. 
Clements, W. G. (E. N. C.) Morrisville, N. C'. 
Click. F. M. (W. Ind.) Indianapolis, Ind. 
Coate, .7. W. (N. Knns.) Windfield, Kans. 
Cobb, Arthur B. (Mich.) Ansonia. Ohio. 
Cochran. .T. H. (E. Ind.) Dunkirk. Ind. 
Coe, Walter (Ind. M. R.) 119 Main St., Elwood, 

Coddington. C. H. (Mi. O.) Fletcher. O. R. D 2 
Coffin, £•. G. (Mi. O.) Albanv. N. Y., Chestnut St. 
Colgan, D. C. (Ky. Chris.) Flemingsburg, Ky. 
Collier. S. D. (N. Mo.) Greenfield. Mo. 
Cole. H. (S. Kan.) Penalosa. Kan. 
Collins, Emily (IT. Ia.'> Montrose. Iowa, R. D. 
Collins, J. D. (N. Y. E.) Potters Hollows. N. Y. 
Collins, W. G. (W. M. & N. I.) New Carlisle, Ind. 
Colvill, Martha (Kv. Chris.) 
Colvill. S. H. (Ky. Chris.) 

Conibear, G. A. (R. I. & Mass.1 Covington. Ohio. 
Conkling. D. L. (N. Y. E.) Middletown. N. Y. 
Cook. Charles W. (N.Y.E.) Danburv. Conn.. R. D. 

Cook, D. A. (Ind. M. R.I Alexandria. Ind. 
Cook, F. L. (N. Y. C.) Newfield. N. Y. 
Coon, G. R. (Ohio) Athens. Ohio, R. D. R. 
Coop. Charles (U. la.) Fairfield. Iowa, R. D. 
Cooper, Fred (Osagel Weaubleau. Mo. 
Cornell. P. .1. (C. Wis.) Chippawa Falls, Wis. 
Cornell, Frank A. (N. Y. C.) Port Byron, N. Y. 

R. D. 40. 
Cortner. Arlie (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Cortner, .T. R. (E. Ind.) Jireh, Wyo 
Cottle, W. B. (Me.) Liibec, Me. " 
Cottom, .T. (Mich.) Barryton, Mich. 
Cox, J. O. (N. C. & Va.) Durham. N. C. 
Cox, L. I. (W. N. C.) Blon College. N. C. 
Coy. D. O. (C. Ind.) Lebanon. Ind. 
Craig. B. F. (Ky. Chris.) Portsmouth. Ohio. 
Crampton. Henry (W. Ind.) Lebanon. Ind. 
Craven, f?. T. (Des M.I Des Moines. Iowa 
Crosby, B. S. (N. Y. E.) Clinton Corners. N. Y. 
Cross, J. H. (B. Ind.) Losantville. Ind. 
Crowell. N. W. (Wvo.) Keeline, Wyo. 
Cummins, Calvin (W. M. & N. I.) Cross Village, 

Cummins. J. B. (Ohio) Beaver. Ohio. R D 3 
Cundiff, W. T, (No. Mo.) Laredo, Mo. 
Cunningham. Wm. (Ind. M. R.) Alexandria. Ind 


Dall. D. C. (N. E. O.) Marion, Ohio, R. D, 2. 
Dalzell. George CWvo.) Jireh. Wyo. 
Darnell. T. C. (E. Kans.1 Miami.' Okla, R. D. S. 
Parnells. R. W. CW-, ?a.1 Everett. Pa,, R, p, 7, 

Davis, J. H. (Ind. M. R.) 546 W. 26th St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Davis, J. M. (HI.) West Frankfort, 111. 

Davis, M. M. (Ky. Chris.) Muses Mills, Ky. 

Davis, R. (W. M. & N. I.) Marcellus, Mich. 

Davis, T. N. (N. Y. E.) No report for six years. 

Davy, H. S. (Tioga) Sabinsville, Pa. 

Dawson, T. B. (N. C. & Va.) Greensboro, N. C. 

Dawson, Wm. M. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Deck, W. N. (N. W. Ohio) Bryan, Ohio. 

Defur, Clarence (S. Ind.) Sumner, 111. 

Denison, Warren H. (Fel R.) Huntington, Ind. 

Dennen, J. W. (Erie) Edinboro, Pa. 

Dennis, V. R. (Ohio) Wellston, Ohio, 417 W. 
Broadway St. 

DeRemer. J. C. (Mi. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 

Devore, E. A. (Ind. M. R.) Indianapolis, Ind. 

DeWeese, Carter (N. Mo.) Mendon. Mo. 

Deyo. C. I. (Michigan) iLawton, Mich. 

Dickason. I. N. (N. E. O.) DeCliff. Ohio. 

Dickenson, A. I. (Erie) E. Springfield, Pa. 

Dillon, J. Alice, Sweet Valley. Pa. 

Dillon, John A. (N. J.) Sweet Valley, Pa. 

Dipboye, Jonathan (Eel R.) Blufftori, Ind. 

Dipboye. J. W. (Ind. M. R.) Elwood. Ind. 

Dixon. D. E. (Mt. V.) Defiance, Ohio, 715 Niclio- 
las St. 

Dofflemyre, J. W. (Va. V. C.) Elkton, Va. 

Dolby, W. H. (So. O.) Bethel. Ohio, R. D. 

Dollar, J. D. (Ala.) Roanoke. Ala.. R. D. 4. 

Dollar, C. M. (Ala.) Maline, Ala., R. D. 2. 

Doolin, G. W. (S. 111.) Eldorado, 111. 

Douglass, J. J. (S. Wabash) Cynthiana, Ind. 

Drake, D. R. (E. Kans.) Beaumont. Kans. 

Drake, B. A. (Ohio) Chilllcothe, Ohio. 

Drake, S. S. (W. Ark.) Chester, Ark. 

Draper, G. W. (C. 111.) Danville. 111. 

Duckworth, H. J. (Ohio C.) Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 

Dudley, J. W. (W. Ind.) Carlyle, Mont. 

Dunagan, J. A. (Ky. Chris.) Martin, Ky. 

Dunfee, Joseph (N. W. Ind.) North Judson, Ind. 

Dunham, M. F. (So. O.) 1755 Columbus Ave., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dunlap, Albert, D. D., (Mt. V.) Columbus, Ohio. 

Dummitt, W. T. (Ky. Chris.) Liberty, Ky. 

Durham, T. B. (S. III.) Day. 111. 

Dutton, Charles J. (B. I. & Mass.) So. Westport, 

Dutton, J. G. (R. I. & Mass.) Westerly. R. I. 
Dykeman, L. A. (Tioga R.) Maryland, N. Y. 


Ealey. W. M. (C. 111.) Urbana, 111. 

Elder, H. W. (Ga. & Ala.) Richland, Ga. 

Eider, J. W. (Ala.) Heflin, Ala. 

Elder, T. H. (Ala.) Roanoke, Ala., R. D. 4. 

Elder, W. M. (R. U.) Soldiers Grove, Wis., R. D. 

Elliott, Ellen (N. Kan.) Miltonvale, Kan. 

Bills, R. J. (111.) Flora. 111. 

Embree, Isaac (C. 111.) Kingman, Ind. 

Fmerson, John C. (Mer.) Medway, N. Y. 

Eiders, Geo. C. (Ml. O.) Defiance. Ohio. 

English. R. G. (Out.) Markham, Ont., Can. 

Ervin, Wm. (111.) McLeansboro, 111. 

Etter, J. B. (Mi. O.) Troy, Ohio. 

Evans, F. B. (Ohio) HIgby, Ohio. 

Evans. J. D. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Everett, M. L. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Everman. J. b'. (Kv. No. 2) Charlotte Furnace, Ky., 

Bwing, W. E. (O. E.) Hilton, Ohio. 


Feece, William (N. W. Ind.) Culver. Ind. 
Fenner, .L B. (Mi. O.) S'idney, Ohio. 
Fenton. R. G. (N. Y. E.) Quaker Street. N. Y. 
Fenwick, Mrs. Minnie (Wyo.) Burns, Wyo. 
Ferrell. C. A. (S. HI.) Murphysboro. 111. 
Fish. Isaac B. (C. Ind.) Norman Station, Ind. 
Fisher. C. H. (R. I. & Mass.) West Mansfield. Mftsa. 
Flte, S, P, (Ind, M, R.) Marloo, In^, 



Fitzgerald, B. (Des M.) Truro, Iowa. 

Flammer, William (AVyo.) Jireh, Wyo. 

Flanders, Walter B. (li. I. & Mass.) Brocton, 

Fleming, P. H. (W. N. C.) Greenville, Ohio. 

Fletcher, John (C. Wis.) Dudley, Oregon. 

Flfteher, W. A. (Ga. & Ala.) Omega, Ga. 

I'liicher, W. 1'. (Out.) Keswick, Ont., Can. 

l-'lora, Henry (Ind. M. R.) Fairmount, Ind. 

Flowers, Elija T. ( ) G36 S. 10th St., Lincoln, 


Fly. M. L. (S. 111.) Makanda, III. 
I Fockler, C. B. (Ont.) 731 Markham St., Toronto, 
I Ont., Can. 

I FoJlansbee, L. E. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 
' Feltz, G. W. (N. W. Ohio) Winchester, Ind. 
i Foos, S. W. S. (Rays H. & So. I'a.) Everett, Pa., 
R. R. 5. 

Ford, F. V. S. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Ford, Samuel (N. W. Ind.) Pulaski, Ind. 

Fordyce, Lewis (U. la.) Libertyville, Iowa. 

Forest, L. H. (Ky. No. 2) Sandy Hook, Ky. 

Foss, J. A. (N. Y. W.) Morganville, N. Y. 

Foster, J. L. (E. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 

Fraley, D. A. (Ky. No. 2) Isomsville, Ky. 

Francis, Ed. (N. Y. E.) Sprakers. N. Y.. R. D. 1. 

Frantz, Samuel (Eel R.) North Manchester, Ind. 

Freeman, A. H. (Osage) Asbury, Mo. 

Freeman, W. A. (Wvo. ) Jireh, Wyo. 

Frederick, J. R. (N. Fork 111.) Annapolis, 111. 

French, E. (Tioga R.) Kirkwood, N. Y. 

French, Edward (N. W. Ohio) LeGrand, Iowa. 

Fry, E. C. (R. I. Mass.) Missionary, Utsunomiya, 

Fry, Harvey (W. Wash.) Porter, Wash. 

Fry, Susie V. (W. Ind.) Utsunomiya, Japan. 

Fulton, H. C. (N. C. & Va.) Greensboro, N. C. 

Furgerson, Levi (Y. & C.) Mirror Lake, N. H. 

Furnas, O. P. (Mi. O.) Tadmor, Ohio, R. D. 1. 


Gaige, F. E. (N. Y. E.) Hartwick, N. Y. 
Garland, A. R. (R. II. & S. Pa.) Belle Grove, Md. 
Garland, T. P. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Everett, Pa. 
Garland, W. C. (R. R. & S. Pa.) 47 Browning St., 

Cumberland, Md. 
Garling, S. K. (Osage) Rockville, Mo. 
Garman, Chas. C. (Mi. O.) New Bremen, Ohio. 
Garman, Clark P. (Ml. O.) Sendai, Japan. 
Garner, G. B. (N. W. O.) Blufifton, Ind. 
Garrett, E. E. (Des M.) Arkansas City, Kan. 
Garretson, J. H. (Ind. M. R.) Vanburen, Ind. 
Garrison, J. D. (Ga. & Ala.) Lanett, Ala. 
Garwick. E. A. (N.E.O.) Gallon, O., R. D. 4. 
Gee. J. W. (Ky. No. 2) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Gee, Robert (Ky. No. 2) Fontana, Ky. 
Geeding, Elbert (HI.) Merom, Ind. 
Gennett, W. L. (N. J.) Brldgeboro, N. J. 
Gibbs, Charles (N. J.) Rougher, N. J. 
Gibson, Ray F. (Erie) Erie, Pa. 
Gilbert, Ernest (N. W. Ind.) Darlington, Ind. 
Gillespie, T. C. (W. Ind.) Staunton, Ind. 
Glasscock, T. H. (Kv. Chris.) Aberdeen, Ohio. 
Glasscock, E. R. (Ky. Chris.) Aberdeen, Ohio. 
Golden, A. J. (N. Mo.) DeWitt, Mo. 
Godley, Albert (Ind. M. R.) Indianapolis, Ind. 
Goodwin, C. W. (S. W. la.) Rockport, Mo. 
Gott, R. H. (W. Ind.) Kokomo, Ind. 
Grafton, A. C. (C. la.) Murrv, la. 
Grafton, J. C. (W. Wash.) Montesano. Wash. 
Grate, G. W. (Mt. V.) Signal, Ohio. 
Gray, D. L. (Ky. Chris.) Manchester, Ohio. 
Gray, I. H. (E. Ind.) Muncie, Ind. 
Green, G. J. (E. N. C.) Morrlsville, N. C. 
Green. O. S'. (E. Ind.) Fort Recovery, Ohio. 
Griffith, G. L. (MI. O.) Troy, Ohio. 
Grisson, S. L. (S. III.) Pomona. 111. 
Grover, H. A. (Ohio E. Inc.) Bidwell, Ohio. 
Gustln, Ellen G. (R. I. & Mass.) Attleboro, Mass 
Gwinn, M. M. (E. Ind.) Princeton, Kan. 


Ilagans, J. B. (Ohio C.) Delaware, Ohio. 

Hainer, C. H. (Out.) 875 Dovercourt Road, To- 
ronto, Ont., Can. 

Hainer, H. M. (Out.) 875 Dovercourt Road, To- 
ronto, Out., Cau. 

Hainer, W. H. (N. J.) Irvington, N. J. 

Haines, W. H. (Tioga R.) Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Halfaker, J. S. (N. W. Ohio) Lima. Ohio. 

Hall, br. C. (Ont.) Oshawa, Ont., Can. 

Hall, E. C. (N. J.) Flemington, N. J. 

Hall, Willoe J. (Me.) Lubec, Maine. 

Hall, William (Ky. No. 2) Fults, Ky. 

Hallowell, Gardiner (Me.) Blaire, Me. 

Hamlett, Jas. A. (Tioga R. ) Beaver Meadow, N. Y. 

Hammond, E. D. (S. Wabash) Olney, 111. 

Hammond, G. R., Ph. D. (W. Ind.) Merom, Ind. 

Hammond, G. R. (Eel R.) Merom, Ind. 

Hammond, Lovell D. (Mt. V.) Coshocton, Ohio. 

Hance, C. J. (N. W. Ohio) Spencerville, Ohio. 

Hancock, O. J. (Y. & C.) Old Orchard, Me. 

Hanson, A. M. (E. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 

Harper, J. F. (Ky. Chris.) Stouts, Ohio. 

Harrell, J. W. (E. Va.) Portsmouth. Va. 

Ilarrell, S. C. (E. Va.) Detiance, Ohio. 

Harris, O. A. (Eel R.) Wakarusa, Ind. 

Harris, E. M. (Mt. V.) Utica, Ohio. 

Harris, Robert (W. Ind.) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hartley, B. A. (E. Ind.) Deliance, Ohio. 

Harward, W. D. (E.Va.) Newport News, Va. 

Hatfield, C. C. (Mi. O.) Columbus, Ohio. 

Hatfield, D. H. (S. Wabash) Pearland, Texas. 

Hathaway, M. V. (S. Wabash) Trimble, 111. 

Hathaway, O I. (Tioga R.) Binghamton, N. Y. 

Hawk, C. (C. 111.) St. Joseph, 111. 

Heath, A. R. (W. Ind.) Covington, Ind. 

Hekatborn, E. J. (Des M.) Mountain View, Mo. 

Hedges, W. W. (Ky. Chris.) Big Run, Ky. 

Hefiin, Wm. (N. W. Ind.) Russiaville, Ind. 

Heikes, N. M. (Y. & C.) Freedom, N. H. 

Helfeostein, D. M. (Union la.) Des Moines, la. 

Helfenstein, Roy C. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Helfenstein, S. Q. (N. Y. W.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Hendershot, W. H. (W. Ind.) Merom, Ind. 

Hendrickson, Roy L. (N. Kans.) Lincoln, Kans. 

Henson, Henry (N. W. Kan.) Almena, Kan. 

Hercules, L. W. (Ind. M. R.) Center, Ind. 

Herndon, W. T. (N. C. & Va.) Durham, N. C. 

Hershey, C. B. (S. Wabash) Urbana, 111. 

Hidy, David (Eel R.) North Manchester, Ind. 

Higgs, N. E. (N. J.) Manayunk, Pa. 

Hiller, G. H. (S. III.) Carbondale, 111. 

Hillman, J. J. (N. Kans.) Lakemont, N. Y. 

Himes, Lewis (Ind. M. R.) Orestes, Ind. 

Hinkle, A. I*. (Ind. M. R.) Goldsmith, Ind. 

Hoagland, B. F. (Ohio C.) Centerburg, Ohio. 

Hobbs, James (Ky. No. 1) Vanceburg, Ky. 

Ilobbs, M. C. (Ky. Chris.) Clarksburg, Ky. 

Hobbs, William (Ky. No. 1) Vanceburg, Ky. 

Hoefifer, C. W. (Mi. Ohio) Richmond, Ind. 

Hoel, I. M. (C. 111.) Tuscola, 111. 

Hoffman, F. E. (N. J.) Madlsonville, Pa. 

Hoffman, J. W. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Everett, Pa. 

Hoffman, J. W. (N. J.) Sweet Valley, Pa. 

Holder, G. M. (Ga. & Ala.) Langdale, Ala. 

Holiday, L. D. (Ont.) Swanson, Saskatchewan, 

Ilollingworth, C. G. (Des M.) Milo, la. 

Holmes, Thos., D. D., (Mich.) Lakemont, N. Y. 

Holt, G. W. (Ky. Chris.) Burtonsville, Ky. 

Holt, J. W. (N. C. & Va.) Burlington, N. C. 

Holverstolt, H. H. (N. E. O.) 217 E. Columbia St., 
Marion, Ohio. 

Hook, A. W. (Mi. O.) Phoneton, Ohio. 

Hook, C. F. (N. Y. E.) Huntersland, N. Y. 

Hook, Mrs. C. F. (N. Y. E.) Huntersland, N. Y. 

Hopscheoff, W. F. (S. W. W. Va.) 

Hornbaker, W. O. (C. 111.) Urbana. 111. 

House, Arthur (E. Ind.) West Milton, Ohio. 

Houseman, J. F. (S. 111.) Reynoldsville, 111. 

Howard, Lester, (R. I. & Mass.) Fall River, Mass. 

Howard, T. W. (C. la.) BIrchdale, Minn. 



Howsare, McD. (E. Va.) Eaton, Ohio. 
Huff, C. E. (N. W. Kan.) Oronoque, Kan. 
Hughes, .T. H. (Ahi.) Wadlev, Ahi., K. I). 4. 
Hughes, S. J. (S. Wabash) Olney, 111. 
Hughs, S. J. (Ky. No. 1) Garrison, Ky. 
Hull, Emerson (E. Kans. ) Columbus. Kans. 
Hull, H. (N. Mo.) St. Joseph, Mo. 
Humphrey, T. P. (Me.) Hampden Corner, Me. 
Humphreys, Arthur (N. Y. C.) Watertown, N. Y. 

R. D. E. 
Humphries, Taylor (Ky. Chris.) Gaddard, Ky. 
Hunt, A. W. (E. Ind.) Hartford City, Ind. 
Hunt, G. 1). (Ala.) Wadley, Ala., R. I). 3. 
Hurlburt, Donald P. (Erie) Sprlngboro, Pa. 
Hurst, A. P. (S. Kan.) Progresso, New Mexico. 
Hutton, F. D., Garfield, Wash. 

Irons, M. P. (S. Kan.) Range, Okla. 
Irons, Geo. W. (W. I.) East Galesburg, 111. 
Iseley, A. F. (N. C. & Va.) Burlington, N. C. 
R. D. 8. 

Jacobs, A. O. (S. Wabash) Newton, 111. 

James, Mrs. A. R. (S. W. la.) Edgewater, Col. 

Jay, H. R. (Mi. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 

Jay, Wm. M. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Defiance, Ohio. 

Johnson, G. W. (E. Ind.) Albany, Ind. 

Johnson, I. W. (E. Va.) Suffolk. Va. 

Johnson, J. L. (F. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 

Johnson, L. F. (E. N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 

Johnson, L. W. (E. Ind.) IvOsantville, Ind. 

.Johnson, IT. S. (N. W. Ind.) Defiance, Ohio. 

.Johnson, Zelma (E. Ind.) Lynn, Ind. 

Johnston, George O. (Des M.) lyeon, Iowa. 

Jones, A. S. (Ind. M. R.) Elwood, Ind. 

Jones, C. C. (E. Va.) Wakefield. Va. 

Jones, Dan (Ohio) Jackson, Ohio. 

Jones. George W. (Rich. Union) Richland Center, 

Jordan, Linslev (Ky. No. 1) Vanceburg, Ky. 
Julian, M. P. (N. Y. E.) South Berne, N. Y. 
Julian, liflin (E. Ind.) Christiansburg, Ohio. 
Judy, DeK. (E. Ind.) Montpelier. Ind. 


Kauffman, J. E. (N. W. Ohio) Defiance, Ohio. 

Kauffman. J. M. (R. II. & S. Pa.) Pottersville.Mnss. 

Keck, P. H. (Seloto V.) Milan, Ind. 

Kelley, F. J. (Des M.) Thaver, Iowa. 

Kellev, William (Me.) Caribou, Me. 

Kegg, J. S. (N. W. Ohio) Defiance, Ohio. 

Kemp, A. E. (Erie) 238 Buffalo St., Conneaut. O. 

Kendall, A. B. (C. la.) T.eGrand. Iowa. 

Kerr, A. M. (Ml. O.) Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

Kerr. E. C. (Eel River) S. Whitley, Ind. 

Kershner, C. B. (Eel R.) Warren, Ind. 

Kershner, W. G. (N. W. Ohio) Harrod, Ohio. 

Kerst, C. W. (C. 111.) Pierson, 111. 

Keys, Frankie (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 

Kevs, D. A. (E. Va.) South Norfolk. Va. 

Kibbev, W. P. (W. I.) Advance, Indiana, 

Kilpatrick. R. I.. {.Mt, V,) Black Run, Ohio. R. D. 

King, S. K, (Ohio r.) Columbus, Ohio. 

Kitchen, J. T. (E. Va.) Windsor. Va. 

Kitchen, W. (S. Wabash) Hunt. 111. 

Klapp. P. T. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College. N. C. 

Klapp, S. B, (N. C, & Va,) Greensboro, N. C. 

Kline, D. P, (Rich. TTnion) Yul)a, Wis. 

Kllnk, E. C. (Ohio C.) Columbus, Ohio. 

Knight, J. V. (Ala.) Elon College, N. C. 

Knicrht. W. H. H. (W. Pa.) Dunbar. Pa. 

Knight, W. R, (Ala,) Abanda, Ala. 

Knight. Z. (Y. & C.) South Berwick, Me., R. D. 

Kobb, J. R. (N. W. Ind.) Center, Ind. 

liake. Chas. W. (Me.) Newburg. Me. 
Lamb, Mrs. N. E. {S. Kan.) Clyde, Kan. 

Lambert, Riley (N. W. Kan.) Lux, Neb. 

Land, Abraham (111.) Fairfield, 111. 

Lang, W. H. (Me.) Ijewlston, Me. 

Langden, C. H. (Ky. No. 1) Olive Hill, Ky. 

Lankford, G. O. (Ala.) Wadley, Ala. 

Larned, S. L. (N. M.) Siloam Springs, Ark. 

Las.'^iter, L. L. (Va. V. C.) Broadway, Va. 

Lawhun, S. P. (Kv. Chris.) 

Lawrence, G. D. (C. 111.) Avon, 111. 

Lawrence, W. W. (W. N. C.) Seagrove, N. C. 

Lawson, E. L. (W. Ind.) Urbana, 111. 

Lawwill, C. C. (So. O.) Aberdeen, Ohio. 

Laymon, John (Ind. M. R.) Michigantown, Ind. 

Leiivitt, L. M. (W. I.) Lewistown, Illinois. 

Leonard, A. (N. W. Ohio) Grover Hill, Ohio. 

Leonard, W. A. (Erie) 411 7th St., Erie, Pa. 

Lepley, D. (N. W. Ohio) Lima, Ohio. 

Lett, M. F. (Ala.) 

Lewis, F. E. (S. Wabash) Grayville, 111. 

Lewis, Herman A, (Ohio E, Inc.) Hilton, Ohio. 

Lewis, J. M, (R, I. & Mass.) No. Westport, Mass. 

Lewis, L. E. (Ohio C.) Peoria, Ohio. 

Lewis, R. A. (S. W. la.) Madrid. la. 

Lewis, Samuel (Ohio E. Inc.) Bladen, Ohio. 

Lightbourne, A. W. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Dover, Del. 

Liles, G. W. (Ky. Chris.) Rugless, Ky. 

Liles, J. M. (Ky. Chris.) Rugless, Ky. 

Lindsev. Isadore (S. 111.) Pomona. 111. 

Lvtle, H. C. (O. E.) Dyesville. Ohio. 

Litle. Llovd (O. E.) Dvesville. Ohio. 

Littell, J.' B. (S. Wabash) Muncie, 111. 

Litteral, Malon (Kv. No. 2) I'artlow, Ky. 

Livingston, E. C. (Tioga R.) West Pike, Pa. 

Ix)gan, James (Kv. No, 1) Brushart, Ky. 

Logue, J. R. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Clearville, Pa. 

Long, 1). A, (W. N. C.) Merom. Ind, 

Long, G. A. (Ohio E, Inc.) Vinton, Ohio. 

Long, R. H. (Mt. V.) Centerburg. Ohio. 

Long, W. S., D. D., (W. N. C.) Chapel Hill, N. C. 

I/ott, H. L. (E. Ind.) Greenville. Ohio. 

Loper, A. E. (Scioto V.) PortsmoMth. Ohio. 

liOucks, Albert (R. "I. & Mass,) Rehoboth, Mass. 

Loucks, D. C. (R. I. & Mass.) So. Portsmouth, R. I. 

Love, A. A, (So. O.) Mt, Holly, Ohio, 

Love. Arthur K, (E. Ind.) Hagerstown, Ind. 

Luark, M. J. (W. Wash.) Montesano, Wash. 

Lucas, Rov (W. Ind.) I^banon, Ind. 

Lusk, D, R, (E. Ind.) Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 


-Maben, B. S. (C. la.) Griswold, Iowa. 
MacCalman, John, D. D. (N. Y. C.) Lakemont, 

N. Y. 

Macy. C. E. ( ) Laconla, N. II. 

MacKenzie. Alexander (N. Y. W.) Newmarket, 

Ont.. Can. 
Maddix, W. L. (Kv. No, 2) Counts Cross Roads, Ky. 
Maddox, J. W. (Ohio) Zanesville. Ohio. 
Mahan, C. N. (S. Wabash) Marietta, 111. 
Main, S. S. (Mich.) Britton. Mich. 
Makay, L. C. (N. Y. E.) Cranberry Creek. N. Y. 
Manlev, J. L, (Ohio Vallev) Middieport, Ohio. 
Mann." Horace (Ml. O.) Rifle, Colo, 
Maple, James (Scioto V.) Richmondnle, Ohio. 
Markley. J. J. (Eel R.) Bluffton, Ind. 
Marshall. John (Osage) Humansville, Mo. 
Martin. J. H. (W. I.) Advance. Ind. 
Martin, J. W. (Ohio Vallev) Bristow, Okla. 
Martin. W. H. (W. I.) Wingate. Ind. 
Mason, A, M. (E. Kans.) Altoona, Kans. 
Mason, Ben,iamin (Erie) Edinhoro. Pa. 
Mason, Ros'coe (N. W. Ind.) Merom. Ind. 
Massie. J. B. (O, E,) Patriot. Ohio. R. D. 1. 
Massie. N. W. (O. E.) Springfield, Ohio, R. D. fl. 
Masters, J. L. (E. Kans.) Mound Vallev. Kans. 
Masters, J. S. (W. M. & N, I,) Pearl. Mich. 
Maxwell. J. W. (Mi. O.) Columbus Grove, Ohio. 
Mav. A. W. (R. II. & S. Pa.) Belle Grove. Md. 
McCague. F. (N. W. Ohio) Snencervllle. Ohio. 
McClain, Nomen (N. W. Ind.) Millersburg, Ind. 
McClense. J. W. (Kv. Chris.) Carter, Kv, 
McClellan, Edward (Eel R.) Galesburg, N. Dak. 



McCloud, N. S. (N. W. Ohio) Dunkirk, Ohio. 
McCorkhlU, J. E. (Ind. M. U.) Fairmount, Ind. 
McCoy, C. E. (N. W. Ind.) New Waverly, Ind. 
McCoy, G. F. (Ohio E. Inc.) Arlee, W. Va. 
McCown, William (Ky. No. 1) Quincy, Ky. 
McCroiie, II. W. (X. Y. E.) !St. Johnsville, N. Y. 
McDauiel, C. A. (Mi. O.) Versailles, Ohio. 
McDaniel, R. H. (Mi. O.) Christiansburg, Ohio. 
McDonald, C. W. (Des M.) Lake City, Iowa. 
McDonald, (5eo. (Ohio Valley) Coalton, Ohio. 
McFarland, Emma (N. E. O.) 1228 Monroe St., 

Muncie, Ind. 
Mcllargiie, A.' D. (E. Kaus.) Ilallowell, Kans. 
Mcllargue, Nancv J. (B. Kans.) Hallowell, Kans. 
McKaig, J. R. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 
Mclveen, S. II. (Y. & C.) Woodville. N. Y. 
MoKenzie, James (Mer.) Hill, N. H. 
McKinney, Geo. (S. Wabash) Noble, 111. 
McManiman, J. W. (N. J.) Johnsonburg, N. J. 
McNeely, Samuel (N. W. I.) Tiosa, Ind. 
McNees', J. H. (Rich. Union) Richland Center, Wis. 
McNier, W. K. (S. Kan.) Guymon, Okla. 
McReynolds, N. Del. (Mi. O.) Bellefontaine, Ohio. 
McReynolds. I'. W., I). D., (Mich.) Defiance. Oliio, 
Meadows, T. H. (Ky. Chris.) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Mell, G. R. (N. W. Ohio) Lima, Ohio. 
Melvin, .]. T. (So. Ohio) Neville, Ohio. 
Menaugh, H. H. (S. W. la.) Linden, Iowa. 
Menaugh, Ida M. (S. W. la.) Linden, Iowa. 
Mercer. A. T. (N. Y. W.) North Greece, N. Y. 
Mercer, A. 1. (Ont.) 

Messer. John (Ky. No. 2) Kay Ford, W. Va. 
Metzger, Frazer (Mer.) Randolph, Vt. 
Michaels, W. E. (E. Ind.) Weavers Station, Ohio. 
Milholland, S. M. (Des M.) Orient, Iowa. 
Millard, D. E., D. D.. (Mich.) I'ortland, Mich. 
Miller, C. W. (N. Y. E.) Clinton Corners, N. Y., 

R. D. 1. 
Miller, John M. (Eel R.) Vaughnsville, Ohio. 
Miller, Mrs. K. E. (C. 111.) Veedersburg, Ind. 
Miller, N. B. (W. Va.) Parsons, W. Va. 
Miller, O. V. (W. M. & N. I.) Cassopolis, Mich. 
.Miller. Samuel (Rich. Union) Soldiers Grove, Wis., 

R. D. 
Miller, Samuel (C. Wis.) Madison, Wis. 
Miller. W. S. (W. Pa.) 112 Witter Ave., Connells- 

ville. Pa. 
Miller, W. V. (So. O.) Lynchburg, Ohio. 
Minton, W. P. (Eel R.) Goshen, Ind. 
Mishler, Miss Jennie (N. 111.) Santa Isabel, Porto 

Moffitt, H. T. (W. N. C.) Moffltt, N. C. 
Moody, J. II. (Ohio) Jackson, Ohio, R. D. 1. 
Moody, Laura (E. Kans.) Galena, Kans. 
Moore, Andrew (Ky. No. 2) Colton, Ky. 
Moore. H. C. (V. Va. C.) Harrisonburg, Va. 
Moore, T. V. (Tioga) Woodhull, N. Y. 
Moorhouse. P. (Mich.) Lexington, Mich. 
Moran, J. W. (S. 111.) Pomona, 111. 
Morgan, Clara (Ky. Chris.) Springdale. Ky. 
Morgan, D. B. (Kv. Chris.) Liberty, Ky. 
Morgan, J. F. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Morroll, Edwin (Mi. O.) Deliance. Ohio. 
Morrill, Alva H. (Mer.) South Main St., Franklin, 

N. H. 
Morrill, Milo T. (Mer.) Dayton, Ohio. 
Morris, Ida (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Morris, J. F. (Ind. M. R.) Poneto, Ind., R. D. 1. 
Morris. Mrs. Tillie (Ind.M.R.) Poneto. Ind.. R.D.I. 
Morrow, D. L. (Union la.) Barnes City, Iowa. 
Morrow, George W. (Mer.) Detroit, Mich. 
Morton. E. (Ont.) Eddystone, Ont., Can. 
Moses, T. G. (Me.) Eastport, Me. 
Mosteller, Silas (Ont.) Stouffville, Can. 
Moulton, R. C. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 
Mounsev, Bruce (Ind. M. R.) Alexandria, Ind. 
Mndge, "Elisha. D. D.. (Mich.) Maple Rapids, Mich. 
Mugridge. J. H. (Y. & C.) Stratham, N. H. 
Mullen. W. F. (E. Ind.) Farmland, Ind. 
Myers, W. P. (Ohio E. Inc.) Rio Grande, Ohio. 

Nelson, C. G. (N. Kan.) Lincoln, Kan. 
Nelson, Charles (N. Y. E.) Bast Galaway, N. Y. 
Newhouse, J. T. (E. Ind.) Chesterfield, Ind. 
Newhouse, S. S. (Mi. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Newhouse, W. P. (Ind. M. R.) Tipton, Ind. 
Newman, C. E. (E. N. C.) Henderson, N. C. 
Newman, H. G. (E. Va.) Holland, Va. 
Newman, J. U. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Newton, L. W. (Mt. V.) Amesburv, Mass. 
Noffsinger, A. (N. W. Ohio) Forest Hill, Mich. 
Nutt, E. J. (Ohio C.) 797 Park St., Columbus, O. 


Oderkirk, G. H. (E. Ind.) Washington, Pa. 
Orebaugh, J. C. (C. Ind.) Ifarmland, Ind. 
Oren, E. D. (E. Ind.) Carlos City, Ind. 
Orr, J. B. (Ala.) LaFayette, Texas. 

Page, J. W. (Ind. M. R.) Frankfort, Ind., R. D. 7. 
Page, R. W. (Eel R.) Bluffton, Ind. 
Palmer, S. G. (R. I. & Mass.) Dighton, Mass. 
Parsons, D. C. (Ohio C.) Appleton, Ohio. 
Patrick, F. M. (Ind. M. R.) Kirklin, Ind., R. D. 1. 
Patterson, F. C. (Erie) Bear Lake, Pa. 
Patterson, J. J. (C. 111.) Danville, 111. 
Patton, J. W. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Patton, Ivouisa (N. W. Kan.) Oberiin, Kan. 
Paul, W. T. (S. W\abash) Greenup, 111. 
Peck, Ira L. (N. Y. W.) Gasport, N. Y. 
Peel, C. C. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College N. C. 
I'eel, R. H. (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 
Penrod, Miss T'ena C. (W. I.) Tokio, Japan. 
Percy, W. (Ont.) S'toufifville, Ont., Can. 
Perdue, William (Eel R.) Warren, Ind. 
I'erlee, Silas H. (N. Y. W.) Machias, N. Y. 
I'erkins, Geo. T. (N. W. O. ) Berkey, Ohio. 
Perry, H. (N. Mo.) Bosworth, Mo. 
I'ershing, II. H. (Erie) New Albany, Pa., R. D. 46. 
Peters, F. II. (R. I. & Mass.) New Bedford, Mass. 
Phillips, Edwin R. (Merr. ) Woodstock, Vt. 
Phillips, G. B. (Union la.) Birmingham, Iowa. 
Phillips, Lewis W. (Mer.) South Main St., Frank- 
lin, N. H. 
Pierson, Ed. (N. W. Kan.) Burr Oak, Kan. 
Pinnix, J. W. (N. C. & Va.) Kernersville, N. C. 
Piper, J. W. (C. la.) LeGrand, Iowa. 
Pitcher, C. S. (Me.) Dexter, Me. 
I'itser, Henry (So. O.) Georgetown. Ohio. 
I'ittman, J. M. (Mich.) Cobleskill, N. Y. 
Pittman, R. W. (N. 111.) Leaf River, Illinois. 
Plunkett, J. M. (S. Wabash) Palestine, 111. 
Pond, E. K. (C. Ind.) Clifford, Ind. 
Poste, Z. A. (N. J.) Lewisburg, Pa. 
Potter. George W. (Me.) Monticello, Me. 
Potter, J. O. (Tioga) Almond, N. Y. 
Potter. Stanton W. (Mich.) Romeo, Mich. 
Powell, D. (Wvo.) Truro. Iowa. 
Powell, D. E. "(N. Y. E.) South Westerio, N. Y. 
Pounds, A. T. (E. N. C.) Clayton, N. C. 
Powers, A. G. B. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Needmore, Pa. 
Powers, Frank (E. Ind.) Albany, Ind. 
Powers. O. W. (Ohio C.) Dayton, Ohio. 
Powers. 7j. J. (W. Va.) Laneville, W. Va. 
Prater, Wvlie (Ky. No. 2) I'artlow, Ky. 
Pratt, Joseph (N. Y. E.) 
Presley, H. (Ky. Chris.) 
Preston. M. A. (Mich.) Spencer, Mich. 
Price, S. (S. Wabash) Greenup, 111. 
Prosser, D. (Ont.) Newmarket, Ont., Can. 
Prosser, J. (Ont.) Castleton, Ont., Can. 
Putnam, D. I. (N. Y. E.) Richmondville, N. Y. 

Ransford, W. H. (N. Fork, 111.) Willow Hill. HI. 
Rasmussen, Mrs. E. (S. Kan.) Stafford, Kan. 
Reaves. W. M. (S.W.W.Va.) Dungriff, W.Va. 
Reed, E. S. (Mi. O.) Versailles, Ohio. 




Reed, Wm. (N. W. Ind.) Argos, Ind. 

Reedy, Emma (E. Ind.) Evart, Mich. 

Reich, Lloyd (111.) Browns, Illinois. 

Renfrew, J. M. (Osage E. Div.) Ketchum, Olsla. 

Remington, G. J. (Ohio C.) Ostrander, Ohio. 

Reynolds, J. W. (R. I. & Mass.) Assonet, Mass. 

Reynolds, M. G. (S. 111.) Murphysbor©, 111. 

Reynolds, W. J. (R. I. & Mass.) Uayville, Conn. 

Rheubottom, Mary G. (Eel R.) Wakarusa, Ind. 

Rhinehart, Wm. (N. W. Ind.) Pulaski, Ind. 

Rhodes, H. J. (Mi. O.) Franklin, Ohio. 

Rhodes, Elisha (Union la.) Alontrose. Iowa, R. D. 

Richards, Fred (Ohio) Jackson, Ohio. 

Richey, F. B. (Mt. V.) Utica, Ohio. 

Richman, W. W. (S.W.W.Va.) Boomer, Mo. 

Ridlon, N. T. (Y. & C.) N. Hampton, N. H. 

Riggleman, S. E. (W. Va.) Parsons, W. Va. 

Riggleman, Mrs. S. J. (W. Va.) Parsons, W. Va. 

Rlnehart, Charles (W. I.) Frankfort, Indiana. 

Rinfro, George (Ky. No. 2) 

Rippey, G. W. (C. 111.) Atwood, 111. 

Roach, Killis (Va.) I»yke, Va. 

Robbins, J. W. (W. M. & N. I.) Millgrove, Ind. 

Roberts, C. J. (Ky. Chris.) Ni Si, Ky 

Roberts, J. M. (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 

Roberts, M. II. (Ind. M. R.) 3G5G W. 37th St., 

Marion, Ind. 
Robinson, Eliza (Eel R.) Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Rockwell, C. N. (Mi. O.) Buckland, Ohio. 
Rockwell, F. E. (Ohio C.) Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 
Rockwell, George R. (N. Y. C.) Buckland, Ohio. 
Rockwell, H. G. (N. W. Ind.) Argos, Ind. 
Roemer, G. A. (N. J.) Carversville, Pa. 
Rollin, D. B. (N. W. Ind.) Paw Paw, Mich. 
Roof, Nathan, (Mich.) Ashley, Mich. 
Ross, D. J. (Ky. Chris.) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Ross, John (Ind. M. R.) 1502 W. 13th St., Mun- 

cie, Ind. 
Ross, W. D. (B. Ind.) Parker, Ind. 
Rountree, H. E. (E. Va.) Waverly, Va. 
Roush, Charles (N. W. O.) Lafayette, Ohio. 
Rowe, H. G. (C. 111.) Danville, 111. 
Rowland, C. H. (E. Va.) Franklin, Va. 
Rupe, J. C. (N. W. Ind.) Argos, Ind. 
Rupert, W. H. (W. I.) Brazil, Indiana. 
Rvan, L. W. (Mi. O.) Fletcher, Ohio, R. D. 
Ryan, C. C. (N. W. Ohio) Ft. Jennings, Ohio. 
Ryan, C. C. (E. Va.) Ft. Jennings, Ohio. 
Byker, P. L. (Mich.) Maple Rapids, Mich. 

Sage, E. W. (Union la.) Washington, Iowa. 

Sailer, P. S. (R. I. & Mass.) 79 Clark St., Lynn, 

Samuel, P. H. (N. 111.) Capron, 111. 

Samuel, W. D., D. D., (Eel R.) Warren. Ind., R. 
D. 3. 

Sanders, Harvev (Ky. No. 2) Saulsberry, Ky. 

Sando, Warren H. (Ohio C.) Ill W. 5th Ave., Col- 
umbus. Ohio. 

Sargent, W. G. (R. I. & Mass.) 66 Sorento St., 
Providence, R. I. 

Saunders, Martha M. (Ky. Chris.) Big Run, Ky. 

Scholefield, C. H. (N. Y. W.) Albion. N. Y. 

Scholz, Herbert (B. N. C.) Macon, N. C. 

Scott. J. S. (Ky. No. 1) Olive Hill, Ky. 

Scott. S. P. (Ky. Chris.) 

Sears, C. C. (S. Wabash) Merom, Ind. 

Seaton, Beniamin (Osage B. Div.) Meta, Mo. 

Shafer. W. Max (E. Ind.) Muncle. Ind. 

Sharp, W. (S. W. W. Va.) DungrifC, W. Va. 

Shaw. W. H. (N. Y. E.) Utlca, 225 Seymour Ave.. 
N. Y. 

ffhear, Geo. D. (N. Y. E.) 

Sheelv, Adaline (So. O.) West Union, Ohio. 

Sheldon, R. Anna (Mt. V.) Sparta, Ohio. 

Shlnkle. L. M. (So. O.) Mt. Grab, O., R. D. 

Show, Sanford, <W. Pa.) Falrchance. Pa. 

Shoultz; J. H. (N. Y. E.) Newark. N. Y. 

Rhult, Pe.^^lv E. CN. 111.) Ashton, 111. 

Simmons, E. D. (W. I.) Russiaville, Indiana. 

Simms, J. D. (Osage) Gerster, Mo. 
Slmonton, S. S. (E. Ind.) Montpelier, Ind. 
Simpson, P. II. (Mich.) 711 Pacific St., Monterey, 

Sinift, G. R. (Ohio) Chlllicothe, Ohio. 
Slane, S. M. (N. W. Ohio) Grover Hill, Ohio. 
Sloan, John (S. 111.) Marion, 111. 
Small, Curtis B. (E. Ind.) Farmland, Ind. 
Smith, Alice Draper (N. Mo.) Valley Center, Kans. 
Smith, B. M. (N. Y. E.) Stanfordville, N. Y. 
Smith, Geo. B. (Ind. M. R.) 2508 E. Mich. St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Smith, Hugh A.(M1.0.) Dayton, O., 823 Home Ave. 
Smith, J. Stillman (R. I. & Mass.) West Roxbury, 

Smith, L.E. (Ga. & Ala.) Greensboro, N. C. 

Smith, Mahlon (111.) Sims, 111. 

Snyder, J. W. (111.) Mason, 111. 

Sooter, C. M. (Osage E. Div.) Capps, Mo. 

Sooter, W. M. (Osage E. Div.) Iberia, Mo., R. B. 2, 

Soule. J. C. (.Mich.) Romeo, Mich. 

Spade, William (E. Ind.) Bryant, Ind. 

Spitzer, J. W. (C. Wis.) Nekoosa, Wis. 

Spitzer, T. A. (E. Ind.) Redkey, Ind. 

Spohn, E. T. (Eel R.) Maple Rapids, Mich. 

Spriggs, C. O. (Ky. Chris.) 369 E. Lo St., Ports- 
mouth, Ohio. 

Spriggs, J. E. (Mi. O.) South Solon, Ohio. 

Staggs, G. W. (Ky. No. 1) Carter, Ky. 

Staley, W. W., D. D., (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 

Stanley, Hannah W. (E. Ind.) Williamsburg, Ind. 

fetatton, S. (Ky. Chris.) 

Stearns, J. W. (Tioga) South Berlin, New York. 

Stetler, Jas. S. (Rich. Union) Viola, Wis. 

Stewart, F. E. (W. M. & N. I.) Fountain, Mich. 

Stephenson, J. W. (N. Mo.) St. Joseph, Mo. 

Stillwagon, John E. (W. Pa.) 602 Edney St., Con- 
nellsville. Pa. 

Stokes, A. A. ( ) Cleveland, Tenn. 

Stone. R. D. (O. Valley) Gallipolis, Ohio. R. D. 1. 

Stone, Theo. (W. Wash.) Montesano, Wash. 

Stoner, Geo. R. (N. Kan.) Orange, California. 

Stovenour, Fred (E. Ind.) Portland, Ind. 

Stover, John A. (E. Ind.) Muncie, Ind. 

Strange, F. M. (N. Kan.) Miltonvale, Kan. 

Strange, J. S. (N. Kan.) Lincoln, Kan. 

Strange, S. A. (N. W. Kan.) Bonard, Kan. 

Strange, T. M. (N. W. Kan.) Milo, Kan. 

Stratton, L. A. (So. O.) Georgetown, Ohio. 

Street.. John L. (N. E. O.) Maringo, Ohio. 

Strickland, Fred G. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio, Box 

Strowd, T. W. (N. C. & Va.) Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Summerbell, Carlyle (R. I. & Mass.) Fall River, 

Summerbell, M. (N. Y. E.) Lakemont, N. Y. 
Box 29. 

Summerbell, J. J. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Swadlev, A. P. (W. Va.) Lanevllle, W. Va. 

Sweet, T. B. (N. Mo.) Rosedale, Kan. 

Swisher. F. A. (O. Vallev) Arlee, W. Va. 

Swope, S. L. (So. O.) Felicity, Ohio. 


Tarakin, John (W. Va.) Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Tarr, C. C. (Eel R.) Ivebanon, Ind. 
Teets. L. H. (111.) I^ouisville, 111. 
Terrell, William (E. Ind.) Parker, Ind. 
Teters, M. L. (Ind. M. R.) Sheridan, Ind. 
Tetlow, J. W. (N. J.) Milford. N. J. 
Thncker. Z. T., Jr.. (Ky. Chris.) 

Thficker, Z. T.. Sr.. (Kv. Chris.) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Thomas, A. A. (S. W. la.) St. Joseph. Mo. 
Thomas, A. M. (N. W. Ind.) New Waverly, Ind. 
Thomas. F. M. (Osage) Eldorado Springs. Mo. 
Thomas. Omer S. (Mi. O.) West Milton. Ohio. 
Thompson. D. Winfleld (C. Wis.) Des Moines, la. 
Thompson, Mrs. Flora (Mi. O.) Eurek, Cal. 
Thornburg, Elisha (N. Kan.) Osborne, Kan. 
Thornburg, N. II. (E. Ind.) Parker. Ind. 
Thompson. W. H. (N. W. Ohio) 625 No. M. St., 
Bellefontaine, Ohio. 



Thompson, W. P. (S. W. la.) Wellston. O. 
Tickle, G. W. (N". C. & Va.) Elon CoIIeRe, N. C. 
Tillinghast. C. A. (R. I. & Mass.) 405 Totter 

Ave.. I'rovidence. R. I. 
Tipton, .T. W. ( N. Kan.t Sui)prior. Neli. 
Tomlln, James (Kv. Chris.) Ellesherry. Ohio. 
Tompson, Ed. (S. W. W. Va.) Glenmorsan. \V. Va 
Traev, C. A. rOhio C.) Grove Hill. Ohio. 
Tracy. .1. A. (S. Wabash) Glaremont. 111. 
Treber. Earnest (E. Ind.) T'pland. Ind. 
Trent. Harvey (Ky. Xo, 2) Flliottvillp. Ky. 
Trowbridpe. .tacob (Ohio E. Inc.) Bladen. Ohio. 
Tucker. B. F. (N. W. Ohio) Lewistown, Ohio. 
Trier. Mvron (Erie) DeWittville. N. Y. 

Underwood. G. R. (E. N. C.) Sanford. N. C. 
Underwood, .J. L. (111.) Merom. Ind. 
T'nderwood, Wm. (S. 111.) Murphvsboro. 111. 
Utter. A. G. (X. Y. 0.) Memphis. N. Y. 

VanDvck. K. W. ( N. Y. E.) Cornwallville. N. Y. 
Van Horen. Peter (W. M. & N. I.) Bachelor, Mich. 
Van Norman. O. V. (Ont.) Stouffville, Can. 
A'aughan. B. F. (Mi. O.) Centerville. Ohio. 
Viers, W. (Scioto V.) New Boston. Ohio. 
Vining. Fred (E. Kans.) Beauraont. Kans. 


Walker. I. M. (So. O.) 207 Webster St.. Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

Wallace, Maggie (S. W. la.) Rockport. Mo. 

Warbington. W. T. (Mi. O.) Hagerstown. Ind. 

Warehime. E. L. (Ohio) S. Bloomingville, Ohio. 

Warner, .John H. (Ohio C.) Pernambnco. Brazil. 
S. A. 

Warrener. Wm. (Ohio E. Inc.) Athens. Ohio. 

Watkins. F. A.. LeGrand. lo^^a. 

Watson. .T. A. (E. Ind.) Harrisville. Ind. 

Wearlev, Robert (N. W. Ind.) Swavzee. Iml. 

Weaver. C. E. (Scioto V.) Chillieothe. Ohio. 

Weaver. .7. H. (Mt. V.) Fast Liverpool. Ohio. 

Webb, A. R. (R. I. & Mass.) Fall River. Mass. 

Webb. Eafayette (Ind. :M. R.) Tipton. Ind. 

Webber, ^I. D. (N. Kan.) Superior, Neb. 

Webber, W. O. (N. W. Ohio) Glenowit. S. Dakota. 

Webster. C. W. (N. Mo.) Gait. Mo. 

Webster, .T. A. (W. N. C.) Franklinsville, N. C. 

Webster. .T. W. (Me.) Pine Point. Me. 

Wpel<s. T. S.. I). D.. CVIainp) Ban^ror. Me. 

Welch. A (X. Y. E.) Sprakers. X. Y. U. !>. 1. 

Wellons. .1. W. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College. N. C. 

Wells. W. L. (N. C. & Va.) Columbus, Ga. 

West, .Tas. (Tioza) Marathon. N. Y. 

Weston. .T. R. CS. Y. E.) Defiance. Ohio. 

Wetzel. .T. A. (E. Ind.) Farmland. Ind. 

Wheat. G. W. (Ky. Chris.) Sal)etha. Kan. 

Wheeler, B. F. (Mer.) Worcester, \'t. 

White. .James (Ky. No. 2) Sharpsbnrg, Ky. 

White. T. C. (W. N. C.) Ramseur, N. C. 

Wliitelock. W. A. (Ky. No. 2) Spriggs, W. Va. 

Whit lock. Thomas, Colton, Ky. 

Wicker, .1. I). (E. N. C.) Sanford. N. C. 

Wicker. W. C. (E. N. C.) Elon College. N. C. 

Wiggins. .1. I). (S. Ind.) Enfield, 111. 

Wiles, M. M. (Ind. M. R.) Sheridan. Ind. 

Wilev, A. ('. (N. Y. C.) Plainville. N. Y. 

Wilkens, Wm. (Ind. M. R.) Tipton. Ind. 

Williamson. C. R. (C. Ind.) Columbus, Ind. 

Wiley. A. C. (N. Y. C.) Plainville. N. Y. 

Willpv, E. II. (V. la.) <;rpenslnirg. Mo., K. 1 >. 

Wille'v, G. B. (Osage) Gerster. Mo. 

Willcv. Ilenrv (U. la.) Gi-ponslmrg. Mo.. K. I>. 

Wilson, H. C. (O. Vallev) Middleport, Ohio. 

Wilson, J. W. (N. Y. C.) 11 Liberty St., .James- 
town, N. Y. 

Wilson, P. F. (S. Ind.) Evansville. Ind. 

Winans. J. P. (N. Y. W.) Carversville. Pa. 

Wininger, M. B. (Ind. M. R.) Bennetts Switch. 

Winston. M. L. (E. W. Va.) Creedmore, N. C. 

Winter. II. Vernon (E. Kans.) Mound Valley. Kans. 

Wispliart. Knieliiii' (Ind. At. R.) .Marion. Ind. 

Withrow. .1. W. (S. W. W. Va.) Lonham. W. Va. 

Woddard. M. E. (O. E.) Nelsonville. Ohio. R. D. 2. 

Wolfe, H. F. (E. N. C.) Rock Branch, N. C. 

Wolford. G. W. E. (Ky. No. 2) Fults, Ky. 

Wollard. G. W. (S. 111.) Marion. 111. 

Wood. .John A. (Eel R.) Goshen, Ind. 

Woodburv. .T. II. (E. Kans.) Cherokee, Kans. 

Woodworth, A. D. (W. I.) Tokio. .Japan. 

Woodv. G. (W. I.) Darlinaton. Ind. 

Wriuht. Arthur (Tioaa) Binahamton. X. V. 

Wriabt. Klislia II. (Mev.) Franklin. X. U.. R. D. 

Wrisht. .J. Tv. (N. W. Ohio) West Cairo. Ohio. 

Wright. .J. Iv. (S. Wabash) Greenup, 111. 

Wriffbt, .T. R. (N. III.) Fiatt. 111. 

Wriffbt. .T. T. (N. W. Kan.) Almena. Kan. 

Wriaht. .J. W. (Mt. V.) Coshocton. Ohio. 

Wymans. O. T'.. Sal.imanca. N. Y. 


Vantis. .J. Weslev fEel R.) North Manchester. 

Yeomans. C. .J. ( N. .J.) Valeville. N. -J. 
Youraans. A. C. (N. Y. E.) New Scotland. N. Y. 
Youmans. Mrs. M. C. (Tioga) Hunts Corners, N. Y 
Yonn-. P. F. CGa. & Aln.) Roanoko. Wn. 
Young. C. H. (Dps M.) St. Charles. Iowa. 
Youn-. W. .T. O.Ii. O.) Piqua. Ohio. 

Zartmann, Pressley E. (Mi. 0.> Dayton. Ohio. 

Licentiate Ministers 

Adamson, .lohn (Osage) Gerster. Mo. 
Albright. John (Ohio C.) New Holland. Ohio. 
Allen. R. F. (N. W. Kan.) Rollwitz. Neb. 
Ander.son, I'. O. (C. 111.) Lovington. 111. 

Babb. William (Ohio C.) Leescreek, Ohio. 
Beavers. W. G. (S. W. W. Va.) Charleston. W. Va.. 

Station A. 
Bell. Franklin (S. Wabash) Merom, Ind. 
Bennett, Clarence (C. 111.) Urbana. 111. 
Bennett, Simon (C. 111.) Urbana, HI. 
Bone. J. H. (Mt. V.) Mt. Vernon. Ohio. R. D. 
Rristow. Marjorie C. (Mer.) Walpole. N. H., R. D, 
finckner, Wiliiam (Ky. Chris.) Ryan, Ky, 

Burke. O. W. (W. Wash.) Br(30klyn, Wash. 
Burnell. Rue (S. Wabash) Merom, Ind. 
Butler. Estclla Shinkle (So. O.) Milminc. 111. 


Caswoll. Percy W. (R. I. & Mass. I 107 Robppon St.. 

New Bedford. Mass. 
Chancellor. P. (Osage) Weaubleau, Mo. 
Chase, H. B. (111.) Mason, 111. 
Chelan, Fred (W. Ind.) Linden, Ind. 
Clement. H. C. (W. M. & N. I.) Bachelor, Mich. 
Coats. Anna (E. Ind.) Harrisville, Ind. 
Collins, Henry (R. H. & S. Pa.) Cumberland, Md. 
Cox. Isaac find. M. R.) Ale.xandria. Ind.. R. D. 21. 
Grumpier. R. P. (X. C. & Va.) Summerfield. N. C, 

R. D. 1. 

Cm-tis, J. W, (Ind, M, R.) Falrmonnt, jnO. 




Daniels. James (Ky. Chris.) Grayson, Ky. 
Daniels, R. W. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Everett, Pa. 

K. I). 7. 
Davis. Miss Ix)la find. M. R.) Kirklin, Ind. 
Davis. Ozplla (T\'vo.) .Tirob. Wvo. 
Dearduff, Thos. R. (Osase E.' Div.) Pesgs, Olsla 
Dease, Tom (Oa. & Ala.) Richland. Ga. 
Deken. Frank (N. W. Ohio) Vaughnsville, Ohio. 
Dlcka.son. Golda G. (N. E. O.) Deriiff, O. 
Dilley, J. W. (Ohio) Gillespieville. Ohio. 
Downen, Clyde (III.) Thompsonvllle, 111. 
Dukes, P. I>. (Ga. & Ala.) Columbus. Ga. 
Dumitt. William (Ky. Chris.) Strlctlet, Kv. 

Earp, B. .1. (N. C. & Va.) Semora, N. C. 
Eldredge. Hermon (Erie) Erie, Pa. 

Fancher. E. F. (N. Y. W.) Albion. N. Y. 
Fisher, Bert (S.W.W.Va.) Dunjrriff. W. Va. 
Fisher, .Joseph B. (Eel R.) Wakarusa, Ind. 
Fitts. F. F. (C. 111.) Arthur. III. 
Flory, Edwin W. (Mi. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Forsythe. .Tohn (Ohio C. ) Woodstock. Ohio. 
Franklin, D. A. (S. Ind.) Evansville, Ind. 

Gardner, Mary (Ky. Chris.) Big Run, Ky. 
Gloyd, George W. (Eel R.) Kimmell. Ind. 
Gove, .7. B. (N. Y. E.) Sprnkcrs. N. Y.. R D 1 
Gray. Clarence (Ky. Chris.) Big Run, Ky. 
Gray. W. T. (Ala.) LaGrange. Ga. 
Gregory. .T. F. (W. I.) Advance, Ind. 


Hamilton. .1. M. (Ky. Chris.) Mouth of Laurel. Ky. 
Harden, J. E. (Des M.) Des Moines Iowa. 
Hays, Mrs. B. O. (W. Ind.) Center, Ind. 
Hayes, W. N. (W. N. C. ) Seagrove, N. C 
Hendrickson. Roy (N. Kan.) Lincoln. Kan 
Hensley, D. S. (Ind. M. R.) Yorktown, Ind. 
Higgins, Byron (S. Wabnsh) Dieterich, 111. 
Hiott, R. W. (Ga. & Ala.) Pensacola. Fin. 
Holt, George (S. W. W. Va.) Charleston, W. Va.. 

Station A. 
House T. C. (Wyo.) .Tireh. Wvo. 
Huey. II. PT. (Mi. O.) Dnvton. Ohio, R. D. .5. 
Humphrey. Verno (U. In.') Baring. Mo.. R. D 
Humphries, Sam (Ky. Chris.) Ribolt, Ky. 
Hunt, Mrs. Mary (Osage) Weaubleau, Mo. 
Hutton, Mary (W. Wash.) Garfield, Wash. 

.lay, H. M. (N. W. Ohio) Kalida, Ohio. 
.Jennings, J. S. (S. Kan.) Wichita, Kan. 
.Jones, Jesse E. (E. Ind.) Richmond. Ind. 


Kincaid. J. W. (N. W. Ohio) Celina. Ohio. 
Mingler, Walter (N. W. Ohio) Ilnrrod, Ohio. 

Lake. Israel (C. 111.) Hillsdale. Ind 
Lake, Mrs. M. J. (W. Ind.) Hillsdale. 
Layman. Mary fill.) Thompsonvillc 
Lawlyes. R. N. (C. m.) Grape Creek 
Lewis, Herman A. (Ohio E.) Hilton 
Lewis, R. R. (Ky. Chris.) Vanceburg 
Light, George (N. W. Kan.) Almena. 
Lockwood, A. M. (W. Va.) Davis, W 

I ml. 



. Ky. 

. Vn. 


Mackay, Robert (N. Y. W.) Albion. N. Y 
Mannen, Orla P. (N. Kan.) Lincoln. Kan. 
McAbee. A. N. (On. & Ala.) Langdale, Ala 

McCartney. II. II. (Osage) Weaubleau. Mo. 
McClain, W. A. (N. Kans.) Lincoln, Kans. 
McFariand, Link (N. E. O.) 122.8 Monroe St.. 

Muneie. Ind. 
McKinlev. E. S. (Ala.) Gilmer. Texas. 
McNeal. Ross (Mi. O.) Trov, Ohio. R. D. 2. 
.McWhirt, W. II. (Ind. :\I. R.) Yorktown, Ind. 
Milburn. Wm. (Mich.) Winchester, Ind. 
Miller. Abe (N. W. Ind.) Logansport, Ind. 
Moots, W. A. (Ohio C.) .'5.3 E. 4th St., Columbus, 

Morton, S. C. (Mi. O.) Pleasant Hill. Ohio. 
Myers, W. P. (Ohio B.) Rio Grande, Ohio. 


Nordstrom, Maggie (Des M.) Des Moines, la. 

Palmer, James (Ky. Chris.) Aberdeen. Ohio. 
I'nris, Harry L. (Mich.) Lake Citv, Mich. 
Pleasant, D. G. (Mi. O.) Davton, Ohio. 
Price. Geo. T. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Dover, Del. 


Roberts. W. W. rw. Ind.) Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Rector. Oscar V. (W. Ind.) Carv. Ind. 
Roe. Edith (Kv. Chris.) Martin. Kv. 
Ruth, Isaac (E. Ind.) Shideler, Ind. 


Sbnw, William (C. HI.) Pierson. III. 
Sbelton, J. W. (Kv. Chris.) Aberdeen. Ohio. 
Shivell. Paul (.Mi. O.) I'lensnnt Hill. Ohio. R. I). 
Short, C. E. (Ga. & Aln.) Young Harris, Ga. 
Short. .L W. (Ga. & Ala.) Chiplev, Ga. 
Sinift. J. M. (Ohio) Mt. Sterling. Ohio. 
Slusser. Edward (N. W. Ohio) Ft. Slocum, N. Y. 
Smith, H. G. (R. H. & S. Pa.) Bedford, Pa. 
Smith. W. E. (S. Waliash) Merom, Ind. 
Smeltzer, Lloyd (Eel R.) Wakarusa. Ind. 
Sourwine. Geo. (Kv. C'hris. ) Portsmouth, Ohio, 

Station No. 2. 
Sriggs. Lewis, (Ky. Chris.) Stouts, Ohio. 
Sutton. .J. A. (N. W. Ind.) Burrows, Ind. 
Syphred, L. R. (O. Valley) Middleport, Ohio. 


Trowbridge. Jacob (Ohio E.) Bladen, Ohio. 
Truitt, H. E. (N. C. & Va.) Elkton, Va. 


Upton, Isaac (Ky. Chris.) Ravmey, Ky. 

Vancleve. G. W. (W. Ind.) Lewis, Ind. 
Vandibiber, C. (Ky. Chris.) Brushart, Kv. 
Vanwagner, E. B. (Mich.) Kalkaska, Mich. 

Waggoner. Florence V. (Erie) Jamestown. N. Y. 

13 W. 17th St. 
Walker. Harlev (N. W. Ind.) Galveston, Ind. 
Walls. Benny (S. W. W. Va.) 
Weaver. L. T. CS. TCan.) Lincoln. Kan. 
Wilson, J. H. (Des M.) Des Moines. Iowa. 
*Wilson. J. Melrose fl'nion Ta.) Cal. 
Winter. Eva (E.Kans.) Mound Vallev. Kans. 
Witbrow, Charles (S. W. W. Va.) 
Wolf, IJarrv (S. Wabnsh) Merom. Ind. 
Wolford. C. .T. (W. Va.) Buena. W. Va. 
Woodmnnce. T. J. (N. E. O.) Marion. Ohio. 
Wort. T/. D. (N. W. Ohio) West Cairo. Ohio. 
Wii.-lil. John. Jr.. (N'. Y. F.) Rniidcll, X. V. 

Young. J. W. (S. W. W. Va.) 



The Afro-Christian Convention 



Albrifjlit. S. \V. (Lincoln) IImw Uivor. N. C. 
Allen, .lolin (Lincoln) Hester, N. V. 
Allen, Wm. (Lincoln) Gary, N. C. 
Alston, C. J. (Lincoln) Silver Citv. N. C. 
Alexander, J. A. (N. C.) Raleigh. N. C. 
Alexander, 1'. R. (N. C.) Goodes Ferry. Va. 
Allen. Wm. (N. C.) Gary, N. G. 
Alston, N. (E. Va.) 


Burnett. A. P. (Lincoln) Snow Camn, N. G. 
Baldwin, IL B. (N. C.) Apex, N. G. 
Baskerville, H. S. (N. G.) Henderson, N. G. 
Bright, A. A. (N. G.) Raleigh, N. G. 
Bullock. Wm. (N. G.) Batavia, N. Y. 
Boyd, G. S. (N'. G.) Woodworth. N. G. 
Boyd. I. (N. G.) Garey, N. G. 
Blue, E. J. (N. G.) Aberdeen. N. G. 
Bullock. R. 1). (N. G.) Manson, N. G. 
Booker, Joseph (K. Va.) 
Butts. Edward (E. Va.) 
Brown, E. W. (E. Va.) 
Buffalo. Mrs. Elmore (E. Va.) 
Blackville. H. L. (E. Va.) 
•Burrell, Matthew (E. Va.) 

Cowen. J. S. (E. A.) Ruskin, N. G. 
Core, J. C. (Lincoln) Graham. N. G. 
Copeland. J. M. (E. Va.) 
Copeland, E. A. (E. Va.) 
Cummins, W. F. (E. Va.) 
Glayborn, Jas. E. (E. Va.) 


Dowd, S. (N. C.) Raleigh. N. G. 
Dugger, W. H. (N. G.) Durham, N. C. 
Duke. G. W. (N. C.) Rldgeway. N. C. 
Dann. David (N. C.) 
Dillard. L (E. Va.) 
Drake. G. W. (N. G.) 

Edwards. D. B. (E. Va.) 
Evans. D. (E. Va.) 
Evans. G. L. (E. Va.) 
Ellis, A. B. (E. Va.) 


Flowers, G. G. (Ga. & Ala.) Roanoke. Ala. 
Farrow, R. H. (Lincoln) Lindh\irst, N. G. 
Faulk, .1. J. (E. Va.) 
Franklin, William (E. Va.) 
Farrow. Joseph (E. Va.) 

Gooden. A. N. (E. A.) North Harlow. N. G. 
Gates. W. L. (Ga. & Ala.) Ghipley. Ga. 
Green, R. (Lincoln) 515 Haywood St.. Raleigli. 

N. C. 
Gains, R. R. (E. Va.) 
Green, R. E. (E. Va.) 
Givens. J. S. (E. Va.) 


Hazell, A. A. (Lincoln) Greensboro, N. G. 
Henderson, J. A. (N. G.) Franklinton. N. G. 
Holloway, A. J. (N. C.) Henderson. N. ('. 
Hill. Ed. (N. G.) Raleigh. N. G. 
Hawkins, T. (N. C.) Garry, N G 
Harris, C. A. (E. Va.) 

Hicks, J. 1'. (E. Va.) 
Higgs, iN. E. (E. Va.) 
Howell, W. W. (E. Va.) 
Hunt. S. U. (E. Va.) 
Hooper, Wm. (E. Va.) 
ilarrod, B. G. (E. Va.) 
Hall. G. T. (E. Va.) 
Hawkins, R. L. (E. Va.) 
1 low ell. S. A., 1). ])., (E. 
Hath, Isaac (E. A.) 
Hunter, A. (E. A.) 


Jones, E. G. (iN. G.) Raleigh, N. G. 
Jones, 'L. H. (N. G.) Ridgewav. N. G. 
Jones, J. T. (E. Va.) 
Jones, W. F. (E. Va.) 
Jones, J. T., Jr., (E. Va.) 


Klnsey, J. H. (E. A.) New Bern. N. G. 
Kent, John (N. C.) Holly Spring. N. C. 
Knight, K. (E. Va.) 
King, M. G. (E. V^) 

Levister, T. J. (Lincoln) Burlington, N. G. 
Liggm, A. (N. G.) Holly Spring. N. G. 
Long, H. E. (N. G.) Franklinton. N. G. 
Lee, A. B. (E. Va.) 
Ligbtiord. S. M. B. (E. Va.) 


Maun, Joseph (E. A.) Pamlico, N. C. 

Moore. H. E. (E. A.) Pamlico, N. G. 

Matthews. A. D. (E. A.) Pamlico. N. C. 

Milteer, J. H. (E. A.) 66 Main St.. New Bern, 

N'. C. 
Miles, G. W. (Ga. & Ala.) Malone, Ala., R. D. 2. 
Marsh, Wesley (Lincoln) Lindhurst. N. C. 
.McBrown, J. IL (Lincoln) Burlington, N. C. 
Meadows, J. W. (Lincoln) Greedmoor, N. C. 
McBrown, H. N. (Lincoln) Burlington, N. C. 
Mabrey, J. H. (N. G.) Burlington, N. G. 
Mathews, W. S. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. G. 
.Mayo, Wm. (N. G.) Rogers Store, N. C. 
-McKenzle, R. (N. C.) Lagrange. N. G. 
McDowell, J. (E. Va.) 
.Mapp. W. II. (F. Va.) 

f)ns;ilow, Jacob 
ton, N. C. 
Overton, E. G. 

(E. Va.) 


At.) 101.- 

Grace St.. Wilmlng- 

Palmore, G. L. (Ga. & Ala.) Roanoke, Ala. 

Phillips, I'. H. (Ga. & Ala.) Lulse, Ga. 

I'earson, J. E. (N. G.) W^oodworth, N. G. 

Philip, W H. (N. C.) Wise, N. C. 

Pretty, R. (N. G.) Harpsboro. N. G. 

Parsons, J. M. (E. A.) 66 Main St.. New Bern. 

N. G. 
Parker, Lillie V. (E. Va.) 
Parker. J. C. (E. Va.) 
Patton, J. W. (E. Va.) 


Randell, P. R. (E. A.) Arapahoe. N. G. 

Rav. G. W. (Lincoln) Mebane, N. C. 

Russell. II. (N. C.) Norlina, N. C. 

Reid. J. H. (E. Va.) 

Reid. Deacon J. T. (E. Va ) 

Russell, O. (E. Va.) . _; 



Uobersou. II. S. ( E. Vu.) 
Kiddich. J. W. (E. Va.) 
Uicliardson, C. M. (E. V:i.) 


Small, Albert (E. A.) 220 Broad St., New Bern, 

N. C. 
Sutton, Amos (E. A.) Pamlico, N. C. 
Smith, W. J. (E. A.) Morehead City. N. C. 
Smith, .1. II. (E. A.) Maysville, N. C. 
Stiirdivant, I'. S. (Cla. & Ala.) Luise, Ga. 
Smith, G. W. (Ga. & Ala.) Luise. Ga. 
Steward, .T. R. (N. C.) Garner, N. C. 
Smith, A. (N. C.) Durham, N. C. 
Strowd, C. A. (N. C.) Ualeigh, N. C. 
Sumler, J. S. (E. Va.) 
Sparrow, D. H. (E. Va.) 
Sumler, W. E. (E. Va.) 
Stewart, .T. W. (E. Va.) 
Smith, .Tames (E. Va.) 

Taylor, F. L. (E. A.) 40 Lee Ave., New Bern. N. C. 


I'pchurch. W. .T. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 


White, Moses (E. A.) New Bern, N. C. 

Wrisht, C. R. (Ga. & Ala.) Roanoke, Ala. 

Watkins, A. W. (N. C.) Norlina, N. C. 

Williams, B. .T. (N. C.) McCullers, N. C. 

Ward, Wm. (E. Va.) 

Williams, H. W. (E. Va.) 

Wigsrins. .T. F. (E. Va.) 

Wiggins, .Tohu A. (E. Va.) 

Woodson, W. A. (E. Va.) 

Watson, Aaron (E. A.) 

Watson, M. L. (E. Va.) 

Licentiate Ministers 


Alston, C. .T. (N. C.) I'ocomoke, N. C. 


Bullock, Moses (N. C.) Manson, N. C. 
Brown, .1. H. (E. Va.) 
Brown, Thos. (E. Va.) 

Miller, W. C. (E. A.) North Harlow. N. C. 
Midgett, G. R. (E. A.) Oriental, N. C. 
McCane, li. (Lincoln) Greensboro. N. C. 

Page, N. W. (E. Va.) 

fompton, L. W. (Lincoln) Rock Creek, N. C. 
Cross. L. (N. C.) Richmond, Va. 

Smith, Alex. ( K. A. I I'ollocksville, N. C. 
Shaw. A. (E. A.) 

Eaton, .T. R. (E. Va.) 


Hunter, R. A. (N. C.) Norlina, N. C. 

Harrington, B. (N. C.) Apex. N. C. 

Ilaupton, A. J. (N. C.) 

Harris, A. (N. C.) Woodworth. N. C. 

Howard, R. (E. A.) 

Holloway, E. H. (E. Va.) 

Hollowav, ('. .T. 

Jones, M. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 
Johnson, H. M. (E. Va.) 

Thomson, W. W. (E. A.) New Bern, N. C. 
Taylor, J. J. (E. A.) 


Williams, John B. (E. A.) Bolivia, N. C. 

Williams, Musterpher (E. A.) Stella, N. C. 

Wilder, Josiah (N. C.) Klnley. N. C. 

Williams, J. W. (E. Va.) 

White, M. S. (B. Va.) 

William, C. W. (E. A.) 

Walker, H. W. (E. A.) 

Watson, Galloway (E. A.) 

Watson, Wade (E. A.) 

Whitley, Randall (E. A.) 





Afro Cliristiau Conveutioii 119 

Officers, Uepartmeut Secretaries, etc 119 

Alahaina ami (ieorgia Conference 119 

1-^astern Atlantic Conference 119 

iCasteru Nirginia Conference 1-0 

Lincoln North Carolina Conference liil 

North Carolina Conference 121 

Aged Ministers' Home 79 

American Christian Convention 5 

Officers, Boards, Comniittees, and Commis- 
sions 5-(J 

Christian Annual 4 

Christian Orphanage 7i5 

(^hurches 80 

1 >edicatlons 80 

Organizations 80 

Convention Offerings 6 

Conference Department 83 

Christian Camp-Meeting Association 83 

Conferences 86-117 

Alabama 86 

Aritansas 86 

Central Illinois 86 

Central Indiana 87 

Central Iowa 87 

Central Wisconsin 88 

Des Moines 88 

Kastern Indiana 88 

Eastern Kansas 90 

Eel Uiver 90 

Erie 91 

Eastern North Carolina 92 

Eastern Virginia 92 

(ieorgia and Alabama 93 

Illinois 93 

Indiana Miami Reserve 94 

Kentucky Christian 94 

Maine " 95 

Merrimaclc 95 

Miami Ohio 96 

Michigan 97 

Mt. Vernon 97 

New Jersey 98 

North Fork (III.) 98 

North Carolina and Virginia 99 

New York Central 99 

New York Eastern 99 

New York Western 10- 

North Missouri 102 

Northeastern Ohio lOj^ 

Northern Illinois 10^ 

Northern Kansas 103 

Northwestern Indiana 10" 

Northwestern Kansas lOj 

Northwestern Ohio 104 

Nebraska 105 

Ohio Central 105 

Ohio 106 

Ohio Eastern iP" 

Ohio Eastern (Incorporated) 106 

Ohio Valley 10' 

Ontario 107 

Osage 108 

Osage (Eastern Division) 108 

Ozark 108 

I'orto Kico 108 

Rhode Island and Massachtisetts 108 

Richland Union 109 

Rockingham 110 

Rays Hill and Southern I'ennsylvanla. . . 110 

Southern Illinois Ill 

Soutliern Indiana Ill 

Southern Kansas Ill 


Southern Wabash Illinois 112 

Southwestern Iowa 112 

Southern Ohio 1 ]:! 

Scioto Valley i ].", 

Southwestern West Nirginia . . . . 114 

The Kentucky State 100 

(District No. 1 ) lOl 

(District No. 2) lOl 

Tioga River 114 

Union Iowa 114 

Virginia Valley Central 115 

West Virginia 115 

Western Illinois 116 

Western Indiana 116 

We.stern Michigan and Northern Indiana 117 

Western Pennsylvania 117 

Western Washington 11,S 

Western North Carolina 118 

Wyoming ll.S 

York and Cumberland 119 

Illinois State Conference 84 

Indiana State Conference 84 

Iowa State Conference 84 

Kansas State Conference 85 

New England Christian Convention 83 

New I'ork State Christian Association .... 85 

Ohio State Christian Association 85 

Southern Christian Convention 83 

r»epartment of Education 26 

Course of Study 30-31 

Educational Board 26 

Educational Institutions 32-34 

Department of Christian Endeavor 53 

Endeavor Societies 54-58 

Department of Finance 59 

Three Worthy Institutions 59 

Department of Missions 11 

Foreign Missions 14 

Home Missions 11 

Mission Board 11 

Woman's Boards 17 

Conference Boards 21-25 

Officers Foreign Board 19 

Officers Home Board 17 

Original Permanent Board, H. M 17 

Original Permanent Board, F. M 19 

I'resent Permanent Board, H. M 18 

Present Permanent Board, F. M 20 

Department of Publishing 60 

Officers Christian I'ubllshing Association.. 60 

To Our Brethren Everywhere 60 

Department of Sunday-schools 35 

Men's Baraca Bible Class 37 

Sunday-school Board 35 

Sunday-schools 38-52 

I'ederal Council 81 

In Memorv of Fallen Watchmen 75 

Rev. I. H. Coe 76 

Colonel Savage 77 

.Ministerial Directory 123 

Licentiate 129 

Colored 131 

Licentiate 132 

Our Editors 2-3 

Our Fifty-Year Worthies 64 

Song of the Veterans 64 

The Worthies 65-71 

Worthy of Mention 64 

President's Message 7 

The (ilft of a Million 72 

Union of Christian Churches, New Bedford, 
Mass 82 


The Christian Hymnary 

A nWiy revised edition. Excels 
for church servite use., It has large, 
cleiir type; 3 82' pages of music; 36 
selections for responsive :readlngs; 
order of service;' index of Scriyture 
Passages; good buckram cloth bind- 
ing. Price 7 r>c for single copy post- 
paid, or 12 or more at one time, 50c 
each, not prepaid. 

Christian Publishing Association 

Fifth and La<Jlow streets 
Daytoiij Ohio 

Children's Missionary 

STORIES are— yes, must be— used 
by every wide-awake worker 
among, or leadier or teacher 
of, children. , 

have been the piie field well-inigh 
overlooked until Mrs. Alice Bioreton 
Burnett, Gor responding Secretary 
for the Woman's- fioard for Homo 
Missions, of the, Christian Church, 
made a compilation of thirty inter- 
esting, insttuctive stories pertaining 
especially atid directly to missions 
that are sure to be appreciated by 
workers, teachers, leaders, pastors, 
fathers,^-and the children. ■ 

Slome of the Important Events of 
both Home - Missions and Foreign 
Missions are also includei3^ together 
with Suggestions For Junior Lead- 

They make a book 5x7 inches in 
size, 128 pages, red cloth binding — 
a handsome, attractly© volumQ; 
Price 35c per copy postpaid. 


Chnsnan Publishiag Associatioa 
Daytoa, Ohio. . 

Christian Endeavor 
^applies ^ 

A full line of topic cards, pledge 

arcls. and other 0. E. sUUDlies car- 

vv rrungs and Addresses of 
Austin Craig 

p,<>;tdy fr./- Delivery 

'y':iu ;.',...; -,,1.1. ■J.l^^:: iv.,auy of the 

valuable and. instructive writing and 

tlv;) ioi:i;r.;;>tia,':c aud inspiring, , ad- 

■ducator and 

m Church — 

of her ablest 

illustrated, green clolh biudiag. 
Price $1.50 postpaid. 

Sunday-School Supplies 

We publish Adult or Bible Class, 

Jntermedi.itf; and Jim.ior uaarterlies, 
uniform ^'Teachers 

and OLi^L- --i, - lour-page 

weekly pa ■;ombin6d weekly 

lesson and story, iiaper for pupils un- 
der 12 years of age; charts and cards 
■for Primary classes. All these are 
hJAh-grade, edited and published by 

rl.ock uiid ovd'- 

tent tor 


?<ifth and liudlow Streets,